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    Cobar Museum
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Cobar Things to Do


    Just because we are in the outback, doesn't mean the land is going to be bare. On the contary, there are Trees, shrubs, and acres of salt bush. It isn't that boring as along the way are many varieties of trees, the landscape changes, and I always am on the lookout for animals.In the day time, we saw wild Goats and quite a few Emus, a couple of...


    The lookout, over the new Cobar Open Cut Gold mine, gives a spectacular sight of the working gold mine.To reach the lookout, turn left off the Barrier Highway before entering Cobar. It is signposted with a brown and white tourist sign, and the road is by the Cobar town sign. It is only a short drive along sealed road to the car park, then a short...


    Time to move outside, still plenty to see. This area is where we find all the old farming and mining equipment, some old motor vehicles and the "mystery" - we have to guess what it is and see if we are correct before we leave. The mystery is a Bimble BoxTree, in which a door has been cut out. There are no windows inside, it is completely dark. The...


    The best way to see the historic buildings!One that really stuck out, was the Butcher's shop, built in 1910 and still being used as a Butcher's shop in 2012.Then I came across a group of buildings dating from 1897, a couple had beaut lacework verandahs, and one was still as originally built.A couple of impressive Hotels, much needed in this hot...


    OK, so we cheated a bit. We walked and we toured by car!I picked up the map at the tourist information centre, which is where the walk begins. It is 6km, and can be completed in 2 hours if you walk the whole way.I came across this Catholic Church, which happened to have its doors open. It is the St. Laurence O"Toole Catholic Church, which was...


    This park is located across the road from the Heritage centre, so we left the car parked where it was, and walked across.It's a very nice park built to commemorate the Miners who have lost their lives in the Cobar Mines.There is quite a large lawned area with covered picnic tables, pathways and pieces of mining equipment on display including a...


    We are now entering the section on Mining and Pastoral history.The Pastoral history area has a very interesting display about Sheep, the wool, and how it ends up as a Jumper on our back.We saw a wool press, a showcase full of the different grades of wool, and read about the different breeds of sheep are in Australia, it was an interesting section...


    Time to move upstairs and read and see items on the early years of Mining in Cobar, on how Copper was found in the area by some men spending the night camped at a waterhole, and little did they know, the coloured rocks they had collected to take back to Cobar were Copper!A Mrs. Sidwel Kruge, who was born in Cornwall, England, an area where Copper...


    Continuing on from the previous tip, we head into the old school room, recreation, building materials of old, and the bedroom exhibit. There were lots of old photos on the walls, how sad and mournful people looked back them, I guess they really didn't have anything to smile about, living in the harsh conditions in the outback of Australia.I love...


    Located at the Information centre, is the heritage museum. We decided to go for a look this time in town, so paid our admission fee, were given a map and pointed in the right direction.We found the centre had an amazing collection of items dating from 1869 to the present day. It was a chance to see how hard Cobar's pioneers had it, and how they...


    Having been to Cobar many times before, but never been to the Museum located there, this is where we headed to first.You can't miss it, as its in a beautiful old "Great Cobar Heritage centre" located on the Barrier Highway, Nyngan side of the town, you have to drive past.The building itself is historic, built in 1910, as the Office of the Great...

  • A wing and a prayer

    Just the place for the latter and, if your purpose is simply to visit Cobar then one is probably better off flying out there.This church is the architectural highlight of the back streets with the oh-so-loveable name of Laurence O'Toole's Catholic Church. You'd have to be thinking Irish!

  • More things to do

    Just a few kilometres out of Cobar, that's using country speak, there's a sign pointing to an emu farm (pic 1). It's an 84 km round trip which is probably a bit of a deterrent for most tourists (as it was for us) but there are also other things not that far away such as some of N.S.W. finest aboriginal art.The Upper Western region is known for...

  • Things to do in Cobar

    Couldn't help it really. I mean, the sign was so irresistible and Bob laid down with a somewhat motionless posture.Fortunately, he was revived rather speedily when I bent over him and merely mentioned the possibility of mouth-to-mouth resusitation.

  • Wrought iron verandahs

    Once you see a wrought iron verandah you are generally looking at a building in Australia that is from the 19th century though there are certainly many later examples as well.Here the dates on the structures clearly indicate the late 19th century heritage of these shops in the main street.

  • Not so cheap

    Anyway you look at meat today, it aint cheap!Still, isn't it wonderful to see this building still being used for its original purpose for over 100 years.To find you way around the town and, in particular, its historical buildings, maps are freely available from the tourist centre mentioned earlier.

  • Great Western Hotel

    Buildings of major architectural interest include the Great Western Hotel (1898) in the main street which has the longest pub balcony in New South Wales. The pub's timber verandah with cast-iron balustrades and lacework balcony is100 metres long. Try doing that in an Olympic 10 seconds after you've had a few ales.

  • A mining heritage

    Displays in the grounds around the main Museum include the Far West Health Carriage which was moved around the Far West by railway, a Robey portable steam engine and some interesting displays of early mining equipment. You can see the Great Cobar Open Cut via a walkway from the museum.It explains how in the 19th century it was all handworked and...

  • Great Cobar Heritage Centre

    Great by name, great by nature. It's quite surprising to see a structure of this calibre in a town like this. It's certainly a fitting name for a place that houses the tourist centre and lots of other stuff, including the Cobar Regional Museum that arguably could be the best rural museum in New South Wales. The Museum has a permanent curator so...

  • Big Beer Can Cobar

    According to the "Guiness book of world records" this is the largest beer can anywhere. It is 5 metres tall and has a diameter of 2.5 metres. Not even my youngest son could drink that in a day.Let's face it, when you're this far from anywhere you have to do something to attract tourists and, believe me, when you get to Cobar you'll be thirsty.

  • Preservation

    This is an old ore stamping machine whereby the ore is crushed with the stampers rising and falling on a set of cams.This piece of equipment is set up on the eastern edge of the town along with some scupltures and others pieces of mining plant.It's quite interesting and dramatic, worth a look.


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Cobar Warnings and Dangers

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    by balhannah Written May 29, 2012

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    Where ever you are heading from Cobar, you are going a long distance without any chance of putting fuel in your car.
    They put a warning notice on the roads [photo], so take notice of it, and fill your car before departing from Cobar. Carry extra fuel if necessary.

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Cobar Off The Beaten Path

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    Aborigine rock art 4 more images

    by iandsmith Written Apr 22, 2008

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    Mount Grenfell historic site is actually a series of three overhangs where aborigines have painted over the centuries.
    There's not a lot of space in each gallery but what there is has certainly been utilized, as seen in pics 1 &3.
    There are other reasons to go there. If you're a twitcher (bird fancier) you will certainly see some out here (pic 4), while for the tree lovers there's some wonderful specimens of river gums in the creek bed just before you get to the site (pic 5).
    It's located about 40 kms west of town and then there's a further 35 kms up a dirt road to get there but it's certainly a different experience if you're from the city.

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