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  • Melba's Nightclub and Bar
    Melba's Nightclub and Bar
    by hayley_69
  • Hamilton Island coctails & sunset
    Hamilton Island coctails & sunset
    by aussirose
  • Surfers Paradise lights up
    Surfers Paradise lights up
    by hayley_69

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    Ballroom, New Vogue, Rock&Roll: Dancing in Queensland

    by wise23girl Updated Feb 20, 2014

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    So you want to go dancing? If you mean proper ballroom dancing mainly waltz, foxtrot with room to execute some variations you will be disappointed in Queensland especially if you want a real live band. You will find this happens in Dancesport Competition but that is all other than on rare occasions. Balls seem to be disco balls which I hate!

    Much of the dancing at present is sequence.....and in Australia dances choreographed here are called New Vogue and you need to know the steps to join in. There are some English sequence dances mixed in to the progamme and maybe a free waltz or two....if you are lucky

    Much of the music is tape music as the bands became too expensive.

    If you live here the idea is to go to a studio and become known and work your way into the scene.

    If you are a visitor you can find places to wriggle around on the dance floor...maybe a bit of disco. The RSL's (Returned Servicemans League) usually have a dance floor and music and some provide this free of charge. The music may be mostly disco but if you are lucky it is mixed.

    The Rock and Roll people follow their favourite bands.... again often at RSL's..... and the Bowls Clubs mostly have a dance floor as well.

    On Sunshine Coast Dale Eaton of Dance Obsession runs classes and dances in ballroom and rock and roll (+61 7 5474 1052)

    We go to Templetons at Eumundi on Tuesday nights.....Sunshine Coast...Ph +61 7 5442 8254
    (Find them on Facebook)

    For Sunshine Coast here is a list of ballroom studios

    Twin Towns Services Club(Coolangatta/Tweed Heads) has a dance floor and regular dancing in one section and more lively in another ....maybe only one spot in 2013....slot machines have taken over I am told!.

    One lively place in Brisbane is Jill's Jive they have classes and advertise that you do not need a partner and there is a dance now and again with a live band.... but you need to check out the timetable on the website. I have not been for a while but I have just been given on good authority that there is a lot of Rock&Roll.

    If you are in a small country town ask about and there may be a dance on at the local hall....often once a month.

    Alert....this website seems to be down....2013
    Now this was a wonderful and beautiful website which gave you venues, and regular dances for Brisbane and even some in the country Brisbane Dance Connection

    Try Dance Directory

    Now if you ever see a B&S Ball (Bachelor and Spinisters) advertised well it will be very lively.....and I doubt you would see a waltz....most likely disco all the way....till late!

    If this tip is to your liking do not go to a B&S! I just cannot dance disco

    Dress Code: Dancing only need to wear a tie for a ball(with shirt and trousers of course!). I think men look nice in long black and a black open neck shirt. At the clubs usually a collared shirt thongs or work boots. I have seen girls turned away from clubs in very skimpy gear.

    No hats in RSL clubs or the gambling area of casinos

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    Some fun at night: Lively Nightspots

    by wise23girl Updated Dec 28, 2013

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    More lively outings....till late

    This review will be one of my collective reviews to give you a few ideas all together in one place....but my main focus is meant to be on more lively night life...but I may stray

    Sorry but in lots of places in Queensland we go to bed early but if you can get out of town away from the bright lights the night sky is magnificent.

    But there are, pubs, nightclubs, cocktail bars,discos just have to know where to look

    Now of what have we for you in Queensland......probably the Gold Coast is your best bet in many ways....Jupiters Casino is open 24hours 7days (with one or two exceptions) with not only gambling but a selection of restaurants(one till late), Jupiters Theatre , TAB for racing bets, and for some live music, dancing, cocktails, and ACTION....The Atrium Bar. awaits you especially Friday and Saturday nights...

    Not far from Jupiters is Dracula's....sounds spooky but I have not been myself. This is dinner and a show of the macabre kind.

    Twin Towns Services Club is pretty good as well......right on the border of late and offers free entertainment (as well as shows in the theatre complex)

    In Brisbane you have Treasury Casino and there is entertainment and eating places there and again open 24hours...but not all the complex ....There is a Kitty Bar (2012) and a curtained area I have named the Kasbar...I have been assured it is 'on camera'...the younger ones seem to like it....can be reserved...what is the casino coming to now...Well the KITTY BAR was certainly 'the place to be' for the younger crowd on Melbourne Cup day 2012....Very lively I might tell you...we had come from a much more staid official function!

    Across the road from the Casino is Irish Murphy' it gets a bit 'wild and woolly' at times and goes till late.

    And down the road The Victory always looks to have a bit of action.A bouncer at the door keeps things in order. A number of bars...a dance floor....entertainment makes The Victory a popular spot.

    Southbank has a some cosmopolitan night life......and you might try New Farm and Paddington.

    Another member suggested Bacchus Bar...looks good

    Fortitude Valley (The Valley) is said to have nightclubs as well but I do not know any first hand.

    2013 Dec, Have been told night life in the Valley is tops...Look for a place called Cloudland.(bit of a shame if you remember the old Cloudland that was demolished by wicked men in the past)

    On the Sunshine Coast it is a bit quieter...a few nightclubs in Mooloolaba and Caloundra RSL can be popular with the younger mob....depending on the band.

    Now if you ever see a B&S Ball (Bachelor and Spinisters) advertised.... well it will be very lively.....and I doubt you would see a waltz....most likely disco all the way....till late!

    So please if you can help me out here with some hot spots for fun I would be very grateful

    Dress Code: So for evening be tidy...Girls not too skimpy you may get turned away....Guys wear a shirt with a collar and no thongs or work boots.
    Remember you need to carry ID for entry into many of these venues....I have heard if you are under 25 be prepared to show proof of age.

    Irish Murphys fun till late...inside
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    Home by midnight: Lets Go Out Tonight

    by wise23girl Updated Jul 23, 2013

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    More sedate outings that should have you home by mid night.........

    Well if you are in the real outback such as Boulia you may want to chase the Min Min lights or failing that spend a few hours at the pub but come in a bit closer to the coastal strip and you will find restaurants, movie theatres, live theatre, dancing, and some surprises such as very special music in Cooran ...and while on this subject there in our very exciting Underground Opera
    In the smaller towns you can always ask the locals as they know everything that is going on and will recommend the best place to eat....and the local dance...esp at Show Time when there could be an old fashioned ball.

    There are many places to eat in Brisbane but I do enjoy The Lab
    But there is surely more to do than eat so do plan to see a show at The Brisbane Entertainment Centre

    And at Southbank you must not miss the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre which is a premium events centre and hosts an average of 900 events each year, including many of Brisbane’s major exhibitions, concerts, gala and charity event.
    Read about Unique entertainment here You will be amazed.

    At the Gold Coast try Charters Towers at Jupiters Casino for fine dining. A outing I enjoyed at the Gold Coast was The RM Williams Show an outback spectacular. Dinner was served in the tiered stalls and we all had a great view....

    And we saw and heard the Irish entertainer, Daniel O'Donnell at the Gold Coast Arts Centre the home of art, theatre and the film....follow the link to the web site to see what is on....

    NB There is also this great website What is Happening on Sunshine Coast....updated regularly

    Dress Code: Oh please wear something nice even if in this modern age you can be oh so casual. Just the same thongs and work boots are banned in many places after 6pm...and a collared shirt is preferred. Girls can get away with 'being bare' to some degree which has always seemed an anomaly but I have seen girls in skimpy turned away at some venues.

    No hats in RSL clubs or in the gambling areas of casinos.

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    Any Movie Theatre: Going to the Movies

    by wise23girl Updated Mar 8, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At one time 'going to the movies meant' sitting in canvas seats and eating icecream or popcorn.....which you still can do in Winton...Outback Queensland and in Pomona Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Why you can even see silent movies at these venues!

    But picture theatres as such have mostly given way to Complexes where there are a number of movies being shown at any one time. Many of these such venues are housed in the massive shopping centres which abound in most cities and towns. Find the main shopping centre and you have found the movies....

    There are still a few specialty venues which may show foreign movies with subtitles or something 'a bit different' in content.
    Nambour Arthouse Cinema (Sunshine Coast) is one such venue. Details HERE.
    And very soon (2013) there will be a French Film Festival

    Some places offer an upmarket service where you can relax in very comfortable chairs and sip wine so i am told...I am waiting to experience this!

    The current movies are advertised 'on line', in the newspapers, in the complexes, and in 'trailers' before the main show. Tickets may be purchased on line or at the long as there is a vacancy.For regulars there are other options. Usually too you are allocated a seat.

    A more recent feature is 'the red carpet'...You do not have to queue if you have bought your ticket on line.

    There is usually popcorn for sale and other treats in the cafeterias.

    You are asked to turn off your mobile (cell phone)

    Dress Code: Come as you are as long as it is reasonable. You will see some in more 'dressy' garb...others quite casual.

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    The Southport Sharks Clubhouse: Where's my dance partner - still in Italy.

    by unravelau Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We were seated right next to the band and alongside the more than adequate dance floor and the music started when we were halfway through our meal, but what a band! They were a fantastic rock group and boy are the Queenslanders a keen group of dancers. The music had my feet tapping and the grand-daughters, while not allowed on the dance floor, started to dance alongside our table as soon as the first piece was underway. The dance floor filled up with an array of mostly middle-aged rockers who seemed to dance as one during the cha-cha sequences. Some wonderful displays of 'throw your partner around rock' were exhibited and I was sooooo wishing for my Latin dance man it wasn't funny. If they did nothing else but provide great dance music here, they would have me turning up here every night. Fantastic night.

    Dress Code: Middle of the road would be the way to describe the dress code. From really dressed up to casual...and in some cases (like the band for instance), there were the traditional rockers black and white shoes, and the multi coloured jackets.

    The sharks live in the foyer -
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    Jupiters on the Gold Coast: Casino's galore

    by unravelau Written Jan 20, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I drove past this Casino a number of times over the time I was in Qld.......and I couldn't help thinking that some people might like to visit such a well known would have to take lots of money though, I think.

    Dress Code: I would think that they would have dress rules similar to other clubs in OZ.

    Don't forget your money.
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  • Just outside of Cairns, Nr...

    by DellyM Written Sep 3, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just outside of Cairns, Nr Edmonton is a drive-in movies. I guess that Americans are used to this, but being English, I'd never been to one before this. This was a great alternative night spot!
    We took along a couple of lounger chairs from the garden and sat outside (as opposed to staying in the car) taking in the movie. I ended up being totally distracted from the film as the sky was bursting with stars. I spent most of my evening looking up at the big, beautiful sky thinking how wonderful it is to be in the great outdoors.

    Dress Code: Anything goes, everyone's too busy watching the movie to notice what you're wearing!

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    The Entertaiment Centre: Out in the sticks at Boondall

    by wise23girl Written Feb 24, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is not a review as such so please do not rate here....just follow the link to my Brisbane review...
    The Boondall entertainment Centre

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    Reading Cinema: Let's go to the pictures

    by unravelau Written Jan 20, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It was very convenient for my son to take his daughter's while his son had an afternoon nap, minded by grandma.

    Dress Code: Comfortable gear

    Going to the movies
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