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  • Granite Drive panorama
    Granite Drive panorama
    by iandsmith
  • Lovely patterns in the Stanthorpe Adamellite
    Lovely patterns in the Stanthorpe...
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  • An overall view
    An overall view
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Tenterfield Things to Do


    Stannum House is one of those beautiful old houses, that every time we drive by I comment on it. Always painted nicely, this rather large stately mansion was built in 1888 for John Holmes Reid a wealthy tin mining magnate and former Lord Mayor of Tenterfield. It was used as a family home for 50 years. It has taken six and a half years to restore...


    Another one of the beautiful Post Offices that you often find in Australian country towns. I find them beautiful, especially as most are usually kept painted and looking their best all the time. This one is built in Italiante style and has a lovely Clock Tower. It was built in 1881 and is listed by the National Trust.The day the Post Office was...


    There are a few different style of Hotels in town. One I thought was rather nice was the........Royal Hotel.....Photo [1]This Hotel was built in the 1840's, and was originally known as Georges Inn and was Tenterfield's first licensed premises in 1849."The Royal" as it is known by the locals, for 150years has been the meeting point of social...


    Some more historic buildings were the .......Photo [1/2].....The Tenterfield & District Soldiers War Memorial........A nice building with a monument to Soldiers of the Boer War in the front. It is located next to the historic court House. Located in Molesworth street, TenterfieldPhoto [3].....Saddle & Harness EmporiumIt is now a Butcher's shopPhoto...

  • Australian Entertainer [PETER ALLEN]

    Peter Allen was born Peter Richard Woolnough in Tenterfield, and at one stage was married to Liza Minnelli - the marriage ended in divorce.After is death in June 1992, his ashes were scattered out at sea. One of his very well known songs "The Tenterfield Saddler" is the story about his family. Peters father, Dick, became an alcoholic upon returning...


    Located opposite the Historic court house are three National Trust listed Cottages, located at numbers....89, 91 and 93 Molesworth Street.These Cottages are well kept, and feature gable roof's, bay windows and are built out of timber.I did notice that one had a B&B sign out the front.

  • HISTORIC BUILDINGS - Tenterfield Saddler

    Probably every Tourist who knows and enjoys Peter Allens songs, would search out the Tenterfield Saddler's shop, the one that Peter Allen wrote and sung about.Peter Allen's Grandfather [George Woolnough], was the Tenterfield saddler for 52 years in this quaint blue-granite Saddlery on High Street. It used to be a meeting place for those who enjoyed...


    The Tenterfield area is another good place for Bird watching. Without even trying, we saw lots of brightly coloured Eastern & Crimson Rosella Parrots on the road edge. In the National parks there is an excellent chance of seeing some of the rarer varieties.At the Visitor Information centre, I picked up my FREE BIRDWATCHING GUIDE for the area. It...

  • HISTORIC BUILDINGS - Sir Henry Parkes...

    Tenterfield is another town with a lot of history and historic buildings.As usual I walked the town viewing these lovely old buildings of "days gone by."Such different architecture back then! In the front of some are descriptions about the building you are admiring, so............ JOIN ME FOR A WALK AROUND TENTERFIELDSir Henry Parkes Memorial...


    This is a must do for this town.The centre would be about the best I have ever been into. Not only are the staff friendly & helpful, but there are plenty of pamphlets available for finding out about Tenterfield. Pick up the Historical walk pamphlet as this town has over 100 heritage listed buildings to see.There are displays on what they do in the...

  • HISTORIC BUILDINGS - Police station -...

    Police Station, Courthouse & Gaol - ALL of these buildings are listed by National Trust and Australian Heritage and are located in the one area.The nicely painted courthouse (1882), is the first I came to. It has a glass skylight and is surrounded by trees that were planted in the 1880s by a groom from Cobb & co. The Court of Petty Sessions was...

  • The biggest - Bald Rock

    Bald Rock is touted as the largest exposed granite rock in the Southern Hemishpere.Rising 260 metres above the surrounding bushland you may be disappointed when you first arrive as it is almost invisible from the carpark.Though it's listed as 750 metres long and 500 metres wide it has an irregular shape. If you're just average fitness you should...

  • No 9, just follow the signs

    Tourist Drive number 9 is a trip partly on bitumen, partly on dirt. What you get is a photographer's delight. This is some of the most photogenic granite country you'll see anywhere. In fact, it's been named Granite Drive.It's also called the Mount Mackenzie Drive. The first day I took it I took the Molesworth Street turn as indicated and then ,...

  • Enjoy The Tenterfield Railway Museum

    So you will have no trouble finding the Museum as it is right in town and the helpfull volunteers have a 'meet and greet' sa soon as you walk in the door.The station was opened in 1886 and the last scheduled passenger train departed in 1988. In 2007 the Tenterfield Railway Precinct was placed under the control of the NSW Rail Heritage.If you read...

  • Check the Weather Forecast

    Not sure whether to pull out your woolies as you head further south into NSW? You have heard even in summer it can be cold on the tableland.So here is a sure fire way to know.Consult the Tenterfield Weather Rock.Weather Forecast....if rock is.....Dry...

  • There's one in every town

    Returned Servicemens Clubs and buildings are often a feature in Australian country towns.I was actually interested in a Federation-style house across the road (see elsewhere) when I took time out to come and view the memorial. I found the inscriptions below the statue quite poignant.When I read them I quickly call to mind some young person from the...

  • More from number 9

    This tree is more than just a tree. It is actually riddled with mistletoe. Mistletoe is a parasitical plant that will eventually kill the host tree.It is transported from tree to tree by the mistletoe bird. The mistletoe bird eats the seeds of the mistletoe, can't get rid of them properly and so wipes its backside on the branch of the tree and...

  • School of Arts

    Every town worthy of the name had its "School of Arts". Most towns still have them though many are not used for their original purpose.This is Tenterfield's. The reason most of them are still standing is because they were usually significant and attractive buildings.

  • The Railway Station

    The Railway Station is now a museum, like much of the country railway system; rather unfortunately in my view.The buildings have been beautifully restored as evidenced in this snap and there are internal and external displays of old and not-so-old trains and equipment.Early historical posters, rolling stock, turntable for the trains and other...

  • The golf course

    As golf courses go, I find it difficult to tell you how hard it is. Although I have played a couple of rounds here the course is so pretty, particularly in autumn, that I found myself constantly distracted (though there was that birdie I made on the twelfth).People from other countries will find this difficult to grasp but N.S.W. had poker machines...

  • Tenterfield Lodge

    Just down the road from the railway station is Tenterfield Lodge. This impressive two-storied building is located on the corner of the block that the slightly dilapidated looking caravan park is housed on.I feel safe in the assumption that it used to be a hotel when the railway was operational as every town had a pub within easy walking distance of...

  • Typical facade

    This is the type of shop front you are likely to see in many an old Australian country town. Nothing grandiose but with a little flurry above the awning to make it a bit more distinguished.There are a few shops here that used to flank the entrance to the arcade, now simply a Chinese Restaurant.

  • Letters please

    And, speaking of the Post Office (built 1881), here it is. This splendid building with its Italianate facade and Gothic tower with metal mansard roof is listed by the National Trust.The obelisk mentioned on the previous page is just out of frame on the right.This showy edifice is right in the middle of town and will certainly catch your eye.

  • Stannum House

    This building is the standout building in Tenterfield.It was originally built for John Holmes Reid, a man who made losts of money out of tin. There is a Bunyah Pine at the back of the house listed as the tallest in town but, even more interesting is the fact that the residence was used as a camp hospital during the Second World War. Today, you can...


Tenterfield Hotels

Tenterfield Restaurants

  • Coffee and Food to Please

    Just a litle cafe in the main street of Tenterfield but 'trust me', we take our time and choose as best we can...we have been known to ,move on, if all the eating places in a town appear to be 'greasy spoon'.David sat and read the paper while I had a quick 'hair do' almost next door. We chose a 'healthy breakfast' of poached eggs, tomato, avocado...

  • Bad for the waistline!

    Walking along Rouse street, looking at the many historic buildings, I came across the Tenterfield Bakery. The sign said it was 'heated' and people were coming & going I had noticed, so in I went. No wonder it was doing business! A huge selection of very enticing Bakery lines that may add centimetres to the waist line, and a nice warm seating area...

  • Tenterfield Hotels

    4 Hotels in Tenterfield

Tenterfield Shopping

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    by balhannah Written Jun 23, 2010

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    The visitor information centre at Tenterfield, would have to be one of the best!

    Gifts, and at very reasonable prices, if you can't find something here, then you must be hard to please!

    Lots of excellent Australian gifts, including Hand Painted tiles with Australian Wildlife & scenery, hand painted gift cards, soft toys including the Tenterfield Terrier & the Boxing Kangaroo, Wine, Jams, small Australian ornaments, usual mugs, Tshirts, keyrings, Akubra Hats, and much more, there really is something for everyone here.

    hand painted Soft toys including boxing kangaroo Hand painted tiles with Australian scenes

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Tenterfield Warnings and Dangers

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    by balhannah Written Apr 15, 2015

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    The New England Highway from Queensland takes you through the main street of Tenterfield. As this Highway carries many semi-trailers, the Police are often out and about..
    Entering Tenterfield from Wallangarra, there is a 24hour fixed Speed Camera. Your given warning several times that it's there. Amazingly, still many people get caught for speeding, and in New South Wales, the fines are very heavy and could result in losing your driver's licence.
    No more than 10 km/h above the speed limit $109 -
    More than 10 km/h but not more than 20 km/h $254 -
    More than 20 km/h but not more than 30 km/h $436 -
    More than 30 km/h but not more than 45 km/h $835 3 months (minimum)
    More than 45 km/h $2,252 6 months (minimum)

    Make sure you keep to the speed limit!

    Tenterfield warning Tenterfield speed camera
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    • Motorcycle
    • Road Trip

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Tenterfield Off The Beaten Path


    Travelling 10kms south from Tenterfield along the New England Highway, your sure to notice the massive Bluff Rock on the RH side of the road. All you can do is admire it, as it's located on private property and not accessible. Stop at the rest area for a good look of the bluff and to see the rock's speckled appearance caused from large crystals of...


    On our scenic drive to Stanthorpe, after 12kms we came across the Brown tourist sign stating Thunderbolt's Hideout was located on the L/H side of the road.I did the walk, around 600 metres return from the parking area. The area is full of colossal sized Granite boulders. A large area between two boulders was where Thunderbolt's horses were stabled...


    If you are heading to Queensland from Tenterfield this scenic tourist drive will take you along Mt. Lindesay road to Stanthorpe.We did this route for a change and thoroughly enjoyed it . It would be nicer at a different time of the year when the Trees had leaves and the grass was green, this aside it still was a pleasant drive with some interesting...


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