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  • Tannin and foam on the stream
    Tannin and foam on the stream
    by iandsmith
  • Bracket fungi on the Hogarth Falls walk
    Bracket fungi on the Hogarth Falls walk
    by iandsmith
  • Stream below Hogarth Falls
    Stream below Hogarth Falls
    by iandsmith

Strahan Things to Do

  • Hogarth Falls

    This track is located in the Peoples Park in the Strahan township. You can drive to the park via The Esplanade or walk there via the Foreshore Walking Track.This walk will take you through an example of mixed forest. Among the towering gum trees, you will also find species typical of cool temperate rainforest, such as leatherwood, sassafrass and...

  • Sarah Island

    Sarah Island is the site of one of Australia's worst penal colonies and was in operation between 1822 and 1833. The prison was established to house the worst convicts and those who had escaped from other settlements. It is an isolated island, separated by wild seas and surrounded by wild inaccessible country and was ideally suited for its purpose....

  • Cruise the Gordon River and Macquarie...

    The waters of the Gordon River meander down from their source in the Central Highlands. They pass through an ancient, beautiful but inhospitable land of rugged mountains and temperate rainforest before emptying into the magnificent Macquarie Harbour and then to the sea. You are in the famous Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park at the mid...

  • Wilderness Railway

    The West Coast Wilderness Railway is a 35 Km Rack and Pinion or ABT Railway running from Queenstown to Strahan. The railway uses the fully restored 100 year old Steam Loco's that ran on the original rail line that was built for the Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Company.While the engines are original the carriages are all brand new and the interiors are...

  • Seaplane flights

    "Depart Strahan village by Seaplane for a scenic flight to the Franklin & Gordon Rivers. A featured highlight of this tour is a landing on the world renowned Gordon River. Other attractions on this exciting tour include panoramic views of Hells Gates and Sarah Island. Enjoy views of Frenchmans Cap as we join the Franklin River at Mt McCall. After...

  • The Gordon River Cruise

    Let me state right here, I didn't go on it. However, after speaking to several people who have, no-one has a bad word to say about it. It is the number one thing tourists come to Strahan to do so I thought I'd better mention here. Here is the blurb from their brochure.•See some of Australia's oldest convict ruins on Sarah Island, a settlement which...

  • Water plus sunset

    Ah yes, the two combined can often give one such visual pleasure and though the only one I got while at Strachan (my third trip there) isn't great, it was pleasant to watch.I made a point of getting around to Regatta Point next to the old Railway Station from where the Abt departs because there are a couple of rotting jettys there that made for a...

  • More on the Abt

    Meanwhile, Rosemarie has teamed up with Barbara, an effervescent lady who puts life into perspective. She and her partner are seated in the adjacent seats; her partner is in a wheelchair. Turns out he has something extremely rare, similar to motor-neurone disease that has turned a once large and vibrant man into a gibbering wreck in just two years....

  • Interesting facts

    The restored Abt has been extremely lucky in that 3 of the original steam locos have been restored and are in use. Another is in a museum in Hobart and the last one was scrapped for spare parts. They were also lucky because the two feasibility studies into the project both said it wouldn’t work.Looking down the steep sided King’s River Canyon into...

  • The reason why

    And all this was just so they could haul 120 tons of ore from Queenstown to a port. The ore is over 90% pure and copper is the main ingredient. It was only discovered after the initial gold rush petered out and some clever person sent a sample to be assayed in Melbourne and found it was rich in so many other things.None of this sunk in to...

  • The Abt Railway

    I’d heard about it from time to time. It was happening; funding was woefully short; it was in limbo; it was a must see. All this of course referred to the Abt Railway that runs between Queenstown and Strachan. All the statements were true. The initial government Bi-Centenary funding of 20 million was about 13 million short and it took a long time...

  • Peoples Park and Hogarth Falls

    From Strahan town centre it is a small walk to the Peoples Park, a very green, tropical forest with waterfalls (Hogarth Falls) and exciting nature! If you like to explore, go for it!

  • Take a Walk to Hogarth Falls

    I found this walk in a 'Great Short Walks' of Tasmania brochure that I sent off for. You can also download it from the website below. It proved to be very helpful as we travelled around Tasmania. This walk was a very nice one and a great thing to do if you are in Strahan for a day or two. If you start from the carpark, this walk should take about...

  • World Heritage Cruise - Gordon River...

    I found the World Heritage Cruises to be a good deal, so we booked this for our full day in Strahan. There were a couple of options for cruises... the express morning didn't look like the best deal ... the full cruise could either be taken at 9am or 2pm, so we chose the 9am-3pm cruise. This cruise was $65 for adults, $25 for kids 5-14 or free for...

  • Far End of the Harbour

    Turn right after hitting the harbour and you leave the main activity centre. I was searching for the Post Office and was rewarded instead with a rather lonely stretch of gravel path that lead me to a rickety wooden pier with a solitary fisherman trying his luck out in this lovely spot. Good spot for photography especially during dusk!

  • Catch Strahan's panorama from Water...

    Technically not a hill, but more of a crest. There is a flight of stairs behind the Hilltop Motor Inn and you could do a quick climb up to the top to catch a panorama of Strahan's beautiful harbourfront and the Esplanade. Along the way, there are plenty of holly shrubs adorning the steps. At the top of the stairs are the harbourview deluxe rooms of...

  • Strahan Harbour

    You cannot escape its presence. It's just 10-15 minutes downhill from town and you will find all the hotels, restaurants & delis, adventure tours companies, souvenir shops & photo developing shops all hugging each other along this little stretch of road. There is a little park here where you can take a seat, zone out and watch the world go by. Or...

  • People's Park & Hogarth Falls

    People's Park is about a 20 minutes walk from the harbour and is just opposite Risdon Cove. Lovely place to be if the weather is kind enough. (The weather at Strahan emotes) Take a stroll through nature, with the air thick with the smell of flora and hear the rustle of leaves under your feet! (Try: Hunting for the Sassafras Tree while you're...


Strahan Hotels

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Strahan Restaurants

  • One of a few Open Restaurants

    This bar & grill seemed to us to be about the only restaurant opened in Strahan after 6pm in non-peak season. There were menus, but they didn't include the specials which were written above the counter... it annoyed me that you couldn't sit down and read the specials, so I ordered from the main menu. The food was decent, but the service was below...

  • Downtown at the Hamer

    One of the few sit down restaurants in Strahan that was open in August was Hamer's Hotel Bar and Grill. It must be tough to get a real quality place to stay open there in a town of only 500 people, and it showed in the meal here.I had one of the specials, the chili prawns and I was less than impressed. It was decent food, but the restaurant itself...

  • 2 for 1 Pizza after 5pm!

    With Strahan being such a small town, some businesses that focus on morning goods such as bread, coffee, and juices for customers about to get on a day cruise need ways to keep business coming in until closing time. Since the cruise comes in around 3pm, Banjo's makes a special meal deal a couple hours later hoping that people will come in for...

  • Waterfront tastings

    Banjos is a chain of bakeries that can be found in many towns throughout Australia and it's good to see that you can get a reasonable pie here; at least tourists can get to sample some real Aussie tucker! I tried the scallop pie. It's nice but I certainly would rate it above many other pies I've eaten throughout Australia thought it's definitely...

  • A great spot for coffee & a snack

    Banjo's was one of the few places open in Strahan before we went on our 9am cruise. It is a great spot to get a coffee and pastry for breakfast... or they have a full breakfast. Also, if you are hungry when you get back, there is a special 2 for 1 pizza deal after 5pm - but they close at 6, so get there early if you want to have dinner here! We...

  • What the fish?

    Don't need me to tell you what this place serves right? (grin) It's a fish-&-chips joint, duh. Nothing much in the way of decor. They do try to go for a maritime look that made the place looked like ship trying to get its way into a kitchen. Nonetheless, still a good place to grab a quick bite (or if you are a big lover of fish) and a drink. They...


Strahan Transportation

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    by xuessium Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    This is the easiest way to travel from Hobart to Strahan. You can refer to my PHOTOLOGUE of the journey to get some ideas.

    The journey starts at 7.00am from Hobart from the long-distance bus station, with several stops along the way. Folks moving on to Strahan has to get off the bus at Queenstown at about 12.05pm and endure a 3 hours stopover, before boarding another bus in Queenstown at 3.00pm for Strahan. You will reach Strahan just after 3.45pm.

    We left Strahan from the Tourist Office in the early afternoon at about 2.00pm and returned to Hobart at about 7.40pm. There was no need for a long stopover in Queenstown this return journey.

    The ticket costs A$59.20 per pax, one way.

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Strahan Warnings and Dangers

  • Unstable weather off Strahan

    The weather off Strahan is very unstable, succeptible to high winds and storms (even though Strahan itself may have pleasant weather). If you want to try for a seaplane ride off Strahan, you may be duly disappointed as I did!

  • Call before you hike Up!

    As we get into town, we check into our hotel and read the brochures for the local restaurants. Based on the menu, we chose the Macquarie Restaurant. When we drove into town, we noticed that the restaurant was up on the cliff above town, and walked up these stairs. As we climbed the cliff and entered the restaurant, we realized that there were no...

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Strahan Off The Beaten Path

  • Road to Strahan: Queenstown's Galley...

    Queenstown was a 3 hours stop on the bus journey from Hobart to Strahan. Took the chance to roam around the place. The Galley Museum is housed in the original Imperial Hotel, built in 1897. (The Galley Collection and building was bought by the Lyell Council in 1985, and is now managed by a volunteer committee.) I have never seen such a quirky...

  • Check out the penal colony ruins on...

    I put this in the 'off the beaten path' category because it is only accessible by taking one of the cruises that stop here or some other rented boat... See my Things to Do tip for more info on the cruise that brought us here. I wanted to go here just because the island shares my name. :) It proved to be an island with an interesting history.The...

  • Road to Strahan: A mural in Queenstown

    Queenstown was a 3 hours stop on the bus journey from Hobart to Strahan. Took the chance to roam around the place.I chanced upon this mural on my way back into main street from the Galley Museum. Until today, I have no idea what it really represented, but I thought it was a pretty cool mural.


Strahan Favorites

  • Tales of the Pieman

    Sarah Island was a penal colony from 1822 to 1833 to where recalcitrant prisoners were sent from other jails when they committed additional crimes. They even had another smaller island right next to Sarah Island called Grummet Island where the worst of the worst were sent. About 1200 prisoners were sent there over the eleven years it operated. They...

  • Getting there

    To get to the heads you can drive along a road that takes you right there and, if you have a 4WD, you can keep going and drive up Ocean Beach as far as you like. I remember passing a lady with her two frivilous children who were having a wonderful time with a blow up canoe and then a couple of fishermen further on who really didn't seem to care...

  • Hells Gate

    The narrow 120 metre entrance to the huge Macquarie Harbour was discovered in 1815.Within a year, timber cutters moved in and navigating the narrow entrance and its sandbar was an essential hazard to getting the timber out to Hobart.A signal station was erected near Cape Sorell in 1822 to indicates conditions entering the harbour. It was manned by...


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