State of Queensland Warnings and Dangers

  • Bluebottle stinger
    Bluebottle stinger
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  • Pelican on his Lampshade
    Pelican on his Lampshade
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  • Beautiful Gold Coast
    Beautiful Gold Coast
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State of Queensland Warnings and Dangers

  • Crime

    Brisbane Warnings and Dangers

    Brisbane is one of the safest major cities in Australia, with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Both men and women should be able to walk around the CBD (Downtown) at all hours of the night and day and feel perfectly safe. There are no gang and very few violent crime related issues in Brisbane, so there aren't any "no go" areas as such....

  • Water safety.

    Gold Coast Warnings and Dangers

    If you come to the Gold Coast then you are most likely going to enjoy one of the long, white, sandy beaches. Beaches in Australia are patrolled by volunteer Lifesavers for your safety. Some people are not aware that they are getting sunburnt, and dehydrated badly! On the Beach, they have flags, and there is usually a notice nearby telling you what...

  • Marine Life

    Brisbane Warnings and Dangers

    It is a good idea NOT to go swimming in the Brisbane River, as it is home to approx 500 Bull Sharks. The bull shark is known for its aggressive nature and has been the cause of a few deaths in the River, and fatal maulings in the Gold Coast Canals. The bull shark lives in both saltwater and freshwater and can travel far up rivers and has been found...

  • Schoolies Week.

    Gold Coast Warnings and Dangers

    If you ever want to avoid the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise, well, when Schoolie's week is on is the time to do it. At the end of November, and the 1st week of December every year, thousands of School leavers converge on the Coast for a good time, I'm afraid its not a good time for a lot of them or for you! Drunkness, Drugs,...

  • Transport

    Brisbane Warnings and Dangers

    I know in some Countries there is no need to do this, as Buses stop at all stops. In Brisbane and suburbs it is different, you must put your arm out to "hail the bus." If you don't do this, then the Bus will drive straight past and you may have to wait a long time for the next one to come along. Look at the sign, and you will see Bus and a person...

  • Wildlife.

    Gold Coast Warnings and Dangers

    Pelicans, they love to eat fish!, so if you are fishing and there is a Pelican nearby, you had better wind it in quick, or lose it! They have been known to chase after people for the fish. Also, heading along the Ocean side towards Main Beach, on every light post if you look up, you will see a Pelican sleeping or preening itself!

  • Sunburn

    Brisbane Warnings and Dangers

    Brisbane is capital of the Cancer State! Yes we suffer the highest incidence of sun cancers in the world. Don't add to the statistics. Slip, Slop, Slap! Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat, Slip, Slop, Slap! You can stop skin cancer - say: "Slip, Slop, Slap!" .............and wrap on the sunnies to protect your eyes!

  • Crocodiles and other nasty beasts.

    Common sense should prevail when meeting potentially dangerous animals, wild cattle, snakes & insects in the bush. Give them a wide berth.Forty years ago the saltwater crocodile population was nearly wiped out through hunting for the valuable skins. Since crocs were made a protected species in about 1973, the population has grown to the extent that...


    In Australia, we have volunteer carers for wildlife affected by drought.Queensland is a large Australian state that is often affected by devastating floods and droughts, from one extreme to the other!In 2013, and at other times in areas of inland Queensland, the drought has killed many species. The poor animals have been found dead at dried-up...


    ROAD TRAINS ARE THE KINGS OF THE OUTBACK!Road Trains are found everywhere, but it is in the outback of Queensland that you will come across the larger ones. Just imagine a huge truck, the length of 10 cars pulling out to pass you, or you passing it! Something to remember is, it can take up to 2.5 kilometres to overtake a road train at 100km/h, so...


    Queensland is the second largest Australian state. The size of Queensland is 1.7 million square kilometres.If you have no idea how big this is, which I haven't, then this will put it in perspective for you and me! Queensland is seven times larger than the British Isles. If the State of Queensland was a country, it would rank as the 25th largest in...


    Cyclone season is important to remember when organizing a holiday to the tropical areas of Queensland.TROPICAL CYCLONES are the same as HURRICANES and TYPHOONS IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD, and pose a serious threat to Queensland. You can expect rain like water being poured from a bucket [torrential], very high winds, floods and lots of damage.You...


    From June to around December each year, Masked Lapwinged Plovers breed.The Plovers build a very shallow nest, of usually 4 eggs in a nicely mow lawn, playing field, or a lawned Park.The Birds, if you have never encountered them before, will most probably frighten you, as they are quite aggresive.They make distinctive calls, then the Bird that was...

  • CASSOWARIES (Endangered Species)

    One of Australia’s largest land animals is the Cassowary, which lives in the troprical areas of far north Queensland coastal areas.The southern Cassowary is the world’s third largest bird. Cassowaries are flightless birds closely related to the emu, ostrich, kiwi and some extinct species. You will find them in the wet tropical rainforest coastal...


    Summer, and with Summer in Australia, comes the Snakes.The snakes come out of their winter hibernation to enjoy the summer weather, just like you and I enjoy the warmer days.Even though it is a long way before summer officially begins, if the weather is warm, then the Snakes will be about.They are more likely to be sunning in the early morning or...

  • Those pesky GREEN ANTS

    The weather is warming up, so outdoors I head with-out any shoes on. It was long before I was in quite a bit of pain - I knew immediately I had been bitten by a green Ant.These nasty little critters pack a big bite, one that hurts plenty, one that will make children cry. I have found Tea Tree oil is good to put on the bite, it will ease the...


    Something you wouldn't expect in the "SUNSHINE STATE!"I does happen though, even in October 2012, a cold snap came through, and Queensland's COLDEST town, Stanthorpe and surrounding areas received snow. This isn't just a one off, it does happen once or twice throughout a year.Stanthorpe is always nice to visit in summer to enjoy the cooler weather....


    If you go to Fraser Island, there is a good chance that you will see a Dingo.A Dingo IS NOT A PET DOG.On Fraser Island, dingoes are normally a golden sandy colour who howl to announce their location and find out where other dingoes are, mostly at night to keep the pack together and to warn others to stay away. The problem on Fraser Island, is...

  • Animals on the Road

    In outback areas where cattle properties are vast ( many thousands of hectares) there are often no fences to prevent stock straying on the roads. Driving into a large bull lying on the warm bitumen in the middle of the night can make a considerable mess of both your vehicle and you. Kangaroos and other wildlife typically move around dawn and dusk...

  • Carriage of Alcohol

    The carriage of alcohol except small amounts of beer into aboriginal settlements in Queensland is restricted. Heavy fines apply. There are two areas in the Gulf : Doomadgee and Mornington Island and many more on Cape York where the restrictions apply.Ignorance is not accepted as an excuse. Even a Qld Government Minister lost her job over the...

  • Dangers on the Road - Flooding

    FloodingThere is a definite Wet Season in Northern Australia. While it may seem an attractive idea for residents of the Northern Hemisphere to spend their winter months travelling in the summer time of the Southern Hemisphere, many a tourist has had his holiday spoilt by taking to the roads during "The Wet".It is not unusual to see news stories of...

  • Snakes Alive

    Snakes are a bit late coming out of hibernation this year (2012) according to what I read in the paper as it as been a bit dry which affects all our wildlife. But it is now early November and I saw a gorgeous photo in the paper of two red-bellied black...their heads entwined just looking at the camera ...or so it seemed. March is another favourite...

  • The Hendra Virus..Bats, Horses, and...

    Queensland AustraliaIn 1994 an outbreak of illness in a racing stable in Brisbane led to the discovery of the deadly Hendra virus.Not only horses but humans have died. Dogs also have been infected."While the exact route of infection is unknown, it is thought that horses may contract Hendra virus infection from eating food recently contaminated by...


    Hitch-hiking in Queensland is generally accepted as being illegal.If you are here, you are NOT ALLOWED TO hitch-hike from a road, road shoulder, median strip, traffic island or motorway in Queensland. Residents of Queensland are warned NOT TO PICK UP hitch-hikers.Terrible things have happened to both the hitch-hiker and the person doing the favor.

  • Mind the Level Crossings

    We had a terrible accident in Australia recently and a train was derailed....This happensIn certain parts of Queensland (and Australia) the only way you know there could be a train crossing the road in front of you is there a road sign to warn you and/or you see the tracks. You might hear a train whistle or you might miss the sound altogether. And...

  • Just mind the Round-a-bouts

    In Australia we drive on the left side of the road and our cars have right hand drive.Queensland Traffic Guide hereNow I find traffic round-a-bouts very useful though the busy multi lane ones can be a bit off putting and there is nothing worse than missing your exit and being back on the "hurdy gurdy"And if you are in a hire car and used to driving...

  • Radar Speed Cameras and Road Rage and...

    Make sure you know the speed limit and road rules where ever you are driving. From state to state regulations may vary but where ever you are if you break the law you will be punished.Queensland Traffic GuideRadar devices are often placed in a partly concealed area or there may be a policeman on the edge of town in country areas just waiting . If...

  • Outback Travel

    We drive on the left side of the road in AustraliaMake sure you have good air conditioning. We were driving to Bourke, Outback N.S.W. one summer and I had to keep a wet rag to my face it was so hot,(no AC in car at that time).It was so hot I saw mirages all the time. Something you think is there in the distance but is not there. May look like trees...

  • Box Jelly Fish

    Box Jelly Fish Chironex fleckeri Jan 2013....Unprecedented number of box jelly fish in southern Fraser Island....7 stings in 8 fatalities...First aid close by maybe...Lucky yes? But two of the victims were airlifted to they must have suffered serious reactions. Well I have actually seen these beautiful deadly...

  • Know Your Traffic Lights 2013

    Written 2013Both pedestrians and drivers need to heed our Traffic Lights Warning System....I was told in Cairo "traffic lights are only a suggestion"...NOT SO HERE.For your own safety and the safety of others 'Obey the Rules'Red means stopGreen means it is safe to go (if others are obeying the rules)Amber is the period just before red.I advise you...

  • Blue-Green Algae

    Well what is a story without a photo but I had my fingers burnt showing you jellyfish so have a look at the website to see what the algae look like...just out of interestAnd if you think I got this off the internet...THINK AGAIN! I have a Science major stream in my Arts degree and sure, I had to refresh my memory, but I have been to many places...

  • Bites and Stings

    Experts at the 2007 Aust. National Toxicology Conference argue that Queenslanders or visitors are much more likely to die from snake bites, wasp stings or a reaction to tick venom than other Australians. 20 Queenslanders have died between 1979-98 from snake bites. (65% of them from brown snake bites).9 Australians died from wasp stings (1979-2005):...


    I do not wish to alarm you, but just want to warn you about Ticks that live in Australian bushland. They can attach to your skin when you’re out in the Australian bush and then feed on your blood for several days. In saying this, I do a lot of Bush walking, and have only ever had a Tick attach onto me twice. The first time, I pulled it out myself...

  • Paralysis ( Scrub) Ticks Part 1

    I cannot believe I have not warned you about scrub ticks found in the rain forest areas and bush of South East Queensland in particular. Can be fatal to children and small animalsUsually you will feel itchy and find the tick before the 3rd day after which you will succumb to the effects of the paralysing life threatening toxin it will inject . When...


    Are you coming from Oversea's and going to do some cycling in Queensland?Queensland is unlike European countries where there are Bike tracks everywhere to be ridden along, here, you mostly have to ride with the traffic. This is quite dangerous, especially when big vehicles pass you and the air sucks you into them. Often, car drivers miss seeing...


    At the end of November, and the 1st week of December every year, thousands of School leavers converge on the GOLD COAST [Surfers Paradise] & SUNSHINE COAST [Caloundra to Noosa] for a good time.I'm afraid its not a good time for a lot of them or for you!Drunkness, Drugs, Violence, name just a few, such stupidity that always results in...


    Summer storms are part of the Queensland way of life. We are used to them, but you maybe not.Storms are usually in the afternoon, after a hot morning they begin forming about 3pm in the afternoon. Strong winds precede the storm, with thunder & lightning, then the heavy rain and often the hail. Afterwards, flash flooding and damage.The hail is the...

  • Spike in your eye

    This has happened and the person nearly lost her sightYou see an interesting spiky looking plant (well I doubt this would happen to me as I am not fond of spiky plants and will not have them in the garden or house yard) and you bend over it to look more closely not noticing the spike so close to your eye.If this happens to you go to a hospital....a...

  • Using Mobile(cell) phone when driving

    It is not only dangerous but against the law to use a mobile (cell) phone when driving in Queensland.So no matter if it is OK where you live it is not OK here. Using a mobile (cell) phone distracts the driver and is a major cause of accidents......and every day I still spot drivers with their head cocked in that tell tale position talking on a...

  • Walking on Rocks

    I am thinking of walking on the beach and next thing you come to some rocks...oh what fun to climb and explore.....but do be careful...make sure you are wearing safe do not want to slip...nor do you want to scratch yourself on oyster beds especially old ones . Just be warned the scratches from oysters shells will easily become...

  • Diving Dangers

    We have many pools and waterfalls in the bush...and some spots where you just must jump in to cool off as the water looks so inviting especially on a hot day....But there will not be warning signs in remote places you must take responsibility for your own safety.Other than in crocodile country where you should not go in the water at all...

  • Keep Your Car Safe

    You come back to your car parked in a shady spot in a fairly quiet spot only to find someone has broken in to your car and stolen your wallet and personal papers.....and sometimes they have stolen your car!So whereever you park make sure you lock your may even have a wheel lock device to make it safer.....You expect trouble in some...

  • Dive Bomber Birds

    Well I can tell you first hand about magpies that dive actually stalked me for quite some time. I think it took a dislike to the gaudy bright coloured dress I had at the time.Pluvvers are ones you have to watch out is not only magpies.The birds are only protecting their nests and birds that live where they have never been...

  • The Deadly Stone Fish

    Now these are difficult to see...coloured like a stone all right...and I saw one in Toogoom (not far from Maryborough).. not only in a specimen jar but also just captured from the mouth of the river......if captured is the correct word...this stone like creature could not put up much of a fight ...except to kill you...painfully.The venom is located...

  • Itchy Itchy Tourists

    Those little midges you can hardly see...those sandflies......those itchy they can make your skin if they land on you and fact the itch can drive you mad... maybe cause great red wheals on the skin and you will need to go to the chemist and sometimes even a doctor.Apparently many locals develop resistance and are not...


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