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Nelson Bay Things to Do

  • Festivals in Port Stephens

    Nelson Bay is only one of several towns on the shores of Port Stephens.Each year there are several festivals:Tastes of the Bay, Food and Wine Festival (second weekend of November)Carols at the Bay (Sunday before Christmas)Clans on the Coast, Celtic Festival (new in 2008) 16-18 May 2008Port Stephens Golf Cup Tournament, 18-23 May 2008 Port Stephens...

  • Toboggan Hill Park

    This is a fantastic small-time fun park. It has a great tobogtgan run that you will want to do over and over, mini golf, a maze, indoor rock climbing, bumper cars as well as arcade games and remote controlled cars and boats.OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK10.00am to 5pm Summer Holidays10am to 4pm in Winter Months (holidays excluded)

  • Dolphin Watching Boat Trips

    Dolphin watching is a 1.5 - 2 hour experience. You are almost guaranteed to see dolphins because this is their home!Most boats have a boom net that you can sit in that they lower into the water about 30cm at the deepest (you can stay dry on the sides). It's a lot of fun to sit in so take your swimmers as you will probably want to get right in....

  • Fingal Bay

    I remember getting this picture back and thinking how lucky we are in Australia. Imagine this beach in Europe in the middle of July yet, here in the middle of December, on a lovely summers' day in Australia it still has a little bit of room. Like, almost the whole beach is empty.No, it's not always like that but certainly most of the time and it...

  • Things to do

    Yes, that is exactly what this sign is all about. The hoarding at the eastern end of the D'Albora Marina at Nelson Bay is a feast for those who want to partake in water borne activities.There's dolphin and whale watching, fishing, kayaking, cruises, paddle boats for the kiddies or just plain old hire boats. So many to choose from, so little time.

  • Nelson Bay Bowling Club - BINGO...

    If you are travelling the Port Stephens area, why not pop in for a game of Bingo with the locals.A few hours of enjoyment for only $22 with big chances of at least winning your fee back.Beware though...the excitement gets so big, you might forget to say BINGO!!!!Trust me, I've seen it :o)Best beer in the Bay - at club prices.

  • The Anchorage

    So, there you are, rolling in dough and wondering what to spend it on. Here's a suggestion. Buy a large boat, anchor it here and pop up for the weekends.If you have a bit extra and, let's face it, if you can affort one of the boats, you can, you may choose to stay at the resort as well.Me, all I can do is afford (just) a meal or two occasionally.

  • Port Stephens Lighthouse

    From the headland where the previous picture was taken, Point Stephens Lighthouse looms just to the north. An eerie spectre shrouded in salt mist it has the aura of something-you-want-to-see-but-can't-quite-get-to about it. Many shipwrecks occurred before a lighthouse was installed here in 1862. Designed by colonial architect Alexander Dawson and...

  • Feel the breeze

    This is one of my favourite walks. Just around from Fingal Bay there's an unmarked track known by locals (right on a T-intersection) who use it to go fishing and just for plain exercise.The views to be had along this path are sublime. As good as any ocean walk you'd get in Australia.Glimpses of Broughton and Cabbage Tree Islands, various headlands...

  • One Mile Beach

    Were I to be asked to rate the top ten beaches I have been to in Australia, this would be on the list.One Mile has it all. Easy access if you have a car, splendid headland and a crescent-shaped beach of fine sand curving into the distance. Doesn't matter what the surf conditions are, you can generally find a wave somewhere along its shores.Located...

  • Centenary Gates

    On one of the many peninsulas that jut into Port Stephens is a town called Tanilba Bay.These historical gates were completed in 1931 and are part war memorial.Atop the two central pillars are the bollards (things they tie the ropes to) from the H.M.A.S. Sydney, the first Australian ship to sink another during the act of war, as in First World War....

  • Anna Bay

    This popular spot, especially in summer when the nor' easters come in off the ocean and this is one of the few spots where, due to the configuration of the headland, the breeze can be offshore.Also called Birubi Point, it's a place loved by 4-wheel drivers and fishermen.For the former there is over 16kms of beach and sand dunes to cruise around...

  • Lily of the valley

    ....and other places! This is the standout Gymea Lily, on prominent display at many places around Port Stephens but notably, and where this picture was taken, on the One Mile/Anna Bay Road.Check in around spring.

  • D'Albora Marina

    When you drive down Stockton St you will sooner or later come to D'Albora Marina. There you can turn left to Salamander Bay, right to Shoal Bay or simply park and enjoy the two dozen shops and restaurants and their enchanting viewpoint over Port Stephens. Since I'm a bit of a regular, it's an activity I heartily recommend. Apart from a couple of...

  • The spit and FIngal Bay

    Point Stephens In 1891 this was all so different. For I start I would have had to scramble up Tomaree Headland through the untracked bush to get this shot with a camera that didn't exist at the time; but the real change is the sand spit you can see between the island on the left and the mainland. Up until 1891 it was a couple of hundred metres wide...


Nelson Bay Hotels

Nelson Bay Restaurants

  • inedible and terrible service

    mains here are about $30-$40. they are a good size but my partner and i found our food to be inedible. it was served with the most disgutsing salty sauce which we were not able to eat. once the waitress delivered our food (after being slow in taking our order) she was no where to be found. we tracked her down (by wandering around the large...

  • Million Dollar view

    There wouldn't be too many places in the world where you can sit down to a $10 lunch or dinner and enjoy a view like this. This is a small, licensed club where a social membership costs just a few dollars each year. Visitors to the area are welcome and the small kitchen puts out some good fresh seafood, steaks, schitzels and salads. There are daily...

  • You won't go home hungary

    Hog's Breath Nelson Bay has a great location on the 1st floor overlooking D'Albora Marina. They specialise in slow-cooked steaks and curly fries, and also have some great seafood on the menu. Their serves are huge, I don't think I have ever been able to finish the entire meal and never had room to try any of the sweets (and they looked good...


Nelson Bay Tourist Traps

  • Bookings

    Make sure you book in advance, we book through one place that does all the cruises and activites.They don't increase prices and they help you work out times so nothing clashes.We use BoatHireNB and found them on Facebook.

  • Compare before u make a booking

    We booked the package to Port Stephens from the Visitors Centre in Sydney. Remember to browse through all the brochures of various agencies before u make a booking. The price differs for the same itinenary.

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Nelson Bay Off The Beaten Path

  • Iris Moore Reserve

    If you're looking for a place to do a short walk with some special scenery then head to Fishermens Bay, turn left at the end and there you are.A dramatic cliff line awaits with splendid ocean views (especially if there's a good swell running). If you're an acrophobe then you might find the walk to the other end daunting but there's an alternative...

  • Ride a Camel at Anna Bay

    One of the highlights of our trip was the spectacular camel ride on Anna Bay beach by the sand dunes a few kilometers from Nelson Bay. The price per person was $20 AUD and well worth it. The 3 camels were owned by a local and his family and besides the camel ride by the beach, they informed us that they also do private functions for anyone who's...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Nelson Bay Sports & Outdoors

  • skatzcatz's Profile Photo

    Fingal Bay Surfing

    by skatzcatz Written Nov 22, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fingal Bay is a nice local hideaway for a surf. Waves arn't always so good, but the trip here just for the views is worth it.

    Equipment: surfboard, wet suit, swimmers etc.

    Fingal Bay
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    • Surfing

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Nelson Bay Favorites

  • The far side

    Haven't got a boat? Ah well, you can hire one. Then again, they won't let you go outside. Better option is to get a mate who's got one! Then you can go anywhere and hang the cost. Thus it was that we went fishing one day off Port Stephens. No, let me rephrase that. We went with the intention of going fishing.However, a serious problem developed....

  • Shoal Bay

    Yacaaba Headland is like a magnet for your camera. Whether perched on the end of Soldiers Point (about 10kms west) or sitting in a restaurant at Shoal Bay (as I was here when I decided to take this one) it constantly draws the eye. There's a couple of cafes across the road from the park where I took this photo and, sitting there on a sublime day...

  • Blue skies and Beaches indeed!

    When VT suggested "Blue Skies and Beaches" as a general tip heading they were obviously thinking of Port Stephens.It's that sort of place. It matters little what the weather is, the place always looks beautiful and this shot, taken from the next beach west of Dutchies Beach, gives a good example of what a lovely place to have a holiday it is.


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