Lamington National Park Travel Guide

  • Wildlife display programme every day.
    Wildlife display programme every day.
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  • Evening sky from the Mountain retreat room balcony
    Evening sky from the Mountain retreat...
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  • latest resident, spotted quoll endangered species
    latest resident, spotted quoll...
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Lamington National Park Things to Do

  • Track Walking

    There are a number of tracks that have been laid out for walking.They range in length and consequently in duration.You can get an overview here as to what is availablePlease heed the safety suggestions

  • Feed the Birds

    You can feed the birds here at a designated area, you cannot bring your own food for them but must purchase it from the shop.

  • Booyong Walk

    This is a board walk going through the rain forest and leads to the Tree Top Walk.A pleasant stroll throughout the rainforest with sings posted at intervals giving information

  • Tree Top Walk

    This is one of the first tree top walks ever opened in Australia. Its brilliant, the views are amazing, there are ladders to climb even higher and view more views and the epiphitic plants such as ferns and orchids growing naturallyPS- :) its FREE, there is a donation box at the end of the walk.

  • O'Reilly's Retreat

    This complex has accomodation, gift shop, restaurant etc.The views are spectacular. they alone are worth a visit

  • West Canungra Creek walk

    I did the walk detailed in earlier tips once again, this time I encountered near perfect weather with clear skies, cool temperature and excellent walking conditions.I had my new lady, Lorraine, with me for our first walk together. It turned out to be a 7 1/2 hour hike but it was such a good day and we timed everything to perfection; hope you enjoy...

  • The Booyang Boardwalk

    Adjacent to O'Reilly's there is a short rainforest boardwalk called Booyong Walk. It's short but nice if you can't do the longer walks. Would ideally suit those in wheelchairs or those pushing a pram. At 800 metres it's not going to take too much energy and the boards are very well aligned and smooth.This patch of rainforest is thick and you can do...

  • Canungra Creek Circuit

    Lamington National Park boasts extensive walking tracks along the McPherson Range, which allow visitors to explore the area's forests, creeks and waterfalls. Dramatic lookouts afford views over the Gold Coast, south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales. Lamington is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, which...

  • Canungra Creek

    This track continues on from the Elabana Falls track 2.7km from the entrance. After following along Canungra Creek turn right at the next junction. Highlights: The track follows Canungra Creek and there are many falls and crossings along the way. Daragumai Falls and Picnic Rock are considered good lunch spots, but there are no facilities. Box Log...


    There are small Botanic gardens at O'Reilly's......that to me, are nothing spectacular. However, in saying this, you may have a different view, as I live nearby and are very used to seeing the plants that are in this garden.In Spring time [ Sept - Nov], I imagine they would be very nice, as there are lots of Azalea's and Rhododendron's planted in...

  • Feeding the Wild Parrots @ O'Reillys

    DO NOT MISS DOING THIS!This is a pleasure enjoyed by all!Bird feeding area open daily from 11:00am - 3:00pm When you are here, head to the Giftshop to purchase your ticket for access to the bird feeding area. Tickets cost $4.00 per tray, which are suitable for up to 2 people. Head out to where the Parrots are, and these beautifuly coloured King and...

  • Tree Top Walk (1)

    This short walk is a definite activity for any visitor to Green Mountains. It is comprised of 9 suspension bridges up to 15 metres off the ground. This walk is best completed early or late in the day.Return distance from entrance: 800mEstimated return time: 20 minutes or more


Lamington National Park Restaurants

  • The only place here :)

    The food at the O'Reilly's cafe/gift shop is good, the surounding great. You can sit inside or out on the deck and admire the wonderful view.When we were there though, it was new years eve and service was slow.When the food came it was large helpings, well presented and hot.

  • Enjoy scenic views while you eat!

    The Binna Burra Teahouse is located in a great position with views over the Coomera Valley. All we had here was a Coffee after our walk, in 2009 it cost $4.50 which is a little dearer than normal. We did have a look at the prices of the Cakes, scones, lamingtons, and slices, and they also were more expensive, so I think probably everything here...

  • Lamington National Park Hotels

    0 Hotels in Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park Transportation

  • balhannah's Profile Photo

    by balhannah Updated Jan 2, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    To get to Lamington & Springbrook National Parks, you either need to have a Car, or to go on a tour bus.

    If you are driving, you need to be aware that this road is not one for speed. It is good road for quite a way, but even so, in some sections there are narrow bridges with "giveway' signs, as there is only room for one car on the bridge at a time.

    As the road heads up the mountain, in some places it is so narrow, that the up hill traffic have right a way over the down hill traffic, so when coming down the Mountain, make sure you take note of the "give way signs" and check if there is traffic coming up before entering these narrow stretches of road.

    In another section the road is actually divided by a large area of rock.

    The views are beautiful, but the road is narrow & windy, no chance for the driver to look, so be careful and aware!

    Watch out for the signs
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Lamington National Park Shopping

  • balhannah's Profile Photo

    by balhannah Written May 20, 2010

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can't miss this shop, as it is located where the Toilets are.

    We had lunch at the Cafe. As it was a beautiful sunny day, and not too cold, we decided to eat our meat Pies out on the deck where we could enjoy the far reaching Mountain Views.
    Not only that, a different kind of Bird came looking for Insects at the end of the Deck.

    After lunch, time to visit the Gift shop before heading home.

    This shop has a very good array of Australian gifts. I bought myself a good quality Bone china mug with Birds on it for $5.95. There were many to choose from, including Animals on the mugs, with the most expensive being $10.95. These were reasonably priced.

    Australian place mats were on special 6 for $10, that is a good price too!

    Lots to choose from, even packets of 'POSSUM POOH'......'KOALA DOO DO' ......and
    'PADDYMELON POOH'.......Not the real thing, but chocolate coated Sultana's..........
    What a different kind of gift to take home from Australia!

    Nice Australian Mugs & Trays Bird Books PaddyMelon Pooh Chocolates Boomerangs children's Kangaroo Back pack
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Lamington National Park Local Customs

  • Dani_aus's Profile Photo

    by Dani_aus Written Jun 11, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    only 1% of australia's land is rainforrest.
    and 60% of our animals live in that rainforrest.
    which is why we really need to take care of what we have left!
    a tiny bit of litter can wipe out a whole species of animals. soooooo
    put your rubbish in the bin :)

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Lamington National Park Warnings and Dangers

  • Keep to tracks

    Notify friends or neighbours where you are going and how long you expect to be; a general rule of thumb is to allow yourself to cover 3km an hour.DO NOT leave the walking tracks, as it is easy to become lost; especially in dense rainforest.

  • the marauding wildlife

    At night bring what you can inside the tent. The scrub turkeys will be all over your gear, looking for something to eat, or satisfying their curiosity. Even during the day, hang food up in a tree, out of reach of these birds.

  • Stick to the Path

    In case you get forgetful, the more heavily travelled circuits at O'Reilly's come with a warning. Stay away from the edges, it can be a steep drop. And it could be added, stay on the clearly marked paths.


Lamington National Park Tourist Traps

  • by chala Written Jul 31, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Everything on their webside and the brochures sounds impressive and nice.Rooms are expensive and very small!!! They say that people are seated together about interests and husband and I (48 and 69 ) were seated with two 85 and 87 year old couples and there were others alone( we would have preferred that)- Than the food praise evrywhere. Australia has such great food . but the food there was just awful, they say a family member hosts breakfast: someone says Hi I'm xy O'Reilly , how would you like your toast, your egg or whatever, that's it... they feed animals, so they can show off wildlife around the hotel, a nono in nature conservation and they are really really expensive.

    Unique Suggestions: They do have fridges in the rooms and they do have an (expensive)shop at the camping area and I do think I saw BBQs. So better bring good stuf to do atleast your own good dinner and not spend a fortune

    Fun Alternatives: I do not know, if there is one. The drive up there is quite long, if you want to take some nice walks.... There is Binna Burram Lodge, but I do not know how this is...

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Lamington National Park What to Pack

  • Gentleman75's Profile Photo

    by Gentleman75 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Be prepared for extremes in weather conditions. Summer storms occur frequently and can cause a sudden temperature drop. Warm clothing, a raincoat, first aid kit, sturdy boots, water and torch are essential even for day walks.

    Carry a hat, not only for shade, but for warmth (a lot of body heat is lost through the head) and to keep off ticks and rain).

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Carry sunburn cream (15+ or higher) a decent first aid kit, a torch (just in case!) and extra food (you will eat more than usual, especially on strenuous or long walks).

    Miscellaneous: Carry plenty of water, you will be surprised how thirsty you can get. At least 2 to 3 litres of water per person, especially during summer.

    Always carry a map when walking in the park.

    It is also a good idea to check the weather forecast before you leave for your walk.

    Walking track-block
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Lamington National Park Favorites

  • My story of Canungra Creek Circuit

    There was talk of blood on my ear. I wiped it but Jason said there was more. I wiped again and, indeed, more came off. I enquired as to exactly where on my ear it was and he said in lots of places so I wiped again and more came off. I figured the leech must have had a wonderful time up there, maybe even singing “Glory, Hallelujah”, who knows?I...

  • What to see and do

    First set up in 1915, the park, of 20,950 hectares, is set in two areas on the McPherson Range, Green Mountain (read O'Reilly's) and Binna Burra, which is the closer of the two to Surfers Paradise.Both are accessed via road going through Nerang.A third option is also a well known spot called the Natural Arch which is a much smaller area with a...

  • Driving to O"Reillys

    The road up the mountain to O'Reillys is narrow (quite often one lane) and very windy with many "S" Bends. Be careful to keep your eyes on the road, and drive slowly, with care. The views are fantastic, and there are quite a few pull offs, so you can stop and take photos. At the start of the mountain climb, you may encounter stock on the...


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