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  • On the left as you enter the complex
    On the left as you enter the complex
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  • Boat Club
    Boat Club
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  • View of the harbour
    View of the harbour
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Hervey Bay Highlights

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    Sweetberry1 says…

     Great climate, laid back and relaxing atmosphere, lots to see and do.. 

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     None that I can think of 

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     A great base for Fraser Island and whale watching trips 

Hervey Bay Things to Do


    In amongst the Hervey Bay suburbs are a series of Lakes. I frequented two as they were close to where we were staying.The first one was surrounded by bush, and this is where I heard the sounds of many small Birds in the bush, I never did see what they were!The lake itself was home to Ducks, Water fowl, Herons and Cormorants.I went and stood on the...


    The Hervey Bay Botanic gardens cover quite a large area, so allow a little bit of time for a walk around.I found they were mainly a "green" garden, with lots of lawns and lots of Trees.It's a chance to see native bushes, wetlands, formal gardens, a Japanese bridge, Bush Tucker & Aboriginal bush tucker gardens and a Chinese garden.The Chinese garden...


    Hervey Bay stretches along 40kms of beach incorporating many suburbs. Most of the beaches are great and best of all STINGER FREE.See this website. http://www.qldbeaches.com/stingers.htmlThe coastal area of Point Vernon differs as the beach is mixture of sand, shells and pebbles. Further along are Cliffs, Mangroves and a type of rock platform in the...


Hervey Bay Hotels

Hervey Bay Restaurants

  • Social Centre of Hervey Bay

    The Boat Club.Here is the social nerve centre of Hervey Bay. As well as being headquarters for every nautical sub set of boating ( sail, power, fishing, diving, dragon-boat, marina), this club caters for indoor bowlers, line dancers, pool players, gamblers, etc etc etc.Your scribe has grey hair. I always feel welcome when I sign in as a visitor. I...

  • Great coffee and food

    Liliana's has a very good selection of great meals on offer. The staff are also quite friendly and helpful. This is one of very few places that offer a really great coffee and have some good cakes to go with if afternoon tea is on your mind. Quite pleasant surrounds as it is not in the rushed centre of Scarness, but still on the Esplanade. Overall...

  • The Best Chili Prawns I have Ever...

    What makes Hoolihans so nice is that it has everything for a relaxed evening. It has a fantastic menu - with loads of fish and even though they dont cut back on quantity, they dont skimp on quality either !! The atmosphere is friendly without being in your face - just loud enough to give it atmosphere without being deafening !!! Great place to meet...


Hervey Bay Nightlife

  • A favorite with the Locals.

    Hervey Bay's Club 'Seven 7' is the former Bermuda Triange, and a favorite with the locals. Good music, and a great atmosphere, is the reputation this nightspot enjoys. Neat Casual... or dress to kill..

  • Club for the Family.

    The RSL Club.. 'Returned Services League' is a great place to bring the family for a nice meal, and some entertainment. The meals are very nice, reasonably priced, and they have a children's menu also.If you enjoy a bit of gambling, there are poker machines to try your luck on.. Just take the kiddos into the Yellow Submarine, for some kiddie fun.....

  • not much nightlife

    There aren't many nightclubs in Hervey Bay. There is one called Seven it is good for a dance from 11pm -3am. Because the weather is so warm there are alot of outdoor cafes and pubs. Well worth going and having a bistro meal under 20.00 usually and some dancing afterwards. Casual dress no thongs in nightclub


Hervey Bay Transportation


    There are a few ways to reach Fraser Island from Hervey Bay.First you can do an organized tour which includes the crossing. When I did this, we went across in a fast Catamaran.Then their are accommodation/ferry package deals.Foot passengers can take the ferry across And 4WD advernturers who love driving along the beaches can take their car or a...

  • Fraser Magic 4WD Hire

    Horrible experience with Fraser Magic 4WD hire!! The person booked me on the wrong date, lucky there was a cancellation on that day and they had a car for me! Then he told me that since he made a mistake he would only charge me $260 instead of the $460 quoted. Then when I returned the car he said he changed his mind and decided to charge me the...

  • Use Backpacker buses

    Ok when in Hervey Bay the backpacker resorts will fight over your business including picking you up in a shuttle bus. Any time you need to go somewhere ask to use the bus. They will generally take you shopping and if you ask they may take you sightseeing. can save heaps of money buy not using Taxi's and utilising the shuttle service.


Hervey Bay Shopping

  • Country Town Shops

    typical Country Town shops along the way from or to Hervey Bay. stop and stock up on essentials or just browsing. you sure ill have fun and a yarn with the locals and the buildings are always good for a photoshot

  • At the Marina

    This store has a lovely selection of things to buy. Everything from souvenirs, to decorator items.. Also many unusual things that you would not see in too many places.As the name implies, they also have a huge range of the most beautiful natural crystals.. Whatever your heart desires... As little or as much as you choose to spend.

  • All kinds of Souvenirs.

    This store has a huge range of all types of souvenirs, clothing, jewellry, and a large range of all things aboriginal.. including a great selection of music. Depends on what you are looking for... but I would go for things that you won't find elsewhere. At this particular store, you will find a lot of things are reasonably priced.


Hervey Bay Local Customs

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    Aborigine entertainment..

    by Sweetberry1 Written Nov 16, 2003

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    Hervey Bay has a moderate Aboriginal community. So finding traditional aboriginal art and craft, is not difficult.
    Many stores stock a good range of locally made products, music, and art.
    There is also a great museum that is run by this community.

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Hervey Bay Warnings and Dangers

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    by Sweetberry1 Written Nov 16, 2003

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    Somebody asked me why I haven't put in anything about sharks.... and don't we have any here...
    Well, where ever you have beaches, oceans, seas, there is always the possibility of sharks coming in. It's no different here in Hervey Bay. But, even though we do have sharks out there, I haven't heard of any coming in too close for comfort..
    Not a bad idea though, to at least be aware that it can happen.

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Hervey Bay Tourist Traps

  • by unimpressed Updated Jun 28, 2009

    Three friends and I wanted to do some ocean fishing in Hervey Bay and decided a charter was the best option. The website for the MV Princess II has plenty of photos of people with big catches. I suspect they are doctored, but I could be wrong. The website also mentions that rod, reel and tackle will be provided, the boat has a live bait tank, you will be treated to a delicious rib fillet BBQ lunch, the boat has a clean full size domestic toilet, and you got to keep your catch. I think the only thing I was at risk of catching was a variety of diseases from using the revolting toilet. We caught nothing using the fish bait provided. Sure, that’d be forgivable if Captain Dave and first mate Charlie didn’t spend the entire time pulling in fish after fish (41 in total) on their lures. Charlie was only too eager to confess that the fish they were catching were no good for eating but they could use them for bait for the next charter, and so Charlie and Dave became preoccupied with catching fish while we watched on, bored and frustrated to be missing all of the action. We continued to try our luck, baiting our hooks and having our bait taken by nibblers while Dave and Charlie were working up a sweat what with all the action they were seeing. When one of us did manage to hook a small fish, Dave decided it was appropriate to reel it in for my friend. So very considerate. We pressed on, determined to catch something. Not even the live bait tank could help us. Of course that could actually be because the ‘live bait tank’ was a blue plastic 44 gallon drum that the fish died in three hours into the trip. I think the word ‘tank’ is a little deceptive. Perhaps they should call it a ‘temporary live bait enclosure which will become a plastic whirlpool of death before your very eyes!’ After three hours of watching Dave and Charlie have the fishing trip of their lives, we gave up on trying to catch fish on the bait supplied, and asked old mate Dave if we could have a go at fishing with lures like him and Charlie. ‘No’ was the answer. Apparently their rods were private and they didn’t have lures for us. We decided not to gripe about it, for fear Dave might spit in our delicious rib fillet BBQ lunch… which turned out to be container coleslaw and dangerously-tangy pasta salad served on a plastic plate, topped with some pieces of pineapple, a tough-as-leather piece of steak, and a sausage. The one table available on the boat where you could eat at was taken by Dave and Charlie, so we went up top to try our luck with our food (most of which we threw overboard for fear of offending Dave who clearly considered himself a bit of a chef). After ‘lunch’, one of my friends finally hooked something of size, which Dave then took as a cue to start barking instructions at him on how to reel it in. He even took hold of the rod to ‘feel the weight’, right in the peak of the struggle. When the fish got off the hook, and as my friend was still licking his wounds, Dave declared, albeit jokingly, my friend had “***ed the day” for losing the fish. Nice one Dave. Charlie didn’t seem to care. He instead muscled my friend out of the spot he was in and began fishing the area with bait, having suddenly lost interest in his private forbidden lure which had served him so well all day. We spent the rest of the trip waiting to return to shore where we might have a chance of actually catching a fish. I would certainly not recommend this service.

    Unique Suggestions: Bring a variety of lures and tackle, pack your own lunch, go to the toilet before you leave, and don't get your hopes up in regards to landing a decent fish.

    Fun Alternatives: The Princess II is a cheaper option, at around $130 per head for a day trip. I guess you get what you pay for. I'd recommend paying a little more and trying your luck with another company. Alternatively, buy some lures and bait from a local rod and reel joint and drive out to the estuary at Point Vernon at high tide, and save yourself $100+. You won't catch a marlin, but you may walk away feeling you've got more for your money.

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Hervey Bay What to Pack

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    by Sweetberry1 Updated Nov 11, 2003

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    Luggage and bags: Something easy to handle.. suitcases on wheels are probably the best.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Most of the time, shorts and t's are all you will need. Perhaps some nice casual gear for going to resturants/clubs and like places. From May till September, might be wise to bring some cool weather clothing as well.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: You can buy everything here, but do bring your prescription medicines.

    Photo Equipment: Bring you cameras... film is available everywhere.

    Miscellaneous: Sunscreens and repellents are a must... but you can also buy these here.

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Hervey Bay Off The Beaten Path


    Australiana Cottage Crafts has more to offer than the craft shop. If you have children, then a walk around the garden to the Chicken house and have a look. You can buy food to feed them! Next door, were several Guinea fowls feeding and in another cage were Guinea Pigs. In another area are a few Bird Aviaries, worth having a look at, a vegetable...


    I picked up a brochure of this establishment at the Tourist Information centre. It looked and sounded quite interesting, so on one of our afternoons, we took the short drive to the small village of Takura.We nearly drove straight past as it really wasn't signposted the best! What you need to look for on the left hand side if coming from Hervey Bay...


    I have put a visit to Fraser Island under this heading, as not everybody can afford to go to Fraser Island. To get to Fraser Island, to stay there or to do a tour, all is expensive!Last time, we came on a tour and didn't come to Kingfisher Bay resort. This time, we came in a friends boat, landing on the beach at Kingfisher Bay Resort. The Beach was...


Hervey Bay Sports & Outdoors


    This is actually a friends business. A fitness fanatic, he started his own business, but instead of using a Gym, he uses Hervey Bay Beach.I was asking him about it, because I was wondering if everybody attending was thin and fit! This isn't the case, he has different class levels, starting from beginners and upwards.Ben, the owner, is a picture of...

  • Watching Sport..

    There are various places for watching sport.. My favorite is at the H.B.Sports Club.Soccer is one of the regions popular sports.. We have our own version of the World Cup, ( yeah, right.. lol) Senior and Junior games are played here.The Clubhouse caters for meals and drinks.. live music on selected nights, and the poker machines for all you...

  • Aquatic Center

    Hervey Bay's Aquatic center is a great place to relax and enjoy some leisure time.The swimming pools are lovely, very clean, and fun for the whole family.Lots of shady grassed areas, with beautiful trees and palms, and there are several areas of the pool that also have awnings, for some extra shade for the little ones.There is also a kiosk where...


Hervey Bay Favorites


    Hervey Bay also has its fair share of the old wooden Queenslander homes. It doesn't have anywhere near as many as nearby Maryborough, never less, if you go for a drive or walk around the older parts of Hervey Bay, you will be sure to find some like the one in my photo. They are built from wood, and look fabulous when painted and well kept.


    Washing - Always a bit of a problem on holidays, unless there is a washing machine where your staying.In Hervey Bay, I found this coin operated Laundromat on the corner of Coral & Elizabeth street, close to the Botanic gardens. It has coin-operated washing machines and dryers.Phone (07) 4124 1563 Another, the Whale Laundromat, is located at 3 Witt...


    There is no way you can miss this new Centre as its located beside the main road into Hervey Bay.There is plenty of FREE PARKING, FREE TOILETS, and plenty of helpful staff. The centre is stocked full of FREE INFORMATION on Hervey Bay and the surrounding area.They had a small selection of souvenirs, the one I liked, were the Umbrellas, I nearly...


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