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  • Delightful gardens at Ranelagh
    Delightful gardens at Ranelagh
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Robertson Things to Do

  • Robertson Nature Reserve

    This small 5 hectare remnant is all that remains of what used to be known as the Yarrawah Brush. It once covered around 2,500 ha and, lets be thankful that someone with foresight proclaimed this small piece a public park in 1878.One can clearly see just how thick it was and how difficult it must have been for the early settlers to shift vegetation...

  • A potted history

    Charles Throsby was passing south from the Moss Vale area to Kangaroo Valley in 1818, en route to Jervis Bay and he sent his servant Joseph Wild off with some local Aborigines to have a look at the area east of Moss Vale which became known as the Yarrawa Brush. With the help of local Aborigines Throsby later found a route up from the...

  • Hidden treasure - Blue Pool

    The lady at the NPWS at Fitzroy Falls had tipped us off. Keep your eyes peeled because the sign is easy to miss. They don't even advertise what's here.....which is actually good because much of the growth beside the river has been downtrodden due to over use.What she told us was that this was a good place to camp, and so we did.Yet, she had waxed...

  • Carrington Falls

    If you turn off the Illawarra Highway, around 2kms east of Robertson where the highway bends to the left and there's a famous pie shop, go right onto the Jamberoo Rd, then, after 10 km, you will come to a signposted turnoff to the right which takes you to Nellies Glen Picnic Area and Carrington Falls. After 2 km this sealed branch road forks. The...

  • Belmore Falls

    As a viewing spectacle they are better than the famed Fitzroy but the walks and other possibilities aren't anywhere near as good, which isn't to say they're bad either.Belmore is one of many that simply plunge off the sandstone escarpment into the valley below. The first drop is the furthest with the following falls becoming less in height, as you...

  • Hindmarsh Lookout

    Of the four carparks available, Hindmarsh is probably the best place to stop. From here it's only a relatively short walk to all four of the lookouts.Hindmarsh doesn't look onto Belmore Falls but instead has extensive panoramic views down the valley (opening pic).While you're there, keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful colours of the lichen (pic...

  • The big potatoe!

    Ok this is kinda weird. The store that once accompanied the big potatoe has since closed. But the big potatoe still stands, just smack band in the middle of a vacant lot. I had to have a bit of a lugh at it to be honest, and took a photo just to prove it!!!The whole potatoe thing is due to Robertson being one of the biggest potatoe growing regions!

  • Ranelagh House

    This is a country style guesthouse set on 15acres. You can go there and take a stroll through the gardens, and maybe have a cup of tea?They hold events here such as weddings, birthdays etc.I have been told that this is one of the most haunted houses in the country. After doing a few searches I have yet to find any info that confirms this, so I dont...

  • Carrington Falls Rocks: Budderoo Nat'l...

    There are a number of places to walk out onto the rocks at the top of the falls, and they are inviting places to sit and sun, to maybe dip a toe into the water, (but be careful!), or to look at the strange patterns formed by wind and water during eons past and present.

  • Carrington Falls Waters 4: Budderoo...

    You can clearly see what a drop-off there is at the top. So when you feel like wading around in a mountain stream..... be careful it doesn't end in a precipitous fall like this! And don't rely on your ears to warn you of danger, as you might not hear much of a rush or a roar at the top, especially depending on the volume of water going over at any...

  • Carrington Falls Waters 3: Budderoo...

    Like so many of the waterfalls we've seen in the Southern Highlands or in the Blue Mountains.... what you see at the top is deceptive of what you see from the bottom or from a lookout point across the valley!Carrington Falls is about 50 meters tall, and because this picture was taken on October 23, 2004, just after nearly a week of rain in NSW, the...

  • Carrington Falls Waters 1: Budderoo...

    If you head down the hill toward the "right" you come directly to the water and the rocks along the river. Upstream, the water is still and calm, shimmering in the sun....


Robertson Restaurants

  • This is it!

    Many Australian Country towns lay claim to having Australia's if not the World's best pies. My partner, a pie connoisseur, always looks forward to testing the claim. Robertson did remarkably well... We tasted a couple of different savoury pies with only the vegetarian getting a so so mark. The pastry was light and there was no greasy after taste....

  • When I think of Robertson, I think of...

    Everyone who has heard of Robertson has heard of the Pie Shop. Anyone who has driven through Robertson, has stopped at the Pie Shop! Need I say more??? From normal beef pies to the more gourmet varieties, take your pick...Its all good!

  • Robertson Hotels

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Robertson Off The Beaten Path

  • Stevo's Track

    There's another, and much less visited, lookout at Carrington Falls and that is Izard. It's reached by heading out on Stevo's Track, a trail that ultimately leads to a bush track that leads to the bottom of the gorge. This is not for the inexperienced walker.I walked (just over 2 kms one way) to where it takes the plunge but didn't go any further...

  • Other scenes at Carrington

    For those who are interested and curious, there's always more to see than meets the eye initially.Some of those things that the average tourist misses are shown here.

  • Hindmarsh Lookout at Belmore Falls

    Watch for the signs for Belmore Falls on the main street; if you turn south from in town, you'll soon see a roadsign clearly directing you to turn right, but don't miss the small street sign a short distance further on, where you turn left! The Falls are about 8 km from town.The sun was getting low in the west when we arrived at the Belmore Falls...


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