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    Finding Fashion Clothes .

    by wise23girl Updated Nov 11, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You have come to Queensland....you have travelled light.....and you find there is a Melbourne Cup Party and you want to buy that special dress (or a night out somewhere you did not expect)

    Now, sure, some of my friends who are tallish...and dark haired can wear black....and put together something out of nothing...but that is not me.

    Just last week I walked around Brisbane Mall on a Sunday....and most of the dress shops are those 'franchise type' all the same....nothing special....Maybe you will be lucky in Myers...or David Jones....or The Brisbane Arcade(but not on Sunday). You could go down to The Valley and explore James St or out to suburbs such as New Farm to find that one boutique.

    Do not bother if you are at The Gold Coast going to Pacific Fair at Broadbeach....I need to find somewhere in that area for you......(maybe Surfers Paradise)But if you are really keen come to the Sunshine Coast and to Buderim as right in the main street we have some real quality....and one I do not think is in my review is Gingers....very smart clothes here....not too expensive....and of course see my review on Julie-Ann Boutique.
    And I looked around the famous Noosa the other day and would you believe ...nothing for me in Hastings Street. But there is Classy Lady at Noosaville....worth a look. And I need to check Noosa Junction.

    And at Mooloolaba maybe Ebony Fashions will have something (you can always slip into O'Malley's for a Guinness if you cannot find something to suit)
    and not too far from Mooloolaba is The House of Hedwig found in The Mayfair complex in Montville....on the range...a new little boutique with that special 'zing'.

    And believe it or not Nambour on the Sunshine coast ...in the little one way street up from the National Australia Bank.Queen Street it is and now there is another fashion boutique a little further up on the corner as well.

    The Wardrobe 191 in TOOWOOMBA.....I called in here in 2013.....one of the better ones in an otherwise disappointing Toowoomba CBD.

    Now further north in tropical Cairns let me direct you to Elizabeth Shepherd fashions right in the heart of town.

    Now if you happen to be in Goondiwindi there is one fashion boutique (or there was ) that impressed me but I forget the name....2013 Found It! It is called Aitches....You are lucky we came through Gundy again!

    So good luck with your shopping

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    by balhannah Updated Aug 23, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MITCHELL marks the Gateway to Queensland's Outback.
    The town is located beside the banks of the Maranoa River, had wide tree-lined streets and many colonial buildings. In Mitchell, you will see a lot of "Bottle Trees", very old, and quite huge in size. .

    The Great Artesian Spa is a large open-air spa whose warm waters relax the muscles, ease tension, maybe revitalise both the body and the mind? Try the Spa!
    More Murals here, 15 in total, entitled Booringa Past, Present, Future.

    For some Australian history, visit the Kenniff Courthouse which is where the infamous bushrangers Patrick and James Kenniff were committed to stand trial for the murder of a Policeman and Station Manager in 1902. Located seven kilometres south of Mitchell on the St. George Road, the Kenniff Statues depict the story of the trial and capture of the Kenniff Brothers.

    The Major Mitchell Caravan Park is a good place to stay, and the Hotel does good meals.

    Located on the Warrego Highway 587 kilometres west of Brisbane and 176 kilometres east of Charleville

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    Go Horseriding

    by wise23girl Updated Mar 17, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are a number of escorted horse riding adventures in Queensland which visitors will enjoy.
    Often the ride will include billy tea and damper somewhere in the bush.

    Many cater for the more experienced rider though most will look after relative beginners as well.
    But never be too 'cocky'...best to be a bit modest...my friends and I usually say that we do a bit of riding and can walk ,trot, and canter and let the escort see for themselves our level of riding.

    Some rides are for an hour or two and some are over night or even longer.

    Not that I advocate long rides for beginners....I know.....I was stiff and sore for days many years ago and just think of that poor horse with a 'bag of potatoes' on his back...so off I went to learn to ride'

    One ride I can recommend personally is in the Noosa area.

    You can go riding on Lake Weyba just 10 minutes from Noosa , through the wallum, along the beach into the hills. The ride I did was overnight in the bush. I had a horse named Bruce who was just a little inclined to do his own thing if he could get away with it.

    Noosa Horse Riding
    Eumarella Road
    Lake Weyba

    As we drove down the Cunningham Highway between Warwick and Brisbane I noticed a sign for horseriding so follow this link for information.

    Also trail rides available in the same area at Bestbrook Mountain Resort though I have not ridden at either place.

    Part on The National Trail crosses in this vicinity as well.

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    Find Old Cars and Machinery Museums

    by wise23girl Updated Feb 2, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Now this is a difficult task in Queensland. You might even think the only place you will find something of interest is at a used car yard!

    But we do have some old cars and bikes , vintage and veteran and classic ...but many are in private collections...unfortunately one very impressive collection on The Sunshine Coast almost made it on view for all to see...was going to be on display in The Big Pineapple...but that was not to be....the collection is hidden away somewhere. My man has seen it but not me.

    Of course a few times a year there are motor shows...often around Brisbane. and the owners are proud to display their treasures. all polished and sparkling....but not easy for the tourist to find. but if you see a lady waving from a 1928 Hudson Super6 that might be me

    So where can you go ? Fancy a trip to Montys Garage Vintage Car Museum Glenmorgan Queensland? But I would make contact first...montysgarage@bigpond.com

    Montys Garage Vintage Car Museum Glenmorgan

    'Montys Garage is a 1940s style auto garage which is now a Vintage Car Museum with a large collection of restored vintage cars and trucks. 15 are displayed daily with the total collection comprising of over 70 vehicles with more to be displayed once they are restored. This is a working museum where you can enjoy looking at the cars on display or browse through the huge collection of auto memorabilia and large range of vintage spare parts and equipment'. from the website

    How To Get There:
    Glenmorgan is 55 kilometres from The Gums intersection on Leichhardt Highway and 64 kilometres from the Carnarvon Highway Intersection at Surat five hours drive west of Brisbane and 160 kilometres from Roma. 180 kilometres from Dalby and it is located on the Surat Development Road

    Lot 4 Sybil Street
    Glenmorgan 4423
    Phone: 0418 786 850
    Fax: 07 4665 6829

    Near Bribie Island (out from Brisbane)

    Just before you go over the main (loooong) bridge from the mainland...on the left there is a collection of old cars including Ford convertibles and other auto gear. This display is open to the public but it is still in its sorting out days, maybe still a bit rough....but worth a detour...and you can always go to Bribie Island....with the two sides (one still water and one surf)

    Yandina Sunshine Coast
    In the Ginger Factory complex you will find a couple of old cars and auto memorabilia.

    Coolum Sunshine Coast....Open Daily 11am to 4pm
    Coming in2013 at Palmer Coolum Resort a Vintage Car Museum with more than 100 cars in an international collection.About 40 vintage vehicles from Mr Palmer's personal collection are on display, with some stunning examples of engineering and luxury motoring through the ages.
    This has opened in a temporary structure and we were told today it is a brilliant display....in 2013 cost $10pp but is worth it.
    Here is the newspaper report

    Queensland Auto Museum
    With a collection comprising 120 cars, the Queensland Auto Museum is also home to a wide range of memorabilia and magazines.

    STOP PRESS You will find a wonderful display of cars, trucks, and tractors at Caboolture...just out of Brisbane at the Caboolture Historical Village....I almost forgot this one

    I also came across these ideas for your perusal

    Australian Motorcycle Museum
    3 Butlers Rd
    Haigslea QLD 4306
    Ph: 07 5464 4938
    Web: Australian Motorcycle Museum

    Queensland Motorsport Museum Inc
    PO Box 64
    Mount Ommaney QLD 4074
    Ph: 07 3712 0322

    Fire Brigades Historical Society (Qld) Inc
    Y.M.C.A. Old Petrie Town
    Dayboro Rd
    Kurwongbah QLD 4503
    Ph: 07 3359 6495
    Web: Fire Brigades Historical Society (Qld) Inc

    Queensland Transport & Main Roads Heritage Centre
    2 - 22 Mutze St
    Toowoomba QLD 4350
    Ph: 07 4633 2506
    Web: Queensland Transport & Main Roads Heritage Centre

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    A little place called Beerwah

    by wise23girl Updated Jan 10, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My memory of Beerwah goes back to the days we lived in Esk in the Brisbane Valley and would travel over to the Sunshine Coast .....and when we passed through Beerwah we reckoned we we almost there..... then in later years when we lived in Palmwoods a few of us rode all the way to Beerwah on horseback....it would have been 1998 I guess and I doubt you would get through today (2012).

    Of course today in 2012 when we think of Beerwah we think of Australia Zoo...a mecca for visitors to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

    But another surprise for you Beerwah has a BIG MOWER...see photo.

    Then Beerwah is the next town to Glasshouse Mountains and we are in Glasshouse Mountains Country ....the mountains being named by Captain James Cook in 1770.

    And if you want to check with the locals they will direct you to the very fine community hall and maybe even invite you to the local dance.

    To find Beerwah travel on the Bruce Highway north of Brisbane and take the Glasshouse Mountains Road (Steve Irwin Way)....about an hours drive.

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    Stradbroke Island

    by wise23girl Updated Oct 25, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    To find out where Straddy is Read here if you are in Brisbane that is a start.......ferries and water taxis leave from Cleveland.

    What is commonly referred to, as Stradbroke Island or 'Straddie' is in fact North Stradbroke Island. It forms a barrier between Moreton Bay and the South Pacific Ocean. The northern beaches face the Coral Sea.

    The island can only be reached by vehicular ferry, a 40-minute ride or by water taxi. There are three settlements on the island, Dunwich where the ferries berth and it is the main commercial centre, Amity a sleepy fishing village, and Point Lookout (a twenty minute drive across the north of the island) is where most of the holiday accommodation (units and dwellings) and residential housing is located. Point Lookout also accommodates the island’s only hotel, has a variety of commercial outlets and is the hub of the whale watching activities. This centre regularly hosts official whale watching groups monitoring and counting the mammals as they travel north and then south after birthing calves in the northern waters of Queensland.

    There are magnificent views form Point Lookout to the North, East and South. The North and South are seascapes whereas the view South also looks down Main Beach to the distant lower end of the island. This beach has vehicular access for an hour each side of low tides and is a popular venue for beach fishermen.

    The entire island is renowned for its recreational fishing. Another feature is two freshwater lakes, one is readily accessible by two wheel drive vehicles, and the other requires a four-wheel drive and a proficient level of off road skills.

    To date, the main industry has been sand mining but this is now being curtailed by government legalisation. Similarly, most of the fishing licences based on the island have been subject to a buy back and main industry in the future will be tourism and recreational fishing.

    The island is an excellent holiday venue and has the blessing of not one set of traffic lights.

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    An unusual beach

    by wise23girl Updated Oct 24, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well I recently read about cities that have beaches of one variety or another and I am delighted to tell you we have a beach in Queensland....in Brisbane the capital.

    Now I know we have cities on beaches in Queensland...but this is a bit different. This is a man made beach in the heart of town

    In my Brisbane pages I describe a wonderful way to explore Southbank and I even have included a splash in the water....so please have a look....and pack your 'togs'...swim suit

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    The Land of the Croaking Frog

    by wise23girl Updated Oct 24, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What a great Name! We were about an hour out from St George in S-W Queensland heading for Lightning Ridge (read more on my profile page) After an hour or so along the way we pull up in this little place. A pub across the road and a general store and we are in The Land of the Croaking Frog. Well when the rains come so do the frogs.They do not know where the frogs come from but come they do. And we are in Hebel in this land of frogs.
    You will not believe this but outside the general store were little tables set with white cloths and tourists were eating freshly baked scones with jam and cream. This place is FAMOUS and the lady of the manor serves dinner at night and we were told it is superb.
    And having a beer there is also "a must". The pub across the road, run down though it may be , was painted by some artist who is now famous. Do the sleuth work yourself...I do not know who it is/was..

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    An Absolute Delight

    by wise23girl Updated Oct 15, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Crystal Waters Eco Village

    Conondale, Queensland. 26K from Maleny about 1 1/2 hours drive north of Brisbane..

    It is quite a place! 650 acres of bushland.....

    It is a few years since we made the trip to Crystal Waters but I have living evidence of our journey growing in our garden.

    Our most exciting find was Taro...a special Taro grown for the leaves... not the usual one where you grow mainly for the corm.

    We cook the leaves...the NEW ones lightly...something as you would cook spinach.

    We also brought home 2 other plants for eating and Stevia for a sweetener.....

    And these days there is a market on the 1st Saturday of the month. For 2012 it will begin in February.

    And they are on Facebook

    Have a look here if you want to know about the services available such as Feng Shui, Wildlife Management, Violin Tuition. Unbelievable what is on offer....

    Accommodation is available. There is an Eco Caravan Park, B&B's, and Retreats...some private inhabitants may be involved with backpackers.

    If you want to visit it is suggested you book a guided tour....see website for details.

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    Those Unusual Events

    by wise23girl Updated Oct 15, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Now Queensland covers a lot of ground....see my introduction photograph so you might only be able to manage one or two of these events...and you have to be here at the right time ....but think how much fun it will be to go to the World Lizard race at Eulo in outback Queensland (and I have a contact for you) or maybe a worm race at Crow's Nest (not quite so far away as Eulo).....near Toowoomba)

    And I am told they still have Yabby Races at Kajabbi ....have to find out where that is........

    Running the Cutter ....a people race in Mount Morgan in MAY (nice time to visit)....look at the photo it will give you an idea ( well you probably cannot see there is beer in the billycan). We caught this event only a couple of years ago and it is heaps of fun.
    Mount Morgan is near The Tropic Capricorn just out from Rockhampton.

    A number of pubs still go in for toad racing....this is not my cup of tea...In North Queensland you will find the event staged at Port Douglas. Mt Tamborine is said to have regular Toad Races but I have not been to that one.

    With any of these events it is wise to read the website and just give a call to make sure the event is being held....it could be a long drive to be disappointed as things change.

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    Underground Opera in Queensland

    by wise23girl Updated Oct 11, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The first time I was drawn to one of these events was in response to reading about opera in other countries on the VT pages on Nemorino (Don).... but this Queensland opera is opera with with a difference I thought....opera under the ground....

    So where do you find Underground Opera in Queensland?....Well first at Bli Bli Castle Sunshine Coast....Bli Bli is just along from the well known beach resort of Maroochydore.... and the Castle is easy to spot.

    OH ....correction the castle is now 'SUNSHINE CASTLE" at Bli Bli

    Then if you are up in Central Queensland it is a real experience to attend Opera in the Caves.....now that is underground. Do read the website and learn about the natural acoustics of the Cathedral Caves. This event happens twice a year and you can check for details again on the web site.

    I lived in the Rockhampton region for many years and can assure you that this is an experience not to be missed.

    Another Queensland venue is at Swanbank near Ipswich but I do not have any first hand details.

    And also another venue Opera on the Island ....there might even be more......

    There is I understand Underground Opera in the Blue Mountains of NSW among other Australian venues.
    It seems there are other places in the world where events such as this happen ...and there is an Opera Underground organization.

    STOP PRESS ....a new exciting venue is on the cards in Brisbane...stay tuned

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    Fossick for Thundereggs

    by wise23girl Updated Oct 5, 2012

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Where you ask? In Central Queensland...out from Rockhampton the lady said.

    Do you want to become an instant expert?......well you can. We arrived at Mt Hay a few years ago complete novices in the art of fossicking...a kind 'early bird 'showed us the ropes and then left. Soon we were teaching the next arrivals. A little story I always remembered
    But these days it is a bit more organized and each visitor is provided with a souvenir bag, tools and safety glasses...you must wear enclosed footwear.

    Mt Hay has become internationally known for its 'volcanic crystalline birthstones' ......formed as gas bubbles of molten lava solidify on cooling.
    In 2012 there is a whole complex ... Mt Hay Gemstone Tourist Park...cafe, barbecue facilities...the works. You can camp and go rock climbing or follow the walking tracks....and fossick to your heart's content.

    There is access for the disabled and pets are allowed.

    Open 7 days.....

    For details of how thunder eggs are formed read here

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    Chevron Island, Gold Coast

    by wise23girl Updated Oct 5, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you think of all the places on the Gold Coast I bet you hardly give Chevron Island a thought....that is unless you have read my Secret Garden review

    Now Chevron Island is at the back of the 'glam' Surfer's Paradise. And it is a little oasis....maybe a little suburb where you can return to 'normal' life and find a post office and things such as that...
    At the moment there are signs of development...some new shops...old ones gone. A new cafe for you to try. Oh and it is an excellent shoe shop...NOT trashy

    But it is nice to be able to walk around the block...fine some ordinary shops ...and that elusive post office...and plenty of parking...in the street behind...and you can find a new entrance to The Secret Garden at the back as well.

    42 Thomas Drive Chevron Island Gold Coast Qld.

    From Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast find Thomas Drive , go over the bridge and continue till you find the little shopping centre. Not a bad walk from Surfers if you like a bit of exercise.

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    Hartwood Camp Fires and Country Music NSW

    by wise23girl Updated Sep 17, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I wrote this review I did not have an Australia Page so with a bit of a stretch of the imagination lets have a Queensland tip for NSW.

    If you are visiting Queensland or even live there this is very 'doable' from Brisbane.

    Every Easter there is a wonderful activity in central NSW on a property called "Hartwood" somewhere between Coolah and Tanbar Springs. This is south of Tamworth.
    You need to be set up for camping.

    Here is the link to Hartwood Festival

    Cost is very reasonable....

    Begin reading my Off The Beaten Path Reviews here


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    Baffling Phenomenon

    by wise23girl Updated Sep 17, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    South Kolan, Bundaberg area

    My sister-in-law lived in Maryborough, which was not so very far away, for some years and had never heard of the Mystery Craters until they happened upon the complex by chance and to this day there is still not much written about this baffling phenomenon.

    I guess what you feel when you see the craters is a fascination... amazement....what caused this strange formation you wonder?

    It is said the craters are over 25 million years old.

    "Since their discovery in 1971, the origins of the 35 oddly shaped craters have remained the subject of controversy. The mottled mixture of sandstone and ochre stain have been the subject of many investigations and various theories have been offered."

    There is a kiosk, and a display of photographs, memorabilia, and fossils for you to enjoy as well.

    Facilities include
    Access With Assistance for the Disabled
    Access Without Assistance for the Disabled
    Car park
    First Aid Equipment
    Parking for the Disabled
    Public toilet
    Shaded Area
    Sheltered Area
    Toilet facilities for the Disabled
    Viewing Platform
    Visitor Information Centre

    Mystery Craters is on the main road from Bundaberg to Gin Gin. Mystery Craters sign is 400 metres from the entry, approximately 25 minutes from Bundaberg Drive, and 25 minutes from Gin Gin if travelling from the north.

    So put Mystery Craters into your Queensland plan of 'Things to Do'...You will be amazed.

    Just give a call and check opening times...always wise for out of the way places in Australia.

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