Cape Le Grand National Park Travel Guide

  • Whistling Rock at Thistle Cove
    Whistling Rock at Thistle Cove
    by iandsmith
  • View into the National Park from the entrance gate
    View into the National Park from the...
    by Kathrin_E
  • Thistle Cove
    Thistle Cove
    by Kathrin_E

Cape Le Grand National Park Things to Do

  • Some facts

    The sandplains that cover much of the park support a great variety of plant and animal life. In areas of deep sand, dense thickets of Banksia speciosa (pic 3) thrive, growing to three or four metres tall. On gravel outcrops and in areas where the soil is shallow, another banksia, Banksia pulchella, may be found.Many species of small native mammals...

  • Emu Watching

    The best area to spot emus is not in the park itself but right outside its boundaries in the open pastures of the cattle farms. You'll see large numbers of emus along Le Grand Road and Merivale Road.

  • Kangaroos At Lucky Bay

    The campground at Lucky Bay is known for its tame kangaroos. They allow you very close, although they won't allow you to touch them. Take care on the road!See the photo story of The Naughty Joey

  • Lucky Bay: Australia's Whitest Beach

    A bay with a dream beach... The sealed road from the park entrance ends right above Lucky Bay. The last bit down to the campground is gravel. Leave your car in the campground's parking lot and walk. In 2006 Lucky Bay was nominated "Australia's Whitest Beach" in a continent-wide competition (article on the website).The beach is indeed white, rather...

  • Frenchman Peak

    Frenchman Peak is the most prominent among the granite hills of Cape Le Grand. The rock on top gives it a distinctive shape which is recognizable over a long distance.

  • Wildlilfe in Recherche Archipelago

    Depending on the weather you may get to go past a lot of other islands on the way. En route we did that but, on the return journey the next day it was a shocker.One of the things they do is feed a pair of sea eagles which gives you a wonderful chance to get a good snap of them (pic 1).On the island there are three types of honeyeater but the most...

  • More from Woody Island, Recherche...

    THOUGHTS AT TWIGGY'S COVE (pic 4)There's something about sitting on an island, all alone; the wind whipping at your hair after it's finished tormenting the water.The sun breaking up the clouds bringing light to the other islands that surround you in the distance, their brown granite stained with mineral run off and black magma from ancient...

  • Woody Island

    I took an overnight trip to a place called Woody Island. It's the third largest in the numerous islands of the Recherché Archipelago and, although it's National Park, someone has a 6 hectare lease on it and you can stay overnight. Here are some stories from that journey. IT'S A DOG'S LIFETo preface this story I should let you know about a man...

  • The Table Island experience

    That night I drove around to Table Island picnic spot. It looks out, not surprisingly, on to Table Island which is a large granite outcrop you can walk to if you don’t mind getting your feet wet.Then I moved around to Wharton Beach and was entranced for the first time. A truly beautiful beach with pristine white sands, turquoise water, a gentle...

  • Enter the dragon

    I cruised over to Cape Le Grand National Park with much expectation. People I had spoken to had raved about the beaches. The sign into nearby Esperance proclaimed them "Australia's Best Beaches".The first thing that I really noticed though was Frenchman's Cap, a distinct peak you come across before you get near the surf. The cave near the top is so...

  • Thistle do

    Lucky Bay is where I went to stay the night but, unfortunately, it was packed due to it being Easter weekend. So I returned to Thistle Cove and spent the night there, though you're not supposed to. Since I have a fully self contained vehicle I left no traces.One of the attractions at Thistle Cove is Whistling Rock though, as with most similar type...

  • Hellfire Bay

    Next morning I awoke and ventured out, camera in hand, over towards Hellfire Bay but I couldn't go very far as the area was closed off due to a recent bushfire.Bushfires in Australia have a couple of advantages after their destructive passage. One is that certain types of flora rely on them to germinate; the other is that it makes scenery more...


Cape Le Grand National Park Favorites

  • To Rossiter continued

    As you slowly climb away from Lucky Bay the views become expansive and there are dramatic granite outcrops to view, one with a couple of enticing, but nearly impossible to get to, caves.Here dieback is pronounced and you can see how the grass trees and banksia has suffered. I initially was entranced by the shapes of the dying plants and didn't...

  • Lucky Bay to Rossiter

    The park is named after Le Grand, an officer of the L'Esperance, one of the ships in a French expedition commanded by Admiral D'Entrecasteaux in 1792. Matthew Flinders visited and named Lucky Bay in 1802, when taking shelter from a summer storm. Rossiter Bay was named by John Eyre when his party, suffering from the rigours of crossing the...

  • Scourge of Australia

    It was on the WOW cruise (see Walpole pages) that I learnt about the most devastating import ever to reach Australia. Something beyond rabbits, foxes, feral cats and goats combined; worse even than global warming.I was appalled, not only at the scale of destruction it was wreaking but at my lack of knowledge.Here was something that not only can,...


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