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  • Arts Center with Eureka in the background
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  • Fed Square from Flinders St
    Fed Square from Flinders St
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Melbourne Things to Do

  • Great Ocean Road

    Take your time to explore this scenic coastline, you will not regret a moment. We clocked up 800 km on the round trip from Melbourne to Torquay and followed the Great Ocean rd to Warrnambool, then back to Melbourne on the Princes Highway.

  • Phillip Island

    Phillip Island seems to be well known for the penguin parade, but there is more to do and see to make the long trip truly worthwhile. I know in asking about the island, there were many that said "don't bother", but we ended up taking a tour out that direction, and found it very worthwhile. The big difference is probably us "furr-i-ners", who can...

  • Queen Victoria Market

    4 out of 5 stars

    I could spend a day going around this market checking all seafood and meat at the desks, not to mention the part that sells from cheeses, cakes, breads and any sort of pork product. I noticed they tend to promote specially products coming from abroad such as hamon serrano or french cheeses, it's a pity because here you can find some really tasty...


Melbourne Hotels

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Melbourne Restaurants

  • Dahu Peking Duck Restaurant

    Glass doors lead off Little Bourke Street to a dark red vestibule, where steps (or a lift), lead up to the spacious dining area, made doubly so by the floor to ceiling mirrors on the rear wall. There is a second dining room too. It was not too crowded when we arrived for an early post-football, pre-concert meal. The staff are plentiful, and...

  • could not eat

    As soon as I saw this place was serving guinness, I decided to go in and have my first dinner there.We entered, asked if we could seat down, they ignored us, so we just seated and waited for someone to come.We waited something like 10 minutes while trying to call the waiter but nothing, we must have looked invisible, so we were hungry enough to...

  • worst pizza ever

    OK I know I was not in Italy, so I could not expect a pizza to be as if I was at home. Actually I must say I am not peaky with pizza in fact I often find it better abroad than home. Anyway I took a margherita, I knew they would exaggerate with cheese as they often do, but fill it with garlic was really too much.Awful taste. A pizza is about 18AUD


Melbourne Nightlife

  • The Heart of Fitzroy

    When I lived in Fitzroy, the Provincial was the beating heart of a Saturday night out on Brunswick Street. It was shambolic and rough, but the people were friendly and the evenings were always a ton of fun. There would often be bands playing live music inside, and street artists outside like fire eaters or buskers. Today it looks just as rough...

  • Musicals

    One of Melbourne's oldest buildings, the Princess Theater has been putting on performances since 1854. Today it is the center of musical productions in the city, with classics like Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story and more modern runs like Mamma Mia!

  • The Espy

    If you like loud music in grubby bars you'll probably fall in love with the Espy, and it doesn't seem to have changed much in the years since I used to hang out here in 1995. It's possible they haven't even painted it. It has a perfect spot - facing the bay on the Esplanade. You'll want to come here early on a Saturday evening after a day on the...


Melbourne Transportation

  • Free tram area

    A very big area in the central business district of Melbourne is served by tram for free. All tram running inside that area are free. I was really surprised to see such a clever idea of public transports. People leave cars outside of the city center which reduces either traffic and pollution.Here you can get a map of the free zone:...

  • Myki card

    Myki is the name of the top on top off card that you can use on Melbourne tram buses and trains. You can buy and recharge it at seven eleven supermarkets. Tram stops in Melbourne clearly indicate if you are inside the free tram area or if you are outside and you have to pay. When changing area there is also a spoken message inside the tram.

  • Skybus airport bus

    This is the bus that from airport takes you to Southern cross station and from there they are connected with smaller buses that takes you to hotel as long as you stay in CBD.They also pick you up from your hotel with the smaller buses and take you to the station where you take the bus to the airport. The only problem with them is that they collect...


Melbourne Shopping

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  • Camera and video

    My friend has an old sony video camera that does not support memory cards, but only recordable cds. We started looking for new cds in Melbourne, continued in Auckland and then in several camera shops and malls in Melbourne and we never found one of those disc. Finally we ended up here and the owner explained to us that even sony stopped producing...

  • A Favorite Department Store of Ours

    Myer is a favorite department store of ours when visiting Australia. Myers is similar to the Macy's department stores back in the U.S. They sell clothing, home goods, furniture, etc., anything a typical department store would carry.My wife has found some nice swimwear at these stores as well as some home decorating items for back home. Prices are...

  • Everything You Could Want or Need

    The Queen Victoria Markets are the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere since the 1850's. As well as being a tourist destination it is a great place for locals to find souvenirs, clothing, gifts, wine, specialty food items, home wares, fresh produce, meat, seafood, breads, cheeses, candy, pastry and prepared foods. Our hotel was only...


Melbourne Local Customs

  • Liquor shop

    If you want to buy a beer do not think to find it in a seven eleven or any other sort of supermarket. Liquor, beer included can only be sold in liquor shops.

  • Hanging Shoes

    while walking around the city center in Melbourne we saw some pair of shoes hanging on the power lines. We could not understand why they were hanging and so, once back to hotel we did an online research. It seems that people t tie the laces of the shoes together and throw them as a sort of bolas. Why? It seems that there are only hypothesis: bully...

  • The Love of Exercise

    The locals here love to keep fit. It seems like an obsession with some. I once played for a local football team, and my first training session was a serious work-out with a Flight Sergeant from the RAAF - a marathon of pitch laps before we even kicked a ball. My legs were so tired afterwards I could barely work the pedals on my car. I assumed...


Melbourne Warnings and Dangers

  • Four Seasons in One Day

    Melbourne is too often maligned for its weather. This is unfair. It has a changeable but mostly moderate climate. Because of its location between mountains and sea, the climate is dynamic - sometimes punctuated by rapid and dramatic changes - though to tell the truth, these are savoured, as the mercury drops from a blowtorch summer day of 40 C...

  • Travelling with Kids

    I found Melbourne to be very child friendly and pushchair friendly. The streets are well maintained, there's lots of ramps and I rarely found I had to turf my son out of his buggy. The only real problem were that some of the older trams, especially the free Circle Line tram, have narrow doors that are sometimes blocked by a metal bar - a real...

  • Wildlife

    While you might be scared by stories of Australian wildlife, and the Ozzies love to embellish every creature they know with a heart-stopping story, you won't see much evidence of them in the centre of Melbourne. There might be a few snakes in the Royal Botanic Gardens, but it would almost as unusual to see one in central Melbourne as central...


Melbourne Tourist Traps

  • St Kilda Beach House

    When arriving quite tired after a long journey, instead of honoring your booking they try to make a fast buck by trying to sell you a room for triple the price and if you don't accept become rude and threatening!And still didn't get my downpayment back! There are many similar priced places nearby, don't book at that place!

  • Hook Turns - not for the faint hearted

    One of the most perplexing things about Melbourne is our unique "Hook Turns." Until about 15 years ago there were only 5 hook turn intersections and all in the central business district, but be warned as there has been a population explosion of those dreaded turns and some could even find their way to an intersection near you (could almost be an...

  • Cashiers at the Food Court and...

    In Melbourne, there were two incidents that the cashiers gave me a wrong change and no change at all...Be careful when you purchaser food at the food-court when you don't have small change. If you plan to use your A$50 or A$100 bills, make sure you know what you gave to the cashiers. They could treat your A$50 as A$20, if you did not count...


Melbourne What to Pack

  • A Prepared Traveller

    My wife and I usually travel light on long haul trips; a rollaboard a piece. I always look ahead at the weather forecasts in order to be prepared for whatever hot or cold come sour way. I think it is best to pack clothing you can layer and that can be worn either day time or evening. Hats are always a must in Melbourne as the sun is strong. A...

  • unusual weather

    since melbourne is located between the australian outback and the southern ocean, air currents both seem to meet here,making the weather very chanagable at just about any time of year.i visited melbourne at christmas 2006 where snow was recorded in the mountains outside the city (bearing in mind southern december is equivilant to the northern...

  • Travel light

    I tend to have short stays in Melbourne so I take the absolute minimum. My luggage is small enough to fit in the cabin so I don't have to wait for luggage at the other end. Melbourne is a bit notorious for its weather. It can get extremely hot one day and rather indifferent the next. Take a showerproof jacket just in case you need it otherwise...


Melbourne Off The Beaten Path

  • Day Trip Ocean Road

    We did a day trip to the great ocean road. When we had to decide which trip to choose it was no simple as different companies offered more or less the same kind of trip but prices could be very different. At last we opted for the gray line which was not the cheapest but still convenient if compared with most: it was 120 AUD per person. We saw other...

  • Victorian Alps

    Far West of Melbourne you can discover the Victorian Alps, the southern edge of the Great Divide as it turns a corner at the bottom of the continent. The Victorian Alps are made up of rugged steppes, snowy peaks and high plains, popular with hikers, skiers and off-roaders respectively. It's a beautiful and desolate area to wander or drive through,...

  • Lakes Entrance

    From the calm waters of its lakes to the thrashing waves of the open ocean on its beaches, Lakes Entrance has a lot to offer any fan of water. It's a beautiful spot, perhaps even unique - a bar of sand and waves, behind which lies the sparkling waters of the lakes stretching east and west. The land rises up quickly behind the small town, offering...


Melbourne Sports & Outdoors

  • Aussie Rules

    Melbourne is the home of Australia's own unique football game: Aussie Rules. The sport is fun: high octane and no-holds-barred. If you are tired of all the diving and writhing in European football, then this sport is a refreshing change. In Aussie Rules the fights typically break out on the pitch, while in the stadium the fans are all well behaved,...

  • Tennis: The Australian Open

    The first of tennis's 4 Grand Slams and Melbourne starts it all every tennis calendar year in January downunder.The tournament was first played in 1905 as The Australasian Championships, becoming the Australian Championships in 1927 and the Australian Open in 1969. Melbourne Park (formerly Flinders Park) was constructed in time for the 1988 Open to...

  • AFL Grand Final @ the "G"

    If you come to Melbourne between late March & late September you really have to come see a "footy" game at the "G" - the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Yeah I know it says "Cricket" Ground not "Footy" Ground, but cricket is for Summer & footy is for Autumn through Winter. And, "footy" in this case refers to Australian Rules football not Soccer (what...


Melbourne Favorites

  • Great Ocean Road

    I constantly fly to Melbourne with my partner and I always call Private Budget Tours Australia. They are a local couple from Melbourne whom provide private tours at affordable rates. They are very flexible and knowledgeable. When ever we go to Melbourne, they organise a good package deal for us as we like to go to different tours everyday. They...

  • St. Kilda

    St Kilda is one of inner city suburbs of Melbourne and in recent years, it has begun to shake off a seamy reputation and is home to many of Melbourne's famous visitor attractions including Luna Park, the Esplanade Hotel, Acland Street, its many theatres and St Kilda Beach. St Kilda is home to many of the city of Melbourne's big events. Despite...

  • Flinders Street Station

    The station at Flinders street is a wonderful old building serving the train loving people of Melbourne. I have used this station for transport since 1977 and the place has only gotten grubbier since then!! Plenty of trains arrive & leave with lots of platforms for a busy popoulation. In the photo you can see a number of clocks (9 in total) just...


Top 10 Former Olympic Cities: Melbourne

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Despite the fact that most people thinking of "Olympics" and "Australia" conjure up images of Sydney, the first Olympic Games in the Southern Hemisphere and in Australia were actually held in Melbourne in 1956. Today, visitors to Australia's second largest city today will find it still has an exciting sports culture, as well as a burgeoning arts scene. The venue of the 1956 Opening Ceremony, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, is both a cultural icon and one of the most important cricket grounds in the world. Across the Yarra River, travelers can walk the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance. St. Kilda, a neighborhood along the waterfront where the yachting competitions of the 1956 Olympics were held, is a great location for bike riding or strolling the oceanfront. The compact nature of central Melbourne and its hidden laneways make it ideal for exploring on foot and the street art scene means there's no shortage of visual stimulation as well. For those who want to see Australia's wild natural surroundings, Melbourne is also home to the Great Ocean Road, one of the world's most scenic drives, with views that include the Twelve Apostles.

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