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  • Gold Coast
    Gold Coast
    by balhannah
  • Gold Coast
    Gold Coast
    by balhannah
  • Currumbin Creek - Gold Coast
    Currumbin Creek - Gold Coast
    by balhannah

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    by balhannah Updated Dec 23, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Generally Train travel in Australia is simalary priced to other countries.
    My husband and I have done "special" scenic train trips around the world, and found they are usually more expensive........Well, in Australia it is the same.

    What I like here, is the FREE BOOKLET which is obtainable from some Tourist Information Centres.
    I think they may probably mail one to you if you rang the number.

    I thought it an excellent publication, for not only does it give details on each Train journey, but it includes the sightseeing from a 4 hour tour, and up to a 13day 12nights package tours.

    It covers journeys by the
    INDIAN PACIFIC -------- Sydney - Perth via Adelaide or the opposite way
    THE GHAN ------------- Adelaide to Darwin " " " "
    THE SOUTHERN SPIRT- Adelaide to Brisbane via Melbourne " " " "
    THE OVERLAND-------- Adelaide to Melbourne " " " "

    So, if you are planning one I these trips, I recommend the following book to you!

    To book your Rail Journey, call Great Southern Rail
    Package bookings 1300 132147
    Rail only bookings 132147

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    by balhannah Updated Dec 23, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Each State of Australia has its own website detailing on everything necessary to know when visiting that State.

    AUSTRALIA, also has its own website, so for details, visit....

    If you need online Visa's or anything to do with a Government department, then this is the website for

    CURRENCY Australian Dollar (AUD). We have notes and coins. For converting money, I use

    WEATHER This website will help you with all the details you need.

    THE INTERNATIONAL DIALLING CODE IS.... +61, just incase somebody wants to ring you!

    Australia from the air

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    by balhannah Updated Dec 23, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Want to see one of these monsters? Well, you will have to head into the outback a little as they are not allowed in the more populated southern and eastern states. It is in the Outback where you will see the larger ones, starting off with three or more trailers, these are restricted to the Australian Outback regions.

    The Northern Territory, northern Western Australia and Queensland's Outback regions rely a lot on triple trains for transporting goods: fuel, ore and cattle and are the most common freight, but roadtrains cart everything else, too.
    A "Road Train" has two or three normal trailers, connected by converter dollies and can be between 36.5 and 50 metres long.


    Stuart Highway north of Alice Springs, and the Victoria/Great Northern Highway between Katherine and Broome and around the Outback of Western Australia. If your travels take you off the beaten track in an area near a big mine or into cattle country, you may even get to see four or more trailer road trains...

    Road Train Road train
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    by balhannah Updated Dec 13, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: WORK............

    It can be hard find, especially these days.

    Work that is always available, is Fruit and Vegetable picking. It is hard work, you may be working through all weather conditions, and during the Australian summer it is HOT!
    Some places pay by the hour, and others are "piece' work.

    Hospitality work is also in high demand. This may involve washing dishes.

    For other types of work, the website to check out is SEEK. This is the main one that unemployed Australian's use.
    The Employment Agencies now put their job's on this website.

    A "friend" is the easiest way to find work, as Employer's no longer wish to sieve through up to a 1000 application's per position.
    Just recently in a Sugar Cane area, I saw a notice on the side of the road wanting Backpackers for work, so keep your eyes open as you travel the countryside.

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    by balhannah Updated Dec 13, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I don't know how many times this has been asked on the forum, so many times that I have decided to give the link for finding the weather conditions all over Australia

    Its is called "bom" and this is the link....Just copy and paste

    Here you can find everything you want and need about the weather in Australia!

    Weather coming!

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    by balhannah Updated Dec 13, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: You may not want any photos processed before heading home, or perhaps you may like to do what I did.
    Instead of buying postcards, I made collage photos of where I had been the last week/fortnight and sent them to friends and family along with a note. Cheaper and more personal!

    But where to get them done?

    There are plenty of Camera shops that have processing facilities all around Australia. If you want reasonably priced photos that are done quite quickly and can usually be picked up in an hour, then head to BIG W where the charge is 15 cents a 4x6 print. If you have a 200 or more, then the price drops to 12c print, or if you wish to pick them up the next day, then it is 10cents a print. You use a self service kiosk to put your photos through and to choose which ones you want. It is quite easy and the camera location staff are there to give help if needed.
    KMart and Harvey Norman are other cheap places. Harvery Norman often has specials of 9cents a print, watch their website for deals.

    KMart photos

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    by balhannah Updated Nov 2, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The harvest area usually rely on backpackers to help with their seasonal workload.

    The Harvest trail links jobseekers with harvest jobs Australia wide. It offers a great way for people to travel around Australia at their own pace while sightseeing ...

    You can download the info or you can pick up a booklet at our Centrelink offices when in Australia. I have a booklet and its a good book. A new book comes out each year.

    The website for all your informations is......
    To see beforehand what fruits are in season when you arrive in Australia

    Booklet available at Centrelink Offices
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    CARAVAN/CAMPGROUNDS - Discount cards

    by balhannah Updated Nov 2, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Want to save a little money, and stay in proper Camping / Caravan grounds?

    The larger Caravan chains which I have listed below, all have discount cards.
    I wouldn't do this if you aren't travelling much, but if you are, then they are worth the money.

    We have joined the Big4 and Top Tourist several times, and both times have saved money, plus stayed in lovely caravan parks that we normally would not have stayed in!
    These days, The Big4 chain has become to expensive for us!
    This is a 2 year membership which offers the card holder 10% discount up to the value of $30 per stay in any accommodation choice (from non powered tent site through to cabin accommodation) in any Top Tourist Member Park, plus you also receive the option of a free book ahead service to the next Top Tourist Park to help make your travels easier.

    Current Cost is $30 (GST inclusive) for a two years.
    Another that you save 10% on at over 170 Family Parks locations in both Australia and New Zealand. (Up to a maximum of $20 on sites and $40 on cabins per stay)
    $50 for 2 years membership, and it also covers New Zealand where BIG4 Members save 10% and up to $30 at TOP 10 in New Zealand. They have Holiday Offers and savings at Holiday Attractions.

    You would need to buy a card for each chain, or just choose one chain. Big 4 is the dearest and the most upmarket.
    All of those parks I can recommend, we have found them to be of a high standard.

    One thing to remember, the ones by the seaside are the most expensive, and in school holidays will probably be booked out in advance. The further inland you go, they usually are cheaper, with the exception of Uluru area.

    As you can see by my photo's, in lots of Parks you will experience wildlife, from plenty of wild Birds to Kangaroo's, even on the Beach!

    Hullo there!  From our Tent roof! Lake Moogerah Campground - Boonah Tree next to the Tent- A King Parrot
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    by balhannah Updated Nov 2, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: This tip is not just for Queensland, but for the whole of Australia.

    The national telephone number for all emergency services in Australia including AMBULANCE, FIRE, and POLICE is "000".

    000 calls are answered by an Operator who will ask which service you require - Police, Fire or Ambulance.
    The operator will ask relevant questions, and arrange an appropriate response from the local Police, Ambulance or Fire Service.

    000 calls are free on all mobile phones.

    Remember this number, it may save your life one day if something goes wrong!

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    The Australian animal the...."WALLAROO"

    by balhannah Updated Oct 24, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: "WALLAROO" .......Is it a Kangaroo?........."NO!"

    It does look and act like a Kangaroo, but is isn't a Kangaroo.

    The name came about by joining WALLaby and kangAROO together.....WALLAROO. This is because he is an inbetween size between these two animals.

    There is the Eastern Wallaroo, the Euro, the Black Wallaroo and the Antilopine Wallaroo. The Antilopine Wallaroo is the one most like a Kangaroo as he likes to be in groups, whereas, the others are more solitary.

    The Eastern Wallaroo has a coat of grey fur and the Euro has reddish fur. They all have a bare black nose and big ears.
    The males usually measure up to 1.5mtrs in height and weigh 22 to 45 kgs, with the female about 1metre tall, and weighs between 18 to 22.5kgs.

    Wallaroos usually live in rocky areas as they have fur on the pads of their feet which makes rock climbing very easy for them. When there is a drought wallaroos will survive by digging holes in the ground of up to 1 metre deep to find water. Usually, they get the water they need from their food.

    They are quiet animals who use foot thumping to warn each other of danger, When annoyed they may "hiss or cough. I did see mine in a very rocky area and found him to be rather inquisitive of me, not bothering to move on for quite a while.

    Can you imagine this animal's baby being the size of a peanut when it is born after 32 days gestation.

    A similarity, is the baby is also called a joey, is born without fur and blind but still finds its way into its mother's pouch. The joey will stay in his mother's pouch until the age of 6 months when he is takes his first steps, and keeps on returning to the pouch up to a year in age. It is possible for a female wallaroo to be pregnant and have a baby in her pouch at the same time.
    Wallaroos live usually up to 17 or 18 years of age.

    The one in my photo had a mate. If you look at his ears, you can see that he has been involved in fights, they are pretty tattered!

    Wallaroo at Mt. Kaputar N/Pk @ Narrabri I am being watched! On the move!
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    by balhannah Updated Oct 19, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: As you know, when arriving in Australia you have quarantine to pass through.

    This is not the end to the quarantine process, because Australia is divided into different States, and some States have more pests and diseases than others, so there are quarantine laws for when you are travelling between States.

    Some of the areas of importance are the ......
    In VICTORIA.........Greater Sunraysia area, which is part of the far west and most of the Murrumbidgee and Murray regions, MUST NOT TAKE FRUIT to this area.

    NORTHERN TERRITORY...............Ti Tree Fruit fly zone which extends from Tennant Creek to Alice Springs.........NO FRUIT!

    SOUTH AUSTRALIA..........
    Kangaroo Island has a Ligurian Bee sanctuary and Potato protected area, so beware of this.

    These are just a few examples, watch for the signs at the State borders or on roadsides when entering fruit growing areas.

    Do the right thing, and pop your produce in a bin!

    Better to do the right thing, save the industry, and avoid a big fine!

    Fondest memory: For more infomation there is a ......

    FREECALL 1800 084 881

    and the website is..................

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    by balhannah Updated Oct 14, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: In Australia, we have THREE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES

    THEY ARE....................

    Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)...

    New South Wales (except Broken Hill), Victoria, Queensland,Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory

    Australian Central Standard Time (ACST).....
    South Australia, Northern Territory, and Broken Hill in NSW

    Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)

    Western Australia

    Australia also has daylight saving, this is observed from the 1st Sunday in October, to the 1st Sunday in April, every year.
    To make life difficult, not all states have it. At the moment (2014), Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory do not move their clocks forward.

    Fondest memory: Check this website if you are unsure of the time zones. -

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    by balhannah Updated Oct 6, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: An easy way to save money when filling your car with fuel, is to have previously bought $30 & over worth of groceries from either COLES or WOOLWORTHS stores.
    When you take a look at your receipt, you will find on the bottom what I have taken a photo of.
    Sometimes you may receive either 4c litre off, 8cents or even 10cents litre off the cost of your petrol [fuel]

    Just tear of the part that I have a photo off, then for Coles vouchers, head to a SHELL service station to use, and for Woolworths, to a WOOLWORTHS service station or a participating CALTEX service station.
    Usually outside the station, they have how much per litre the discounted fuel will cost. Just take your docket/receipt with you when you pay, and the amount will be deducted from the bill.
    Depending on how much you buy, it can save you quite a few dollars.

    is discount is available all around Australia, and can be used from state to state. Just remember to use before the expiry date on the docket!

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    by balhannah Updated Oct 4, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: So, you have come to Australia and you want to see and cuddle a Koala.


    Other States only allow the handler to hold them, so before you go anywhere, look on the website to see if "YOU" are actually allowed to hold and cuddle the Koala and CHECK THE TIMES WHEN THE KOALA CUDDLING TAKES PLACE. Koalas sleep most of the day.
    Prices do vary, as does who can take the photo. Sometimes only the photographer can, and you can buy the photo, other times you and the photographer can take photos.

    SOUTH AUSTRALIA has quite a few Wildlife Sanctuaries that offer this, but an excellent one, where you can pat a Emu and Kangaroo as well, is the CLELAND WILDLIFE RESERVE.
    Just twenty minutes from the Adelaide city centre.
    OPEN 9.30 am to 5 pm daily. No entry after 4.30 pm.
    CLOSED.... Christmas Day.
    Park entry costs $16 for adults, $13 concession, $9.50 for kids or $43.50 for a family (2009)

    QUEENSLAND also had many places to do this, all the way from the New South Wales border up to Cairns.

    I'm so tired!!!
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    by balhannah Updated Oct 4, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I came across the book, "Workabout Australia," at a Tourist information centre in rural Australia.
    Once home, I looked into what the book is all about.

    It turns out it is a very handy publication if your in Australia on a working visa looking for part time, casual and seasonal employment.
    The book covers 200 locations in all states of Australia and has all sorts of jobs on offer.
    At the end of each chapter or state, a master guide indicates the month and location of the employment opportunities available.

    This reference guide includes general information, location, history of the area, the climate, transport details, work availability and how many people are required, time frame details and employment contact details where known. Details of the area's tourist attractions are also included.
    The book has tips and hints that may help in avoiding some of the difficulties of following the casual or seasonal employment trail.

    On the website, you can have a look at the book before buying, and then you can buy online.

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