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  • Things to Do
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  • Water Tower - a common meeting place in Hornsby
    Water Tower - a common meeting place in...
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  • The Hornsby Inn
    The Hornsby Inn
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Hornsby Things to Do

  • Hornsby Weekly Markets

    Each week around the amazing fountain there is market where you can buy some incredible organic fruit & veg (and yes you CAN taste the difference), some of the best free range dairy and the latest little delight is the singularly insane butter from a seriously nice stallholder called Libby. I love these markets because it's keeping it real. You get...

  • Lets Go Bowling!!

    A great way to fill in time or a spare Saturday night, this bowling venue gets quite a work out.Facilities include:24 lanes of bowlingFully licenced barcafeglow in the dark bowlingpinball machines etc.Prices:1 game: $14.90 adults $12.90 kids under 142 games: $19.90 adults $17.90 kids3 games: $24.90 adults $22.90 kids

  • See the Water Sculpture at Hornsby Mall

    Besides walking around the shopping centre, take a look at the giant bronze water sculpture located outside at Hunters Mall. It is entirely worked by water. Amazing. Don't stand too close to it on a windy day or you may get sprayed by the fountain.


Hornsby Restaurants

  • Love the Fish Curry!

    When my dad comes up to Sydney from Melbourne to work - this is usually the place we come to. The restaurant has moved and is now located next to the Hornsby Inn - they still have outdoor dining with a lovely deck they built out the back. I have always liked the food here - they say they actually send their chef to Thailand to keep up on his...

  • Order The Laska!

    Wok King is located on level 3 of Westfield Hornsby in the foodcourt. Being in the foodcourt, it is always busy, but even so their service is always very fast. They specilise in rice and noodle dishes and prices can range from $8-$20. I always order the Chicken Laska best one I have ever had - never dissapoints.

  • Old Style Fish and Chips.

    I love love love this Fish & Chip shop! Shaun and I refer to the owners as 'the old greek couple' - I dnt know why - probably because they are greek and old - and I mean this is a good way! They do the BEST chips - and even though it is full of oil they are just so tasty. Servings are generous and if you order dim sims or potato cakes they will...

  • Cheap Feed

    If your running a bit low on cash and want a cheap meal go the Pho Nhon. Pho Nhon is a Vietnamese restaurant and is seriosly value for money. I walk past this restaurant everyday on my way home from work and it is always busy. Shaun and I went here once and for an entree, 2 main meals and drinks it came to about $30-$40. They also do these...

  • Great Eggs Bennidict

    Olive Bar and Grill is located between the water clock and the train station and is very popular. All the people that I know have been there at least a dozen times. Shaun and I go for the all day breakfast but they also have an awesome lunch and dinner menu. Favorite Dish would have to be the eggs benidict. Never have I been to such a place where...

  • Yummy Nachos :-)

    In general the RSL is a great place to come - the restaurant is always busy. There are two bistro's serving a variety of dishes as well as 3 bars - including a sports bar. The main reason why we go on a Sunday is for the meat raffle. For example a month ago we won 5 MASSIVE meat trays and we still have meat in our frezzer today and we only got a...

  • Order The Pizza's!

    GCM's Bistro is part of the Hornsby Inn. Recently under new management, the change saw a new refreshed menu. Although Im not a 'regular' diner here, I have had one or two items off the menu. One being the pizza's. They are delicious. We order the 'pig and potato' which is just what it sounds. A bit smaller than your average pizza, it still fills us...

  • Noodles Galore!

    More like a 'take-away joint' than a dine-in restaurant, this has to be the BEST noodle place in Hornsby. I have been comming here at least once a fortnight ever since Shaun introduced me to it. Value is the key here - for $9 you get a noodle box FULL of noodles. One box will do us fine - and usually there is some still left over. The menu has...

  • Own roasted coffee and great food...

    Jamaica Blue has a very open feeling. The staff are friendly and the menu for snacks and desserts is allright. What they offer is breakfast, lunch or tea time packages, eg food or cake of the day with free coffee at a fixed price.The other good thing about this cafe and its many franchises around the city is that it procures its own coffee beans...

  • Juicy sub sandwiches at the mall

    Buying and eating a sub is quick and easy, deciding on what you'd like is the harder part. Cosmos offers at least 17 different varieties of sub sandwiches. It is really competing hard with Subway.I spent $4.50 - $5 on a small sub, which is sufficient for a light meal. I tried the Moroccan Sub ($5) once and it was scrumptious. They are generous...

  • If you want variety, try the foodcourt

    Hornsby, like the rest of Sydney caters to the cosmopolitan and adventurous stomach. It has a big variety catering to the different taste buds - Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, roasts, sub sandwiches, pretzels, kebabs, and the fastfood joints as well.Also, just next to the foodcourt are a whole lot of ATM machines if you need to load up on...

  • Tasty pastries and cakes with lots of...

    This pattisserie is located at the first level of Hornsby Shopping Centre. It is always crowded and manages to lure grocery shoppers to have a rest and savour its many cakes and pastries. I had a coffee with a caramel cake for $4.90 and the cake was moist and delicious. The cake was so good that I had literally finished it before my coffee even...


Hornsby Nightlife

  • The Old Pub

    'The Old Pub' or the 'oldie' as everyone knows it as is the closest thing we have to a nightclub - and that only really gets going on a Saturday night. The Oldie was notorious for fights and really got a bad name for itself but over that past couple of years it has really cleaned itself up. Saturday is the night to go, with 2 big bars, a dancefloor...

  • The Local

    More like a workers pub then a flash pub you would have a romantic night out at, 'The Inn' as it is commonly known is located in the centre of Hornsby and 'so convenitly' located on my way home from work. Comprising of a restaurant, bar and gaming area, its busiest (and most entertaining) nights tend to be on a Thurday (Kareoke) and Saturday (band...

  • Hornsby Hotels

    0 Hotels in Hornsby

Hornsby Transportation

  • Cab

    If you dont have a car or public transport just isnt your thing, there is a taxi rank right outside Hornsby train station. Obviously price vary's depending on where you want to go. It is quite a large rank so you shouldnt be waiting long if at all.

  • Shorelink Bus Service

    As well as catching the train there is also a number of bus services that can get you to and around Hornsby. You will find the bus rank just outside the station (pacific hwy side) with a number of routes to take around the surronding suburbs of Hornsby. If you are looking at travelling to the city, you may find the train a better option as the bus...

  • Take The Train

    Hornsby Station is a major transport hub for commuters either travelling south the city or north to the central coast. Again right in the CBD of hornsby it is extreamly handy! I catch the train everyday to work which is straight down the north shore line to the city taking around 40 mins. Other lines include the central coast line - taking you all...


Hornsby Shopping

  • Go To The Farmers Market

    Every Thursday from 8am-4pm (I have actually seen them open as early as 7am) we have the Farmers market! Held in Hornsby mall (Florence St) there are a variety of products that you can purchase such as such as jam , bread, gardening products, plants, nuts, skincare you name it.

  • Westfield Hornsby has EVERYTHING!!

    I have decided to reveiw Westfield as a whole rather than singular shops as it is probably just like any other Westfield around. It has 3 stories of everything you need - Coles, Woolies and Aldi's (supermarkets) as well as your usual newsagents, Kmart, Target other clothes shops. It also has a big food court on level 3 as well as Event Cinemas if...

  • Good range of Asian Groceries at...

    It sells Asian and general groceries at often, cheaper prices than many other shops. It offers a very wide range of choices from Chinese to Korean, Japanese, Malaysian/Indonesian, Indian, Hong Kong, Thai and Vietnamese groceries, both fresh and manufactured. They are open 7 days a week and close at about 7pm. Frozen dumplings, tofu, soy products,...


Hornsby Local Customs

  • skyangel_k1's Profile Photo

    Take a copy of The Advocate

    by skyangel_k1 Written Jul 1, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can familiarise yourself with community activities and sentiments by reading the local paper called The Advocate. It offers the latest goings-on, council development, community and tourist interests, park news, latest dining hot spots and shopping.

    The local paper of Hornsby
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Hornsby Warnings and Dangers

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    Don't lose your car at Hornsby Shopping...

    by skyangel_k1 Written Jul 1, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Because the shopping centre actually consists of two buildings joint by a bridge and a mall courtyard outside, there are many entrances and exits at the mall and many people have gotten lost or have been disoriented with where they had left their car. I have been in this embarrassing situation the first time I went to the mall. It took me over 2 hours to get to my car, all the while lugging my heavy trolley of groceries. Taking note of which floor you parked at is not good enough. Keep your car ticket with you always. Make sure you take note of the entrance you came in from and the zone/colour of the zone as well. This is because the entrances and exits are named after streets eg Muriel St, Burdett, Albert and further exits lead to Pacific Highway or Edgeworth David. Pedestrian exits can also lead to Florence or George Streets.

    In case you really get lost, the fastest is to go to the Information Desk. Don’t approach the security guards. They do try very hard to help, but they do not know as much about the car parks as they deal mainly with internal security issues only. The Information Desk personnel deal with this situ a lot (now I know!!) and from your car ticket, they can tell you where your car could be parked. They will also send one or two car park guards with you to help you look for your car, and help you with your groceries as well. That is REAL service!

    Take note of entrances
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Hornsby Favorites

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    Pet motel near Hornsby - Marendale

    by skyangel_k1 Written Jul 27, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you are travelling with pets and need a place to board them, I would recommend Marendale at Terry Hills/Duffys Forrest. It is about 30 mins from Hornsby. I feel that it is one of the better ones around the area.

    Address: 1 Bibbenluke Ave, Duffy's Forest.
    Tel: 9450 1529
    Dropping off: 8am - 12 noon
    Pick up: 8am - 4pm
    Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

    You can get to it by following the Pacific Highway towards the city from Hornby and turning off at Mona Vale Road towards Mona Vale/Terry Hills. After Bonds Nursery, turn left into the sign which says Waratah Park / McCarrs Road which will lead you to Bibenluke Road and eventually, Marrendale at the end of it. The website offers very clear instructions and a good map as well.

    Fondest memory: This pet boarding centre takes cats and dogs. Your pet needs to have all the proper vet papers or your pet won't be accepted, and you need to book in advance. Your cat can be pampered to the extent of having its own VIP deluxe garden suite. Your dog, can have its own room mate or its own room.

    You can also opt to have a bath given to it at the end of the stay, or to have it de-fleaed. If your pet requires special medication, they do take great care with that and have a white board with all the boarders names and what treatments they require and at what time, etc.

    I find the place clean and organised.

    Pet boarding at Marendale
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Comments (1)

  • May 11, 2014 at 4:47 AM

    I use to live in Hornsby 7 years. One of my all time favorite places in Australia. Why? Because on one side you have ultra modern city with Westfield and all the entertainment you could ever imagine. While just 5 min drive, and you're the in the breathtaking and completely quiet bushland, forest... with 200km+ ready to walk in mountains/bush in any direction. I still visit Hornsby every year and will for rest of my life. It's a very unique city that has all your commercial needs, while also all your "meditation / walk and connect with beautiful nature" side. I love it mainly for the later. As I'm all about the spirit - slowly moving away from the materialistic life.

    Place to retire? 100% yes, as long as it's in quiet area... as Hornsby CBD is packed with apartment buildings... hence increasing chance of disturbed peace as apartments are very close. And there's always someone in distance playing loud music. So find yourself a Townhouse or a house. Although apartment is totally fine if you're single, as I was there 7 years.

    Also the girls are gorgeous in Hornsby. Just visit it's train station. Your typical Australian "golden angels" types. Lot of Asians and Indians too.

    Hornsby is basically a modern city in the Blue Mountains. That's best of both worlds! Just Google Earth it's terrain, and you'll see it's border line in the mountains. And it's train takes you directly to Syd airport if you need to travel. It's perfect!

    Disclaimer: This is only my subjective experience of it. It may be totally different for you. Spend some time in Hornsby. Get a sense of it.

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