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    Burnt Orange: views of Chowder Bay

    by wise23girl Written Jun 19, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You will find Burnt Orange in Mossman, Sydney overlooking Chowder Bay....well that is Sydney Harbour in case you do not know.
    The venue is an old sandstone mansion and was well known to my sister from her army days (WRAAC) in the days after the army resumed the Middle Head area in World War2.

    I first found the boutique retail store with its array of clothing, books, jewellery, kidswear and toys, food, homewares and gifts.....and I was really disappointed to miss out on a beautiful blue cashmere was too small...size8 and not expensive for cashmere.

    The café is open daily from 8.30am serving breakfast, lunch, high tea and afternoon tea.
    My sister is booked in for her birthday next week.

    I enjoyed a pot of tea which served 3 cups of tea ....a Sydney miracle....and date scones.

    Favorite Dish: The 244 bus passes the front door coming from the CBD

    +61 2 9969 phone

    They would not let me photograph the clothing boutique but you can look on the Burnt Orange website.

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    Poplar Central Asian Cuisine: Uighur, Central Asian cuisine

    by Chinggis_n_Borte Written Jun 14, 2014

    This is Uighur cuisine, Uighurs are Muslim, and it is a halal restaurant.
    It is a nicely and simply decorated restaurant.
    There is a large window between the restaurant and the kitchen and it is possible to witness one of the chefs making the noodles and tossing them in the air and onto the bench.
    The food is authentic.
    Lamb features strongly in Uighur cuisine.

    Favorite Dish: We had the ding ding saomian which are the hand made noodles chopped into small pieces with finely chopped vegetables and tiny pieces of lamb, in a delicious sauce. The noodles are delicious and the texture is chewy. Uighur noodles are a real delight, and they are different to Chinese or Italian noodles.

    We also had lamb filled samosas which are pillows of pastry filled with lamb in a sauce. These were fresh, hot to touch, and delicious in flavour.

    And we had a beautifully decorated pot of yellow tea.

    The menu is full of classic Uighur dishes.
    This is a restaurant we will return to.

    The price was very reasonable. We shared both plates of food, and were full at the end of the meal. It is good value for money.

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    The Palms Cafe: Sunday Brunch with Jackie

    by LadyRVG Updated Dec 24, 2013

    Our friend Jackie took my husband and I here for a nice Sunday Brunch. We were in the area to visit Symbio Wildlife Park and definitely needed a good meal; as we hadn't had our breakfast. The cafe was a nice, quaint little extablishment with some inside seating and outdoor tables. It was a lovely day weatherwise so we decided an outdoor table would suit us nicely.

    Our server came to bring us menus and take our drink orders. The menu had a good variety of breakfast and lunch items to choose from. While Jackie and Chris decided on their Breakfast Burrito; I wanted something different. I do not eat eggs so my choices can be limited when eating out for breakfast. They had some hotcakes on the menu but their parmesan grilled Portobello Mushroom on Toast caught my eye and I had to have it.

    My entree was incredibly good. The mushroom had a meaty quality to it and paired with the salty parmesean was soo good. I loved the crispy sourdough toast it was served on. Hubby and Jackie loved their brekafast and we all left feeling full.

    I liked the casual atmosphere to this place. Back home so many brunch places are stuffy and make you feel rushed. This was a nice relaxed vibe with great service. I was very happy that we dined here.

    Grilled Portobello on Toast Breakfast Burrito

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    Baker's Delight: A Chain Bakery with Excellent Treats

    by LadyRVG Updated Dec 17, 2013

    Baker's Delight is a chain Bakery with many locations throughout Australia. My husband I first discovered this Bakery several years ago and have become addicted to their tasty treats. We've visited several of their locations in Sydney, Melbourne and in Perth.

    The Bakery has the traditional breads, savory pastries, sweet scones, fruit filled pies, etc that you would find in most bakeries. The difference though, is that the food is consistently delicious and fresh from location to location. Not all places can boast that.

    My husband loves their white chocolate blueberry scones. I personally love their fruit lattices. The lattices are made with a variety of fruit fillings but my favorite are the apple and the apricot. The lattices are sort of a strudel type pastry; flaky and buttery with tasty fresh fruit fillings. We often come here for breakfast so he can indulge in a scone and I can delight in one of their tast fruit lattices.

    My favorite; the Apple Lattice Chris and his White Chocolate Blueberry Scone Yum, breakfast by the beach

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    Indian Home Dinner: Good, Cheap Indian Food

    by LadyRVG Updated Dec 17, 2013

    Sometimes you just want quick, cheap, good food on the go. Indian Home Dinner is a chain place that serves take out Indian food. My husband and I have visited sevreal locations of this chain throughout Sydney and its suburbs. Most of the establishments have a small area witha few tables if you choose to eat your food on the premises but for the most part it's a grab and go.

    The food is set up in warming trays behind a window. The selection of items differs from place to place but you can usually find a nice mix of veg and non veg options. In particular I love their samosas, pakoras and the Aloo Gobi. we often grab ourselves some pakoras as a snack when we are out and about and in need of a little snack to get us through until dinner.

    The food is good and rather inexpensive which is nice considering Sydney is not an inexpensive place.

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    Bill's: Really Not Impressed....

    by LadyRVG Updated Jun 12, 2013

    My Husband and I chose to have breakfast at Bill's after being told they serve a great breakfast. I enjoy haveing a good filling breakfast especially if we are spending the day exploring and doing alot of walking.

    Bill's is a simple restaurant with a minimalistic decor and large windows. The menu has typical breakfast fare, eggs, toast, griddle cakes, etc. I wasn't thrilled with the choices so I chose to play it safe and just order some sourdough toast with a gingerale. Hubby chose some eggs, ham and toast. The toast was eh, the service was good. Hubby wasn't thrilled with his breakfast either.

    I am quite amazed that we have found very few places in Sydney that serve a breakfast we like. Pancakes in the Rocks is good and we enjoy some take awy from Baker's delight but on the whole; we haven't found a "wow" breakfast yet.

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    JD's Bar & Grill: Cheap Pub Grub

    by LadyRVG Updated Oct 2, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    JD's is one of the local pubs in Cronulla that has good, cheap pub grub on Thursday nights. We have come here a few times with our friend Laura for a tasty meal and some beer.

    The place is off the beaten path of the Corso so you won't find the usual tourist here; it is definitely more of a local place. I like the atmosphere; fun and casual. We've always had a good time here with Laura and her friends; this is their usual Thrusday meet up for a meal place.

    The Thursday Night specials range from $10-11 and have some yummy items such as steak and Salt & Pepper Squid (two of my personal faves). The S&P Squid is very good with a nice crispy coating and good chips on the side. The steak is in a peppercorn sauce and a good sized portion. Good food, good price and good company; everything needed for a fun time.

    Favorite Dish: The S&P Squid is very good here; nice crispy coating and not rubbery. Chips are good and crips; not soggy. Peppercorn sauce on the steak is very tasty and the meat quality is very good considering the inexpensive price.

    Cheers! S&P Squid Peppercorn Steak & Chips

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    Liana's: Delicious Italian Fare in Parramatta

    by LadyRVG Updated May 14, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Liana's is the main reason hubby and I traveled to Parramatta. He had read a food blog with rave reviews; so of course we had to try it out.

    The restaurant is located on a corner and it quite large. Indoor and oitddor seating is available but we chose to dine inside to escape the summer heat. The cuisine here is Italian with an assortment of sandwiches, pasta, salads, chicken, meat and seafood entrees. While perusing the menu; a particular entree tempted me...the gnocchi gorgonzola. I love gnocchi and the tanginess of gorgonzola cheese so I had to try it out. Hubby chose the Gnocchi Trieste which was a cream sauce with chicken and avocado. We both chose the smaller lunch portions since we had heard the portions here are quite large. As a appetizer we decided to split an order of the pesto Parmesan bread .

    The Parmesean pesto bread arrived along with our order of sparling water in record time. I really loved this bread. The pesto was so fresh tasting with just the right amount of garlic. The parmesean cheese added the right amount of salt to the bread; so tasty.

    Our entrees arrived rather quickly and we were amazed at how large our portions were. The "lunch" portions were what I would imagine a dinner portion would be..I can only wonder how big their portions for dinner truly are. From bite one, I loved my entree. The gnocchi were perfect little pillows of dough; not heavy at all. The gorgonzola sauce was creamy and so very good. Hubby loved his meal but still tried some of my dish for comparison.

    Unfortunately we left more than half of our entrees on the plate. The food was delicious but we were just too full to eat another forkfull. So, dessert was not in the cards for us this time but maybe next visit we will partake.

    Favorite Dish: The gnocchi gorgonzola was divine. Luscious, creamy sauce hugging every pillow of pasta. I relive the delciousness as I write about it.

    Gnocchi Gorgonzola Enjoying my meal Gnocchi Trieste Pesto Bread

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    Kamari: An Incredible Lunch

    by LadyRVG Updated Feb 16, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We found ourselves driving through Brighton-Le Sands after visiting Cape Solander and Botany Bay. Frankly, we were starving and in need of a good we decided to see what the area had to offer. My husband, our friend Jackie and I parked the car and set out to find a nice place to eat. We stumbled upon a nice little Greek Taverna called Kimari.

    We decided to go inside and were greeted by a waiter. We were seated at a table for four of our choosing in the middle of the restaurant. Our waiter George(he looked like the Greek version of Rock Hudson) was so funny; he for some reason was in love with my New York accent and raving about the American TV shows he watches. George was very charming and I wanted to pack him up in my suitcase and take him back to New York with us.

    The menu was full of Greek and Mediterranean dishes from appetizers to dessert. After perusing the menu we decided to share an appetizer of pita chips and an assortment of dips (eggplant, yogurt with herbs and yogurt with caviar). A round of Pure Blondes was our choice of drinks. For the main course; I chose their stuffed zucchini blossoms. I love stuffed zucchini blossoms and was eager to see how they would prepare them. Jackie chose the Greek Meatball and hubby went for the fried calamari strips.

    When our appetizer arrived; we knew from the first bite we had chosen well. Each of the dips were amazing and full of flavor. The pita triangles were very fresh and perfectly sized for dipping. Needless to say the plate went back to the kitchen empty…but our bellies were full.

    From the moment my main dish was placed in front of me I knew it was going to be good. The zucchini blossoms were a large size and the smell was incredible. As I cut into the first blossom; the cheese and herbs oozed out onto the plate…Yum. The taste was incredible; the cheese was creamy and the blossom was incredibly fresh. The tomato dipping sauce on the side was rich and tangy. I haven’t had blossoms of this quality outside of Italy. I had to share this incredible dish and dolled out pieced to Chris and Jackie; both were amazed by the taste. I had to defend my plate from attack by my husband…he enjoyed my dish that much.

    Chris and Jackie both enjoyed their entrees. I tasted both and found the meatballs incredibly tender and the sauce a nice mix of sweet and savory. The calamari were nice and crispy and oh so fresh…they probably jumped right out of the water and onto the plate.

    Kamari was a definite “find”. I can’t rave enough about the service and the food. I can’t wait to come back and enjoy the same incredible cuisine all over again…and to see George(what a sweetie).

    Favorite Dish: The zucchini blossoms are out of this world good!!!!

    Stuffed zucchini blossoms Pitas and assorted dips My favorite beer! Calamari Yummy squid

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    Sydney Tower 360 Degrees Revolving Restaurant: Savouring the taste of the DISHES PLUS THE VIEW

    by elhombre30 Written Oct 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dining while the restaurants revolves and enjoying the view of the city. It's worth paying the bucks ( i think it's about 85.00 AUD per person) for they serve the best dishes! Choices of soft beef steak, chicken, pork dishes. Dozens of deserts to choose from. Pastas and sea foods are overwhelming!

    You need a reservation before going to this restaurant and you can check their website for rates and availability.

    Favorite Dish: Everything dishes is lovely..

    fresh steamed shrimps View from the Revolving Restaurant View from the Revolving Restaurant Choices of desserts @ Sydney Tower Revolving Restaurant
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    Common Ground Cafe: Such a quirky little cafe- you can't miss this

    by leon.partsi Written Jul 20, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The real draw card here is the ambience. This place looks like it's one big treehouse. Wooden everything, comfy couches, mood lighting, a nice, big, warm, inviting fireplace.

    Tasty and vegetarian option meals that satisfy but don't truly wow.

    The owners are as quirky as the cafe. Sit with them and have a laugh, they love working here.

    Favorite Dish: Vegetarian burger

    I was craving and this place provided. Alfalfa is an interesting addition to this dish. I thought it wouldn't work, but it did add a light, tangy flavour to the dish.

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    Cafe Bon Ton: Gourmet dining in a lovely mountain town

    by leon.partsi Written Jul 20, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fantastic gourmet dining at medium pricing.
    A warm, inviting atmosphere with friendly service, a warm fireplace and comfortable chairs.

    Favorite Dish: Hand Made Fusilli di Salerno

    Oh.. so tasty. The flavours are so complex - you can taste a little of every ingredient on the list in every bite. It's spectacular.

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    Famous Pies: Pies, what else

    by Gypsystravels Updated Jun 23, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Walking around we happened upon this cart which was selling all sorts of meat pies, I was curios, but since I had given up all sorts of meats for lent we decided to skip the meat pies and just grab a drink.

    I did notice that the cart looked clean and the food selection looked good. The smell of the pies was quite heavenly, but no meat pies for us. Maybe next time.

    Street Cart
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    Brown Sugar: Don't miss the scrambled green eggs

    by leon.partsi Written Jun 20, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A busy local cafe, usually with a small wait time. Indoor and outdoor area where you can bring your pets. Great menu - this place is especially well known for it's eggs.

    Open Tue-Thu 6:30pm-11:30pm; Fri-Sun 8:30am-2:30pm, 6:30pm-11:30pm

    Favorite Dish: Scrambled green eggs
    a full breakfast of toast, spinach, hash brown, and scrambled eggs with pesto.

    Absolutely delicious, and only $15.

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    Watsons Bay Hotel: Meal with a million dollar view

    by lindyz Written May 15, 2011

    This was the choice of Doug for our Sunday (Mothers Day) lunch on our Sydney meet-up weekend, and what a fantastic choice it was! Lovely drive from central Sydney to get to Watsons Bay, but worth it thats for sure. We got there early, being Mothers Day, at about 11.30am, got our table and got settled in for a lovely relaxing afternoon. Eating in the outside deck area on a sunny afternoon is simply delightful. The line-up for ordering lunches started soon after our arrival, so we joined the queue, luckily because at about 12.30 the line was about 50 people long!!!

    Favorite Dish: There were 5 of us for lunch this day, 4 of us had the Fish and Chips and Doug had the Salmon, and all of us were happy with our meals. I think I was the only one who had a few little bones in their fish :(

    Steve, Frank, Gerry, Me and Doug at lunch Fish and Chips Dougs Salmon The Watsons Bay Hotel Menu Watsons Bay Hotel from the waterfront

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