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  • It was just to the left of here where I fell
    It was just to the left of here where I...
    by iandsmith
  • Near the top
    Near the top
    by iandsmith
  • The unique coke ovens
    The unique coke ovens
    by iandsmith

Newnes Things to Do

  • Getting there

    The trip in, via Lidsdale just out of Lithgow, is nothing short of dramatic. Plunging down the steep incline called the Wolgan Cut with massive sandstone cliffs all around is one of the more memorable things you can do in Australia.It used to be arguably the worst stretch of sealed road in Australia with more potholes than I've eaten pies in my...

  • The Hotel

    Newnes resides in a fully enclosed valley and photos of the place seem improbable now that most of it is overgrown and only the hotel building (moved about 100 metres from its original site) remains. Oddly, since it was moved, the heritage order on it no longer exists.Nearby are relics of the past but not necessarily to do with the mining...

  • Falling for the Wolgan Rivier

    So, I decided not to take the long walk but to turn back and get my vehicle and drive 5 kms up the road which would save me about 3 hours walking in total.Rather than waste the excursion I decided to short cut through the bush and cross the river onto the road......sounded good in theory.So it was that I found out the undergrowth was tricky to put...

  • Engineering left overs

    The equipment in these photos was brought from the Eveleigh railway workshops in Sydney and actually have nothing to do with the original settlement.The intention was to use this equipment to re-establish the railway line as a tourist venture but it never eventuated. Now it sits rusting in the elements.The last picture is one of a few that explain...

  • The Pagoda Trail

    The Pagoda Trail makes a nice loop of the Glow Worm walk and is a prolific place for bird life though getting pictures isn't easy.Here I saw my first yellow tufted honey eater and, while waiting to get a shot, was surprised to see how many other birds came around.There are also some interesting rock formations on the way, though not as spectacular...

  • The Glow Worm Tunnel

    This is one of Australia's great day walks. Ideally, you should start from Newnes where the first sign is. This will save you about 3 hours walking time.Initially it climbs steeply for a few hundred metres and then it levels out and follows the route of the old train line. Frankly, I found it hard to believe that trains used to run beside the...


Newnes Favorites

  • Climbing Mystery Mountain

    The cooling updraft caressed my naked chest, bare since I’d stripped off my top half way up. I remember thinking how weird it was that I’d been wrapped in my shirt, pullover and brushed woollen jacket just two hours ago wondering when I would ever get warm again.Still, when you’re in the shadow of a massive sandstone cliff, sunshine is something...

  • The industry that was

    The whole reason for Newnes being what it is to day was an assay that indicated rich shale beds that would be suitable for mining and then extracting kerosene and other by products. In fact, they were the richest of their kind discovered to that point in time.Newnes was actually started in 1906 by Sir George Newnes, a London publisher who’d got...

  • In the beginning you go to the above site you can view some old photos of the works as they used to be. The coke ovens were a unique set of beehive kilns used between 1907 and 1911. It was used to fuel the Newnes shale retorts and boiler plant as well as being sent to the Lithgow Iron Works and the Cobar copper...


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