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    by Larnie
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    Olympic flamme...
    by Tripack

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    Aussie Slang

    by Gypsystravels Updated Jun 7, 2015

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Definitely learn some all Aussie Slang so you won't look lost when an Aussie is talking to you.

    Following is a short list of some words you may use on a "night" out of drinking:

    G'day mate : pleasure to met you
    Biotto : drunk, inebriated pass the capacity to stand
    Rack off: your presence is no longer required - "get lost"
    Wanna rag: want to drink large amounts of alcohol with me until we both pass out?
    Chunder: the all too delicate act of regurgitation
    Give it a go you mug!: are you incapable of performing this act?

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    My funny discovery of local slang... G'Day mate!

    by Tripack Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    It was a funny experience to discover the Australian local slang ;-)

    I was learning English there and I will remember my very first day in Brisbane forever. I was waiting the local bus to my school. W hen the bus stopped, I popped up and the bus driver said me something as I understood as Good Die, mate! What a strange welcome... I hoped that the bus will keep me on the roads till my destination ;-) At school, my teacher explained me that usually Aussie says Good Day instead of the traditional Good Morning as I learned in my Cambridge English student book in Switzerland. So no worries, it was my first experience with local slang... a lot of fun in prospect.

    On the photo you could guess a small zeppelin wishing you a G'DAY this time it was more easy understand because written ;-)

    Below it was the Olympic flamme and not a giant Aussie barbie... in the Stadium Australia during the Games. Nowdays the fire let the place to the water as the cauldron is reconverted in a fountain...

    Olympic flamme...
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    Australian Slang

    by Openseas Updated Oct 8, 2007

    Here are just a few slang words...I cannot fit all of them onto the page !

    Arvo- afternoon
    Back of Bourke - nowhere ...

    bludger - lazy person not working
    Beaut - fantastic, the best.

    Bingle - motor vehicle accident
    Bizzo - business bloke - man
    Blowie - Blow Fly
    Blue - fight (have a fight/blue)

    Bogan - unkempt messy person
    Bonzer - fabulous, great, cool,
    Bugga- bad luck, oops
    Cark it - to die
    catch ya later - Goodbye
    chick - girl, woman

    chuck a wobbly - lose ones temper
    Cozzie - swimmers
    Cobber - friend, mate
    Coo-ee - hello

    dead set - genuine,

    dinky die - genuine thing
    Do your Block - lose your cool (temper)
    dob - to tell on
    Drongo - idiot, stupid person.
    dunno - "I don't know"
    dunny - Toilet
    Earbash - to talk non-stop
    fair dinkum - true, real, honest
    fair go - give us a break
    galah - noisy person acting like an idiot
    Good on ya - good job
    g'day - hello, have a good day

    grog - alcoholic drinks
    have a geez - to have a look (at something)
    hicksville - outback country town
    how are ya- greeting, warm welcome
    iffy - questionable
    knackered - tired, exhausted
    hooligan, idiot or troublemaker.
    larrikin- is a trouble maker, but a harmless or loveable one
    joe blake -snake
    lemon - useless faulty thing
    lob in - visit someone
    loo - toilet
    mozzies - mosquites

    No worries - its not a problem.
    plonk - wine (usually cheap wine)
    ratbag - idiot
    ring in - foreigner also some one not invited or that should not be there
    ripper - great, cool, fabulous
    rooted - stuffed, tired, exhausted

    she'll be right - everything is okay
    Sheila - woman
    shonky - not to be trusted
    stubbies - short work shorts for men / small bottle of beer

    tall poppies - successful people... desire to undercut those who are more sucessful
    thingamajig - an item or thing
    too right - i agree
    true blue - true, real
    tucka- food
    thongs- flip flops, rubber sandles

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    Aussie Slang

    by Larnie Updated Jun 1, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here are a list of some words that you might overhear on your trip downunder and their meanings.
    Hope it helps!!

    Dag - Socially Inept person.

    Galah - a noisy parrot, thus a noisy idiot

    Scrubber - unattractive women.

    Thongs - an ocker's idea of formal footwear.

    Youse - plural of you, pronounced "youze". Only used by the gramatically challenged.

    Bogan - young, unsophisticated person.

    Chiko Roll - vile Aussie junk food.

    and last but not least....

    Thingo - thing, doovelacki, thingamajig, watchamacallit.

    hehehe......hope this helps.

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