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  • Jabiru Stork overhead
    Jabiru Stork overhead
    by iandsmith
  • The kronosaurus model outside the museum
    The kronosaurus model outside the museum
    by iandsmith
  • Now there's a set of choppers
    Now there's a set of choppers
    by iandsmith

Richmond Things to Do

  • Moon rocks

    The fossils are now just sitting there, in sand, on display, just like they found them (although one was upside down) along with several other skeletal remnants, many supplied by people such as Wayne Rhodes, whose enthusiasm sadly is not shared by his wife; so he often disappears under the guise of “just checking the cattle” to pursue his hobby.His...

  • The advantage of good teeth

    All the foregoing doesn’t explain the thing you never forget about Richmond. It’s those teeth. Because, 10 years after their initial great finds, the Ivers hit the jackpot.The Kronosaurus came to light. Far and away the best of its kind and this thing is a beast.You probably haven’t heard of one before. Well, as a predator they make Tyrannosaurus...

  • Find your own fossil

    I was lucky and had a guided tour of the museum with Rob and a busload of American students. They actually get 1,000 American school children out here each year to look at the museum in addition to all the grey nomads who roll through each day (part of 30,000 total tourists) and then head out to either of two public fossicking sites where you can...

  • Oasis in the desert

    "Just a couple of years ago they built a lake right next to the middle of town and it's fully landscaped, has exercise stops, playground for kids, free barbecues and is just a lovely place to stop (I know, I spent half a night there).It has led more than one tourist to remark that it's like an "oasis in the desert". It's not that they don't get...

  • The aftermath

    "The caravan park has had to expand twice and currently wants to expand a third time.A new motel was optimistically built, hoping the buses would come. They did and Rob reckons their occupancy rate is just under 100%.In July 2008 they made a free camping site available just two blocks from the dinosaur centre.The town's public garbage bins are...

  • Not to mention the Minmi

    "Of course, it was only 3 months later when the brothers discovered Australia’s best preserved dinosaur relic - period. That happened to be a giant armadillo-like creature called the Minmi. It was less than 3 kms from the original find.The Qld Museum were then given the fossils for 5 years to enable study.Next came the question, what to do with the...


Richmond Favorites

  • Other stuff

    Back in town there are historic signs on a heritage walk proclaiming the meaning of various sites though I have to say that there’s not a lot of architectural significance here, save from a few quirky rustic affairs in the back streets and a couple of notable pubs.Part of the reason for this was that fire devastated much of the CBD in 1923 so much...

  • Strictly for the birds

    It was probably here that I got my conversion. It had actually been fermenting for years, growing like a plant being fed occasional bits of food and thus expanding until it became noticeable.The spot was about 3 kms north of Richmond on the Croydon Road, I remember it well. The Fitzroy River, one of Queensland's biggest, flows near Richmond and,...

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