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Mount Isa Things to Do

  • Royal Flying Doctor Services Australia...

    "Without us, a lot of visitors to the Outback would be permanent residents"In a country with a huge land mass and scarcely populated remote, isolated areas, the Royal Flying Doctor Services was born. The Royal Flying Doctor Service provides primary health care in rural and remote areas, and performs emergency medical retrieval and inter-hospital...

  • Copper, Silver, Lead and Zinc Mine

    In The Isa they organize surface and underground tours. It takes you through the workshops and mine site.

  • Lake Moondarra

    16km north of Mt Isa is Lake Moondarra. - I think it was man made but I am not sure. It is a very popular spot for barbecuing and sailing. I was just happy to see some water again being all the way out there in the outback.There were lots of kangaroos in the evening.

  • Frank Aston museum

    Frank Aston museum is partly underground and has displays on the history of Mt Isa and about the local aboriginal people.There's also a lot of old mining gear and flying doctors radios and a huge crocdile skull.It has a bit of everything.

  • The mine

    The first metals in the area was discovered in 1923 and that is when Mt Isa got its name. It is a corruption of the name Mt Ida which is a goldfield in WA.The mine is extremely rich in zinc, lead, copper and silver. There are 4600km of tunnels and you can get to see some of it on a 3 hour underground tour. There is also a two hour bustour above...

  • Lookout hill

    From this hill you can see all around Mt Isa, you can see the mine (excellent at night when you can see all the lights), and you can see just how far it is to London, North Pole or New York. Just look at the sign!

  • City Lookout

    The City Lookout is right behind my backyard. From there you can have an unobstructed 360 degrees view of the city and beyond, not to mention the many photo taking opportunities.Pic was taken from the lookout while walking my dog.

  • Mount Isa Mine

    MIM, the lifeline of Mount Isa, most people living here are one way or another involved with the mine Without the mine, this town wouldn't even exist. One fine night. 9:14pm. My mobile phone rang. "Hey they're pouring the sludge at 9:30 you wanna go see?" "What's so interesting about sludge?" "Just come you won't regret". 8 minutes later we were at...

  • Underground Mining Experience

    Mount Isa is one of Australia's biggest underground mining centres. The Underground Mining Experience will allow you to venture 15m below ground to take a guided tour of the man-made mine, complete with around 1km of mine tunnels and a variety of operating machinery and equipment from the MIM (Mount Isa Mine) operations working in the mine. Wearing...

  • Outback at Isa

    If you are driving to Isa from the east via Cloncurry, you won't miss the Outback at Isa. It's on your left hand side before you enter the town centre. It's the first-time tourist's one-stop shop for roads and travel information, maps, toilets, and even showers and lockers. Don't miss the Riversleigh Fossil Interpretive Centre and research lab...

  • The gregory downs pub .

    Hi whilst in the area you must stop in the pub for a few cold beers or 3 or4 or;) haha you get the picture,the pubs in the centre of town and once a year they have a canoe race in march i think ,the barramundi fishing in this river is superb,although the locals may be abit reluctant to tell you the best spot.

  • Underground mine trip

    When you're in Mount Isa, ask the hotel/motel owner to point you in the direction of the underground mine visit.It's well worth the trip.It's free and if you can stand the acrid smell of sulphur, axphixiating on a bad day, you'll be fascinated by life a mile or 2 underground.Don't take the kids. The smell can be overpowering on a bad day.


Mount Isa Hotels

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Mount Isa Nightlife

  • BE THERE on St Patricks Day

    You have to join & pay a membership fee, but it's one of the only options for classy gatherings. Don't miss the huge St Patricks day ball. Get all dressed up & get sloshed on the good aussie plonk!

  • Dancing till dawn

    I think that it was called "Switches", we called in "Snatches". A sleazy pickup joint. But they'll let you request any song you like & dance all night.

  • Mount Isa Hotels

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Mount Isa Transportation

  • The Qantas Monopoly

    Years ago Virgin Blue used to operate flights to Isa from Brisbane but due to the small population and tiny number of tourists, it's simply not profitable. So now only Qantas flies here and the airfare sky rocketed from around $100 to $200+ - $300 one way from Brisbane. Anyway, try your luck on their website. You might get lucky. Trick is don't buy...

  • No public transport here !

    Travel to the surrounding areas is easily done by 2 wheel drive if you stick to the tar,if your wanting to go off road you should have a 4wd you dont want to get stuck out here believe me i got stuck in my 2wd and was sitting there for 6 hours before anyone came it was lucky i told them i was coming otherwise i couldve been stuck for days , be...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Mount Isa Warnings and Dangers

  • Cane Toad Alert!

    My first encounter with the cane toad was during my 1st year of Uni in zoology class. The department had imported cane toads all the way from the north to go under the knives of freshie dental students. Some students wouldn't do it. "Poor toads" they said. I remember my tutor quiped "They're pests so don't feel bad about it."The cane toads were...

  • Crocodiles ,big lizards becareful

    If swimming always take note of warning signs for crocodiles,and even with out signs proceed with caution never take any situation for granted a good tip is to try to stick to shallow flowing bits of creeks or rivers and steer clear of the deeper darker sections thats often where crocs lurk...

  • Creepy crawlies! Eeeeeek!

    There're 2 species of poisonous spiders in Australia, both are deadly: the funnel web spider and the red back spider. Fortunately the funnel web spiders are found around Sydney, on the NSW coast and in south-east QLD so you probably wont come across them in Isa. The red back spider is small, normally black with a red stripe on the back and is found...


Mount Isa Off The Beaten Path

  • Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine

    Turning left just prior to Mary Kathleen town will bring you to the open-cut mine. The existing bitumen road is in fairly good condition and the climb up to the mine is moderately difficult, with some fair size washouts. You can see the original washplant and staff offices on your right as you climb the range to the mine. Once reaching the top of...

  • Mary Kathleen Township

    Mary Kathleen was initially surveyed by a mining company to provide accommodation and amenities to the workers of the nearby uranium mine. The uranium deposit was discovered by Clem Walton and Norm McConarchy in 1954 and was named "Mary Kathleen" after McConarchy's wife. The company provided the entire infrastructure including the town, a dam on...

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Mount Isa Sports & Outdoors

  • Off road driving

    Are you a 4x4 freak? If the answer is yes, the Isa is the place for you! :) The great Outback is just 5 minutes out of town. With the recent rain, you get flood plains and puddles here and there for some actions, not the mention the flooded river crossing. ;)Pic shows my beloved Freelander that just went through the overflowed Leichardt River into...

  • What else can you do in Barra Country?

    Fishing of course. Barramundi is abundant in Lake Moondarra, only about 20km out of town. Pic is not the lake, but the flood plain I mistook for the lake. :pCheck out the website for more info on the Barra:Barramundi

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Mount Isa Favorites

  • eviltooth's Profile Photo

    A rare sight

    by eviltooth Written Feb 24, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: After more than 2 weeks of 40+ degrees heat, the tropical Cyclone Fritz finally arrived and brought 3 days of rain and thunderstorm. The Leichhardt River was finally flowing again.

    Ironically, while we were enjoying the cool weather (still hovering at around 35C) the mercury hit 41C in Brisbane and boy did they let us know all about it.

    In the lead up to the Brisbane record temperature bus drivers refused to work, trains went slow, there were please for schools to close and some people even suggested new work conditions - when it gets too hot we should stop work.

    The whingeing that moaned out of Brisbane in the last week, just because the temperature went over 40 degrees for 2 consecutive days, was astonishing. The caterwauling actually started 5 days before the heat arrived. The anticipation made headlines for days but when the real thing came, the media really overdosed. It was as if the end of the world were coming.

    Well these people want to try working down a mine, in a sheep shed, a cattle station or on the roads in the North-West during the summer.

    Funny how normally when we say it is a bit hot those in the city say we chose to live here so put up with it. Well, now they've had a taste of what hot weather is all about. They seem to forget they've many options for escaping the heat - seven-day shopping in huge air-conditioned malls, multi-cinema complex, lots of water parks, and of course the beach. Yes, we have some of this in miniature but there is definitely no beach and seven-day shopping.

    Now, the South-East corner of the State has felt the impact of 41C degree heat they might be a little more sympathetic to schools in the north being air-conditioned.

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