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  • superstardancer's Profile Photo

    Trains and Train Stations

    by superstardancer Written Dec 26, 2013

    Sydney's trains are mostly fine during the day, especially at peak hours for commuters during the week. A lot of carriages become vandalised, graffiti and etchings into the glass are quite common, however some carriages have been significantly cleaned up.

    I was reading a local newspaper and was horrified to read that a man had sat down on a seat which had a used needle on it! He was punctured twice in the back. It is advisable to have a glance/check the seat before sitting down, not only for needles but because of litter, spilled drinks etc.

    Sydney trains can be quite dangerous and intimidating at times. I really do try to avoid travelling after dark unless I am with a group. If you are travelling at night, especially late, try to sit next to the guard's carriage. Don't be alone in an empty carriage late at night- try sit next to or near another passenger.

    Train stations have been reviewed and there are notably more dangerous ones on the map. Here are some, as written by Yahoo7:
    "Blacktown, Paramatta and Strathfield are the worst as for crimes against passengers"

    Just listen to your "gut feeling", if something seems unsafe, don't put yourself in danger.

    Police: 000
    CrimeStoppers: 1800 333 000

    And train information for delays etc: 131 500

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    Food Imports

    by MikeAtSea Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Australia has got a very strict policy of what one can take into the country and what not.
    Most of the food items are prohibited upon arrival and even if you have an apple in your hand luggage you may get fined.
    If in doubt check the web page link below and see what you can bring with you.

    Prohibted Items

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  • Susumarie's Profile Photo

    Being Caught on Someone's Camera!

    by Susumarie Written Jan 16, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Everyone should probably be warned of people like my daughter who find certain objects, people in certain attire, or engaged in certain activities in public fair game for her camera. On one side of the coin, she is very prejudiced against fanny packs and scrunchies, and if she finds someone with the AUDACITY to have BOTH on at once, she has to record it for prosperity. She also found people in the Royal Botanical Gardens doing things that she recorded that I won't talk about. However, I do have to put this one down, as she was so excited when she saw these men, had to get a picture, but when she came back forward, found she had been caught by a couple behind her, and boy, did they let her know she had been caught in the act! It was the best fun...

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    Emergency Numbers

    by Openseas Updated Oct 8, 2007

    In Sydney and in the whole of Australia the emergency call number is 000 This number is a free call from any phone. You can connect to the ambulance, police, and fire brigade by calling 000.
    0011 is the International Access Code from within Australia.
    61 is the International Country Code for Australia.
    All calls to OOO can be connected by mobiles.

    To ring this number, you must have a vital situation or circumstance. This number is open only for emergencies.

    You will however, have to be calm and collected as details are required for clarity about your situation, so assistance can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

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  • robertgaz's Profile Photo


    by robertgaz Updated Sep 17, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The chances of being in city that is hosting an APEC summit is relatively small. But if it does happen to you, be warned that large sections of the city where delegates will eat, sleep and work will be a restricted zone for security reasons.

    You may even be stopped, and if like me you were carrying a camera, it is possible that you may be asked to show the photo's you have taken to the authorities.

    Nothing to be concerned about unless you've stored pics not appropriate for general viewing. This wasn't the case for me.

    Security fence around Pitt Street Serious looking Shepherds! Water Police The thin blue line The lonely sentinel
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  • Sydney Airport Shuttle

    by Bluestar07 Updated Aug 17, 2007

    The only down point about our Sydney experience was with the airport shuttle which costs $A10 per person. The shuttle is a van which seats up to 9 persons.

    If you are in a hurry use a cab if you can afford it. We had purchased the shuttle tickets the night before from our hotel reception and was told to wait right outside the hotel entrance. But the shuttle didn't turn up and we suspect that it didn't turn into the street (Roslyn St) like it was supposed to. My sister swears she saw one passing on the main road (Darlinghurst St) at the time we were supposed to be picked up. I called the number on the ticket and the guy who answered said he would send another shuttle. I inquired the time it would take because I had a flight to catch he rudely said "Just wait there and I'll send someone!"

    When it finally did arrive, there was only one other passenger and the shuttle just kept circling round the city area until it was full. We suspect the driver would just linger around waiting for instructions for new pick ups until the shuttle was full. We reached the airport in the nick of time but the first guy in the shuttle probably missed his flight to Perth.

    Both the drivers who took up to and from the airport were Asians. The first one was quite scary as he seemed to be yelling at everyone but we eventually realised that was the way he spoke! He was actually quite friendly in the end except that his English wasn't very fluent. The one who drove us to the airport was uncommunicative. My sister asked how long it would take to the airport, he stared right past her and made as if he didn't hear her! He should have understood what she asked because he was getting instructions over the radio in English! Later on, we heard him talking to some on his own mobile and realised he was speaking Bahasa Indonesia! At the end of the trip, I was quite tempted to say to him sarcastically "Terima kasih" ("thank you" in either the Malay or Indonesian language) but decided it wasn't worth it.

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  • Loops's Profile Photo

    Dodgy ATM

    by Loops Written Apr 5, 2007

    I lost my ATM card at one of the stand-alone/hole in the wall type ATMs they have in malls. I phoned up the emergency number printed on the ATM and spoke to a representative of that bank who informed me that these lone machines are managed by freelance security companies and are not the bank's responsibility. I therefore lost my card.

    From now on I only try to use ATMs which are in the lobby of their own bank. That way, if you do lose your card, the bank can retrieve it for you. If possible I try to get my cash out during bank hours too.

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  • FleurFox's Profile Photo

    Booking accommodation through the Internet

    by FleurFox Written Sep 15, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Please be aware that some of the websites on the Internet advertising accommodation are request only websites. You are not booking a room when you book through them, they simply send a request for accommodation through to the hotel and the hotel will either accept or deny the request. When you book, you will probably get a confirmation number and take your credit card details, but this still does not guarantee you a room. If your booking has been rejected by the hotel/motel, the internet company should send you an email telling you, but sometimes, they don't.
    About an hour after you have made a booking over the internet, ring the hotel direct and double check that they have received your booking, even if you have put your credit card through and gotten confirmation.
    Always double check!
    You don't want your holiday turned into a search through a city for accommodation.

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  • socmattar's Profile Photo

    Asian Gangs

    by socmattar Written Jun 17, 2006

    Try not to be alone out in Haymarket after 10pm. Although many Asian gangs are organised and will not harm people unnecessarily, there are also many small-time street gangs out to prove their worth in order to oust the larger ones. I'm not being racist here. I'm just stating facts.

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  • Nicola2004's Profile Photo

    Avoid the bondi-bronte walk on your own at night

    by Nicola2004 Written Apr 2, 2006

    As several murders have taken place at this beautiful walk when people decided to go there by themselves at night. It is one of the most romantic places at night in sydney, but preferrably only go in groups at this time of the day.

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  • martin2111's Profile Photo

    places to avoid

    by martin2111 Written Mar 19, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    i live in sydney and i feel that visitors should be aware of places to stay away from.
    don't ever go to eveleigh st. in redfern,you will get mugged if you are white,and stay away from areas south west of sydney at night especially women,there is a lot of middle eastern gangs,the suburbs are called bankstown,punchbowl,belmore and wiley park

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  • ATXtraveler's Profile Photo

    Jarrod and his crazy Rib Bib.

    by ATXtraveler Written Feb 4, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are taking a leisure stroll through Darling Harbour, you definitely want to make sure you grab a bite to eat at Cargo Lounge on King Street. I would however recommend that you wear a bib when taking a bite out of those ribs, as evidenced by the bib on Mr. Curtis here.

    Jarrod had just given us a blue frou-frou drink, and then looked down to notice that his shirt had rib sauce on it. Stepping up to the plate, he strapped on a rib bib and went to town!!

    Watch out for him after a few drinks as well... he was quite the prize fighter in a former life!

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  • CindyLou99's Profile Photo

    Hungry Travellers

    by CindyLou99 Written Sep 30, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When staying in hostel accomodations, especially the bigger places, just beware that there are alot of budget travellers in one location. Honesty is always the best policy, but however harsh reality may set in once in a while. I had some food stolen while staying at a hostel in Sydney. It could have happened to anyone, but with so many people and everyone sharing the gigantic fridge I guess some people are more honest than others. So if such an incident happens to you, don't let it wreck your day. What goes around comes around.

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  • jeffmartinartist's Profile Photo


    by jeffmartinartist Written Jul 23, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Look I loved my recent visit to Sydney and I am an early riser even after the biggest night but the air traffic here is something else. My tip here is if this bothers you choose where you stay carefully. I stayed in Leichardt which has a large Italian community and some good coffee (see tip) and the shot here is a plane taking off over the house we stayed in. They are lower when they are landing and the photo makes the plane look further away than it is.

    look up there in the air...

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  • 850prc's Profile Photo

    Keep your Emu well-oiled

    by 850prc Written Jul 21, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    OK, you caught me being a wise guy again. This is a joke warning.

    I saw a fellow selling "emu oil" at the Rocks. I started laughing to myself, when I thought of the concept of "oiling an emu". When I asked him how often one should oil his emu, he looked at me as if I were daft.

    "Just kiddin' mate", I said.

    Actually, this Emu Oil stuff appears to be a modern, Aussie equivalent of "snake oil" in the 19th century American west. It's some sort of medicinal stuff that will (according to the signs) cure just about anything.

    I decided to pass on the opportunity for eternal health. I was afraid that using Emu Oil on an empty stomach might grease my goose, so to speak.

    Emu Oil, medicinal wonder!

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