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Daylesford Things to Do

  • Rex Shopping Arcade

    In the heart of the main street, on the opposite side of the road to the Post Office. The building has been beautifully restored inside. There are plenty of nice shops inside, very handy in winter for browsing and keeping warm. My favourite is a Turkish rug shop inside with beautiful hanging lanterns. When you go inside, you don't feel like you're...

  • Daylesford Wine Tours

    We ventured to the beautiful Macedon Ranges and visited some great little wineries there but were limited by the amount we could do due to having to drive. Two days in Daylesford and we discovered Daylesford Wine Tours on the second day and my wife and I had an absolute ball. Our tour guide was relaxed and fun and took us with another couple to...

  • Bowling for Soup

    If you are looking for a good way to get an appetite built up for lunch, then head out to the local lawn bowling club and get your workout. I have never really seen a community as co-ordinated as the Daylesford Lawn Bowling Club, with the matching suits for a Saturday afternoon bowling session. I later found out that this is actually a town based...

  • Do you need a Laugh?

    If you are walking around the Lake Daylesford area and can hear laughter coming across the lake this just might be the Laugh Club folk.Yes, Daylesford has now a Laugh Club. Every Saturday at 9.00am on the banks of Daylesford Lake you too can join in.What a great way to start the weekend, walk around the lake and a laugh.

  • Taking the water

    Although I do not appreciate the taste of natural mineral water, there are many who flock to the free pumps to “take the water” as it has become known.To me the taste is more reminiscent of rusty water, however just swing the handle and water gushes out the spout and you can fill your own containers with free mineral water.

  • Convent Gallery

    One of the must see/do attractions for Daylesford is the old convent now converted into an up-market shopping precinct, gallery, café, bar, wedding venue and so much more. Located on 6 hectares of landscaped gardens on the side of Wombat Hill and only a short distance from the main street of Daylesford.Shopping precinct - Consists of a vast range...


Daylesford Hotels

  • Lake House

    I normally wouldn't write a review, but I felt inspired to. In reading through the comments of...

  • Balconies Daylesford

    35 Perrins St, Daylesford, 3460, Australia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Pendower House Daylesford

    10 Bridport Street, Daylesford, Victoria, 3460, Australia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Daylesford Restaurants

  • By the Lake

    The Lakehouse is a beautiful venue for a special occasion dinner, wedding or weekend retreat - as is most places in Daylesford!The famous Chef Alla Wolftasker inspires me so much, not just because shes amazing with food but shes so passionate about promoting her region and the use of local produce. Shes such a valuable contribution to the tourism...

  • Brekkie with a View

    Early on Saturday morning, Anne, Sarah, Doug and I ventured out of sleepy little Hepburn Springs into the bustling town of Daylesford, and on to the beautiful lake front cafe of the Boat House on Daylesford Lake. There were plenty of ducks on the water as we "ducked" in ourselves for some brekkie.The usual suspects all appeared on the menu, with...

  • Go to the Choco Capital of Daylesford

    While combing the streets for bargains on antiques, books, and country art, the crew got a little hungry for some lunch. Anne directed us to a place that would surely fill our caloric intake for the afternoon as well as curb our sweet teeth for a few minutes and this was at Sweet Decadence. How little did we know that this name was very...

  • Old World Charm

    When you enter this Cafe' your eyes will wander from one item to another. You will see a selection of packaged biscuits, chocolates, lollies, herbs and spices plus much , much more.The menu has a list of yummy homemade foods from soups to open sandwiches and the specials of the day.You can sit and have a great coffee or select a wine from the...

  • Gourmet Pizza and Pasta Dishes

    Stoaked is a cafe' /restaurant that has a variety of Takeaway choices or you can also eat in.On a sunny day you can sit outside enjoy a drink or two and people watch.Stoaked has gourmat pizzas, pasta and many other dishes on the menu.It is also licensed. Their trading hours areLunch Friday to SundayDinner Monday to SundayTakeaway during these...

  • Great Decor

    This is a trendy cafe on the corner of the main street.The decor is casual and rather funky. The doors across the front are opened on a warm day.When it's cold outside there is a roaring fire in the cafe'There are bench seats around the fire area.You can have a coffee and muffin.BreakfastLunch and dinner.The Gourmet Pizzas are great.A menu of great...


Daylesford Nightlife

  • Great variety local & national...

    The Palais is a popular venue for Daylesford/Hepburn Springs. On Saturday nights it often features well known national acts - singers such as Paul Kelly and Jenny Morris have performed there before. Well worth checking out their gig guide to see who's playing... it can be a surprise to see some big names listed, considering it's a fairly small...

  • All that Jazz

    This Bar offers a variety of things to the customer.You can sit and have a drink or select from the Traditional Mediterranean Menu.Friday and Saturday nights is when the music starts.Friday night is Jazz and Saturday night is DJ night.You can look at what is on when you check out this Bar. Neat casual.

  • A heavenly Experience

    The Alter Bar is a part of the Convent Gallery.Here you can sit and relax in the quirky surrounds of sculpture and a great view over the Convent Gardens.This is a wonderful place to have cocktails before you head out for dinner. Neat CasualThe Altar Bar is open Fridays & Saturdays 10am til late and Sundays 10am to 6pm


Daylesford Transportation

  • Bus or Car

    Daylesford is not serviced by train at all.Buses can be caught at Southern Cross Station and reach Daylesford via Mt Macedon. Easier still, hire a car so you can really explore the region (it's too spread out to see on foot!)At certain times there is a bus between Daylesford and Hepburn Springs but it doesn't seem that regular so you'd need to find...

  • Melbourne to Daylesford by Vline bus

    There's not a lot of transport to Daylesford, but here's how to find out about what there is: See timetable here:

  • Take a spin...

    If you are headed on a long weekend to Daylesford, I would definitely recommend driving. The nearest airport is Melbourne (Tullamarine), but then there still quite a bit of road in between and very little public transportation.Hire cars are available in downtown Melbourne as well as out in the airport, so if this is your destination, grab one...


Daylesford Shopping

  • how the locals like it

    after arriving in daylesford i was in need of some good tucker. i saw the local supermarket and decided to have a quick look! i where greeted by some of the of the best customer service i have seen in my 50 years! not only did they support a variety of local produce, but they where fast and friendly with easy parking! the local produce... YUMMY!

  • Designer Jeans with service and style!!

    WE visited Daylesford recently and where delighted to find a Jeans fashion store offering great service and excellent prices when compared to Melbourne !! The range of jeans was better than the metro stores we visit and being in Vincent St made it easy to find. Highly Recommend !! LTB jeans half cost of G Star and Diesel look and fit is...

  • Take a Look... its in a Book

    During our walk down the streets of Daylesford, we came across a very large selection of books, comics, audio CDs and movies in the Avant Garden bookstore. It was facinating to me to walk through this bookstore where there were hundreds of books on sports history in Australia, and I had a thought to myself... I would not know a single person in any...


Daylesford Local Customs

  • Make your own Peanut Butter!

    I am not sure if you are like me when it comes to your food selections, but I love peanut butter. Unfortunately for me, it is normally well preserved and plenty of fat and oils are added to it to make sure that it remains in a consistent state on the grocery store shelves. Sarah was nice enough to point out to me that the milk bar in downtown...

  • Want to stay sweet with the locals?

    A little tip for the visitor coming to Daylesford......PLEASE don't back out of the centre park area. It's a no no!!:)We don't care if you park in Bus Zones, Taxi ranks anywhere your heart desires but backing out of centre park isn't something we smile at!

  • Daylesford Hotels

    7 Hotels in Daylesford

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Daylesford Warnings and Dangers


    I have lived in Dayleford all my life, now i reside in the big smoke, all I hear is how beautiful Daylesdford is.Daylesford survives by the tourist dollar, visit Daylesford during the week and its a ghost town, ask anyone that lives there.In saying all this, it is truley a beautiful place to visit, one problem...The Lake is a Death Trap!Back in the...

  • Daylesford Lake and Jubilee Lake

    It is not safe to swim in Daylesford Lake or Jubilee Lake. The council sign "swimming under adult supervision" is simply not good enough - it should be more straight to the point "Deaths have occured here - Do not Enter".In 2007, a 14 year old boy stepped into the water to retrieve a tennis ball. He was a strong swimmer but he drowned, just metres...


    This area of Victoria is one of the highest fire danger areas.During summer we panic every time the fire siren goes . We have lost life and building over the years and please help us keep it fire free.DO NOT light any fires on total fire ban days.......if you aren't sure if it's fire ban, don't light or go to the local fire station or police...


Daylesford What to Pack

  • All seasons in one day!

    Travel light, it's all casual here so you don't need to bring heaps of clothes. Always put in a jumper or warm jacket, even in Summer it can turn cool of a night.Good walking shoes.If you go out for the evening to one of the restaurants you can get *dressed up* if you wish, but it's mainly neat casual. Summer= Sunblock Camera of course......You...

  • Water containers

    Bring luggage that's easy to carry on and off buses if that's the way you're travelling - so maybe backpacks. If arriving by car, you can choose what kind of luggage to bring. Daylesford is a little cooler than the surrounding area due to its higher elevation, but even in winter it only goes below 0 on frosty mornings, and days are a minimum of...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Daylesford Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit the Volcano

    Mount Franklin is a lovely place to visit especially during the Autumn when the leaves are changing colour.Here you can do some small walks, lay in the sun, have a BBQ or take a picnic.You only have to drive for about 10 minutes from Daylesford on the Castlemaine Road and you will see the turn off to the Crater.You can see Mount Franklin from the...

  • Roadside Shopping

    As you drive along the roads of country Victoria you are sure to see a bargain or two.Farm fresh eggs, horse poo for the garden, pine cones or bags of wood, flowers and lots more.Have a few spare dollars in the glovebox so you can buy along the way.( I recommend to buy the horse poo as you are going home!:) )Most of these road stalls are honesty...

  • Catch it and cook it!

    Tukki Trout farm is a wonderful place to take the family for the day.Here you will find a small cafe' where you can buy a coffee or something light to eat.OR you can take your own packed picnic lunch with you. You then can sit on the banks of the dams and throw a line in, you are guaranteed to catch a trout. If your skills aren't up to scratch they...


Daylesford Favorites

  • Vincent Street (main street of...

    Even just taking a walk along the main street of Daylesford is always enjoyable, as I always see something different or new - new boutiques or cafes opening, shops changing. So many cafes and eateries to choose from too.

  • Anne12's Childhood Home

    If you are looking for the more historical account of Daylesford, then you are best to check out the current ANZ bank in downtown Daylesford. This is the former home of Daylesford's reigning queen of VT, Anne12. Anne grew up in this bank (at the time it was a house), and used to smile and wink out of that balcony window to her husband as he...

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