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    by balhannah Updated Aug 23, 2013

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    A shop-a-docket - What is it?

    It is what is on the back of the docket/receipt that you receive after buying your groceries. These dockets often have good deals. Some are buy one and get one free, this ranges from coffee, milkshakes, to fast food outlet deals and more.
    Holidays are often at a very reasonable price, and so are deals to different attractions.
    Just remember, before you throw your docket away, check the back incase there is something that you can use!

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    by balhannah Updated Aug 23, 2013

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    An easy way to save money when filling your car with fuel, is to have previously bought $30 & over worth of groceries from either COLES or WOOLWORTHS stores.
    When you take a look at your receipt, you will find on the bottom what I have taken a photo of.
    Sometimes you may receive either 4c litre off, 8cents or even 10cents litre off the cost of your petrol [fuel]

    Just tear of the part that I have a photo off, then, for Coles vouchers, head to a SHELL service station to use, and for Woolworths, to a WOOLWORTHS service station or a participating CALTEX service station.
    Usually outside the station, they have how much per litre the discounted fuel will cost. Just take your docket/receipt with you when you pay, and the amount will be deducted from the bill.
    Now, I know you are probably thinking, this isn't much to save, but it does add up. Today, I filled my car with fuel and I saved $7, not to be sneezed at, and better in my pocket than the Service Station owners.

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    Anyone for AMAZING Coffee?

    by wise23girl Updated Jul 31, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    main photo...Gaby of Le Baroque making a special cup of coffee for yours truly....not too strong

    Just the other day my French/Australian friendly chef told me we make the BEST COFFEE ... He said our coffee is AMAZING He means here in Australia WE make the best coffee...?in the world? I must clarify that!

    There seems to be a lot more coffee shops in Queensland in quite recent times...is it the increase in population...or is it an increase in coffee drinking as a sport? LOL

    Where I live coffee shops are springing up like mushrooms.....drinking coffee is becoming a way of life. One might wonder how a living is made for the owner.....and there is more diversity in the decor...one in an old garage coffee place is proving popular with the young bucks who sit around an outside table and for the mums with strollers who can wheel the prams inside... no problem....And coffee places with lounge chairs win my vote if the coffee is good of course....And this coffee shop in the old garage came 2nd in all Australia for best coffee....
    And for something hip ....quite different have a look here at The Velo Project or Ricks diner in Palmwoods......

    And what will you choose? Café au lait, Caffè latte,Chai Latte,Cappuccino,Iced coffee,Cafe mocha,Espresso Romano.....and many more....lets not mention soy (frankenstein food )

    And now there is 'Coffee to Go'...not take-a-way any more....and is it one shot...two shot... even 4 shot

    or do you say "Weak please" or even "1/4 strength'? Better be in the know. And instant coffee does not even come in to the equation.

    When I was in Istanbul I read: "Good coffee should not be sweet like love but rather taste bitter like death".......but I do not enjoy bitter coffee....but a Turkish coffee with a genuine piece of Turkish Delight brings its own pleasure....but we are in Queensland now.

    Amazing coffee Le Baroque coffee
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    Roundabout Ignorance

    by pedroswift Updated Jun 28, 2013

    Driving during your trip to Australia??

    Are you familiar with "Roundabouts"? Multi-lane Round-abouts are the traffic engineers cheapest option to solve a traffic problem. Developed countries probably don't have them!!!???

    You may well be familiar with how they operate if you come from a country which has lots of them.

    Read up on the rules of the road re their use in Australia before your holiday. The basic rule is "give way to traffic on the roundabout"!

    WARNING Do not assume Australian Drivers know the road rules re Roundabouts

    Many drivers are under the misapprehension that because they are on the right hand side of other traffic entering or already entered the roundabout they have something they call "Right of Way" despite there being no such "right". Be prepared to be molested by the ignorant.

    Check the Government Road Rules site. Read the the tips on using multi-lane roundabouts and look at the 3 videos.

    Happy Trails & safe driving

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    Restaurants - Bring Yer Own (Wine)

    by pedroswift Updated Jun 11, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Unheard of in lots of countries around the world, BYO is an Australian custom cherished by budget conscious diners unwilling to pay for heavily marked up wines from the restaurant cellar. One rarely finds a restaurant serving bottles of Australian wine for less than AUD 30. Given that the bottle shop prices for the same wine could be half or even a third of the restaurant price it is little wonder that patrons are keen to 'Bring Your Own'.
    Some restaurants with a licence to sell liquor will allow you to bring your own bottled wine and charge a corkage fee to serve it (5 dollars per person or maybe $10-15 per bottle). It depends on the "class" of the restaurant. For example one of Brisbane's best with an extensive wine cellar charges $45 corkage for patrons bringing a "rare or hard to get bottle". I'm sure if they had the same wine in their cellar they would not open the byo bottle. The licensed Tex Mex down the road charges $10.
    %L[http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/22faef/The best deal we've experienced lately (mid 2013). 2 dollars per person at the Rustic Olive Italian Kitchen at Redcliffe.
    Some restaurants may advertise "no corkage" especially mid-week to encourage budget conscious diners to BYO and eat. Most restaurants draw the line at byo casks or flagons of wine, beer, spirits and soft-drinks.
    When making a reservation check to see if they allow BYO & what corkage is charged.

    Popular eating-out item - insulated byo wine bag
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    Big Pineapple...the sleeping pineapple awakes...

    by wise23girl Updated Jun 7, 2013

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You have all heard of this iconic attraction...but just for the moment hold your horses....we have heard it is to be reopened and maybe return to its former glory....so here's hoping....well in 2012 it is a little bit open.......

    The Farmers Market on Saturday just reopened (Nov 2011) so that is a start

    Now in 2012 a Sunday Market is in progress as well.......

    Someone told me there is more activity ......that the sleeping pineapple awakes

    There is even a chance you might pick up a coffee during the week at The Big P but if not keep driving into Nambour for a coffee....Try Husk and Honey or even take the exit to Palmwoods ....there are coffee shops and parking a little easier than Nambour.

    2013....Still a long way to go to retain its former glory but helping brighten up the image is Queen Bee Pineapple....Live Art Experiences for Families.

    2013...June...a BIG day at The BIG Pineapple......The car parks were full to overflowing....I have never seen such a crowd! What brought them? A display of old and antique cars......as part of a special activities week.

    To find out if the sleeping pineapple is waking
    Check the website

    See also my review under Nambour on Queen Bee Pineapple and Our Sweetest Icon and Just a Little Bit Open

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    Mottos, Catch Phrases, Slogans

    by wise23girl Updated Jun 1, 2013

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    ABOUT QUEENSLAND....The Sunshine State....and of course there is the worn out favourite 'Beautiful one day-Perfect the next" and of course as member tropicrd has reminded me we live in God's Country

    To gain an understanding of a country you need to know the people and to me the way we describe ourselves and our cities and towns gives an insight into who we are.

    Brisbane, the capital has been called Bris Vegas...a tongue in cheek nick name....

    And Blackbutt in the shire of Somerset is known as Timbertown

    Bundaberg or "Bundy" seems to have picked up the title of The Rum City....maybe that is because the famous Bundaberg Rum is manufactured there.LOL.

    Cairns in The Tropical North is associated with "ask a local" and "croc country"

    Gympie the Gold City is about 160 kilometres (100 mi) north of the state capital, Brisbane and is famous for its gold field..

    Ingham a town of sugar plantations says "Welcome to the Tropics". Ingham is 1,437 kilometers (893 miles) north of Brisbane.

    Kenilworth, in the heart of the Mary Valley boasts it is 'The Bush Behind the Beach' (Sunshine Coast Hinterland)

    Kilkivan is known as 'The Town of the Great Horse Ride and is located 286 kilometres north-west of Brisbane (or 259km if you take the Burnett Highway from Nanango to Goomeri) and 53 kilometres from Gympie"

    Longreach the largest town in the central west is known for the famous Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame and the association with the airline QANTAS

    Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane simply says "Come as you are"

    Mount Morgan close to Rockhampton says Think Clean. Be Tidy.

    Rockhampton or as the locals say "Rocky" is known as the Beef Capital of Australia and as you drive in from the south you will see the famous statues of the bulls greeting you.Rockhampton is situated on the Tropic of Capricorn.

    Toowoomba a picturesque mountain city 127km from Brisbane is known as The Garden City and is famous for The Annual Festival of Flowersin September each year

    Tara, "The Home of Friendly People" just west of Dalby on the edge of The Darling Downs (south-east Queensland)

    Tully and Babinda fight for the title "The wettest place in Queensland

    Tumoulin boasts the The Highest Rail Station in Queensland and you can visit on an old steam train to boot. Atherton Tableland in the Tropical North. How high you ask? 964metres,(3165ft)!

    Warwick on the western side of the Great Dividing Range and 140km from Brisbane in south east Queensland calls itself The Rose and Rodeo City and has flower shows in spring and autumn and a rodeo in October each year

    When driving in the WARWICK district you will see Unusual Road Safety Signs

    Driving up north one time in Mango Country I noticed this cute way to describe the loos (toilets/bathrooms) for men and women
    "Mangoes" and "No Mangoes"

    And to top it all off we are known as BANANA BENDERS

    You can follow on with something similar about AUSTRALIA or maybe read about BIG QUEENSLAND THINGS

    come as you are BrisVegas the great horse ride bananas to bend
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    Throw a boomerang

    by wise23girl Updated Apr 29, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Coming soon...more on Aboriginal Australia......

    Well I think Charlie Drake and later Rolf Harris sang 'My Boomerang Won't Come Back" and any I have thrown are in that category...the boomerangs landed on the grass with a 'plop' with no intention of coming back to me at all.
    You can actually find instructions on Boomerang Throwing on the internet but the fun is in buying the genuine article and being taught by an aboriginal person.

    One place you can go to see a genuine display is near Cairns at Kuranda Rainforest Station In fact if you are interested in the Aboriginal people this is an amazing place to visit.

    Look for boomerangs in genuine Aboriginal outlets....the best ones being in places such as Kakadu, Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns ....a bit harder to find in the major cities in the south-east.

    I just discovered ABORIGINAL FINE ART in Brisbane CBD...4/79 Adelaide street. and yes they have boomerangs and didgeridoos for your special Australian keepsake.

    But you must beware of a Boomerang Man.....a man that a woman has stopped being romantically involved with and continues to get in contact with her for unknown reasons.

    And I hope your boomerang comes back

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    Camp Fire Cooking

    by wise23girl Written Apr 6, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    So if you are travelling around the countryside away from the maddening crowd you might try cooking in a camp oven. There is nothing like sitting by a camp fire and eating something cooked slowly in a camp oven....a flavour such as you have never experienced anywhere else.

    Look at the photos and you will see my utensil tree.....we were set up for about 10 days so all "mod cons" on hand.

    So light your fire early so there is time for the coals to form.

    And toast made near the coals is magic....and you can wrap vegetables in foil and cook them in the coals as well.

    Here is some info on the web on how to do it

    and on Lighting a fire

    Make sure lighting fires is permitted and that you extinguish your fire before leaving.

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    Ask a Local

    by wise23girl Updated Mar 18, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sometimes in Queensland you do not have to 'ask a local' they will wave you down on the road and ask if you are lost....This happened to us yesterday (St Patrick's day 2013). And no we were not even in the outback but travelling on the Darling Downs not too far from Toowoomba,...and we were there because we had been told by the locals in Cambooya to visit a nearby town called Nobby as there was so much to see there...an Art Gallery...a Sister Kenny memorial...a pub of 'Dad and Dave' fame .....

    Anyway to cut a long story short I had let David miss a turn (on purpose) and we had to 'back up' on a very quiet road.

    As we sped towards our destination we noticed a truck pulled up by the side of the road and a lady with a little boy waving us down.....there were 4 of us so.....we stopped.

    "Are you lost " she asked "I saw you stop and back up to come this way"

    Well before we knew it she escorted us to Nobby...which was actually a bit tricky as there were few sign posts and a couple of turns and she took us to meet some of the locals....and introduce us to the town

    But remember you can always 'Ask a Local"....try the "Driver Reviver " stops...or maybe wait till someone waves you down!

    our guide
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    by balhannah Written Feb 15, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I am enjoying a day out by the seaside. Lunch is over, and it's mid afternoon. Mmm, I feel like something else to eat, but what?
    Ah, I here music coming! I now know what I will have, an Ice-cream from the mobile ice-cream van that frequents parks and public places. They play a tune so you know the van is coming, of course all the children know this!
    Its....Mum.... Dad,.... can I have some money for an Icecream please?
    It is quite a handy service, as sometimes it is quite a walk to buy an Icecream and drink.
    They are soft-serve ice-creams that come in the cone, or as a sundae or any other possible way. Often they sell Ice-cream on the stick and they usually sell drinks. They stop in the area for a while, then move onto another park.
    Each Van has Council permission to operate in a certain area.

    Ice-cream Van @ Redcliffe Park
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    Celebrate Australia Day

    by wise23girl Written Jan 25, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Queensland along with the rest of Australia celebrates Australia Day on 26th January each year
    This is our official national day and was formerly known as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day, and ANA Day. This date commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 when British sovereignty over the eastern part of Australia was proclaimed.

    In Queensland we are reminded of Captain Cook's earlier voyage as he was the first European to see the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains which he named "Glass Houses" as the configuration reminded him of the glass houses of England.

    Unfortunately this celebration of Australia Day is not warmly received by some of the indigenous people who sometimes protest and call this day "Invasion Day". To me this is a shame as though there certainly have been problems for the Aboriginal people they might be wise to ponder what might have happened if another less friendly nation had come first instead of the British.

    Australia Day is a popular choice for those who are becoming Australian citizens to pledge their allegiance. The Australian winners of national awards such as "Australian of the Year" are named at the Australia Day ceremony..

    There are street parades....and concerts...and family outings...as Queenslanders along with the rest of Australia celebrate every thing that is great about being an Australian..

    Australia Day is a public holiday in all states and territories. All schools and post offices are closed. Some public transport services do not operate and others run a reduced service. Stores are often open, but may have reduced opening hours. There may be some congestion on roads, particularly close to major events

    Sometimes in Australia, "I love a sunburnt country", the month of January is harsh. In 2013 bushfires ravaged many states and on the heels of the fires came torrential rain from another direction causing the cancellation of some celebrations in Queensland,"her beauty and her terror....this wide brown land for me"

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    Driver Reviver

    by wise23girl Updated Jan 13, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Driver Reviver is a community-based road safety initiative of Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police Service and is operated by around 2300 volunteers...

    These friendly locals are waiting to make you a free coffee to help you stay wakeful and complete your journey safely.

    So when travelling on our roads remember you need to take a break every two hours and driver reviver will make that stop very pleasant. You might pick up a local tip as well.

    What I notice is a driver can be a bit slow to react to traffic lights in a town after being out on the highway for a long time.

    Read about Outback Travel here and more on Driving in Australia here
    and do not miss Just mind the Round-a-Bouts

    ALL my driving review links are now(2013) listed here

    Read next Local Customs Review here

    Driver Reviver volunteers
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    Don't Go Bananas

    by wise23girl Updated Jan 6, 2013

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When in Queensland do as the Queenslanders do and eat our beautiful bananas. Now the problem is the supermarkets are full of inexpensive fruit most of the time BUT you can 'bet your bottom dollar' these bananas are artificially ripened imports. Goodness knows where they were grown or what happened when they were brought into Australia to make them 'safe'...heaps of spray. Look for the label.

    Now if you buy Queensland bananas they may not always be organic but I bet you they will taste really yummy. No wonder we are called 'banana benders'.....but we sure do not want to be a 'banana republic'

    Of course if you buy them from our farm they are like no other banana on earth and you will be spoilt forever.

    My favourite banana is the Ladyfinger. Some prefer the Cavendish. There are other varieties such as Plantain but the first two are best known and most popular. Some say the ripe banana is the more healthful. We ripen ours on the tree as much as possible but flying foxes and scrub turkeys like the fruit too much at times.

    Look in smaller independent stores or at the local markets for bananas grown in Queensland (or Northern NSW)

    Bananas grow from suckers...asexual reproduction which makes them prone to disease...no biological diversity....I read an article a good while back that suggested for this reason bananas may eventually be wiped out. There are strict controls on growing bananas and on the transport of same from place to place.

    Here are some fun facts about bananas

    Go to next Local Customs Review here

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    by balhannah Written Jan 6, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Queensland has a fairly warm/hot, sunny climate, so you will find Queenslanders dress very casually. Loose, casual, lightweight clothes worn with sandals or Thongs [flip-flops] are the go in Summer. Queenslanders dress informally, although a smart casual outfit for going out to a restaurant is needed. Thongs and Singlet tops are usually not allowed in Clubs, but are ok when at the Bar in Hotels.
    Comfortable shoes, shorts and jeans for bushwalking, and sneakers are if you intend to reef-walk, as cuts from the reef become infected.
    In winter in the southern part of Queensland, temperatures can drop so some warm clothing such as a jacket or sweatshirt should be included, although if you come from a cold country, I doubt if you would call it Winter!
    Wear a hat during the day, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

    Casual wear in Queensland

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