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  • Torrens Island Market - Seafood Section
    Torrens Island Market - Seafood Section
    by wabat
  • Torrens Island Market - As fresh as it gets
    Torrens Island Market - As fresh as it...
    by wabat
  • Torrens Island Market - Great bread
    Torrens Island Market - Great bread
    by wabat

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    Torrens Island Market: "Lovely..... . You gotta buy them, lovely ladies."

    by wabat Written Jun 8, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Certainly not on the regular tourist circuit, this market is tucked away in the middle of no-where - though an industrial wasteland though only 30mins from Adelaide CBD. Its relative isolation means it is authentic, local and as such the place to go. A word of warning though – there are no stuffed kangaroos, cuddly koalas, gaudy boomerangs or other tacky tourist paraphernalia here (not that readers of VT would be seeking anything tacky!).

    This local growers open air market, located on the banks of the Port River, is a combined fruit and vegetable market and fish market of around 40 stalls of the former and a half dozen of the latter though the volume of seafood on sale does vary with the season and the time of day. The seafood is sold on a small floating jetty where the fishing boats moor. You wont find fresher than this – even the pelicans waiting in the water by the jetty know this!

    Nice fresh bread and other bakery produce, olives, oils and eggs are also available. While you can get a coffee – you drink it on the run – no seating area – though if it’s a nice day sit by the river.

    Prices are very good here but quality does vary so pick your own and check carefully. You will notice great banter between the sellers and buyers - both of whom have been coming here for years.

    Something different and worth the drive – a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning.

    Opening hours: Sunday 6am to 1pm (Go earlier rather than later especially if you want to see the small seafood area in full swing).

    No entrance fee.

    Location note: Despite its name, the market is not actually on Torrens Island but has a view to the island (with its power station across the river. That said you do follow the signs for Torrens Island out of Port Adelaide and turn of to the left into Moorhouse Road before crossing onto the island. Around 5kms from Port Adelaide and 30 minutes from the Adelaide CBD.

    Moorhouse Road
    (via The Grand Trunkway)
    North Arm

    What to buy: Fresh Fruit and Veg and Seafood.

    What to pay: Less than average

    Torrens Island Market by the Port River Torrens Island Market Torrens Island Market - Great bread Torrens Island Market - Seafood Section Torrens Island Market - As fresh as it gets

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    by balhannah Written Sep 12, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a souvenir that any young girl or even grown woman would like if she owned a "CHARM BRACELET."

    If you are from overseas, why not buy a charm of one of our Aussie animals, a Boomerang, or one our sights, like the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    I know my daughter loved getting charms for her Bracelet!
    It is something different, and something that will last until lost.

    These can be bought at Jewellery stores, or at THE CHARM SHOP in the City Cross arcade , Rundle Mall.
    They come in silver, 9ct, 14ct & 18ct gold. You can check them out on their website listed below.

    Australian charms
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    Jam Factory: Jam Factory

    by kelyeah Updated Sep 11, 2012

    Walk through the exhibition space, which is filled with work by local . Artwork on display is all for sale in a retail shop The store strives for perfection with most of the work clean line and design oriented.

    The Jam Factory is open:
    Mon: 9am – 5:30pm
    Tue: 9am – 5:30pm
    Wed: 9am – 5:30pm
    Thu: 9am – 5:30pm
    Fri: 9am – 5:30pm
    Sat: 10am – 5pm
    Sun and Public holidays: Closed

    What to buy: Local artists--craft, sculpture, metalwork, ceramics and design.

    What to pay: Prices range between $5.00AU to $1500.00AU.

    Jam Factory - Shop
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    • Arts and Culture

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    jetty road Glenelg: market-style shopping

    by adyw Written Apr 5, 2010

    Jetty road at Glenelg, is a quaint shopping strip open every day. It is a nice stroll with lots of variety in the differnet shops. At the end of Jetty road is Glenelg beach, a very popular beach destinations for tourists and very popular for Adelaide residents

    What to buy: there are so many shops to choose from. Fashion, Gifts lost of food shops and delicious icecream, it is a bit like shopping in Melbourne at St Kilda but on a smaller scale.
    After shopping you can grab some fish and ships or a yiros and sit on the beautiful grass or on the sea wall and watch the people stroll by. very scenic.

    What to pay: regular prices but plenty of sales and specials

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    Brickworks Markets: Brickworks Markets

    by kelyeah Written May 11, 2008

    Six-hectare of permanent markets and leisure activities, the Brickworks Markets is Adelaide's largest markets 10 minutes from the Adelaide CBD.

    The markets are centered around the historic and heritage listed brick Kiln, built in 1912. There are over 100 permanent stalls and shops plus each weekend dozens of casual day traders selling products and gifts from local crafts people and from around the world.

    The air-conditioned main market building has items from the latest clothing to handmade candles and soaps, fashion to floor coverings, leather goods and lace, food and fun. A huge fresh fruit and vegetable range in the produce market that also has a butcher, bakery and bottle shop.

    The licensed beer garden provides live music and entertainment while an 18 hole mini golf course, bumper boats and can-am cars provide fun for young and old.

    The Brickworks Markets has free entry, free car parking and everything is sold at market prices!

    Brickworks Markets Brickworks Markets

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    Shopping Centers in and around Adelaide: Shopping Centers in and around Adelaide

    by kelyeah Written Apr 22, 2008

    City Cross Shopping Centre
    32 Grenfell St Adelaide
    (08) 8212-2141

    Southern Cross Arcade
    52-62 King William St Adelaide
    (08) 8231-9294

    Bradford Neil
    135 Pirie St Adelaide
    (08) 8232-7688

    West Terrace Plaza
    60 West Tce Adelaide
    (08) 8211-8383

    Myer Centre Adelaide
    Rundle Mall Adelaide
    (08) 8212-1200

    Gallerie Shopping Centre
    20 Gawler Pl Adelaide
    (08) 8223-1699

    Adelaide Central Plaza
    Rundle Mall Adelaide
    (08) 8227-1566

    Adelaide Arcade Shops
    107 Gays Arc Adelaide
    (08) 8223-5522

    Citi Centre Arcade
    Lvl 10,99 Gawler Pl Adelaide
    (08) 8305-8888

    North Adelaide Village
    O'Connell St (Cnr Archer St) North Adelaide
    (08) 8231-9294

    Craigmore Shopping Centre
    Yorktown Rd Craigmore
    (08) 8252-5004

    Castle Plaza Shopping Centre
    992 South Rd Edwardstown
    (08) 8277-6733

    Elizabeth Shopping Centre
    Main North Rd Elizabeth
    (08) 8255-3411

    Burnside Village Shopping Centre
    447 Portrush Rd Glenside
    (08) 8338-1911

    Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre
    The Golden Way Golden Grove
    (08) 8289-3335

    Ingle Farm Shopping Centre
    Montague Rd Ingle Farm
    (08) 8396-6355

    Westfield Shoppingtown Arndale
    Torrens Rd (Cnr Hanson Rd) Kilkenny
    (08) 8445-2155

    Marden Shopping Centre
    9-21 Lower Portrush Rd Marden
    (08) 8211-8777

    Tea Tree Plus
    1020 North East Rd Modbury
    (08) 8264-9487

    Westfield Shoppingtown Tea Tree Plaza
    976 North East Rd Modbury
    (08) 8264-4011

    Modbury Triangle Shopping Centre
    954 North East Rd Modbury
    (08) 8396-5698

    Southgate Plaza Shopping Centre
    Sherriffs Rd Morphett Vale
    (08) 8326-1355

    Woodcroft Town Centre
    Bains Rd Morphett Vale
    (08) 8232-0888

    Colonnades Shopping Centre
    Beach Rd Noarlunga Centre
    (08) 8384-2067

    Westfield Shoppingtown Marion
    297 Diagonal Rd Oaklands Park
    (08) 8298-1188

    Northpark Shopping Centre
    264 Main North Rd Prospect
    (08) 8344-8701

    Parabanks Shopping Centre
    John St Salisbury
    (08) 8281-1508

    Parabanks Shopping Centre
    John St Salisbury
    (08) 8281-1508

    Hollywood Plaza Shopping Centre
    Winzor St Salisbury Downs
    (08) 8281-5755

    Seaford Shopping Centre
    Commercial Rd (Cnr The Parade) Seaford
    (08) 8386-3865

    Sefton Plaza Shopping Centre
    225 Main North Rd Sefton Park
    (08) 8362-8008

    Munno Parra Shopping City
    600 Main North Rd Smithfield
    (08) 8254 5777

    St Agnes Shopping Centre
    1244 North East Rd St Agnes
    (08) 8396-6241

    Mitcham Shopping Centre
    119 Belair Rd Torrens Park
    (08) 8211-8777

    Unley Shopping Centre
    204 Unley Rd Unley
    (08) 8271-1022

    Virginia Shopping Centre
    18 Port Wakefield Rd Virginia
    (08) 8380-8721

    West Lakes Mall
    111 West Lakes Bvd West Lakes
    (08) 8356-7488

    Woodcroft Town Centre
    Panalatinga Rd Woodcroft
    (08) 8325-2987

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    The Cosmic Page: Mind, Body and Spirit..... and books, too!

    by 850prc Updated Feb 16, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We stopped in at the Cosmic Page one cold and rainy morning. It was still early and not many shops were yet open. We were escaping the weather more than we were least at first.

    Cosmic Page turned out to be one of those mind/body/spirit stores than just relaxes you. Everything is warm and welcoming, the incense is perfect, there's the sound of water gardens and such, little tinkling bells and mobiles... you get the idea. And, they had a huge selection of interesting books and titles, too. (....some of which I didn't want my 16 year old daughter examining TOO closely :)

    I ::did:: see a nice "kama sutra" title that would be a perfect gift for the love of one's life. ; )

    What to buy: There's an incredible selection of high quality incense for sale. Also, there's all sorts of little crystal and china items (what we Americans call knick-knacks) of interest.

    And first and foremost, Cosmic Page is a bookstore, with a heavy emphasis on mind/body/spirit titles.

    Among the things they list on their promotional bookmarks are:

    Then, there's the "dream power seminars", the "astrological consultations" .... just about any touchy-feely thing you could imagine. For a moment, I thought I was in California.

    What to pay: Oh, the prices vary widely of course. You'll find that all items are fairly and reasonably priced.


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  • hennanights's Profile Photo

    Botanical gift shop: Garden Treasures

    by hennanights Written Oct 27, 2006

    The Botanical shop in the Adelaide gardens is a small affair selling garden trinkets, cards, books, gifts and souvenirs. There is also an extensive array of books on gardening and plant books. Its a nice store to spend some time browsing in.

    Related to:
    • National/State Park

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  • adelaidean's Profile Photo

    Port adelaide markets: Fishermans Wharf markets Port Adelaide

    by adelaidean Written Nov 23, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    These marketsare unique as they are found in one of the historic warehouses along the wharf at Port Adelaide. These wharfs are still used during the week, and on the weekends it becomes alive with tourists and travellers looking for something different.
    There are two levels holding 150 stalls, ranging from bizaare clothing to old vinyl LPs. If its tools that the men are after, then this is the place to find it.
    There are many places to eat, including the many pubs that one would find at Port Adelaide.
    While you are there, climb the Port Adelaide lighthouse, which is located right next to the market entrance.

    Related to:
    • Historical Travel

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    Three popular shopping spots

    by Winged Updated Aug 29, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I don't know much about the northern suburbs, but I can tell you three places I go - Jetty Road, in Glenelg, by the beach. Rundle Mall, a pedestrian street, in the city centre. Marion, aka Westfield Shopping Centre, an indoor mall building.

    Of the three, Jetty Road is the least effective for serious shopping; it's mostly smaller stores, not so good for clothes shopping, and it's more popular because it's near the beach than because the shopping is sensational. Marion is popular as it also has a large movie theatre and a few other fun things (bowling, video games). Rundle Mall has the virtues of both - it's outside and fairly pleasant to walk down, like Jetty Road, and it has quite a lot of stores, including large department stores, like Marion.

    What to buy: Are there any special items to be acquired in Adelaide? Adelaide's shopping isn't that great - I mean, the prices are reasonable but there's nothing you *must* buy in Adelaide that you can't get somewhere else for a similar price.

    What to pay: It depends where you go. Even on just one street, like Rundle Mall, there's a lot of variety - you could pay AU$150 for a top in one store and AU$10 for a similar top in a nearby store. It all depends on what store it is, whether there are sales... I, personally, tend to pay between $3 and $40 for my items of clothing and shoes, but then I'm a cheapskate and would never dream of shopping in one of the pricey places. ^_^.

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    Aussie souvenirs

    by Winged Updated Aug 29, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Do you want to buy Aussie souvenirs? Hmm, good luck! Most of the souvenirs in souvenir shops are cheap, tacky and made in China, Taiwan, or somewhere else not Australian. You'll see lots of things like clip-on koalas, stubby holders, and BBQ aprons imprinted with Aussie slang that nobody uses. Some of it can be good for a laugh, and some is cute, and this sort of thing is generally inexpensive, so it's worth a look - this sort of souvenir shop is mostly found in the city. Post offices always have some Aussie souvenirs (mostly stuffed animals, calendars and notebooks, that sort of thing). Opals are popular with some tourists and there are a few opal stores concentrated in the city on and around King William Street.

    What to buy: Some ideas of places to buy better-quality souvenirs and gifts from Adelaide are:
    -Hahndorf, the German town in the Hills, has a number of nice little shops selling foods, natural soaps and jewellery and lots of assorted craft and nicknacks
    -The Central Market has some good things like Hahndorf, as well as lots more food
    -Australian Geographic has a variety of Australiana, there are branches in Elizabeth, Rundle Mall in the city, and Marion
    -Tandanya, in the east end of the city, is an Aboriginal arts centre
    -if you're into art or science, the Art Gallery and Museum of SA have giftshops

    A stall in the Central Market

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    See Below: My favourite shopping spots!

    by digivixen Written Nov 7, 2004

    A few of my favourite shopping spots around Adelaide :

    - Rundle Street (not mall)
    Here you can find beautiful handmade jewellery at places such as Silk Route, Blue Chilli and Bimbo. Your best bet for designer gear is also here with high fashion boutiques all stocked with some of Australia's leading designers.

    - Harbourtown
    Harbourtown is located adjacent Adelaide Airport and features over 100 discount outlets with low prices on everything from jewellery to luggage. A ten minute drive from the CBD, on a good day there are some real bargains to be had.

    - Westfield Marion
    A large shopping plaza with many specialty and department stores (David Jones, Myer, Harris Scarfe, Target - they are all here) but probably nothing you haven't seen before.

    - Main Street, Hahndorf
    Great spot to find antiques and local craft. Hahndorf is an hour or so out of Adelaide but certainly worth the trip. Homemade fudge and great pubs are also a good way to kill an hour - or three ;-)

    What to buy: Wine
    Local artwork
    Fresh Produce

    What to pay: $10 - $100 AUD

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