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Eucla Things to Do


    Another piece of interesting Australian history, is about the Afghans and their Camels who worked around Balladonia and many other areas in AustraliaIt was in the 19th century, when pastoralists took up land on the Nullarbor plains and arrived with sheep and cattle. Supplies came in by ship and camels were used for much of the overland transport....


    This Museum had information on many different events.Another one was the HARLEY DAVIDSON PERTH TO SYDNEY OVERLAND TOUR between 1926- 1927.I think it would of interest to Harley Davidson motorcycle owners.The Harley Davidson was the choice of serious motorcycle travellers in the Australian bush. Nothing else had the durability, the grunt, the...


    This is another piece of interesting Australian history I found on display in the Balladonia Museum.On display was part of a car that competed in the 1953 Redex Reliability Car Trial, that at the time was the second longest trial ever staged in the world (the previous longest had been from New York to Paris in 1908). It was an expedition into the...


    One of the main displays in the Museum, is a part of the United States first space station "Skylab."Skylab put Balladonia on the map!What happened on July 12th 1979?It was on this date, that Skylab re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and broke up, scattering debris across the southern Indian Ocean and the south-eastern part of Western Australia....


    When we were having our coffee in the Café, we happened to notice an entrance to a cultural heritage Museum. Afterwards, we went to see what it was all about, and found that ADMISSION WAS FREE.Located in quite a large room was all sorts of interesting pieces and information on the local area.This covered the explorers and European settlement,...


    Balladonia is the last town heading west, or first town heading east along the Nullarbor Plain in Western Australia. This Roadhouse is a very popular stop.The Roadhouse is open from 5:30am to 9:30pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It sells a range of groceries and supplies including bread, drinks, snacks, take-away food, batteries, maps,...


    From Caiguna we have another 183 kms to travel to the next Roadhouse at Balladonia.It's along this stretch of road that we have to drive along AUSTRALIA'S LONGEST STRAIGHT ROADDespite using metric measurement for quite along time now, this area is still referred to as "The 90 Mile Straight." In metric terms that translates into 146.6 kilometres....


    Caiguna is located 64 kilometres west of Cocklebiddy.Pronounciation is Kiagoona, in Aboriginal word meaning "spear track."It was 1841 when Explorer Edward John Eyre and his expedition passed within 20 kilometres of present day Caiguna. It was here, on 29th April 1841, when John Baxter was brutally murdered by 2 fellow members of Edward John Eyre's...


    After leaving Madura behind, we come to the unusually named Cocklebiddy at the 83km mark.This is the area where several large scale sheep Stations are located, some larger than a number of European countries. One such station is Arubiddy which spans an area over 3200 square kilometres. During its pioneering years Cocklebiddy was the site of an...


    Madura is located 115 kilometres west of Mundrabilla AND is where we made our next stop. Originally Madura was settled as a pastoral homestead in about 1876. Not a lot is known about Madura, but well known is about the Polo and Cavalry horses being bred here for the British Imperial Indian Army. The Horses were known as "Walers". They were bred at...


    Time to depart Eucla and head further west. Funny thing is, we have been travelling flat road for hundreds of kilometres, so it came as quite a surprise to me that we were 73 metres above sea level and had to sweep down a hill on the Eyre highway to travel along the Roe Plains.The view was quite good as we came down the Pass. We could see the Ocean...


    The Leeuwin way Whale is another of Australias "BIG" things, and another photo opportunity, something to break the monotony of the Nullarbor Plain.This whale is approx 10m long, 3m wide and 3m high and weighs almost 4 tonnes. The Whale was made from ferro concrete in Albany as a symbol for the only shore basted whaling station in the Southern...


Eucla Transportation

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    Now that I have your attention - Don't be too surprised to come across all sorts of transport modes when you cross the Nullabour. It seems to be a great Aussi pasttime - Thinking up new ways to cross it. Like being the first to navigate it on rollerblades. There must be plenty of 1st's in the Guinnes Book of Records. I wish I knew about vt when we crossed it though because we passed someone running and pushing a baby pram!!! (minus baby) I had to do a double take and check out the back window just to make sure I wasn't seeing a mirage or something haha. Oh well, at least it created a humurous diversion from the tame scenery. Funny though, travelling for miles and miles of nothing then coming across that!! What'll people think up next?!!

    In the old vt a long time ago, my little Sonic was moving but now HTML has been replaced by VTML and vt no longer supports GIF files :o(

    Sonic Nullabour
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Eucla Local Customs

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    By now if you've been reading my tips on the Nullarbor Plain, you may just be wondering what would happen if there was a car or truck accident on the Eyre Highway. If people were injured, who on earth would attend to them.

    Because of its remoteness, some sections of the Highway serve as emergency airstrips for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. You will see in my photo, the signpost warning of an approaching air strip on the highway. I think we saw four of these.
    Looking at the road, we could see the runway "piano keys" painted on the road, and turnaround bays for small aircraft.

    If you have an accident, help will come in the way of another traveller, who hopefully will stop and let the next roadhouse know about your predicament.
    Mobile phones DO NOT WORK
    Sattelite phones MAY WORK

    So, it maybe a while before help comes. Police will come and the Flying Doctor, the only doctor available to help you. What an brilliant service this is, without it, you would probably be dead if injured badly. They rely on donations.

    The Police or the local Roadhouse or Station owners come and help and block the road so traffic come to a halt. The local people have been trained in helping at accidents and kindly volunteer their time for the stupidity of others. Without them in a landscape like this, we would be lost!

    You may think many accidents wouldn't take place on all this good sealed road and straight stretches. The Flying Doctor representive told us they are often called out to accidents on this highway.

    I would imagine the main 3 factors for accidents would be
    Fatigue, Speed and Sun in your face as the road runs east west.

    Be careful driving the Eyre Highway, the last thing you want is an accident on it!

    Nullarbor Plains Eyre Highway Inside of Royal Flying Doctor Plane
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Eucla Warnings and Dangers


    At some time during you journey across the Nullarbor, your sure to come across a wide load.Most of these wide loads are carrying huge mining equipment destined for the Western Australian mines.There is always a lead vehicle with flashing lights, warning of the oncoming wide load. We had UHF, so asked just how big each load was.WHAT-EVER THE SIZE,...


    NULLARBOR PLAINS Whenever travelling out on the Plains make sure that you always carry with you a reliable and strong insect and mosquito repellant...Here you have thousands of annoying flies in the daytime and nasty mosquitos at nightime. .So, always use a good repellant...Although the flies are annoying it is the mosquitoes that can be dangerous...


    WATER You know it doesn't matter how you are travelling , but when "out and about" in Australia's outback ..ALWAYS make sure that you have more than enough water to see you through your day...The heat out here especially in the Nullarbour Plains can be REALLY EXTREME . As the name implies Nullabour means no trees , that means no shade...To be...


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    Who was the Nullarbor Nymph?In 1971, reports and photographs emerged of a half-naked blonde girl who had gone wild and lived and ran with the kangaroos. Photographers and News groups came from around the world to get the story and photos of the woman who was known as the "Nullarbor Nymph". The story turned out to be a hoax cooked up by the...

  • Nullarbor Map

    When crossing the Nullarbor, keep in mind it's a long way between pit stops - so make sure you carry plenty of water and oil, spare tyre etc just in case. Also be careful of Australian fauna - kangaroos etc. Try not to travel at night as that's the time you're most likely to run into a roo bounding across the road in front of you. Believe me, it's...

  • A huge Dog Fence!!!??

    Australia has the longest Dog Fence, used to keep the dingos away from the sheep.


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