Daylesford Warnings and Dangers

  • Child in the shallows, Jubilee Lake
    Child in the shallows, Jubilee Lake
    by cassiejoy42
  • Some people bring their own canoes
    Some people bring their own canoes
    by cassiejoy42
  • Much of the lake is covered in water lilies
    Much of the lake is covered in water...
    by cassiejoy42

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    by shane338 Written Aug 17, 2010

    I have lived in Dayleford all my life, now i reside in the big smoke, all I hear is how beautiful Daylesdford is.
    Daylesford survives by the tourist dollar, visit Daylesford during the week and its a ghost town, ask anyone that lives there.
    In saying all this, it is truley a beautiful place to visit, one problem...
    The Lake is a Death Trap!
    Back in the early settler years the Lake was a chinees garden that resembled a quarry with deep caves and walking tracks that streach kilometers.
    Over the years it filled up and became what you see today ...a beautiful Lake...a major tourist attraction.
    The lake is riddled with cold currents that simply shut you down in seconds, no matter who you are, leaving you helpless.
    The cold currents rise from the dirty depths, to surfase above swallowing anything in its path.
    Thats the best way to describe it, being swallowed.

    I know i nearly fell victim to the current if it wasnt for my mate who saved my life, i wouldnt be sharing my experience.
    The council know this, they are protecting whats more inportant to them then our safety and our loved ones, tourist dollar.

    Take the time to speak to a local about the lake, it might just save your life.
    As far as the local council is concerned they make me sick, they are heartless irresponsible money grabbing blood suckers! Too worried about the gay parade then too help save a life.

    The last victim was a 14 year old boy in 07, the list goes on and on, since the council wont help us, we must help each other.
    Please spread the word......................................................................................................

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  • Daylesford Lake and Jubilee Lake

    by firefly75 Written Sep 13, 2008

    It is not safe to swim in Daylesford Lake or Jubilee Lake. The council sign "swimming under adult supervision" is simply not good enough - it should be more straight to the point "Deaths have occured here - Do not Enter".

    In 2007, a 14 year old boy stepped into the water to retrieve a tennis ball. He was a strong swimmer but he drowned, just metres from the shore with his mother and other people watching helplessly. There are strong, cold, unpredicable currents that can disable and kill you and children don't have a hope of surviving - supervised or not. Cold water can freeze your body and your bodily organs shut down in minutes leading to disorientation, hypothermia and death. Under Daylesford Lake are underground caves, the water level drops unpredictably - one minute you can be waist deep and the next, fully submerged in water. The water is murky, meaning any rescue is near impossible. There are no safety equipment to use to rescue people. There have been many, many deaths at Daylesford Lake and also Jubilee Lake over the years. Don't be deceived by its natural beauty - these lakes are killers and the council is irresponsible to not let people know the truth. It is ironic that Hepburn pool - a pool that has been purpose built for swimming is closed to the public due to concerns about public liabiity insurance, yet you are still are able to swim in Dayleford Lake. Though Daylesford Lake may be a draw card for tourists, it is socially irresponsible that proper signage does not make people aware of the very real dangers that even wading in Daylesford Lake poses. Money cannot replace human life and any local will tell you of people they personally knew that drowned in the lakes at Daylesford over the years. Remember, the 14 year old boy, whose memorial appears on the shores of lake daylesford was only going in the water to get a tennis ball when he drowned. He wasn't swimming out of his depth and he was a strong swimmer. Yet, he drowned. Don't let the lakes at Daylesford take you or your children's lives. My husband saved then 14 year old daughter who was waist deep then submerged in water after she feel off an under water ledge just 10 metres from the shore of Lake Jubilee. It was the last time we swam there and I cringe whenever I see parents who stay at the Jubilee Lake caravan park. allow their children to play unsupervised at Lake Jubilee. Both these lakes look safe and beautiful but when you are aware of their dangers, the cold currents, sudden drops in water levels, underground caves, murky water - you certainly would not want to take the risk entering them. They are not safe to swim in and you should wear a life jacket - if you intend to enter them.

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    by Anne12 Written Dec 6, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This area of Victoria is one of the highest fire danger areas.
    During summer we panic every time the fire siren goes . We have lost life and building over the years and please help us keep it fire free.

    DO NOT light any fires on total fire ban days.......if you aren't sure if it's fire ban, don't light or go to the local fire station or police station and ask.
    DO NOT throw cigarette butts out of car windows.....DO NOT put them out on the ground...we had a huge guest house burn down last year, gos someone didn't dispose of their cig in the right way......

    Please also remember to be care in long grass.....SNAKES

    DROWNING yes each year we have a drowning at our lakes......please be careful, keep an eye on children, do not go in boats or swimming when you have been drinking.

    We want you to leave this area alive:)

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  • cassiejoy42's Profile Photo

    Swimming in the Jubilee Lake

    by cassiejoy42 Written Oct 26, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you come to stay at Jubilee Lake you need to vigilant when your children are swimming. We always had an adult at the waters edge watching our children. We had about eight children there at any given time.

    Younger, less experienced swimmers would do well to wear floaty arm bands. We also used inflatable tyres so that the children could play on them. The younger children quite often just grabbed on the inflatable tube to have a rest.

    Lakes and dams are not easy to judge depth. Australia usually runs advertisements about water safety, including slogans such as:
    "don't dive in if you don't know the depth"
    "don't swim in unfamiliar water - ask someone who is a local if it is safe to swim there"

    Water safety is everybody's responsibility and if you exercise caution then your holiday will hopefully run smoothly and accident free.

    Child in the shallows, Jubilee Lake Some people bring their own canoes Much of the lake is covered in water lilies There are trees all around the lake Water, trees, Jubilee Lake
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