Places to eat in Australia

  • Blackforest dessert
    Blackforest dessert
    by balhannah
  • grilled barra, salad & chips
    grilled barra, salad & chips
    by pedroswift
  • The soul of sole
    The soul of sole
    by iandsmith

Most Viewed Restaurants in Australia

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    Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney: One of the two Hard Rocks in Australia

    by Arial_27 Updated Mar 21, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For those who've never been to a Hard Rock, it is a world reknowned glorified burger joint franchise with a rock atmosphere and good music in the background. The food is usually pretty good; American-style and decent portions! Hard Rock Cafes was invented in London, England and there are now 150 locations in 53 countries worldwide (as of 2012.) There are only 2 in Australia - the other one is in Surfer's Paradise.
    The Sydney Hard Rock is located at Darling Harbour, a short walk from China town. Its quite massive, with a downstairs and upstairs, very large gift shop. I enjoyed the service and food, its also very nice having a meal right over the water.

    Favorite Dish: The veggie burger with ranch sauce (pictured above) was great.

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    The Rattle 'N Hum Bar & Grill: Cairns ~ Extremely Popular

    by starship Updated Mar 20, 2014

    The Rattle 'N Hum Bar & Grill was one of several nice places we found while walking on the Esplanade not far from the waterfront. When we first visited one afternoon, we stopped in only for refreshment ---meaning a couple of cold, local brews. We sat at a pleasant table in the terrace area and just watched the world go by. There were a few other customers around but it was not crowded.

    However, on our second visit we arrived at dinner time and the Rattle 'N Hum was doing just that! It was quite crowded and finding an empty table wasn't easy. We just had to wait until one became free and then hope we could get there before someone else! We waited a long time for a waiter to arrive just to deliver our beverages. I believe ordering was a little different here. It seems we had to order pizza where it was being made, and meals ordered at an order station. Even so, it was a considerable wait. We weren't being ignored, it was just that busy!

    We shared a wood-fired pizza named "The Don" which was topped Tomato base, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh basil ($18 AU) and it was delicious! We also shared a salad. (We did not order a dessert here as for 30 cents you could get a vanilla ice cream cone at McDonald's just down the street.)

    For comparison, the plain cheese pizza or Margherita will cost $15 AU while something such as the fully loaded "Zeus Deluxe" will be $20. You will be sure to find one of their 14 types of pizza to your liking for both taste and economy. The Rattle 'N Hum serves both lunch and dinner and the menu is sure to offer something for everyone: salads, burgers, fish & chips, seafood, pasta, chicken and steaks with at least two side dishes. Be prepared to spend $16 to $36 AU dollars for any of these.

    NOTE: if you arrive between 5 and 7 p.m. every day of the week, you'll receive 20% off your entrees and pizzas!!! This is a huge bonus!

    You can sit inside or outside depending on your preference, and as Cairns climate seems to be perfect it's always nice to be outside. If you're very hungry for dinner, it would be best to arrive early before the crowds. If just interested in drinks, there is a large Sports Bar area separate from the restaurant with a great ambiance, decor and large screen, plasma TVs to follow your sports on 3 different channels.

    The Rattle 'N Hum is open from 11:30 a.m. til late

    Favorite Dish: Our pizza was excellent but I would love to try any of Rattle 'N Hum's other dishes. The descriptions of the burgers and fish and chips sounded very tasty! Both great with a cold beer!

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    Cairns ~ The Lily Pad: Local Breakfast Spot

    by starship Updated Mar 19, 2014

    Since breakfast was not included in our hotel rate, we looked for a close by place and found The Lily Pad only a very short distance from the hotel. The outside wasn't particularly appealing but the inside looked a little like a Greenwich village, Bohemian sort of place that wasn't too bad --- lots of color on the walls, shabby chic furniture, etc. It seems to be very popular with the locals. The Lily Pad seems to be known for its vegetarian food.

    After looking at the menu you order your meal at the counter and then wait to be served. Since our meals had been light the day before, breakfast was welcomed. My husband ordered quite a big breakfast with eggs, sausages, broiled tomato, sauteed mushrooms and toast accompanied by a flat white coffee. I chose the eggs, half a broiled tomato, bacon and toast with tea.

    Service was a little slow but prices were reasonable and the food pretty good. We didn't visit The Lily Pad again during our stay in Cairns, but I wouldn't have objected if we did.

    Hours: 7 days a week - 7am- 3pm

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    Rainforest View Restaurant: Kuranda ~ Al Fresco Dining with a View

    by starship Updated Mar 18, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After an early start to our day, we found ourselves ready for lunch maybe a bit earlier than normal. The early timing worked to our favor because we were able to get a very good table with a great view into the rainforest at the Rainforest View Restaurant. The view was the best thing about this restaurant as it turns out.

    We thought this rather earthy, open-air restaurant was just the ticket to escape the heat and humidity of the day. There were lots of beautiful hanging fern pots which added to the al fresco atmosphere. The view from our table had us keeping our eyes open while we hoped to see exotic birds or other animals from our balcony perch.

    It's a good thing we had something to occupy our time because service here was not good at all. We waited a long time for our server to arrive in the first place, and maybe even longer to receive our meal, and the longest time of all to receive our bill. The service was so indifferent that I don't believe we even left a tip (which Americans tend to do even in countries where tipping is not the custom).

    Favorite Dish: I usually remember virtually everything about trips we take, but in this case my memory as to what we ordered here is fuzzy. I believe I had a burger and fries which were OK. It seems like my husband ordered a pasta dish. Since I don't have specific memories of the food, let's just rate it OK as a whole.

    I know that we thought this restaurant a bit expensive for what was received. Other reviews I've read about this restaurant on seem to be evenly split between those diners who believed this restaurant was horrible to those that believed it was great! Opinions, therefore, seem a little schizophrenic which isn't a good indication to choose this restaurant. But maybe you'll find yourself there on one of their good days, LOL!

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    Dolce Vita Gelato: Gelato (and pizza) in Fremantle

    by Arial_27 Written Mar 17, 2014

    My friends and I used to love going here, because at the time you could get a slice of pizza and a gelato dessert for $7. (2011 -2012.) This is a bargain in Australia!

    The pizza was good too, and they had a good selection of gelatos - frozen yogurt, sugar free, lots of flavours, etc. Its a nice little place located on the main street of Fremantle.

    Favorite Dish: Oreo gelato, of course. The pizza was good too.

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    Arirang: Delicious Korean food in Perth

    by Arial_27 Written Mar 17, 2014

    I lived in Korea for a year and enjoyed a lot of local food there, so I know Korean food quite well - mainly the vegetarian-friendly options since I don't eat meat. This place was awesome and catered to many different dietary preferences - there are plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten free or even if you're just trying to eat healthy. I can also contest to how authentic it was.
    The only thing different about this place and traditional restaurants in Korea is that many of the dishes (such as bibimbap, an galbi) wouldn't normally be served in the same type of restaurant in Korea. They are all available here.

    You get your own table with a grill to BBQ your own meat, and there are plenty of options of side dishes or non-bbq dishes if you're not interested in that. Great service, food and experience. We had an awesome time!

    Favorite Dish: Dol-sot bibimbap (bibimbap served in a hot bowl, with egg - pictured above.) Fantastic and authentic flavour of vegetables and sauce. Delicious!

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    Fremantle's best breakfast place

    by Arial_27 Written Mar 17, 2014

    Angel's House is a best-kept secret. You won't find a website for it or any online or any advertising. I believe it solely survives on word of mouth, which keeps it relatively quiet. When we were there, there was only one other party. It is a very small space though, so I think its nice that they don't try to crowd it too much. It gives it a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere to have breakfast in.

    It specializes in pancakes, which have a base price (roughly $7 or $8.) After that, each topping was an extra $1 and they have several to choose from: different flavoured syrups, nutella, mixed fruit, cinnamon butter and more.

    I highly recommend looking for this place (sorry I don' have an address - it was very hard to find.) However, if you ask around the main street in Fremantle, there should be someone who knows where it is!

    Favorite Dish: Both the pancakes and the smoothies were fantastic.

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    Gloria Jeans: My addiction

    by Arial_27 Written Mar 17, 2014

    Gloria Jeans was the holy grail for me when I was travelling through Australia. Every time I saw one, I had to go in. Their drinks, and foods were glorious and will always have a place in my heart.

    There are Gloria Jeans locations all over Australia, although the chain is American. They're not very common worldwide; I've never seen one in Canada but I did hear there was one in Vietnam.

    Great place for a treat, or a pick-me up on any day. They do great hot drinks as well as summer frappes and blended drinks.

    Favorite Dish: I almost always ordered a Mudslide mocha, and sometimes a pastry.

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    The Rocks Cafe: Sydney - Historic Ambiance & Good Food

    by starship Updated Mar 12, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Happy to be meeting our daughter's boyfriend's parents, The Rocks Cafe on George Street (in The Rocks), was chosen for a Sunday breakfast get together. It was a very nice place! It had a European charm about it both inside and out. Casemate windows trimmed in green with goldleaf lettering provided a beautiful entrance to the restaurant's ground floor. Inside, a small but cozy seating area was embellished with dark, wooden ceilings, warm lighting and a massive white marble serving bar with a nice wine display behind it. We were shown upstairs to a somewhat larger room with more seating but still a very inviting decor and atmosphere with lots of light streaming through the windows.

    Though already quite full when we arrived, the service was good and the breakfast menu arrived in a reasonable amount of time. The menu was quite different but all dishes sounding very appealing. Our orders ranged from a light yogurt, nuts, berries and rolled oats, to omelets and eggs Benedict. Portions were not large but sufficient. Coffee and tea were replenished repeatedly by our waitress. Though I love all types of tea served hot or cold, during this trip I instantly became enamored of Australia's "flat white" style of coffee and ordered it nearly every chance I had.

    I believe everyone enjoyed their meal and the time spent becoming acquainted with each other with The Rocks Cafe as a backdrop went quite well. My only complaint was that though the prices here may be normal for Australia, the check for 6 breakfasts (not fancy) with beverages came as quite a shock --- approximately $180 Australian with tip! The simplest breakfast ordered was still $15.50 Australian.

    Favorite Dish: Everyone agreed that their breakfast was very good! However, if you are on a strict budget, try The Rocks Cafe for a good "flat white" coffee and soak up the atmosphere, but enjoy your meal at a less expensive venue if you can find one.

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  • oxymoron's Profile Photo

    Madame Brussels: A wee bit of naughty with your cocktail

    by oxymoron Updated Mar 3, 2014

    This is a quirky and fantastic experience to enjoy. There is indoor seating and alfresco terraces to sip and enjoy the views. Both of the city AND depending on your gender the eye-catching waiters/esses who are clad in short tennis outfits (very pretty girls and very buff blokes). Food is also served but I merely indulged in a cocktail or two. ie Prussian tea/coffee cream. Both delicious! The ambience is sooo good and quite lively. Lots of folks of varying ages but equally girly afternoons out were in evidence.
    It was very hot on the day of my visit and should you require some shade on the terrace? pretty Japanese style parasols are at your disposal on request.
    A great afternoon out.
    Prices a wee bit on the plus side but worth it just to be there.
    ps. And the wee bit of naughty?
    well apart from the great eye-candy of the servers, the menu has an air of double entendre about it which is quite amusing.

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  • oxymoron's Profile Photo

    Robert Burns Hotel: Scottish themed tapas bar?

    by oxymoron Updated Mar 3, 2014

    This is a tapas/restaurant place serving really good food with an option of indoor/outdoor eating. The not-too-large al fresco dining allows room for the available tables/diners to enjoy the experience. Good wines are available AND each night at 5pm (when the place opens) it's happy hour with wine prices.
    It has a really nice relaxing ambience and the place is run by a couple of Madrilenos so if you feel the urge to try out your Spanish? Well I did despite not being fluent it kind of made the visit more enjoyable.

    Favorite Dish: Apologies but the wine was sooo good I can't remember what I had to eat when here!!!
    It was well attended by the locals and others so it MUST have been a worthwhile experience!
    Comprehensive wine list available. Hic!
    Try to take advantage of the happy hour deal so that you can taste the tapas and wine to get a feel of the place.
    Enjoy (disfrute)

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    Naked for Satan: Tapas with a top view

    by oxymoron Written Mar 3, 2014

    This is a Spanish Tapas bar (despite the name?) It's on Brunswick street which has a kind of boho feel to it. At lunch-time the downstairs bar serves pinchos at a maximum of 2 dollars apiece. Great price! whilst on the rooftop setting which houses an air con restaurant and an alfresco roof terrace with incredible views of Melbourne.from the glass walls.
    The food is amazingly good. Made with fresh ingredients and not expensive. I remember having 3 or 4 well-portioned tapas with a beer (enough for two sharing) and the cost was around 34 dollars.
    This a must if you visit this city and like tapas.
    BTW I don't eat meat but EVERYTHING I liked was avilable.

    Favorite Dish: The prawn pinchos and the mixed salad with thinly sliced beetroot amongst other mouth-watering goodies (large salad!) were fantastic. Cheeseboard (your choice of cheese) was delicious with a fruit compote on the side.
    Double yum!

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    Zapata's: Delicious Mexican food in Perth!

    by Arial_27 Written Jan 8, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The food here is great, I really enjoyed myself each time that I've gone. Its not the cheapest place in Perth, but its a few steps up from Taco Bell or any Mexican fast food you're used to. They have a large cockatail menu and great deserts! Definitely recommend this place.

    There are two different locations in the Perth area; one in Northbridge, and the other in Fremantle. Both are open evenings only.

    I'd reserve here if you're with a big group, it gets very busy on weekends.

    Favorite Dish: The nachos, veggie burrito, churros, and cockatails

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  • Arial_27's Profile Photo

    Delicious Indian food in Northbridge (Perth): Taj Mahal

    by Arial_27 Written Jan 8, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Some what posh restaurant, fine dining experience, B.Y.O.B and located in Perth's night life district. The food is very good and quite authentic, as there were quite a few Indian people eating there as well each time I went. There are a lot of options, even for vegetarians/vegans. The service wasn't amazing, but not bad either. They take reservations and try to accomodate preferences. It gets really busy on weekends, so I would reserve if you're planning on going then.

    The price range I selected is based on you go with the BYOB option. If you buy drinks there, or go 'all out' then you will probably pay between $30-$40.

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    The Coffee Club: Coffee: 2 for price of One

    by pedroswift Updated Oct 20, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Are you a couple spending a few weeks in Australia and or New Zealand??? Love a coffee to get your heart started in the morning. You may be interested in the "two for one, any time" deal offered by one of Australia's biggest coffee franchise - The Coffee Club.
    $25 annual fee gets you The Coffee Club's VIP card. Use the card 9 times and you are ahead. 10% discount off all other food & cold beverage purchases on Mon, Tue & Wed is also available.
    There are over 200 Coffee Club stores in Australia and approx forty-six in New Zealand . About a quarter of the outlets run full-on table service restaurants and are open for breakfast and don't close until late. Some located in major shopping malls have the hours of operation of the shopping centre and food service may be restricted to more snack orientated lines.
    The coffee is good even if you don't wish to eat.

    Most in my area have free WiFi in-store.

    Favorite Dish: We have used our VIP card all over Australia while on road trips.
    During a recent trip to Auckland, New Zealand, on two mornings, we had breakfast across the road from our hotel at The Coffee Club for a fraction of the hotel price and used our loyalty card for coffee elsewhere.

    Down load an application form

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