Fitzroy Island Travel Guide

  • White parrot on the loose
    White parrot on the loose
    by Assenczo
  • Mainland across whale-infested channel
    Mainland across whale-infested channel
    by Assenczo
  • View of the reef on a bad day
    View of the reef on a bad day
    by Assenczo

Fitzroy Island Things to Do

  • Underwater

    The island is in the heart of the australian barrier reef so at least doing some snorkeling is a must when coming here. the underwater world is wonderful and it offers a large variety of tropical fishes and great coral formations.At the resort you can hire all you need for snorkeling and take a boat tour that stops to allow the visitors to make...

  • Beach

    Fitzroy island is plenty of wonderful coral beaches which lay betwwen the sea and the rainforest. Usually they consist in little bays and are mainly made of little rocks and corals tough in some places you can also find thin white sand.Beaches are interrupted by big stones and little rocky faces.

  • Walking on the island

    Fitzroy island consists of two little hills covered by rainforest. Here you can have beatyful walks to the nice light-house or to the highest point of the island from where you get an amazing view over the ocean and the reef. There are a few little path to get till there so you can choice two different ways to go and come back.Other nice paths...

  • Little Fitzroy Island

    Off to the northern tip of Fitzroy Island lies the tiny island of Little Fitzroy Island. Not much is found there except a small beach and a light house. I did not get to see this island close up, let alone go to it. I do believe that the kayak trip around the island includes a stop on Little Fitzroy Island. That alone is worth the price and will be...

  • Fitzroy Island's Rainforests

    One of Fitzroy Islands greatest attibutes is it's beaches. The first thing you'll notice as you approach Fitzroy Island is another of its great attributes and that is its lush, vibrant, and dense rainforest. With several trails coursing their way through it, the rainforest can be explored by anyone and really adds to the experience of visiting the...

  • Fitzroy Island's Beaches

    The beaches and surrounding reef of Fitzroy Island offer visitors numerous activities to keep you entertained all day. From the island, you can arrange for SCUBA diving trips, you can go snorkeling, rent windsurfers, catamarans, canoes, you can go out on the glass bottom boat and see the reef in a much drier state, kayak around the island or even...

  • Nudey Beach

    Well Nudey beach ... The name says it all, but don't be surprised if you don't find nude people over there. There are no nude beaches in Queensland, but this is the only beach that gets away with it. But the most people who visit Nudey beach keep there clothes on.The beach can be reached after a 1.8 km walk through dense rainforest, but it's worth...

  • Talk a self guided walk to the light...

    The walk to the lighthouse is an excellent bush walk, the views along the track are very great and you have a steep road that is leading towards a modern build lighthouse. It?s a 3.6 km return walk and if you take time to enjoy the scenery you have to take an 2 hours.And there are some sidetracks that you can go into so that you can find some...

  • Sea-Kayak

    This is definitely one of the best activities you can do on Fitzroy Island and no experience is necessary. The kayak is two-man, and you kayak around Fitzroy Island, stopping at Little Fitzroy Island; for lunch, a snorkel and a climb to the top of the island (and on the way down you get to climb through a cave, very cool).The whole trip takes about...


Fitzroy Island Hotels

Fitzroy Island Restaurants

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    by Marpessa Written Jan 29, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Okay, while I have written that the food can be a bit expensive if you're a backpacker, it is still definitely worth the price. There is only one restaurant for dining at on the island, but you do have the choice of buying your own food (meat, etc.) and cooking it on the BBQ or in one of the guest-kitchens.

    The menu has a range to suite everyone; salads, seafood, red meat, chicken and all of it fresh and beautifully presented when served.

    My suggestion is to grab one of the tables closest to the beach a bit before sunset, and just enjoy your dinner whilst listening to the sounds of the ocean.

    Favorite Dish: My favourite meal was when I had chicken satay and rice. Simple, but mouth-watering.

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Fitzroy Island Transportation

  • Fitzroy ferry

    Fitzroy island is closest to the mainland and it takes no more than 45min to reach it by ferry from Cairns. The word ferry is used loosely in this case. There is one trip in the morning(8:30h) to the island and one trip back in the afternoon(17:00h). There is a great chance of seeing whales(for free!?!) on the way and the price is lower than any of...

  • From Cairns to Fitzroy island

    Here is a good boat service between cairns and Fitzroy Island. The journey lasts abpout 40 minutes and offers beautyful views over the australian coast and the ocean.

  • Ferry to Fitzroy Island

    The only way to get to Fitzroy Island is by ferry. It is a 45 minute trip from Cairns to Fitzroy Island. There are 3 departures a day from either side:Dep. Cairns: 8.30am, 9.30am, 10.30am & 3.45pmDep. Fitzroy: 9.30am, 3.00pm, 4.00pm & 5.00pm (Check the website for any changes)It's a nice ride, and you can sit up top in the sun (although make sure...


Fitzroy Island Warnings and Dangers

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    by seamandrew Written Sep 18, 2004

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    From this picture, you should get a good sense of how rugged the beach substrate is. It's made up of large coral pieces which have broken off the fringing reefs surrounding the island. These pieces make their way to shore and accumulate to create this large beaches. In the hot sun, these pieces of broken coral can get quite hot, and on top of it, they're not very comfortable to walk on. As such, I suggest wearing a pair of aqua-shoes as they will keep your feet protected. Flip-flop sandals (thongs) are not suggested because your feet will slide in them and occasionally meet the scalding substrate.

    The beach substrate at Fitzroy Island.
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Fitzroy Island What to Pack

  • Tanning is okay, but UV is not.

    Any bathing suit will do. Bring your own towels as they are not provided on the island. Also, a pair of aqua-shoes would be good as the hot coral is awkwardly shaped and burns the feet (well my sensitive feet at least). Be sure to pack the waterproof UV protectant. Whether you want a tan or not, you need to wear UV protectant as the sun is...

  • Sun! Sun! Sun!

    Pack light - except on food and water! (For summer)Hmm, bathers, boardshorts and a nice loose shirt - nothing too heavy or you'll over heat.Sandles are good, but sneakers that are "breathable" - so your feet don't get too sweaty, are good if you go on one of the walks around the national park. Preferably buy film for your camera before getting...

  • Fitzroy Island Hotels

    1 Hotels in Fitzroy Island

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Fitzroy Island Off The Beaten Path

  • Bird Rock

    Walking north from the pier the beach ends in a bunch of rocks (where I caught the sand crab). Out in the water, the big massive rock is known as Bird Rock. You guessed it, it gets its name from all the birds that perch on it time and time again. Funny enough, the whole time I was looking at it and photographing it, there were no birds, but you...

  • Tidal Pools or Fresh water pools

    In a couple of spots on the island, I came across these crystal clear pools of water that I couldn't figure if they were tidal pools or fresh water pools. I think it depended on the location really, but I guess I could have figured it out by tasting the water. I was too afraid of contracting Giardia or some wierd gastrointestinal parasite, so I...

  • Nudey Beach

    Well, did you really think I would post pictures of a nudey beach here. Heck, did you think I would have the audacity to take a camera to the nudey beach. I think not! The nudey beach is accessible by hiking a small trail that takes a mere 15-20 minutes at most to hike to. When I went, there was an elderly couple (probably French) and another guy....


Fitzroy Island Sports & Outdoors

  • Scuba diving off of Fitzroy Island

    Fitzroy Island houses its own Scuba center staffed by friendly and knowledgable Dive Masters and Dive Instructors. Reservations can be made in advance or on the island if space is available. The center has it's own small boat which they use to take you to only the best spots near the island. The fauna of undersea life is beautiful and the water can...

  • Hiking on Fitzroy Island

    Surprisingly enough, there are some nice trails to hike on Fitzroy Island. It seems the most traversed is the one leading to the nudey beach. Perhaps it's because of the short distance or maybe it's because of other reasons. Well it is certainly not the only trail and all of them take you through lush rainforest that is sure to make you feel like...

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Fitzroy Island Favorites

  • The little Sand Crab.

    Fitzroy Island is certainly teeming with wildlife. Most of it is of course from the sea, but they still count. If you head towards Little Fitzroy island, there is are a number of rocks on the beach when explored more closely, yield a huge amount of sea creatures. I was fortunate to see crabs, sea snails, limpets (aka slipper shells), mussels,...

  • A nice shaded spot.

    One of the best things about Fitzroy Island is it's proximity to Cairns. Just a swift 45 minute ride away, it is so easy to get to. Within moments, you leave a small, touristy city, and make your way to a tropical paradise. The weather in this part of the world is warm so be sure to find yourself a nice shaded spot to lounge about in. Our main...

  • earplugs, never leave home without...

    Can you imagine that you have to make a 3-daypack in 5 minutes, well if you can then you know that you can forget some things like a toothbrush or earplugs. And if you have then a guy there who is snoring the whole night and keeps the other 3 of us awake. Then you can imagine the curses that we made the next morning under the shower. That was a...


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