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  • This was taken when it was still dark!
    This was taken when it was still dark!
    by iandsmith
  • Another sunrise
    Another sunrise
    by iandsmith
  • Whistling kites abound
    Whistling kites abound
    by iandsmith

Broken Hill Highlights

  • Pro
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     Fantastic art, clear skies, interesting history 

  • Con
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    iandsmith says…

     Bloody hot in summer! 

  • In a nutshell
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     The most vibrantly art dominated city I've ever visited in Australia 

Broken Hill Things to Do

  • Broken Hill Living Desert and Sculptures

    This part of the park is where we arrived first. There was quite a good size car park, picnic amenities and free Toilets. 1st, I will tell you about the Flora. In April, there wasn't a lot in bloom, so it is best to come in Spring. I still did find some plants of interest, and I really like seeing them growing in the brightly coloured soil. Most...

  • The anonymous Heironymous

    It's easy to blame Heironymous Salvator Lopez von Pereira for Broken Hill, but it's easier to blame Charles Rasp, the name he eventually adopted after an extraordinary history where this qualified edible oil technologist from a background of Portuguese aristocracy, though born in Germany, deserted the army during the Franco-Prussian war and headed...

  • In the lakes - Menindee

    This is an area flooded to bring water to the outback.The result is a strange place where sea eagles rule, fish thrive and lizards abound.WIldlife, attracted by the water, are in abundance. It is well worth a look if you are into nature, fishing or just want to see something unique.Menindee Lakes has a tour operator, a general store and a local...


    What a stunning Town Hall, was what I was thinking as I was busy taking photos. Then a "local" came along and starting telling me about it.What I didn't know, it was just the facade, the rest had been demolished and I hadn't realized that!Evidently, the towns people kicked up such a fuss about destroying the historic building, that they didn't...


    There are three war memorials standing on the corner of Argent and Sulphide Streets.Every Anzac Day hundreds of Broken Hill locals gather at The Cenotaph to honour their returned service men and women and to remember those who have lost their lives.The World War I Memorial was erected in the 1920's, the second memorial dedicated to many conflicts...


    As said in previous tip, we arrived by car and parked in the car-park.Being a little warm, we headed under the shade to the picnic tables where we had a drink before starting our walk.As we walked back to the Car, I noticed about 8 Emus, a family with chicks not fully grown. They were grazing infront of the parked cars. We watched them, then did...


    This part of the park is where we arrived first.There was quite a good size car park, picnic amenities and free Toilets.1st, I will tell you about the Flora. In April, there wasn't a lot in bloom, so it is best to come in Spring. I still did find some plants of interest, and I really like seeing them growing in the brightly coloured soil. Most of...


    If you have seen everything in the city and have a car, then head out on a 12km drive to the "Living Desert Sculptures' located in the Barrier Ranges.It is said to be particularly beautiful at sunset when the rocks glow crimson, we couldn't visit at this time of day, but we did enjoy what we saw in daylight.WE found the turn-off easily, it is...


    Broken Hill's cemetery is very large, and actually is located on both sides of a busy highway.I find cemeteries very interesting, but was rather surprised to find at the info centre an actual pamphlet named "The Broken Hill cemetery walk."The Cemetery replaces the orignal one that became too small after a typhoid epidemic killed 123 people. The...


    It is described as a "must see," I don't know if I really agree with that. Perhaps, if an overseas visitor, then I would say yes.The Big Picture is the world's largest acrylic painting on canvas by a single artist.It's almost 100 metres long and 12 metres at its highest point. For me, it was OK, but I thought the colours were a bit unreal. The...


    The Miners Arms - Beautiful from the outside, beautiful on the inside!Standing on a corner site on one of the city's main routes, it appealed to me straight away, it was painted nicely and had low verandahs that you see in the outback. Built in 1888 during the mining boom, it was once a rowdy miner's Pub. Since then, a private hospital, art gallery...


    Broken Hill is just like other places in Australia. When a Church is no longer needed, then quite often it is put up for sale or auctiioned.After a cheap home, then this is the way of buying one. I have seen the inside of one, and they can be made very nice inside, and attractive outside when they have a nice garden.The one in my photo, is in...


Broken Hill Hotels

Broken Hill Restaurants

  • Eat while enjoying a wonderful view of...

    This restaurant is located at the top of the mine in central Broken Hill (next to the Line of Lode).The cafe is opened from 10-5;lunch is served from 11:30-2;dinner is served from 6-late.The miner's memorial is open from 10-5. Prices are quite expensive, but the food is delicious!!

  • Wondeful View

    This restaurant is located in the Visitors Centre on top of the slag heap in the middle of the town. Both the food and the view are absolutely spectacular. You can't miss this place.

  • Broken Hill Hotels

    13 Hotels in Broken Hill

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Broken Hill Transportation

  • How to get to Broken Hill

    I took the XPT train to Broken Hill. It stops at Dubbo and you take a coach the rest of the way. Both are very comfortable means of travel and the scenery, although desolate at times, is fascinating (emus, kangaroos, sheep, rabbits, etc). The normal price is $96 one way, but I paid $126 (30 to get there + 96 back to Sydney) because of a Mother's...

  • Take a car

    I'd recommend car over bus, train or plane, because once you reach Broken Hill, you're going to have to be able to get around to the various attractions, which are not all centrally located.

  • Indian Pacific

    I love trains. Going to Broken Hill it's the ideal way to combine a train ride with a good look at the scenery.The Silver City Express (they use the term loosely) is one option or the Indian Pacific which goes all the way to Perth.I caught one over and the other back last time I went.This shot is from my second trip over and was taken about one...


Broken Hill Shopping


    I was looking for souvenirs in the information centre, when I found small containers of the minerals they mine in Broken Hill. Quite colourful, and I thought a good reminder of what Broken Hill is all about. You couldn't buy smaller than this to take home in your luggage.Price in 2012 -$10Plenty of other gifts and helpful information

  • If you like art, this is the place for...

    A lot of artists live/work in Broken Hill because of the amazing landscapes out there... Almost everywhere you go you will find another art gallery with fantastic paintings and drawings... There is a huge variety of artwork too, from real life type paintings to very abstract will find the lot in Broken Hill. The colours most...

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Broken Hill Local Customs

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    by JAS2 Written Oct 3, 2002

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    Known throughout Australia for his artwork.
    He is also know for his comical Stainmaster TV Commercials. He does what you have always wanted to do -has a food fight and paint fight with his carpet and his housekeeper screams "Oh no Mr Hart !" and then wipes it off the carpet with no effort!

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Broken Hill Warnings and Dangers


    In places in Outback Australia, you will see an awful lot of roadkill. Most have been pulled to the sides of the road, but some is still on the road.Crows usually attack it, but sometimes you will see the big Wedgetailed Eagle. Please do not run over this Bird, slow down, and let him fly out of the way.This is Australias largest Bird of Prey which...


    When you have reached Yunta, then you haven't far to go to the fruit fly check-point.This is a proper station, with a boom gate, so you have to stop. No sooner you do, a person comes out the Office and asks if you are carrying fruit or vegees. This is where you hand them in, or if you say no, he/she will check your vehicle to see if you are telling...


    THIS IS IMPORTANT..............BROKEN HILL IS LOCATED IN NEW SOUTH WALES, BUT RUNS ON SOUTH AUSTRALIAN TIMEThis makes it half and hour behind New South Wales.


Broken Hill What to Pack


    WHEN OUT AND ABOUT: I always carry these neccesary items. You may also find them helpful. I carry a small day backpack that carries my camera and lenses (out of sight) plus, I also carry with me or wear these neccesary daily items. As I usually always travel in hot/tropical climates the items that I carry are usually related to same. A small WET...

  • It's hot during the day!

    Take some clothes for warm weather during the day but at night it does get cool, in winter at least... Also take good walking boots because you will be sure to do lots of walking... Take lots of film ready for all those photos. You can buy film in town but it is probably more expensive than buying it elsewhere.

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Broken Hill Off The Beaten Path

  • Bird life

    At Menindee Lakes there's a lot of bird life.Unfortunately, for me, my camera has played up the two times I've been out there trying to capture our feathered friends so my pictures aren't quite what I'd hoped to show you but hope you get some idea anyway.Water birds, not unnaturally, make up a large number of those that are here but there are many...


    Yunta is the next town on from Mannahill. Yunta was established in 1887 after the discovery of gold at the nearby diggings at Teetulpa and Waukaringa. Once, there were more than 5,000 miners making their way through town, now there isn't much of a town at all.It was once a busy railway town on the Adelaide to Broken Hill line, now it just serves...


    Mannahill is the next small town you come to, a little larger than Olary. It had a few more houses, a Police station and Hotel. The Hotel has a Museum, but we didn't go in. The nicest building in town, is the restored Railway Station....very nice. This town has public toilets too and its own dirt air strip.The area around here is getting a little...


Broken Hill Favorites

  • Menindee Lakes

    The last time (2013) I visited Menindee Lakes the lakes were full, and had been for some time. We spent two nights camped there, once in Menindee, the other beside the delightful Lake Pamamaroo. I specifically went there to shoot sunrises and sunsets and, though, they weren't the greatest, they still were very pretty as I hope my pictures can show...

  • Big, Bigger and Biggest

    Mention the name "Ando" in Broken Hill to a local and everyone knows of whom you speak. Peter Anderson used to have a gallery elsewhere in Broken Hill and I vividly recall his colourful flower and bird paintings, so impressive were they. But that was seven years ago. Things change.Ando started the premier gallery in Broken Hill, but then left the...


    The Outback areas of Australia are great places to see Parrots.Parrots love seed, and out near Broken Hill, where silos are located, the Galahs are around usually on the ground eating the seed.As we were heading to South Australia, there was a big group of Galahs sitting on the phone lines, so keep and eye out for Parrots if you haven't seen them...


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