Freycinet National Park Travel Guide

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Freycinet National Park Things to Do

  • The exquisite pink granite

    As you ascend to the Wineglass Bay Lookout, take a moment to study the boulders and outcrops all along the path. These boulders are high in pink feldspar which gives them their color. One wonders at times how some of these boulders ended up where they did. The only plausible explanation is that glacial movements shifted them to their current...

  • Heaven, I'm in Heaven, and my heart...

    When Liz and I saw Wineglass Bay Beach from the Lookout up in the Hazards Mountains, we knew something very promising awaited us. Visiting this beach was part of our plan for the day so we pushed forth and made the 40 minute hike down from the lookout. When we finally hit the beach, words could not begin to describe our awe! You see, our guidebook...

  • CONVICT QUARTERS and more.....MARIA...

    The area of Darlington on Maria Island actually pre-dates Port Arthur as a convict settlement and is listed on the National Heritage Register.It was once the home to the Tyreddeme Aboriginal people of the Oyster Bay area. In 1642 the island was named by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, then in 1802, became popular with Whalers. From 1825 to 1832 the...


    To reach Maria Island we caught the ferry from its departure point at Triabunna. We did the walk to the Fossil Cliffs which had good ocean and cliff views, as well as wildlife..... passing Kangaroo's and Cape Barren Geese on the way. Once reaching them,we were amazed to discover just how many thousand fossils there were here, the rocks were riddled...


    A MUST DO ON THE ISLAND.Start from the Ranger station (school house) and head the opposite way to the jetty. The walk will take about 2-21/2 hours return. Although this sort of rock formation is not uncommon, it is rare in a natural situation for it to be so extensively and beautifully exposed. The wonderful patterns are caused by ground water...


    A visit to the Triabunna Visitor Information Centre, located on Spring Bay and overlooking the Tasmanian Seafarers’ Memorial Wall, marina and local fishing fleet, was quite a surprise!Not only did we found out information and were given assistance about the local caravan park where we ended up staying, there was Internet access, rest rooms and...

  • Mt. Freycinet at Freycinet National Park

    There really is not much to say about Mt. Freycinet other than this peak, appearing to rise from the ocean, forms a dramatic backdrop to the beaches, ocean pools, and quiet bush paths where animals and wildlife is found in abundance. I know some trails take you along side the mountain, but I'm not sure if there are any that allow you to climb to...


    Mt Amos is part of the range of granite mountains, known as the Hazards, which dominate Coles Bay. The track to the summit is steep and strenuous Spectacular views over Wineglass Bay, with its sandy white beach, makes the climb worth while. We didn't get the best of days, so photo's didn't turn out like the ones you see in the magazines. This walk...


    The 6.4 kilometre road to Cape Tourville leaves from the main road just after the Freycinet Lodge. There are wonderful views along the coast from the lookout at the end of the road.A short, easy, 500metre circuit walk at Cape Tourville, with a board walk around the cliff edge gives you nice views of Freycinet, Wineglass Bay, Tasman sea, The Nuggets...

  • Whaler's Lookout - BICHENO

    Whalers Lookout, is a prominent hill in Bicheno. It was used by the Whalers in the years gone by, as a lookout for the Whales. Bicheno was a Whaling centre in 1803. This has now become a well established Lookout for tourists.It has walking paths, approx 400mtr and two lookouts, one to the south and one to the north. These give a wonderful,...


    Located 8kms from Swansea, this is another convict built bridge, built in 1843. It was constructed of field stones, and the parapet had the field stones facing upwards, this is said to stop cattle from falling over the edge. This is not used anymore, but stop and have a look, its right next to the main road.


    SWANSEA is on Great Oyster Bay and looks across to the Freycinet National Park. Its a pretty setting with lots of Historical buildings. Europeans settled in 1820, and it wasn't until 1827, that there was a substanial amount of people. In 1830, there were 150 residents and 170 convicts, the convicts working on roads in the area. The same year, a...

  • Pacific Gulls on MARIA ISLAND

    While waiting for the ferry, watch the Pacific gulls. They feed on clams, snails and sea urchins.These Gulls are very clever, as to open them, they drop the food from quite a height onto the hard surface, hoping that it will crack open. If it doesn't, then they do it again and again until it does.


    We loved this little seaside town............It was another fishing town, with the fleet sheltering in the harbour called "The Gulch" This is an area where Petrels breed, so expect to see plenty of these Birds. There is a lovely foreshore walk that goes for 31/2 ks, passing the Blowhole and giving good views of the Govenor island Nature reserve....

  • Coles Bay

    Wineglass Bay isn't the only walk that you can do around Coles Bay. You can go further as Seamandrew did in his tips or there are peaceful spots around Coles Bay where you can wander.I did such a stroll early in the morning to get all the shots you see here except for pic 4 which gives you a much better idea of what the Hazards will look like if...


Freycinet National Park Restaurants

  • DSwede's Profile Photo

    Freycinet Marine Farm: Great Fresh Seafoods

    by DSwede Written Mar 3, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A hidden gem here in Freycinet is the Marine Farm. After a good hike around the mountains, beaches and bays, a well deserved meal is that of fresh fish and seafood. The farm will make everything to order on premiss, but also serves as a fish market for take-away also.

    There's outdoor seating only with a couple umbrellas on the patio. Open 9am~5pm daily. But the kitchen closes at 4:30pm.

    Favorite Dish: The fresh fish, shirmp and mussels were all good.

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Freycinet National Park Shopping

  • seamandrew's Profile Photo

    Iluka: Get your water and hiking supplies here.

    by seamandrew Written Aug 7, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Look, nothing special folks, this is the closest shop to the park and offers everything including pre-made sandwiches, water, film, maps, postcards, food, fresh produce, etc. I would hit this shop before your trip to make sure you have all the essentials for your day hike.

    Also this place is some sort of camping ground or trailer parking place. So you can do this here too. Heck, they even boast a conference center :).

    What to buy: Definitely pick up water and if you don't have some, film.... Freycinet National Park is very picturesque.

    What to pay: About 20 Australian dollars I would guess

    Iluka convenience store.
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Freycinet National Park Local Customs


    NATIONAL PARKS Whenever I am out in the National Parks I always carry and use a strong insect repellant..I really enjoy Australias National Parks and the beauty and the wonders that they have to offer..I also do a lot of birdwatching in these parks which I enjoy immensely..but it seems , that wherever I go the bugs and insects are along for the...

  • The Clam shells on Hazards Beach

    As you stroll along the long strecth that is Hazards Beach, you'll find plenty of shell middens--seashell refuge heaps. These were left behind by the Aboriginees who once inhabited this area. They would come to the beach and feast on the countless clam and leave the shells in these middens located mostly on the sand dunes. Keep an eye out for them,...

  • Wildlife is certainly abundant

    If you take a close look at the picture (just about center) you should be able to spot a small little fellow we ran into while hiking across from Wineglass Bay Beach to Hazards Beach. Wallabies are the largest mammals that call Freycinet National Park home. Keep your eyes peeled for them. If you're lucky, they themselves will wander closer to you.


Freycinet National Park Warnings and Dangers


    FREYCINET NATIONAL PARK I arrived at Freycinet mid afternoon and really did'nt think of the time that it would take to climb to the top of the mountain and spend time there and then return.!! Silly me. Before heading out to begin climbing the mountain there is a small stall where ALL climbers must "sign on" in the "Hikers Book" that is located...

  • Do your part to protect the park

    As is the case with most forests, fire can lay waste to some of the world's most beautiful and cherished lands. In Australia, the climate is arid in many places and as such, one should take extra precautions to avoid lighting any matches or incendiary devices. It would also be wise to ensure no propellents like paper, gear lubricants, aerosal spray...

  • Freycinet National Park Hotels

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Freycinet National Park Off The Beaten Path

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    Hidden beaches are plenty

    by seamandrew Written Aug 8, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Along the many trails of Freycinet National Park, one encounters the very beautiful Wineglass Bay Beach and the powerful Hazards Beach. You will also have the good fortune of stumbling upon tiny hidden beaches not more that a car-length's wide and just as beautiful as its larger counterparts. There is plenty to see in this park and these little beaches are just an extra treat!

    One of several hidden beaches near Hazards Beach
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Freycinet National Park Sports & Outdoors

  • Swimming at Wineglass Bay Beach a must.

    Face it guys, you can't go this far and not take the plunge, or atleast a step into the beautiful torquoise water. This group had already taken their swim while others made their way in. I wasn't too far behind. Also see the hiker, he's got a ton of camp gear. He's coming back from the campground at the south end of this beach. Swimsuit and some...

  • More on hiking.

    Again, many trails are available and some are a bit more difficult to traverse than others. Don't be discouraged, keep going because something wonderful is no doubt in store for you. One quick note, when hiking along Hazards Beach, keep an eye out for the clam shells. There's a reason they're there. A good pair of sneakers or hiking shoes, some...

  • Be prepared to hike!

    As I have mentioned in other tips on this page, one of the most intriguing attributes of this park is it's remoteness and how accessibility is limited to treks by foot. Well, for those of you who are hiking enthusiasts, this place is an ideal place to do just that. With trails that vary from easy to very difficult, and highlights like Wineglass Bay...


Freycinet National Park Favorites

  • Let's leave it as nature intended it to...

    One of the great attributes of Freycinet National Park is the abundance of wildlife that one encounters. In order for future generations to enjoy the same great abundance that we can enjoy today, it is imperative that we leave nature where it is and as it is. That is to say, if you see a beautiful shell on the beach, it would be best to admire its...

  • Couldn't be more perfect.

    While all of Freycinet National Park is without a doubt, astoundingly beautiful, Wineglass Bay Beach is certainly the highlight of any trip to this park. The bright white sands, coupled with torquoise water and calm waves makes this a veritable eden. All these things, coupled with the beach's remoteness from everything make this one of the top...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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