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Tamworth Things to Do


    Another big icon in Australia, is the "Big Golden Guitar," located in Tamworth.If you mention the word "Golden Guitar" to an Australian, there is a very good chance they will know your talking about Tamworth, as this is the symbol of country music and Tamworth.The Big Golden Guitar is a replica of the famous golden guitar trophies given at...


    Reginald John Lindsay OAM (7 July 1929 – 5 August 2008) An Australian country music singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and radio and television personality.Known as Reg, he was two years old when he received a Harmonica from his father. He learnt to play this, then the banjo, mandolin, guitar and fiddle. He wanted to become a...


    GORDON PARSONS - (Born 24 December 1926, Paddington, New South Wales, Died17 August 1990)He was an Australian country music singer-songwriter, best known as the composer of Slim Dusty's 1957 hit song "A Pub With No Beer".He too left home at the young age of 14, went working as a sleeper-cutter. It was around this time when he entered “Terry Dear’s...


    Shirley Thoms-Bystrynski (12 January 1925 - 1 July 1999), was an Australian country music singer and pioneer of Australia's country music industry. A good singer with a lovely personality, she earned herself the title of Australia's Yodelling Sweetheart.Thoms career began singing and yodelling songs by Tex Morton and Harry Torrani. She was elevated...


    Stan Coster OAM (27 May 1930 – 25 March 1997)Stan Coster was a little different to the other Legends as he was born into a musical family, although he was like them in another way, as he too quit school at 14, and travelled Australia doing all kinds of work, including being a rough rider at the travelling Rodeo. Stan wrote 161 songs, 72 were...


    Barry Thornton (June 14, 1934 - July 28, 2002)Formed Australia's own unique form of country music - from the mid 1950s onward.During his rounds of the talent quest circuit, he happened to meet Slim Dusty who offered him a three-month job touring with the Slim Dusty Show, this turned into nearly 20 years!"Brian's Tune" won him the Golden Guitar for...


    Tex Morton was next, "The Father of Australian Country Music."Tex Morton (born Robert William Lane in Nelson, New Zealand, 30 August 1916; died 23 July 1983) Tex was 14 years old when he ran away from home to begin an adventurous life. This he did by moving to Australia (age 16) with just his swag and legs to carry him, finding work wherever he...


    For the keen fans of Country Music, then a look at the busts of Australian country music legends immortalized in bronze is a must!I found them in Centennial Park, near the gateway to the park.Even if your not a fan, a look at these very life-like busts are well worth viewing and to have a read about their lives of theseLegends!I found Buddy...


    One block away from Peel Street, I found Bi-Centennial Park, a long green parkland area that runs beside the River Peel.The Bicentennial Park was established 1988 to commemorate the bicentenary. It stretches for a long way so I only managed to see part of it, the area through the main gates where free Toilets are located, a pond and fountain, stone...


    Hollywood has its "Walk of Fame," Tamworth has it "Country Music Hands of Fame."The Hands of Fame honours those who have made made a significant and on going contribution to Australian country music. The inductees are chosen each year by the Australian Country Music Foundation, administrators of the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame.Known as...


    Another statue of a country western singer I came across, was of popular Slim Dusty and his wife Joy McKean. The bronze statue complete with informative plaque was unveiled during the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2014.Slim Dusty AO, MBE was born David Gordon Kirkpatrick (13 June 1927 – 19 September 2003) He was an Australian country music...


    How nice it was to come across a wall complete with bronze plaques containing the names of Olympians from Tamworth and surroundsAs we know, to make it to the Olympics you have to be a high achiever and at the top of your chosen sport. I was quite surprised to find so many coming from this area. I counted 27, six of these are multiple Olympians.The...


    A walk along Peel street isn't all about architecture and heritage listed buildings, there are other things too, like the Centenary of Federation mosaic pillars done by Tamworth Tafe students. Bright and colourful, you can trace 100 years of history by following the mosaics that start in 1901 and end in 2001. I liked them!


    When the foundation stone for the Post Office was laid on 23 January 1885, newspaper copies were placed in a bottle on the site, along with some coins and the names of members of parliament and councillors. The Post office is built in Italian Medieval style of the Renaissance period, featuring promenade columns and a Corinthian balcony. In 1886 it...


    War Memorials come in similar but slightly different forms, but the one at Tamworth takes some beating!In 1934, this Town Hall was built as a lasting memorial to Tamworth's men and women who sacrificed their lives, those who served in the war, and those who stayed at home and helped the cause for their country.Usually it takes a short time to plan...


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Tamworth Restaurants

  • The Old Bell Tower

    You are in New South Wales....Australia....and in the Country Music capital.Well the last time we were in Tamworth we hoped to visit this little eating place but there were renovations happening....we had come to the back entrance car park and I had no idea..The Old Bell Tower was just up the road from our usual motel.....you lose your sense of...

  • A delightful find in Tamworth

    Tamworth N.S.W. AustraliaWell I have a weakness for all things French and in Tamworth there is this most charming restaurant ...just look at the photos. I spent half my time there wandering around and looking at the decor...soaking up the atmosphere.Wooden floors...and slate near the kitchen...little rooms with one or two tables...white cloths...a...

  • A Pub in a Brick Building

    This place looked charming from the outside but it turned out to be a pub...just a little on 'the greasy spoon' side but I was curious and I was disappointed with the lunch next door at Trinity's.But they do sell Guinness...in fact they run on 'Guinness Time'Anyway they served not a bad tuna salad and they did have green tea.NOT THE SORT OF PLACE...

  • Scrambled eggs for Breakfast

    Tamworth..NSW...AustraliaWe discovered this little cafe a few years ago and go back for breakfast any time we are back in Tamworth.It is just an ordinary cafe in appearance but the food is good and freshly cooked.A visit for lunch disappointed me as the chicken salad was not fresh chicked but some compressed rubbish...PITYThere is a place called...

  • Cowboy Town-Cowboy Food

    The poster (& the T-shirt you can buy in store) says, "Leave your nuts on the Floor"! .........Help yourself to unshelled peanuts and popcorn before you breast up to the bar for a beer and don't worry about throwing the shells on the floor. The Theme is "Feed the man (or woman) Meat". Although other meal choices are available (fish, chicken,veg),...

  • Value

    This restaurant, run by an Aussie, is unabashed Italian. They have a good selection of wines also. In fact, it's one of the best Italian restaurants I've ever eaten at, hence it's popularity in this town. I had a marinara with my pasta and would recommend it but the other three people at my table enjoyed their meal as well so, take your pick, you...


Tamworth Nightlife

  • Where to hear Country Music

    There are a host of clubs and pubs in Tamworth. If you are after country music try one of the following... * West Tamworth Leagues Club * The Longyard Hotel * Stetsons Steakhouse & Saloon Bar * Dominoes * Brumby's Tavern * Tamworth RSL Club * Tamworth Services ClubThere are many more places to hear great music - look up one of the Tamworth...

  • Tamworth is Entertainment

    I wasn't here long enough to check out the nightlife, but from what I saw during my tour of Tamworth, there is always plenty of entertainment happening in this city. Lots of live music at many venues.

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Tamworth Transportation

  • go to Tamwoth by car

    go to Tamwoth by carI came to Tamworth by car and found a lot of empty parking-spaces. That was of course out of the times of the festivals for country music. I arrived later in the afternoon and also spent the night in my tiny "motorhome" on a carparking within the city without any problem.When you plan to go to Tamworth at the end of January the...

  • Take the train to Tamworth

    Take the train to TamworthYes, that is good news: Tamworth has a trainstation and the distance to Sydney is around 6 hours one way. BUT europeans, please note: you cannot compare the trainsystem in Australia with the trains that will take you across Europe several times a day between the big european cities. In Australia you can be happy to find a...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Tamworth Warnings and Dangers


    Just in case you don't know or miss seeing the sign, there are some alcohol free zones in Tamworth.What this means, is in the designated area in which the drinking of alcohol is prohibited, 24hours, 7 days a week in the Central Business Districts of Barraba, Manilla, Kootingal and Tamworth, plus Tamworth's Bridge Street and Robert Street, you must...

  • alcohol free zone & no scateboarding !

    alcohol free zone & no scateboarding !This is something that tourists are mostly not aware of : Something else that applies to many towns and villages in Australia is the fact that it is forbidden to drink alcohol in public streets, mainly in the centre of towns like Tamworth. You will mostly find signposts about this law directely in the streets,...

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Tamworth Off The Beaten Path


    Anybody travelling to Tamworth on the New England Highway will have to cross the Moonbi Range of hills. This range has put the shivers down the spine of a few semi-trailer drivers who have lost their brakes on the way down and had to use the safety ramps.Heading up the Moonbi range is just a crawl for the semi's, thankfully faster for us towing a...

  • Visit a Water Hole in the Tamworth...

    We love bushwalking and Tamworth has some lovely scenery up in the surrounding hills. We went on a rainforest bushwalk and found a lovely rock swimming hole. Also coming home we went to this berry farm (don't know the name of it) but you could go a pick all sorts of berrys and we also bought some lovely jams and dessert berry wine. It's well worth...

  • A reason for being

    Tamworth's base is a rural economy, though these days there are lots of small industries in the industrial parks. However, you don't have to go far to see what originally put Tamworth on the map.Here's a couple of scenes I shot once while heading north. They were taken about 30kms short of Tamworth on the New England Highway.


Tamworth Favorites


    Tamworth is a busy city so it came as no surprise that is has paid parking.Not everywhere is paid parking, you will find areas where you can park for 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour and all day for free. 4P means a four-hour parking limit.The parking meters have gone and instead is the park & display has taken over. Buy your ticket from...

  • Progressive sunset

    Just outside of town there's a house, a decrepit house. For years I've tried to imagine a good shot of that house. Checked it out every time I go past, can't quite vizualize the shot. Then, a sunset looked like it would happen one night and I drove off down there, spent 15 minutes trying to work out how I could include the house but it wasn't...

  • "Give me a home among the gum trees"

    When this famous line was coined for a song I don't think this was quite what the author had in mind. I think paddocks etc. were what he was thinking but it certainly is also apt in this case.On the north east hills of Tamworth is some lovely real estate and even prettier parks and gardens. Some streets, as shown here, have a fine stand of...


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