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  • Vlaming Head Lighthouse - Exmouth
    Vlaming Head Lighthouse - Exmouth
    by Chinggis_n_Borte
  • Yardie Creek
    Yardie Creek
    by Gillybob
  • Travelling up Yardie Creek
    Travelling up Yardie Creek
    by Gillybob

Exmouth Things to Do

  • Top of the Range Safari

    This 270km safari around the North West Cape includes Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park.Pick-ups start from 07:30am from your Exmouth acommodation, heading out to Shothole Canyon and Charles Knife Road Canyon where you enjoy fruit cake and billy tea with views over the Exmouth Gulf. Tour guides will point out the unique flora on top...

  • Surfer's beach

    Surfer's beach is just a little further on from Mildura beach, just before the entry to the Cape Range National Park, and guess what, there's good surf here!At the entry to the beach is an open shack built by the surf club with high seats that look out over the bay, a perfect shaded spot for watching the surfers or resting after a surf.Also at the...

  • Vlaminghead Lighthouse

    Vlaminghead Lighthouse is on a rocky point close to the Cape range Park and offers a wonderful view over the surrounding area. It is the only lighthouse in Australia that burns kerosene (parrafin).The wreckage in the photo is from WW2, it's too expensive to take it away.The road up the the lighthouse is very steep with a sharp bend and precipitous...


Exmouth Hotels

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  • Sea Breeze Resort

    116 North C Street, H. E. Holt Naval Base, Exmouth, 6707, Australia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Novotel Ningaloo Resort

    This wonderful luxury hotel is situated on the waterfront in a huge new development, which is partly...

  • Ningaloo Lodge

    Lefroy Street, Exmouth, 6707, Australia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

Exmouth Restaurants

  • Want something healthy?

    The health food shop in the town centre also is a cafe which serves delicious healthy dishes.It has both an inside, air-conditioned area and a pleasant shaded are outside.Vegetarian and gluten free dishes are available. I had the most delicious bacon, lettuce and tomato toasted sandwich on sourdough bread, and an iced chocolate.

  • New posh hotel in Exmouth!!

    This restaurant is part of the new Novotel Ningaloo Resort at Sunrise Beach, part of the new Marine developement. It's a beautifully designed area overlooking a lilly pond, swimming-pool and beautiful gardens, with first class service and food.There are 2 seating areas, inside and outside, both with comfortable chairs and a pleasant ambiance. The...

  • Good food at reasonable prices.

    We ate here twice and both times all the food was excellent. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood, but has plenty of alternatives for those who don't eat fish.The setting is pleasant with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating.I got much too hot as the air-con and fans were not on, and the (free)water brought to the table was not...


Exmouth Nightlife

  • It all happens at Ningaloo resort bar.

    Ningaloo Reef Resort is where it all happens, as there is a fabulous bar and bistro which caters for almost everyone.The usual happening event is to firstly watch the stunning sunset from the beach lookout and wander back to the bar, mixing with all the other enthusiastic travelers whom have enjoyed a fabulous day snorkeling, diving, fishing or...

  • Graces

    graces bar, a conveniant 2 minute walk right opposite petes backpackers is all you need! theres another pub right at the other end of town which is quieter, plus you have to dodge the kangeroos walking home!Graces has a pool table, dart board, duke box, food, and loads of beer, what more do you need!

  • Exmouth Hotels

    10 Hotels in Exmouth

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Exmouth Transportation

  • Transport by Bus.

    From Perth you can catch a coach to Coral Bay. If on a budget you have an option of catching a backpackers bus to Coral Bay which takes approx 2 days.Coach Services: Operate daily from Perth and pass this village. www.greyhound.com.au Backpackers : www.easyriders.com.au - bus tour from Perth to Broome via Coral Bay.

  • Transport from the airport.

    Coral Coast Tours and Coral Bay Adventures will also pick you up from the airport. Ring to book 08 9948 5190 or 08 9942 5955.Coral Coast Tours and Coral Bay Adventures will also pick you up from the airport. Ring to book 08 9948 5190 or 08 9942 5955.www.coralbayadventures.com.au

  • Scooters

    Scooters for hire in the town centre. Great for getting about the town and even down into the Cape Park if you don't mind a long trip.Don't forget your sunblock, and watch out for kangaroos on the road, especially if driving at dawn and dusk.It's compulsory to wear a motor-cycle helmet in Australia


Exmouth Shopping

  • The Sunday Market

    This craft market is held on Sunday's from 9-12am (sensible tourist hours, not like many that start at 6 am and are over by 10). There were some very pretty things on the stalls when I saw it in May, though only a few of them. I'm told there is a lot more in the winter. Souveniers. $10+

  • Camping and fishing supplies.

    This is one of the larger shops in the town center. It has a good selection of camping and fishing supplies including bait, solar showers, small generators, car fridges etc.

  • Forgot your bathers? Look here.

    This small boutique in the town center has a good selection of ladies fashions with emphasis on casual and beachwear. I found a swim top, there were LOTS to chose from.


Exmouth Local Customs

  • Accommodation.

    Accommodation.There is limited places to stay at this amazing place, so you really have to take what is offered and enjoy the ultimate experience regarding swimming off shore on a spectacular reef.I have noted all accommodation within this region.Ningaloo Reef Retreat. www.ningalooreefretreat.com.au Bayview Coral Bay www.coralbaywa.com Ningaloo...

  • Climate.

    Coral Bay is blessed with perfect weather, with no wet season it remains warm and dry throughout the year. Summer temperatures range between mid to high 30's whilst winter's average is around 25 degrees .Perfect for swimming all through the year with wonderful water temperatures without worrying about stingers.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Exmouth Warnings and Dangers

  • Cyclone Area!

    Exmouth is in a cyclone area and during the months of January, February and March there is always the risk of a major cyclone hitting the town.Most buildings are 'cyclone proof', ie built substantionaly more strongly than usual to withstand all but the most major of cyclones, with shutters on all windows and no gutters or drain pipes (gutters and...

  • Kangaroos on the road

    Kangaroos have no road sense whatsoever, and are often close to or in the road and may bound in front of your car if startled.From when the sun begins to go down, all night and until well after dawn, they are the particularly active and difficult to see.Please drive slowly and carefully, especially in the Cape Range National Park where you may see...

  • This is an extremely remote place.

    Exmouth is a very small and extremely remote place and because of this things are different to elsewhere.1. The water comes from bores, perfectly safe to drink but tastes terrible. Most people drink bottled water or have a water-filter installed in their kitchen.2. Some camp sites in the area(especialy in the Cape Park) will not have a drinking...


Exmouth Tourist Traps

  • Gillybob's Profile Photo

    Early season whale shark tour offers

    by Gillybob Updated Aug 16, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are visiting Exmouth early in the whale shark season (i.e. during very late March or early April) specifically with a view to undertaking a whale shark tour, be careful about booking yourself onto some of the early season offers which do NOT offer a repeat policy. Whilst they may be cheaper than others offered, you may end up significantly disappointed.

    I was there in April 2006 and appreciated the benefit of the repeat policy offered by most tour operators in Exmouth (the repeat policy operates where if you go out on your first whale shark trip and no whale shark is sighted, you get a free place on the next available whale shark tour with your company).

    We went out on our first day and didn't see a whale shark but those of us who took up the free places on the next day's whale shark tour were lucky enough to see a juvenile whale shark.

    If your main objective in stopping off in Exmouth is to snorkel with a whale shark, then its well worth paying that little extra and ensuring you will be there long enough to take up the repeat offered by the tour operator.

    Of course, whilst the repeat policy does not guarantee you a whale shark sighting, it does give you two bites at that elusive cherry!

    Unique Suggestions: Be prepared for disappointment in the case where you do book on an early season special without a repeat policy which might be because you have limited time in Exmouth. It is possible that you might not see anything and spend the bulk of the day on a tour boat in a wetsuit watching and waiting but seeing nothing.


    Fun Alternatives: Make sure you give yourself enough time to take up a repeat. Remember, cyclone season lasts until late March and you might even be unlucky to pick up a warning in very early April (as was my own experience).

    During the cyclone season, boats are often pulled out of the water for warnings and it takes a day or two for things to get back to normal; worse still, you might get a string of cyclones and find that boat owners are unwilling to put their boats back into the water between the warnings (or cyclones). Book early, go early and leave time for a repeat. There's plenty of off-beach snorkelling and the Cape Range National Park to see on the in-between days!

    Or better still, plan your trip to co-incide better with the whale shark season which only really gets going in May.

    To give yourself that added opportunity, you may wish to include a visit to Coral Bay to your Western Australia itinerary. Quite often, the whale sharks are sighted in the Coral Bay area a couple of weeks in advance of their arrival to the area around Exmouth.

    Spend time with a giant of the sea
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Exmouth What to Pack

  • Almost everything is expensive.

    You won't need a lot of clothes, it's hot, extremely hot in the summer! You are likely to be uncomfortable in synthetic materials-forget the stockings. Don't forget sunhat and sunglasses.There is practically no night life (except a pub and a few restaurants), so you won't need your evening wear. There's one new hotel resort with a very nice...

  • Casual Clothing.

    Basically you only need shorts/ t-shirts and swimmers. Evening wear is shorts and flip flops.everything about this resort is casual.....so you do not need to bring anything flash as you will look out of place.

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Exmouth Off The Beaten Path

  • South Mando Beach

    Another beautiful beach for swimming and snorkeling, just a bit further on than The Oyster Stacks.Access to the beach is via a 500 meter track through the dunes/bush, a delightful little stroll where you are likely to see all sorts of flora and fauna, with beautiful views across the bay.The beach is sandy and the reef only about 20 meters from the...

  • Jantz beach and turtle rookeries.

    Jantz beach has lovely sand and is a good swimming beach, situated just before you enter the Cape National Park.The dunes contain the 'turtle rookeries' where the turtles come to lay their eggs in early summer.The turtle center just before the turning tells you all about them. My friends brought their catamaran here to sail, but would not do it...

  • Birdwatching hide and mangrooves

    The road to the birdwatching hide is the first turning on the right after entering the Cape Range National Park.It's a short distance along a board walk through mangrooves. Displays inside the hide show what birds you are likely to see.


Exmouth Sports & Outdoors

  • Purpleshade's Profile Photo

    Snorkelling, fishing, boating and beach...

    by Purpleshade Updated May 28, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Ningaloo reef is accessible from many beaches in The Cape Range National Park, 40-50 mins drive south of Exmouth.
    There is a small fee to enter the park.

    It's a fringing reef which means it is very close to the shore, at The Oyster Stacks and South Mandu Beach it is so close that you can walk to the edge of the reef at low tide.
    You should not snorkel at low tide as it is easy to damage the reef.
    Fins are not really necessary if you don't want to go our far, but you will need reef shoes to protect your feet as the broken bits of coral are sharp.

    At Turquoise Bay, the reef is about 30 metres off shore, still very easy even if you are not a strong swimmer. Again, fins are not really necessary if you don't want to go our far, but you will need reef shoes to protect your feet as the broken bits of coral are sharp.
    This beach is suitable for snorkelling at high and low tide.

    At Coral Bay the reef is about 50 metres offshore, but many large fish come into the lagoon which is very shallow.
    Glass bottomed boats go out from here for those who do not want to swim/snorkel. Departure times vary according to the tide. Book in advance as they are often full.

    The reef here is quite unspoiled, but as with all reefs extremely fragile.
    Please observe some basic precautions to protect the reef.
    1. Don't stand on the corals, as well as the possibility of cutting yourself, it damages them.
    2. Take all your rubbish home with you, and be especially careful with plastic bags. To a turtle, a floating bag looks like the jellyfish they feed on, but if they swallow them they die.
    3. It is illegal to remove anything from the beach in the park. The coral and shells are extremely beautiful, but you cannot take them home with you. Even dead coral and empty shells are essential to maintain the ecological balance.

    Other beaches are popular for fishing, both from the beach and off shore. Many off-shore fishing trips are available with all equipment provided.

    Equipment: Snorkleling equipment is available for hire at Coral Bay, but if you want to go more than once or twice you might as well buy your own.
    The camping and fishing shop in Exmouth town center has a large selection of camping and fishing equipment.
    Bait and some equipment is available in Coral Bay

    Fishing at Sandy bay You can't take the corals home. Resting after snorkelling at Oyster Stacks. Starfish at Jantz beach Kayaks for hire at Coral Bay
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Exmouth Favorites

  • Map of Exmouth

    Please click on the link for a map to help find your way around Exmouth

  • Marine Life

    My favourite thing apart from the weather was the incredibly colourful marine life.I have never been to the Great Barrier Reef or done much snorkelling but I was completely stunned at the beauty and abundance of pretty colourful fish and coral.

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