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  • Creswick Rotunda, 3/5/2015
    Creswick Rotunda, 3/5/2015
    by Kate-Me
  • one of the picnic tables near the road
    one of the picnic tables near the road
    by Kate-Me
  • Things to Do
    by Kate-Me

Creswick Things to Do

  • La Gerche Walk

    2.2 km, takes about 35 minutes to walk. Grade: pretty easy, just part is slightly uphill. Best recommended time: Autumn (mid - late April) to see the changing autumn leaves in this mostly deciduous forest. A huge triple stemmed Sequoia tree was formerly on this site (planted in 1902) but sadly it spent the last few years of its life standing dead...

  • for the kids - Magic Pudding Playground

    The Lindsay family of artists were born in Creswick and this Magic Pudding playground (currently at stage 1) recreates scenes from the book Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay. Currently there are swings, signs featuring some characters, a wooden boat, and a kind of wooden cubby house.

  • Historic Creswick Walking Tour

    By world standards of course, all of Australia's towns are very young, but when judged by Australian standards, we do have many historic towns which are still interesting - just in a different way to other countries.Creswick is a historic gold town in its own right. The district was settled in a small way as a sheep run in 1839. The gold boom was...

  • Picnic at Park Lake

    There is a rotunda, some picnic tables and also a small water jet fountain in the centre of the lake.There is a track around the lake which would take about 7 mins walk to complete the circuit. It's quite scenic but I wouldn't call it peaceful, as the main road to Daylesford goes straight past. If you want things a bit quieter, at the top of the...

  • Visit the Visitor Information Centre

    If you don't know where to start or what to do first, it's a good first point of call to get information you need for Creswick and the region, or a town map. Internet also available at a cost. It's a large, modern building that has been open for just a few years now. There is a large screen display showing images of the region, handy for visitors...

  • St George's Lake

    St George's Lake is one of Creswick's most picturesque natural assets and the one major "Must See" which I'd recommend to visitors.....but it's been closed for about a year for major spillway diversion repairs and not due to open again till about mid had to be drained 2/3 for the works, so it's not going to look the same again for a long...


Creswick Restaurants

  • Family Blend Cafe

    Family Blend is our newest café in Creswick. I've only tried the coffee here so far and it was fine. I think the most important part of the café for many would be the fenced off kids area. When I first visited this café it was with a friend who had her 2 year old son with her. She put him in the play area and closed the gate and we sat close by...

  • Children friendly with a kids play area...

    Family Blend is our newest café in Creswick. I've only tried the coffee here so far and it was fine. I think the most important part of the café for many would be the fenced off kids area.When I first visited this café it was with a friend who had her 2 year old son with her. She put him in the play area and closed the gate and we sat close by...

  • closed Pub around 2006

    The British Hotel has been empty since about 2006 and is now boarded up, faded paint and a bit derelict. A pity as location was good. I used to love the Beefeater painted on the top window (that's gone now too but you can see a pic below of how it USED to look)

  • French Bakery!

    Yes, since about 2012 my little town has even had it's own French Bakery. This is very unusual for a small town. Marie is from France and Paul, the baker, is Australian. So you can even practice your French here (if you're fast, as it's usually very busy!) There is a seating area inside at the front of the café, a sitting area in the rear with...

  • drinkers pub

    The décor is a bit dated. Meals are offered, but it's not as popular as the American. They do have live entertainment and shows from time to time however. A bit more of a locals drinking pub than specific eatery.

  • Pub 1

    For meals, the American Hotel is the most popular of Creswick's 2 pubs for meals. By 2006 it really started to get a bit of a name for itself (after hiring a former chef of the well known establishment the Grand Hotel in Mildura)Has an added 2nd storey function room on the back.There's also a nice outside courtyard and beer garden with views of the...


Creswick Transportation

  • Train to Creswick Railway Station

    The Creswick Railway station is one of my earliest memories of Creswick - going there when I was about 5 years old to wait for the train bringing my great aunt to visit from Gippsland. Shortly after, the station closed for over 30 years and it's only been in the last few years that it's been reopened.Now it's possible to arrive and depart from...

  • Creswick Map 2

    Another more detailed map of Creswick, with Ballarat-Creswick Rd (leading to/from Ballarat) running vertically in the centre of the bottom of the screen.

  • Creswick Map

    Here's a little map to help you find your way around Creswick. The Midland Highway (which becomes Albert St in the town) is the main road into the township.


Creswick Shopping

  • Op Shop Bargains! - open Weekends

    All monies raised at Recycle Central go to help support the restoration of the old buildings at Creswick Railway station, where in 2015 they had the grand opening of a Tea Rooms (to be opened at certain times, for certain events). The restored Creswick Railway Station has only been open a few years. Recycle Central is a slightly upmarket op shop,...

  • Pharmacy and gifts

    Creswick Pharmacy is located in the heart of the main street in a building added onto just a few years ago. It also stocks quite a good range of gifts (including some jewellery)

  • Woollen Alpaca products, spun on site

    This is one of the last mills in Australia still spinning colored wool. They use Alpaca fleece. The shop is quite large (but not everything is made on site - mixture of imported and local products)There is a museum on the history of wool and how it is processed.For the kids, especially on weekends, the Alpacas are in their paddock right outside...


Creswick Warnings and Dangers

  • Kate-Me's Profile Photo

    by Kate-Me Updated May 15, 2003

    If you're bushwalking in Creswick and stray off the paths, be aware that in many areas there are rather deep mine shafts...some which have been capped, others which are perhaps only loosely covered with undergrowth, and many which remain completely open.
    This mine, pictured, is one of many in Eucalypt forest only 5 minutes from my house, and very close to town.
    This is one of many Chinese mines in the town.
    Europeans tended to dig square mine shafts, and the Chinese round ones, not just because round shapes were less likely to collapse at the sides, but because the Chinese were superstitious and believed that ghosts could hide in the corners of square cut mines.

    Chinese mineshaft
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Creswick Off The Beaten Path

  • There's a lot of wildlife to be seen

    There's a lot of wildlife to be seen around Creswick, particularly bird life around St George's Lake (currently closed till mid 2015) and some of the other bushwalks near water. They may not be obvious at first glance, but if you keep a look out and stay quiet, besides the regular birds you could be lucky to spot a yellow robin or a Willy Wagtail...

  • Captain's Creek Winery, Blampied

    The Cellar door of Captain's Creek (an organic winery) opened in August 2006, though the winery itself had been there a long time before that. (situated on a 100 year old farming property) for several years. It's open on weekends or by appointment. You can also sample cheeses and have light meals. The winery is located just off the highway at...

  • Sunsets

    This photo was taken of VTer Martin NL at the top of Australasia Mine in Creswick, one summer night a couple of years ago now.... if you watch out, there's quite a lot of good sunsets to be had here in a season, especially if you've a good vantage point.Even in winter, we often have rather good sunsets here.


Creswick Favorites

  • RSL

    This is the Returned Serviceman's League building in the main street, before the filming began...Second picture: A few days later, no more canon, flag poles, rocks, etc.During filming it became a convincing Grazioso's Funeral Parlour for the movie...complete with fake (foam sprayed) snow.In 2015 the RSL now has a covered in porch at the front as...

  • during filming - Norton's Cafe

    Red Heap cafe (at the time little more than an outside facade, with a rather glaringly painted bright red roof) within a matter of days, changed colour schemes inside and out to become Norton's Cafe, a convincing looking American style cafe, for the film. in 2015..... It still has the color scheme from that in part, and has never reopened.

  • movie filming - 'Pawn Shop'

    For the movie filming, Creswick scored itself a temporary American style Pawn Shop, complete with patriotic red, white and blue balloons in the window, an assortment of the usual appliances found in such stores just about world wide, with one interesting and amusing addition: sets of snow skis lined up in the window.Amusing because nobody has ever...


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