State of Queensland Local Customs

  • Border and building
    Border and building
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    Remove that gunk!
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State of Queensland Local Customs

  • General

    Brisbane Local Customs

    Brisbane has its own Coat of Arms which feature two gryphons supporting the city shield. Gryphons are mythological creatures, chosen to represent the city because of their spirited nature. The shield's symbols represent commercial activity and peace, while the motto Meliora Sequimur means 'We aim for the best' The main symbol on the shield is...

  • Slang

    Brisbane Local Customs

    Aussie slang is not what usually the word was oriiginally meant for example : someone tells you your gay it does not mean your sexual preference , it means your being stupid. Yes I know new one on me too, usually this saying is by the teenages . Australians are not all hyper sensitive about the coloured debate, so you may here australian...

  • Dress Sense

    Brisbane Local Customs

    Casual wear such as a pair of jeans and a sports shirt are acceptable at casual restaurants and pubs at night. Just don’t wear thongs (flip flops) work boots or go shoeless. Of course upmarket restaurants require a reasonable standard of dress.

  • Brisbane Exhibition

    Brisbane Local Customs

    This is one of the big events of the year - when for 10 days, the folks from the country meet up the those from the city. Starts on 16 August this year, starting with the cattle judging for the diehards (like my husband!) - and then the fun of the Show begins! While the kids rarely venture from sideshow alley and the showbag pavillion, without...

  • Vegemite

    Brisbane Local Customs

    Vegemite celebrated its 80th birthday in 2003 - and the jingle first used in 1954 "We're happy little vegemites...we're bright as bright can be.. " was contemporised for radio and television to celebrate. It graces the cupboards and tables of almost every Australian home. 22 million jars of this spread is sold in Australia annually - and it remains...


    This is meant to be the case, unfortunately, rabbits have found their way from other states into Queensland.Rabbits were first brought to Australia with the First Fleet, being released in the state of Victoria in 1859. The Rabbit took to Australia like a "Duck to water", breeding and spreading rapidly all over Australia.The first Rabbits in...


    Driving by car in Queensland is a great way to see some sights a little off the beaten track. All you have to do, is watch out for the BROWN TOURIST SIGNS. These give you directions, and the Route number, and make it very easy to find all the Tourist Attractions as you go along.


    Government House, "Fernberg," is the official residence of the Governor of Queensland, the representative of Queen Elizabeth II in Queensland. This is where the State Premier of Queensland comes if he or she wishes to request from the Governor a dissolution of Parliament and the calling of a general election. Following the outcome of such...


    The Clydesdale horse is known as the "gentle giant" of horses, known worldwide for its beauty and strength. The breed dates from the early 1800s when Scottish farmers selectively bred horses from Flemish stallions for their stamina and working ability. The breed is the Clydesdale. Clydesdales in Australia date back to early European settlement. In...


    Yabby races are a fun way of raising money for different charities in Australia. You will mostly find these races at Hotels and Festivals, or on a Charity day being held some where, more likely in the countrythan in the city.What happens, is a Yabby- in this case it was a Blue Claw Yabby/Crayfish, is held up so the crowd can see it, then betting...


    The Queenslander, is a type of architecture a house is built, mainly in Queensland and in the northern parts of New South Wales. It is unique to Queensland.The beginning of this style of home was in the 1840s and is still being constructed today. This style of house is built for the weather conditions of Queensland. It's made from timber and often...

  • Some BIG things

    We are a BIG COUNTRY...and Queensland is A BIG STATE (With an area of 1,727,000 square kilometres, Queensland is the second largest state in Australia) Well I saw this 'BIG MOWER' on The Steve Irwin Way near Beerwah and thought maybe someone is interested in seeing Queenslands BIG attractions so one I know straight away is THE BIG PINEAPPLE "just a...


    Love beautiful gardens, rare shrubs and flowers, native gardens, topiary and a lot more to do with gardens and gardening, then you must keep the "TOOWOOMBA CARNIVAL OF FLOWERS" in mind.The city of Toowoomba is beautiful at any time of the year, it is after all known as "THE GARDEN CITY." During the Festival, the city is alive, and there are so many...


    Barramundi is known to many as the premier Australian fish, a title I would agree with.The Barramundi is found in most places along the coast of Queensland. The fish is found in both salt and fresh water, and at many Fish farms in North Queensland.It is fun to catch as it puts on a good fight, you know you have hooked one if you strike the jackpot...


    Nepal has the "Yeti," America "Big Foot," Queensland has the "Yowie!"Take a scenic drive to Kilcoy, a small farming town in South East Queensland, to see the statue of the Beast.It's reputed to be half-man half-beast, and has supposedly seen by at least 3000 people between 1975- 1979The last sighting was inDecember 1979, when two Brisbane school...


    Did you know Australia's LARGEST SNAKE lives in Queensland. No need to worry about encountering this snake as it is harmless. It is found in North Queensland from Cape York and to the south. I have seen one when doing the Boat trip on Lake Barrine, the guide pointed one out sunning itself on a log.Can you imagine a Snake that can grow up to 8...


    Pineapples, if you have never seen them growing, then Queensland is the place to come. Pineapples grow well in warmer areas of Australia and in Queensland, growing from the Glasshouse Mountains to Mareeba in Northern Queensland.The parent plant has dense, spiky leaves and grows 60 to 120cm high. It is grown from the crowns or the suckers of the...


    Tipping is seen as a foreign custom AND generally is NOT DONE in Australia.It is up to you if you decide to. If you want to tip, just round up to the next full $. You may wish to add a tip to restaurant bills if the service has been especially good, even although this is not necessary. You may also like to tell the taxi drivers or waiters " to keep...


    I know it's spring AND the STORM SEASON is fast approaching in Queensland, when I hear the raucous calls of the Channel Billed Cuckoo who is looking for love! The channel-billed cuckoo is the world's largest parasitic bird, between 58 and 65 cm tall, can weigh up to 1kg, and has a piercing stare.. I don't know if it is correct to say we "lovingly"...


    Do you know what a Banana bender is?.......Probably not what you are thinking!!It is a person who lives in Queensland, they are known as Banana Benders......The southern states of Australia joke that Queenslanders spend their time putting bends into bananas. Of course they do not put the bend in the Banana!!!The Queensland border has been called...


    A shop-a-docket - What is it?It is what is on the back of the docket/receipt that you receive after buying your groceries. These dockets often have good deals. Some are buy one and get one free, this ranges from coffee, milkshakes, to fast food outlet deals and more.Holidays are often at a very reasonable price, and so are deals to different...


    An easy way to save money when filling your car with fuel, is to have previously bought $30 & over worth of groceries from either COLES or WOOLWORTHS stores.When you take a look at your receipt, you will find on the bottom what I have taken a photo of.Sometimes you may receive either 4c litre off, 8cents or even 10cents litre off the cost of your...

  • Anyone for AMAZING Coffee?

    main photo...Gaby of Le Baroque making a special cup of coffee for yours truly....not too strongJust the other day my French/Australian friendly chef told me we make the BEST COFFEE ... He said our coffee is AMAZING He means here in Australia WE make the best coffee...?in the world? I must clarify that!There seems to be a lot more coffee shops in...

  • Roundabout Ignorance

    Driving during your trip to Australia??Are you familiar with "Roundabouts"? Multi-lane Round-abouts are the traffic engineers cheapest option to solve a traffic problem. Developed countries probably don't have them!!!???You may well be familiar with how they operate if you come from a country which has lots of them.Read up on the rules of the road...

  • Restaurants - Bring Yer Own (Wine)

    Unheard of in lots of countries around the world, BYO is an Australian custom cherished by budget conscious diners unwilling to pay for heavily marked up wines from the restaurant cellar. One rarely finds a restaurant serving bottles of Australian wine for less than AUD 30. Given that the bottle shop prices for the same wine could be half or even a...

  • Big Pineapple...the sleeping pineapple...

    You have all heard of this iconic attraction...but just for the moment hold your horses....we have heard it is to be reopened and maybe return to its former here's hoping....well in 2012 it is a little bit open.......The Farmers Market on Saturday just reopened (Nov 2011) so that is a startNow in 2012 a Sunday Market is in progress as...

  • Mottos, Catch Phrases, Slogans

    ABOUT QUEENSLAND....The Sunshine State....and of course there is the worn out favourite 'Beautiful one day-Perfect the next" and of course as member tropicrd has reminded me we live in God's CountryTo gain an understanding of a country you need to know the people and to me the way we describe ourselves and our cities and towns gives an insight into...

  • Throw a boomerang

    Coming soon...more on Aboriginal Australia......Well I think Charlie Drake and later Rolf Harris sang 'My Boomerang Won't Come Back" and any I have thrown are in that category...the boomerangs landed on the grass with a 'plop' with no intention of coming back to me at all.You can actually find instructions on Boomerang Throwing on the internet but...

  • Camp Fire Cooking

    So if you are travelling around the countryside away from the maddening crowd you might try cooking in a camp oven. There is nothing like sitting by a camp fire and eating something cooked slowly in a camp oven....a flavour such as you have never experienced anywhere else.Look at the photos and you will see my utensil tree.....we were set up for...

  • Ask a Local

    Sometimes in Queensland you do not have to 'ask a local' they will wave you down on the road and ask if you are lost....This happened to us yesterday (St Patrick's day 2013). And no we were not even in the outback but travelling on the Darling Downs not too far from Toowoomba,...and we were there because we had been told by the locals in Cambooya...


    I am enjoying a day out by the seaside. Lunch is over, and it's mid afternoon. Mmm, I feel like something else to eat, but what? Ah, I here music coming! I now know what I will have, an Ice-cream from the mobile ice-cream van that frequents parks and public places. They play a tune so you know the van is coming, of course all the children know...

  • Celebrate Australia Day

    Queensland along with the rest of Australia celebrates Australia Day on 26th January each yearThis is our official national day and was formerly known as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day, and ANA Day. This date commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 when British sovereignty over the eastern part of Australia was proclaimed.In Queensland...

  • Driver Reviver

    Driver Reviver is a community-based road safety initiative of Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police Service and is operated by around 2300 volunteers...These friendly locals are waiting to make you a free coffee to help you stay wakeful and complete your journey safely.So when travelling on our roads remember you need to...

  • Don't Go Bananas

    When in Queensland do as the Queenslanders do and eat our beautiful bananas. Now the problem is the supermarkets are full of inexpensive fruit most of the time BUT you can 'bet your bottom dollar' these bananas are artificially ripened imports. Goodness knows where they were grown or what happened when they were brought into Australia to make them...


    Queensland has a fairly warm/hot, sunny climate, so you will find Queenslanders dress very casually. Loose, casual, lightweight clothes worn with sandals or Thongs [flip-flops] are the go in Summer. Queenslanders dress informally, although a smart casual outfit for going out to a restaurant is needed. Thongs and Singlet tops are usually not allowed...

  • Surf Lifesavers

    Swim between the Flags...if we can't see you we can't save youWhen you visit or main surfing beaches you should 'thank your lucky stars' we have surf lifesavers. They patrol our beaches....flag safe surf areas....erect warning flags.....conduct surf rescues.....Sometimes I think that Queensland IS Surf Lifesaving and stands alone and of course that...

  • Eat a mango in the bath

    Coming on to Christmas is Mango Time in Queensland....juicy luscious mangoes. So grab one ....cut....pull back the skin and 'hoe in' maybe even in the bath (see comment below).....Some years the storms knock the flowers off the tree and we wait in vain for the fruit...other times the trees are laden .....and as our trees are not trimmed mangoes...

  • Strawberry Time

    Around the Sunshine Coast some really beautiful strawberries are red and lush and just waiting for can pick your watch out for the signs especially along the Chevallum Road area just after you pass by The Ettamogah pub complex on the main Bruce Highway.( Exit 200 )Another place you might visit is the McMartins farm at Bli Bli...

  • Jacarandas in Bloom

    It is early November and the jacaranda trees are in bloom in Queensland. What a spectacular show especially in a good year. In 2012 the flowers are a bit has been dry. It is quite dramatic if there is a flame tree or a poinciana tree nearby to offst the purple with a beautiful red. Sometimes there is a carpet of purple on the ground...

  • An Ice Cream on the Esplanade

    Around the Sunshine Coast we love ice cream and it is a favourite thing to buy an icecream in a cone and eat it as you stroll along the beach or esplanade with the icecream melting and dripping down your chin.. ...When we are away on holidays we always try what other countries have to offer but even the marvellous ice cream you can but in Paris and...

  • Christmas in Australia

    Do you ever wonder....those of you who live in the Northern hemisphere what it is like to celebrate Christmas in Australia?Well we have Christmas trees and Christmas Carols and Christmas dinner....and of course lots of presents but unless we are in air con we are usually usually hot. Even so some families do serve a hot dinner in the middle of the...

  • Enjoy a watermelon

    We grow watermelons and there is only one way to really enjoy a watermelon according to my farmer watermelon grower man. Eat it as it isNow first you would really enjoy one of ours so come November, December drop by the farm......Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Make your selection...there will be a stall...send a message to me that you are VT and read...

  • Nobody Smokes Here any More

    Well the slogan says that 'Nobody Smokes Here Any More' and if you come to Queensland you will find our anti smoking laws to be the toughest in the country. These laws are designed to reduce the public's exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, contribute to a culture that supports smokers trying to quit, and discourage young people from taking up...

  • The Old Queenslander Homes

    Of the old fashioned kind......BrisbaneIn Clayfield on the North side of town and on the south side there are some amazing homes around Chelmer and Sherwood. Find Laurel Avenue on your satnav and you are in business.MaryboroughTo me this is the town that always springs to mind for beautiful homes and I think it is because of the beautiful Travel...

  • Have you seen the Min Min Lights?

    Queensland Outback....the real outback.Now I cannot show you a photo of the Min Min Lights because though we have stayed in Boulia twice we did not even get a glimpse.But we did have our own Min Min encounter....there is a very well set up display right in the heart of Boulia....and it is just a little bit spooky......From the web site:"Finally, I...


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