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  • Night Glow
    Night Glow
    by balhannah
  • Info centre sculpture of a fish
    Info centre sculpture of a fish
    by balhannah
  • Dunkleosteus fossil
    Dunkleosteus fossil
    by balhannah

Canowindra Things to Do


    Canowindra's heritage listed buildings in the main street had some interesting extras!Located on the side of several of these buildings, were old advertising signs that had been repainted.I found sculptured sheafs of wheat set in behind glass on the doors of a building and wondered why?The National Bank had a great sculpture of what looked to be...


    This is a paid event to see at the Festival on the Saturday night.Gates open from 3.30pm. Bring a chair or rug. Saturday 2015, wasn't a good day as it rained on and off all day. We wondered if the event would be on as I had pre-booked and paid for our tickets. It was, so we made our way to the gates where our hand was stamped so we could come in...


    This Hot Air Balloon Festival is held every year in April at Canowindra.For one week, balloons launch between 6 to 6.30am and 3.30 to 4pm at the sports Oval. Once all the balloons are launched, then the "chase" takes place, that is us, the spectator, following in our car to watch them drop their markers and then land. Balloons can be in the air up...


    As we drove by car around Canowindra I noticed there was a variety of homes built in different architecture. In some areas were the small cottages that the first settlers would have built, then we passed by some others, slightly bigger and with the verandah enclosed to make another bedroom, this was quite a common practice.There were Bungalows, a...


    In the place where the Royal Hotel now stands used to be Robinson's Hotel, where Ben Hall and his gang took the Hotel over for 3 days.Nothing like this has happened at the "Royal" its just that people love hearing stories about Bushrangers and this Hotel is located on "that' spot!Did Ben Hall pay any money to the Hotel? He did, with the stolen...


    As usual, I walked the main street looking at the heritage listed buildings. Finn's building was built in 1874 and used as a grocery store. It's a pity that we can't see it how it once was, a Grocery store with walls lined with wooden drawers and hopper bins below. Flour and spices were kept there. When a customer wanted a pound of flour, it was...


    Magge Designs was opened by Canowindra artist Melissa Gersbach. She was creating work for Art Galleries but found creating canvasses by merchandising was better!On the Saturday, I came across her and easel in-front of her shop working on a new painting.This store was busy and I could see why! She has designs on shoes, clothing, mugs and a lot more,...


    The ‘Garden of Roses’ Cafe is part of Australia's Greek migrant history. It was Greek's who came to Australia who established milkbars like this one. Australians loved coming here for a milkshake or chocolate and to listen to the jukebox, this was something new! After school, the booths were full of school children!The Garden of Roses has the...


    OR, as they say "The crooked main street" of Canowindra. How many towns do you see like this, not many as most have a straight main street. When Canowindra was established, the main street followed the Bullock track, they didn't bother straightening it out.Canowindra's main street is pretty important as the whole street is heritage listed. A walk...


    The Visitor Information centre is in the "Age of Fishes" complex, look for the sign on the building.The garden before entering has a few cleverly made sculptures relating to the museum made out of scrap metal, I thought they were quite well done! The first thing that greeted me when walking through the door of the info centre, was a rather nasty...


    The "Age of Fishes Museum" is located in the Information centre building which has wheelchair access so everybody can come and see the 360 million year old fish fossil collection. It was by chance one of the worlds great fossil beds was found. In 1956, a council worker was grading a dirt road between Canowindra and Gooloogong, when a large rock...

  • The finest collection of Holden cars in...

    There is a place where Holden-cars are sold in Canowindra since several decades and the owner of this shop also holds the largest collection of Holencars worldwide. Holden is a part of the GM-company, so they might look like an Opel or other GM-cars, but in fact they were built in Australia and are called Holden.

  • some great facades in Canowindra

    You will see some really great and interesting facades in Canowindra, when taking a walk from the museum of the old fishes to the motor-museum and the Holden-collection. That distance will be around 800 meters maybe and i can highly recommend that you walk that distance, so you will not miss any of these great buildings.

  • The Canowindra Historical Museum

    The Canowindra Historical Museum is close to the Age of Fishes museum and it consists of several buildings around the former trainstation of Canowindra. I did not go inside that museum, as it was closed, but already from outside you can take a look through the fence and see some great agricultural machineries and a lot more.

  • The Age of Fishes-museum

    The Age of Fish-museum is the main reason for most tourists to come to Canowindra. I had a look inside the museum and found it interesting, although I mainly came for the Holden-cars I have to admit !You will see a lot of fossils there and learn about early ages of this world.Read more about it when you click on my link below !


Canowindra Restaurants

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    by balhannah Written May 31, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It was Sunday and we were both feeling like a Roast meal. The Junction pub advertised "Roast Lamb on Sunday" for $10.

    Sounding good, we arrived at the Hotel on Sunday night for our meal. Even though the town was packed with tourists for the Hot Air Balloon Festival there were no cars parked by the Hotel. We found our way inside and there was one man sitting watching TV, nobody behind the Bar. Thinking he was a customer we asked in a bright, happy voice "where are all the people?" to be greeted by an unfriendly "what do you want me to do, block the street or something!"
    It turns out he was I think the owner, barman, jack of all trades!

    We found the unappealing Dining room which over-looked the kitchen, by this time we were wondering if we should walk out.
    The Owner came and talked to us as meals weren't served until 7pm.

    I had the Roast which was a big meal but not a good one, I didn't enjoy it at all.
    My husband changed his mind and had Lambs Fry & Bacon, a good choice by him as it was cooked fresh and very nice.

    As soon as we had finished our meals we quickly left, knowing next time we will try somewhere else for our meal.

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Canowindra Transportation

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    You will need a car to get to Canowindra

    by globetrott Written Feb 9, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There used to be a trainline once to Canowindra, but grass was growing over the rails and the former trainstation was turned into a museum, so the car is your best choice to get to Canowindra !
    I rented a so-called "Spacecamper"
    it was a funny experience with some disadvantages of that car:
    1) NO moskito-nets at the windows, although their brochures told me something like that in advance. The only part of the car that has moscito-nets is the extra "Rucksack" that you can fix at the rear of the car to gain some extra-space. BUT what is the sense of these nets, when at the same time there is enough space for moscitoes to find a way between the cloth and the car to slip in ?
    2) large windows around the car plus 2 large windows on top are a kind of craziness in a hot climate like there: while driving you might have an AC, as soon as you stand you live like in an oven, much too hot to sleep there inside. At around 03.00am it cooles down a bit. Open the windows and you will have the moscitoes inside, keep the windows closed and you cannot sleep because of the heat.
    The best I can say about this car is : the price is about half of the amount you have to calculate for a real motorhome: I payed 950 Euros for 14 days, an ALL-inclusive Insurance included !

    Dont miss the HOLDEN-museum in Canowindra ! Dont miss the HOLDEN-museum in Canowindra ! Dont miss the HOLDEN-museum in Canowindra ! Dont miss the HOLDEN-museum in Canowindra ! Dont miss the HOLDEN-museum in Canowindra !
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