Safety Tips in Brisbane

  • Lovely views - A lovely large fine!
    Lovely views - A lovely large fine!
    by balhannah
  • get yer hat, sunnies, 30+ sunblock & long sleeves
    get yer hat, sunnies, 30+ sunblock &...
    by pedroswift
  • Be careful where you park!
    Be careful where you park!
    by balhannah

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Brisbane

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    by balhannah Updated May 5, 2015

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    On our Brisbane news telecast lately, has been news on Back-packers abusing the system of FREE CAMPING.
    In their Camper vans, they are parking along the road that runs beside the Brisbane River. Great million dollar views that everybody would love for nothing, BUT NOT ALLOWED!!!
    Worse still, is there are no Toilets here, resulting in feces and toilet paper found in the park and gutters or stuffed into rubbish bins, plus the stinking smell of urine. A nice river park is being ruined.

    THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW - WE ALL HAVE TO FIND A CARAVAN PARK, of which there are some in Brisbane.

    Lovely views - A lovely large fine!
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    by balhannah Updated Jun 8, 2014

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    Monday-Friday, Day (enter/exit between 5am and 6pm) 0.0-0.5 hours $6.00
    0.5-1.0 hours $10.00
    1.0-1.5 hours $13.00
    1.5-2.0 hours $16.00
    2.0-2.5 hours $19.00
    2.5-3.0 hours $22.00
    3.0-3.5 hours $25.00
    3.5-4.0 hours $25.00
    4.0-5.0 hours $30.00
    5 + hours $36.00
    Maximum (per day) $36.00


    OPEN - Monday to Thursday - 5.30am to midnight
    ◾all weekend - from 5.30am Friday to 11pm Sunday
    ◾24 hours Friday and Saturday nights

    Vehicle entry and exit points
    King George Square Car Park has two entry points and one exit at:
    ◾Roma Street - entry and exit
    ◾Adelaide Street - entry only

    Payment options
    Coin and credit card can be used at all auto-pay stations. Credit cards can also be used at both Roma Street car exit gates.
    Automatic pay machines are situated on level A (street level) and level B. The auto-pay stations do not accept Diner Club cards.

    Day parking Monday to Friday 5.30am to 6pm:
    ◾up to half an hour $10
    ◾up to one hour $18
    ◾up to one and a half hours $22
    ◾up to two hours $25
    ◾up to two and a half hours $27
    ◾up to three hours $30
    ◾up to three and a half hours $32
    ◾up to four hours $35
    ◾over four hours $35 (for cars entering before 4.30pm)
    ◾maximum daily rate $35 (for cars leaving before 6pm)

    NIGHT PARKING - Vehicles entering after 4.30pm:
    ◾up to half an hour $6
    ◾up to or more than one hour $12

    Saturday 6.30am to Sunday 6.30am:◾$12
    Sunday 6.30am to 11pm:◾$12
    Public holidays 7.30am to 11pm (unless otherwise advised):◾$12

    We managed to find a weekend car-park just a few steps away in the same street for $9 for the day on the weekend.


    Around the streets, there is very little parking available, you may get lucky and find a spot. Beware of parking in Company parking areas, as these are tow-away spots.
    Parking Inspectors are around all the time, so be careful.
    For metre parking, make sure you have silver as many machines DO NOT TAKE NOTES. Some you have to enter your car registration number, others a number on the kerb of the parking space your car is in.

    The best way to come and see Brisbane, is to catch a Train or Bus, then walk

    Be careful where you park!
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    by balhannah Written Apr 18, 2014

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    This tip came about when a question was asked on the forum about a $200 extra charge that can be included in the car hire rate, to cover all toll charges.


    In Brisbane and surrounds we do not have many toll roads.

    In Brisbane is the ...
    Gateway Motorway $2.07 car one-way
    Kuraby $1.22
    Loganlea $0.78
    Heathwood $1.29
    Paradise Road $1.29 are tolls for cars as you travel the Logan Motorway
    Go Between Bridge $1.44 Car one-way
    Clem 7 Tunnel $4.72 car one-way

    There is no way you would come anywhere near close to $200, probably not even $50, so do check your rental policy like the person asking the forum question did!

    Travelling on a Brisbane Highway
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    Beware the Ibis

    by al2401 Updated Nov 21, 2013

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    The Ibis is a large wading bird with white and black feathers and a long hooked bill. They wander all over South Bank - even in the walkways between buildings. They will not harm you as you walk by but beware the Ibis when you are sitting having your lunch.

    They have been known to jump up onto the table and steal food while you are still eating.

    The photos were taken just seconds after the people had jumped up from their table.

    Beware the Ibis Beware the Ibis Ibis are everywhere in South Bank
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    High Cost to Park in the CBD

    by pedroswift Updated Feb 17, 2013

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    Brisbane CBD Parking Stations provide some of the most expensive places to park in the World. It costs more to park here than down-town New York.
    3 hours (and more) parking at the Eagle Street or Queen Street parking stations will put you back approx. $69. Just for 1 hour it's $33. yipes!
    Queens Plaza charges $26 for one hour- $65 for three hours. The Myer Centre charges $20 for 1 hour. $45 for 3.5 hours or more. It is cheaper at weekends $15 (more than 1 hr) and $15 per day (to 7am next morning).
    During the week, cheaper spots are available at South Bank: Cordelia Street Parking Station $40 for four hours or more ($13 at weekends - between 5am & 5pm).
    South Bank Underground Park. $6 an hour for up to 6 hours week days. At weekend $15 for up to 3 hours. Regular rates if you stay over 3 hours.
    At weekends, parking at South Bank art galleries - $15 per day. Parking at Brisbane Convention Centre Mon-Sun $15 for 6 hours.
    The city council parking stations at King George Square and at Wickham Terrace are approx $35 for 4 hours or more. $18 for first hour. There are limited cheaper "Early Bird" rates: $18 per day undercover, $16 per day on rooftop.Early bird hours are between 5.30 - 9am, or until full. Cars must exit by 7pm.
    (above prices at the end of year 2013)
    Reason enough to take public transport!

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    by balhannah Updated Jan 30, 2011

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    I didn't know where to put this tip!

    I just wanted to let everyone know, that lots of Australian Churches do not have their doors open, all day, every week.
    Oversea's, I found the Churches were open, and I was able to wander inside and have a look.
    Australia, and yes, I have been able to wander inside quite a few and have a look, and also quite a few have been closed. I guess this is in-case of vandalism.

    The one I went to see which was closed, was St Brigid's, a massive red brick structure, high on a hill, overlooking the city at Red Hill. It was built between 1912 - 1914, replacing a small stone church which had served the parish since 1877.

    For those that have been to France, and seen the Cathedral at Albi, this should look slightly similar, although not a replica.

    Located on Musgrave road, Red Hill, a suburb of Brisbane.

    St. Brigid's Catholic Church
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    Dive bombers from the trees in Spring

    by pedroswift Updated Sep 17, 2010

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    This Tip applies to most places in Australia not just Brisbane.

    You may find it unusual where you live for bike riders to put stacks of extra large heavy duty plastic cable ties over their bicycling helmets so they look like porcupines. You may think bike-riders carrying a hockey stick or a golf putter rather eccentric.
    During Spring time the birds nest around parks and gardens in Brisbane (and elsewhere). Magpies are particularly territorial and reinforce their ownership of their nesting area by dive bombing intruders.
    Be aware of the possibility.

    Note: (Sep 2010) - There have been two fatalities this Spring because of Magpie attacks. One a young person run over by a car while escaping from an attack : the second an elderly gent who suffered an heart attack after being pecked in the eye by a Magpie. As well, a woman in Newcastle who feeds Magpies was pecked on the leg; the wound turned gangrenous and her leg was amputated.
    Be aware of the possibilities!!!!

    Warning sign in the park Plack plastic magpie deflector spikes
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    Summer storms

    by Colzy Updated Dec 16, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mainly during the summer months, Brizzy has its fair share of afternoon storms. Days can be extremely hot and an afternoon storm comes through to cool things down a bit. In the main, these storms are a welcome relief to the heat and Brisbanites only curse the traffic the rain creates! They are generally over with in an hour or two and the thunder and lightening make things a little dramatic for a while.

    However, these storms can also be extremely dangerous and you should take precautions without being too oversensitive about it. Stay off landline phones, don't shelter under trees, park your car under solid shelter... that kind of thing. And if there are flash floods - stay away from the water and any power lines that have come down.

    We had a ripper of a storm come through the north-west of Brisbane in November 2008. You truly would have had to see it to believe it. Ferocious. Mother nature can be very powerful and sometimes she feels the need to remind us of the fact!

    No need to worry about it though, it is typical of this region during summer and hopefully you will get to experience it at least once. The darkened skies, the mood, the shift in the air as the storm brews, the crackle of electricity. Very Brisbane indeed!

    You can read and check out all the latest info at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology or read about it on the Energex website.

    A summer storm in Brisbane

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    by balhannah Written Oct 2, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Summer, and with Summer in Australia, comes the Snakes.

    The snakes come out of there winter hibernation to enjoy the summer weather, just like you and I enjoy the warmer days.
    Even though it is a long way before summer officially begins, if the weather is warm, then the Snakes will be about.

    They are found in Brisbane itself, in suburbia, even the very venomous Eastern Brown snake. Others are harmless Pythons and Tree Snakes, and some other varieties of venomous snakes.

    They are more likely to be sunning in the early morning or later afternoon, not in the extreme heat of the day.

    They really are not interested in us, so, just stand still, and let them slither by, the Snake will want to get out of your way as fast as possible!
    or...............Walk away.



    If heading to the nearby National parks, like Lamington n/Pk, just be aware of them, a hiker was bitten by a Tiger Snake.

    The Green Tree snake is quite beautiful, and it changes its colour to blend in with area.

    You probably won't see one on your visit here, but if you do, DON'T PANIC! STAY CALM!

    Green Tree Snake

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    by balhannah Written Sep 22, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are driving a car, make sure that you DO NOT TALK ON THE MOBILE PHONE AND DRIVE!

    Using a hand-held mobile phone is illegal when driving, even when you are stopped at traffic lights.
    This includes making and receiving calls and text messaging.
    You must pull over and park in a safe place to make or receive a call.
    If you are found using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, you will be given a ticket for this offence.



    Fines apply.

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    by balhannah Written Sep 22, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Magpie, most of the year, goes about its business, mixing with people in the city and parks and singing "Warbling Carol" (carolling) beautifully. There are three different kinds, and they are found right across Australia.

    In BREEDING SEASON, which occurs from July to Feburary approx., the nest is defended by the Male, and if the threat is percieved to be very serious, the female will leave the nest to help deter the "threat"

    IF you are walking or riding a Bike nearby, then this is PROBABLY YOU, AND THE MAGPIE WILL SWOOP YOU!
    You may get a jab in the back of the neck, or end up with a lump on the head!
    In areas where this is known to happen, there often are signs, other places, if swooped, try and protect your eyes.

    The rest of the year, Magpies are happy to mix with humans.
    I have a pair that nest in my Gum tree, by my house, year after year, they never swoop me, and when the babies grow, they actually bring them to me. They come to the back Patio, and warble for me to come out to them.
    They are not bad Birds, just good mums & dads.

    The Magpie (PIPING SHRIKE) is the South Australian State Emblem.

    Warning on Magpies Maggie nearly talking to me!

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  • Maryimelda's Profile Photo

    Give this one a wide berth............

    by Maryimelda Updated Mar 8, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I cannot recall ever being ashamed about anything where my beautiful home town Brisbane is concerned, however last week I went to a restaurant which did put Brisbane to shame and I want to warn any prospective visitors to our fair city, to give this restaurant a very wide berth. It is called 1889 Enoteca and you will find my reasons for giving this warning if you go to my restaurant tips.

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    Beware of midge bites!

    by JohanIsWeg Written Dec 3, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are anywhere within 1.5km of mangroves along Brisbane's river and creeks, take precautions against midge bites. Midge larvae exist in mud and sandy substrates. Commonly known as sandflies, Cullicoides ornatus are tiny flying insects with piercing and sucking mouthparts. They are often hard to see, being only 1.5-4.0 mm long.

    Mostly active in warmer months; particularly during periods of dawn and dusk. However, I've been bitten late in the morning - and they itch like hell for days on end!

    Protect yourself by avoiding areas, especially at dawn and dusk, that are known to be frequented by biting midges. Wear light coloured protective clothing (long sleeves/pants), and apply a repellent to exposed skin.

    Irritation caused by bites may be alleviated with anti-pruritic preparations. More severe reactions may require medical treatment with antihistamines.

    Nudgee Creek
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  • Be careful of TAXIS when crossing roads!!!!!!!

    by cyclops25503 Written Apr 22, 2008

    On my last night in Brisbane I was walking around in the city. Crossed the intersection at the corner of Ann and Edward Sts (where Palace Backpackers and Central Railway station is) on a GREEN walk signal. I get more than halfway across the road when I look to my left and see a TAXI RUNNING A RED LIGHT! I bolted like all Hell, and he just missed me by less than a was pretty scary. Rang the taxi company the next day, they didn't care.

    Still, its something to think about...especially you guys who come from countries where they drive on the right, if you look the wrong way by accident (we drive on the left here), and you get someone running a red light, and you're in their lane, you'll have no chance, so be careful.

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    Renting a car make sure they dont lie to you

    by donhill Written Oct 13, 2007

    I flew to Sydney in August to car hunt and rented a car from Avis.
    The people at Sydney airport were fine
    I ended up in Wagga Wagga and on Sunday morning I went to look at the last vehicle before flying back to Queensland
    This car was the best one I had looked at and I bought it.
    There was an issue with the rental vehicle so I rang Avis at Sydney straight away to see if i could leave the vehicle in Wagga Wagga
    The person I spoke to was very friendly and told me that if the plan was changed then it became a one way trip and so the price would be $600
    So I asked Tom if i could bring the car back that day and yes that was fine
    The owner of the car I was buying said he new Avis in Wagga Wagga and rang them to work out a deal. The person he spoke to said if i fronted up at thier office she could sort something out.
    I did this and the figure became $300.
    So I stayed in Wagga Wagga and had a bit of a look around.
    The next morning I went to Avis at Wagga Wagga to drop back the vehicle
    Instead of $300 it had now become $519.00
    They made me look bad.
    There was a room with four or five people in it plus a customer and was treated like a complete idiot.
    As for Avis
    Well the above consisted of part of my complaint.
    Time has passed they got thier money plus more and guess what they haven't bothered to address my complaint at all.

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