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Daintree Highlights

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     Make sure you have enough time to see it or it's just a rush on winding roads 

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     Explore it 

Daintree Things to Do

  • Join Billy Tea Safari

    And Billy Tea there was...the old fashioneed variety. The fire even looked real but regulations meant it was really gas. but what a gorgeous spot for this highlight of the tour (but not the only highlight). Fresh fruit on a platter, wine if you felt so inclined , and of course Billy Tea and Damper. We had to scuttle out of the way while the billy...

  • See a Cassowary Chick

    To see a cassowary chick in the wild is a very rare delight. Apparently the Mum leaves the minding to Daddy Cassowary so what we saw was Daddy and joy oh joy two babies.When our guide first spotted the Cassowary it was a big "SHUSH" and we tiptoed back along the pathway hoping we would be lucky. And lucky we were and we were told this was a rare...

  • Cape Tribulation

    Cape Tribualtion is assume, it's an amazing place to visit. It's one of Australia's wonders, as there are many in this land. But you can't give Cape Tribulation a miss if you are in the area.You can do here some nice walks in the rainforest and it has a nice big beach where you can spend a wonderful time together with your friends.And there are...

  • Mossman Gorge

    I know now why many people are visiting Mossman Gorge, it seems to be one of the most visited spots in the Wet Tropics. Mossman Gorge is located in the Daintree National park, and is the traditional home of the Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people. The Mossman River runs here between huge granite boulders and they create here and there some nice clear...

  • Daintree Discovery Centre

    Daintree Discovery Centre is an educational nature park with focus on the lowland rainforest in Far North Queensland. There are 400 metres of elevated, timber boardwalk that you can follow through an enclosed rainforest environment. We followed the track and had a closer look at the flora and fauna, especially many birds and butterflies - but...

  • Jindalba Boardwalk

    Jindalba is a 700 meter boardwalk circuit through the rainforest. The circuit takes about 30 minutes, and is a really nice walk where you can see and learn about the rainforest environment. There were a small creek, and many plants, flowers, and trees – for instance king ferns, palms, and fig trees. At least that’s what I read from the many...

  • Alexandra Range Lookout

    When we drove north from Daintree Village and the Daintree Ferry we passed a few view points with spectacular view of the Daintree area. We stopped at the Alexandra Range Lookout (Walu Wugirriga) and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Daintree River mouth, the coastline, and the surrounding forest. There was a sign with a map of the area, and it...

  • Bruce Belchers River Cruises

    On the road from Cairns to Daintree Village we passed a couple of signs for 'Bruce Belcher Daintree River Cruises’, and it looked so interesting that we decided to check it out. We turned right at a small dirt road and drove towards the Daintree River, and there – nearly hidden by the thick forest - we found Belchers small family business.We booked...

  • Town of Daintree

    There is a village called Daintree. Very arts and craftsy place that's worth a stop. out. Try out the scones and coffee at the little coffee stop.

  • Australian Fan Palm and Cassowaries.

    The lowlands rainforest of the Daintree contains some of the most endangered type of rainforest in the world. The Mesophyll Vine Forest home of the magnificent Fan Palm is one of them, this type of vegetation occurs on poorly drained soils inundated during the summer wet season. This forest is also home place for the Southern Cassowary.

  • Salt water crocodile

    This magnificent animal is the largest of all living reptiles. The legnth of an adult male is from 4 to 6 mts and the weight if from 600 to 1,000 kilograms. An opportunistic predator, they are also known to attack humans who enter their territory. Very common in the northern Australia rivers, we saw a medium size crocodile and some babies in the...

  • Fliying Fox Bats.

    Also known as Fruit Bat, this mammal is about 1 foot long and weighs over 3 pounds. A nocturnal animal they prefer to roost in trees, a cute but very noisy animal.

  • Marrdja Botanical Walk.

    A beautiful and interesting trek through a 800 mts boardwalk constructed over a mangrove ecosystem, very well signed with explanations of the evolution of plants and trees, at the end there´s a beautiful turquoise pond. I´ve visited several mangroves but never walk over them. A wonderful experience.

  • Alexandra Lookout.

    After our visit to the Daintree river, our next stop was in this lookout wich offered great views of the Daintree River estuary, Snapper Island and beyond to the Coral Sea. We also saw here the magnificent Ulisses butterfly.

  • Daintree River.

    The river is surrounded by mountains and finished on a giant sandbar, it winds through mangroves and lush tropical vegetation. It´s a good spot to see salt and freshwater marine life. Most of the tours to the Park included a nice cruise through the river and channels around.

  • Mossman Gorge.

    A scenic section of the Diantree national Park, Mosman Gorge is located in the southern part of the park (80 kms from Cairns) . A good introduction to the rainforest, two walking tracks with viewing platforms lead you down to the Mosman River passing through a dense rainforest. I visited the place at the end of the raining season so the river ran...

  • Go Birding

    Like most of tropical Queensland, the Daintree area offers some outstanding birding opportunities. Honeyeaters move conspicuously from flower to flower, kingfishers zip up and down the waterways, fairy wrens move about the forest margins in noisy flocks, and numerous other species thrive in the various ecosystems that constitute this remarkable...

  • Birdwatching with a river trip at Dawn

    Chris Dahlberg conducts an almost daily Daintree River tour at dawn to see the wildlife which consists mostly of crocodiles, snakes and birds. The special feature is the Daintree wildlife checklist that is put on the web on the same day. The tour takes about 2 hours and at $45 is incredibly good value for money because it averages 50 different...


Daintree Hotels

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Daintree Restaurants

  • A Daintree Treat

    The Daintree North QueenslandThis is as much a 'Things To Do' as a restaurant tip but you can choose. Such a delightful setting. The shop was full of interesting 'goodies' not only to buy but there to interest visitors.Not far away in an enclosure we met some kangaroos. See the photo of the VT mascot AussieBarney meeting and kissing a...

  • Not Many Choices Here

    Being as isolated as possible, you might suspect that there aren't very many options for eating here. And, you would be correct. But, with only two options you might expect the prices to be jacked up, but they are not thankfully. The restaurant offers good food and good prices and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Breakfast is served from...

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Daintree Nightlife

  • Great Place.

    We only stopped here some minutes to have a coffee, but i found the place great, so authentic. A really cool place in the middle of nowhere to enjoy some beers with your friends hearing good music. Maybe the stereotype of Australia i imagined.

  • not much...

    ok you're in the middle of the rainforest, don't expect much, the best nightlife around here are the animals and night tours of the rainforest... which is enough nightlife for me :-P the bar is a good cozy place to hang out but it'll close by midnight, and it is fun to watch all the possums and other night creatures that come to clean up after...

  • Parties

    Our guide brought us to PK to have some drinks and to enjoy the evening in Cape Trib. This place was more packed that the place we were staying, but it's in walking distance from each other.It was not a party evening, but there was a big crowd sitting, talking and drinking there.


Daintree Transportation

  • Daintree Ferry

    When going north from Daintree Village, you must cross the Daintree River - and the north and south banks are linked by the Daintree Ferry.The Ferry is a cable ferry and it operates from 6am until midnight - seven days a week. Tickets are purchased on board the ferry. We only waited about 15 minutes, but be aware of peak times - heading north (10 -...

  • Need to Rent a Car

    I did see tour vans but I didn't see any public transportation going to the Daintree National Park. Best to rent a car so you can stop whenever you see one of the amazing sites

  • Ferry across the Daintree river

    If you want to reach the Daintree rainforest you will have to get across the Daintree river. This river separates the Daintree rainforest from the rest of Australia. In some brochures they tell you that passing over this crocodile infested river is an symbolic entry into the tropical rainforest. But it's true what they say because you are entering...


Daintree Warnings and Dangers

  • Taken by a Crocodile

    "Never smile at a crocodile"If you do not want this to happen to you listen to the warnings. Never even put your hand in the water nor your elbow out over the side of the boat.Would you believe there were people swimming on Cape Tribulation Beach. And they passed the warning sign to get there.The guides will tell you a safe place to swim ...where...

  • Stung by a Box Jelly Fish

    If you think this is not for you....well read on...you could be very glad you were warned. Many folk do not heed the warnings...with dire resultsThese jellyfish have long tentacles and each tentacle has small barbs all over its surface. And it is the volume of toxin from myriads of barbs clinging to your skin which cause the problem.The jellyfish...

  • Crocodiles - Beware

    There are crocodiles hiding in the water, you can't see them, but don't forget they are there!!


Daintree Off The Beaten Path

  • bluesmama's Profile Photo

    by bluesmama Written May 25, 2004

    This goes for all of Australia (except the centre obviously). There are so many beautiful bays along the way.
    This bay was somewhere in the far north of Queensland and we were told that this is where they filmed the opening scenes of the movie "The thin red Line"

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Daintree Favorites

  • Summer Heat

    Be sure to stay well hydrated in the summer months, as it can get amazingly hot. My suggestion is to just stay by the pool on the hottest days, and do other activities on the cooler days. PK's pool is great and has a volleyball net to boot. Stay cool!

  • Daintree Beaches

    What else would you expect from Australia but prefect white sand beaches? Well, Cape Tribulation / Daintree will do nothing to change that. A short walk through the jungle from PK's Village is a very nice beach.

  • Daintree

    We weren't exactly sure where the Daintree rainforest started, so we decided to begin by visiting the town of Daintree itself - which didn't actually turn out to be the place to start, as the river cruises and rainforest boardwalks etc were quite some kilometres away.We stopped at the town for a few minutes for a little look around (it's just a few...


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