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Beechworth Things to Do

  • Visit the Beechworth Honey shop

    Beechworth Honey shop has a large range of honeys - all available to sample before you buy. There are also creamed honeys with interesting blends - for instance, with ginger, or fig and ginger and also with other fruits. We bought some Yellow Box Honey - delicious.Bottles of Honey Nectar are available as well. All prices for goods seemed...

  • Historical side of Beechworth..

    Beechworth...with so much to see and do in this wonderful old Victorian gold mining town..make sure that you firstly go to the tourist information centre for all local sites and information..all of the old Colonial stone buildings and more than 30 are National Trust have history markers out front.....make sure you read them they are really...


    First thing in the morning is fresh bread and croisants and when in Beechworth make sure you put the bakery on your "must visit" list.. so many different pies..cakes..and pastries..and different breads all cooked fresh 7 days...6AM to 7PM....breakfasts...lunches..snacks...and dinners...sit on the balcony have tea and scones..or coffee...

  • Murray Breweries & Carriage Museum

    The Brewery is open for free tastings from 10am-4pm. While you're there, you can also check out the Lighthorse and Carriage museum for $1 per person. There were some interesting old carriages and a variety of things used in the old brewery downstairs. Upstairs you can have a taste of their cordials - they have a wide variety including Chilli, Lemon...

  • Beechworth Bakery

    What's to do in Beechworth I hear you ask. Well, as one other VT site will testify, a lot more than you can see in two days. The one place you must not miss is the Beechworth Bakery. In fact, if that was all the town had to offer I'd still go there and I'd still have to queue up to get a pie.If Australia is a land of pie shops, this is one of the...

  • A different legacy

    Gold was first discovered in Beechworth in 1852. In fourteen years more than 4 million ounces or 115 tons of gold was found - with a value of around 3 billion dollars in today's prices.Of course, there were no environmental concerns in those days so, where the gold was sluiced became a bit of a barren world that these days makes for some stark...

  • Buckland Gallery

    I could have spent a lot more time (and money) in here than I did. This is one of those gems where you walk in and, who knows what you may find.From art, photography, quilting to bric-a-brac in general, you'll find it all here.Old volumes, forgotten styles of toys, I had ball just browsing from room to room.It was designed and constructed in the...

  • How sweet it is

    This is a place where you can indulge your sweet tooth. During its history since 1858 it has been a sweet shop several times but also a greengrocer, cake shop, funeral parlour and a tailor.It's situated in Camp Street.

  • Walk the walk

    Strolling beneath the elms on a balmy spring day, what could be nicer? I'd like to say I did that but, honesty prevails, it was a crappy day with blustery winds. The elms however, were splendid, albeit dropping tonnes of beige buds all over the road to the extent that, on some pathways, they were thicker than a deep pile carpet, akin to a dry...

  • Excuse my wallet

    Rosemarie's gotten quite a habit recently. It involves shopping, no surprises there. She's worked out that country shops often have some wonderful fashions that she's missing out on in the large city department stores. Too much of a sameness.To counteract this she heads into every second store with a dress in the window while we are in places like...

  • To church or not to church?

    Here you will note three pictures, all having the appearance of churches but, alas (if you're religious), only one is still used for its original purpose.The first one is now a Neighbourhood Centre but used to be the Methodist Church. They all date from the 1850s to the 1890s so are a wonderful time capsule of what Beechworth once looked like.The...

  • The post office

    As I have oft stated about Australian architecture, it's the public buildings that generally stand out and post offices are definitely a highlight in most of the old towns.This particular one replaced its burnt down predecessor in 1870 and is set right in the middle of town.

  • Harry Power's cell

    Between 1853 and 1870 a man called Harry Power, nicknamed the "Gentleman Bushranger", spent some time in the holding cells here at the back of the court house. It's always been a bit of a mystery to me how someone sticking a gun up your nose can be called a "gentleman" but that's another argument.He was variously accused of horse stealing, armed...

  • Brewery Museum

    I still haven't worked out where the Murray Breweries ends and the Carriage Museum begins but, when you get there, it's not the entrance on the corner. Otherwise you might end up wandering, totally disoriented, around the delivery yards and past "Do not pass" signs just to get out I did. (see pic one)Anyhow, the smoke stack makes it a...

  • Everything's historic here

    So, there I was, strolling down main street, when I spotted it. "It" being the tow truck of course. A classic Chevvy, lovingly cared for and still in use. It must be a town icon, no doubt even listed by the heritage people.Of course, I couldn't resist a quick snap, though Rosemarie couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

  • Tanswell's Commercial Hotel - storm in a...

    From an article in the Melbourne Age in 2004."Beechworth residents are angry after the name above the 130-year-old Commercial Hotel was changed this week from Tanswell's to Chriscoll's. The name goes back a long way. The late Thomas Tanswell, who moved his family from Bright to Beechworth in 1870, was shire president from 1878 to '79 and from 1886...

  • The flour mill

    In 1853 a water powered sawmill was built on this site by Louis Chevalier (converted to steam before 1860). It was sited after the bridge but before the waterfall. It's worth having a look at the historic document so thoughtfully provided by the local tourist people.In 1863, special grinding wheels were imported from France and it was converted...

  • The Gorge drive

    I got tipped off about this by the very well organized Tourist Information Centre. It's a road that leads you at some stage to the Powder Magazine (see previous tip) but the main attraction is the waterfalls and fairly unusual ones at that.They cut through the granite and are somewhat stark if you are used to rainforest cascades as I am. The rusty...

  • The Powder room (not for ladies)

    Built in 1859, this structure was used to store large quantities of gun powder. Gun powder was used to blast open gold bearing alluvial and quartz deposits. At the time it was illegal for anyone to hold large amounts of gunpowder unless it was stored in a magazine. It was closed in 1918.It has been restored and is managed by the National Trust. The...

  • The Lake Sambell walk

    Beechworth's historic Lake Sambell, where sluicing for gold was done, has been transformed into a lovely little feature for townsfolk and tourists alike.You can watch the early morning steam rise from the lake or catch the sun setting, feed the ducks of watch the rich sunsets from near the banks of the caravan park. You can also try your hand at...

  • Not for the sick anymore

    More than 32 buildings are listed by the National Trust and Beechworth is regarded as Victoria's best preserved historic gold mining town, containing a rich legacy from the last century. I thought this building was very interesting or, more precisely, what's left of it. It used to be the local hospital and, fortunately for us today, some of the...

  • Mount Pilot

    About 15kms out of town on the Chiltern Rd is Mount Pilot, part of the National Park. A dirt track will take you and your vehicle to less than a 5 minute steep but easy walk to the peak.It may not be the most spectacular of peaks, and at just over 1000 metres not the highest, but it gives great views over the rolling countryside and the low-lying...

  • Gorge Road Drive

    Gorge Road runs through Beechworth Historic Park to the north of the town. Heading from Yackandandah to Wangaratta, the drive could be seen as a town by-pass - except it's a very long way round and very slow, winding as it does through forests, historic markers and waterfalls. It's approximately 4kms in length (but seems a lot longer - this is a...

  • Woolshed Falls

    About 5kms outside of town is Woolshed Falls, which is part of the Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park. They're not huge falls, but the approach from the car park is from the top of the falls and there are plenty of rockpools for exploring and sitting in when the heat demands it.There's a viewing platform from above the falls to the left of the...


Beechworth Hotels

Beechworth Restaurants

  • Mod Oz with Med Melee

    New kid on the block in this busy gourmet region, Warden's is more than holding it's own, winning much acclaim for new owner's Rocco and Lisa Esposito (he formerly of acclaimed Melbourne restaurant Cecconi).It's Mod Oz with Med and North African influences (but sadly the deep fried courgette flowers in goat's cheese had sold out...) and certainly...

  • Best & Worst Coffee

    Searching for that good cup of coffee, either to start the day or a mid-afternoon break is a vital part of a trip and Beechworth certainly offered many options. But they sometimes came up with surprising results.The worst coffee we had was, surprisingly at the highly recommended restaurant, Gigi's of Beechworth. All the signs were good -...

  • A legend

    Beechworth Bakery has become a sort of legend in Victoria...and it started, Beechworth. There are now 3 locations across the state...and it's a well deserved reputation of being one of the best bakeries.The brekkie and lunch are great...but definitely don't leave without trying one of their pastries, pies or desserts.

  • Voted one of the Best

    Our favorite place is the Green Shed...but this restaurant is also worth mentioning. It received high marks with the Age Chef's Food Guide, the bible in Melbourne....and it's well deserved.The wine list is impressive...and the food was hard to beat.One of the best waitstaff we've experienced in all of's definitely the country...where...

  • Romantic Dining....

    We live in Melbourne...with some of the best dining in the world...but The Green Shed is one of our favorite places to dine!It's a small, cozy, brick restaurant with fireplaces in both rooms. The food and wine are amazing...and the ambiance can't be beat with the candles on every table. Beechworth, for a hidden gem in Victoria...and one of...

  • Gallop on Over!

    At our Bed & Breakfast at Beechworth, we were browsing the restaurants trying to decide what to have for dinner. I chose The Galloping Goat mostly because of its fun name :) It said it had French & Modern Australian cuisine, so I thought it would be a good choice and I was right! We took a short drive where we found the restaurant in a lovely...


Beechworth Warnings and Dangers

  • DennyP's Profile Photo


    by DennyP Written Apr 22, 2012

    When we arrived in Beechworth it was early afternoon and i drove to the local camping area..We were on an interesting trip this time around, and many famous towns that were thrown into prominence and fame with the finding of gold deposits in some cases huge "strikes" in outback Victoria.
    After arriving and organising a place to pitch our family tent a fellow camper walked over and said.."hey mate "! ,I wouldnt put my tent there as there was a large tiger snake there a while ago". So, discretion being the better part of valour I decided to move my intended campsite away from the original one and put up our tent somewhere else!...Never did see that particular tiger snake again ..and am glad for that..
    Tiger snakes are very venomous and if bitten seek medical help as soon as possible.
    Snakes usually will leave at the sound of your approach.
    Always watch where you are walking and wear good sturdy boots.
    Leave snakes alone !! do not try and catch the snake..
    Treat ALL snakes as though they are venomous..NOT all are.
    Common sense is the best weapon around snakes..

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Beechworth Off The Beaten Path

  • Glenrowan - Ned Kelly country

    Not exactly worh making a specific trip in its own right (unless you are particularly interested in the Ned Kelly legend), Glenrowan is the town where Kelly was captured and taken to Melbourne Goal and executed.It survives on its association! The main street (little more than a dozen buildings) is the main focus for everything commercial about...

  • Yackandandah

    It's a small, historic gold-rush town in the shadow of its bigger and more galmorous neighbour, Beechworth, but 'Yack' does have a certain, rougher edged charm. It's essentially the main street that's the attraction along with the Yackandandah Scenic Forest Drive.The main street has several historically listed 19th century buildings and with...

  • Mount Buffalo National Park II

    Its after about 25kms that the road reaches an 'inner mountain plateau' (best way i can describe it) where there's a huge expanse of relatively flat landscape surrrounded on all sides by peaks. Central to the plateau is Lake Catani - campsite, picnic area and a place for boating (bring your own) or swimming. The road at this point diversifies - one...


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