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    Visting Ross? Well, nearby is Campbell Town, take the time for the short drive, this town is probably not as well know as Ross, but is just as interesting.Campbell Town is located on the Heritage Highway..... With ONE HUNDRED HOMES OVER 100 YEARS OLD, where else in Australia can you see such Colonial history?It was established as an early garrison...


    Located in church street, Ross, this is a Museum, wool exhibition centre and the information centre.The History museum showcases early life in Ross, and has some very interesting pieces on display, the bath I thought was pretty interesting! The Wool exhibition shows the importance of the wool industry, there is touch and feel section and audio...


    A TYPICAL ENGLISH VILLAGE IN AUSTRALIA, this is ROSS, where you will find a fascinating historic bridge, original sandstone buildings and convict history.It is arguably the finest nineteenth century village in Australia.Take the time to walk the streets of this town, its only small and its delightful.There are 40 historic buildings in Ross. You can...


    The Ross Bridge was built by Convicts in1836, and is the 3rd OLDEST STANDING BRIDGE IN AUSTRALIA It is the most important convict built bridge in Australia. The stone work is beautiful, it was done by two convict stone masons, Daniel Herbert and James Colbeck.They were paid one shilling a day for their work. Herbert was freed after the bridge was...


    At the crossroads in the town centre, is what is know as the "four corners of Ross" A building on each corner has been given a name, they are.........AND A SCENARIO......TEMPTATION - The Man O'Ross Hotel, established in 1835 Did you go to the Pub, and get drunk last night, then you must have gone to the "MAN O'ROSS HOTEL".....Well,I had better go...


    This trail begins at the Red Bridge, which is historic in its own right. This famous bridge, was entirely built by convict labour, they laid over 1 million bricks to complete the bridge. The bridge was originally built over dry land, then the Convicts were told to dig out and divert the River under the bridge. They dug out 1km on either side of the...


    You can do 3 different Heritage Walks, or drive around slowly as we did. There are so many different old style homes here. A bit of information we found out, is that lots of old homes in Tasmania have attics, you see the window in the top of the house. This room was used by the owner for accommodation for his servants, once they were in there, they...


    This is a large home in Campbell Town.A wealthy Doctor, named William Valentine who arrived in 1839, had the Grange built for him. His interests included Botany and Astronomy.In 1874, the transit of Venus was viewed from the Grange, only since being viewed again in June 2004. He died in 1874, and his memorial which was put up by the community, is...


    The Uniting church was built in 1885. We walked inside and had a browse. The font has a carved Cherubim, and the stained glass windows are beautiful.

  • The churches of Ross

    Ross has three churches. I won’t pretend we did much more than take some photos: limited time prevented closer inspections, so that will have to await another visit. Still, all three are substantial and look interesting. Taking them in the sequence from the northern (Launceston) end of Church St, the Anglican Church (main photo) is on your left. It...

  • The main street

    One reason that Ross is so original is that it has barely grown past its mid-1800s beginnings. Unlike many other towns which boomed after mining finds, or with industrial development, Ross remained simply a centre for the local rural industries. So there was little pressure to demolish and rebuild and 20th century-style buildings are hard to find!...

  • The Tasmanian Wool Centre

    The name had me thinking, “wool is great for keeping warm, but this sounds boring” – however I’m glad to say there is more to this centre which well merits a visit. Dating from as far back as 1988 and built for Australia’s Bicentenary in period style, this building houses a good little museum; the Information Centre; a shop selling local crafts,...


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  • Old fashioned Bakery

    Whilst walking the streets of Ross, we noticed the old bakery in the main street.Bakery for lunch, it was decided, so in we went and bought a pie and Croissant, and took it down to the picnic area beside the Old convict bridge, what a lovely setting for lunch!The convict built Ross Bakery Inn[1832], is a Georgian house built out of sandstone for...

  • Time for a break

    It’s a chilly winter’s day in Ross, so would you care to join us for some afternoon tea? We’re heading for the Bakery Tea Rooms (main photo), more or less across from the Post Office. There’s insufficient time to test the “Famous scallop pie”, so a Devonshire Tea will have to do.The building (photo 2) is clearly from the early days, those timber...

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  • OATLANDS - Historic town

    Oatlands, 79ks from Hobart, full of Georgian Architecture. Oatlands flour mill, Originally the Callington Mill, began operating in 1837, and by July 1840, was producing 30 bushels of flour and hour. During a violent wind storm in 1909, the sails were torn away from the dome, they landed in Lake Dulverton and in 1912, it was gutted by fire. The...

  • KEMPTON, Historic town near Hobart

    Kempton is a classified historic town, situated 49ks from Hobart on the Heritage Highway. It was 1st settled in 1814, and was known as "Green Ponds" The 1st land grant went to an Andrew Kemp, who had a large amount of land, so, eventually, the name was changed to "Kempton" His property was "Mount Vernon" which is south of Kempton. The highway...

  • But where did the convicts live?

    Ah yes, a very good question! Transportation to Van Diemen’s Land ceased in 1853 following pressure from the Anti-Transportation League. The League was concerned more with enhancing the social status of the Colony than with humanitarian objectives, and was instrumental in having the Colony’s name changed to "Tasmania" in 1856 – ask any marketer,...


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