State of Western Australia Favorites

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State of Western Australia Favorites

  • Perth City

    Perth Favorites

    Australians love music as much as people everywhere else in the world. The invention of the MP3 player, however, is not yet known down under... [/nonsense modus off] The lively pedestrian streets in Perth City, Hay Street and Murray Street, become open air stages when street musicians and other performers put on their shows. Best during peak...

  • Fremantle

    Perth Favorites

    Visit Rottnest Island... you can get around on bikes or walk... there are no cars just people powered vehicles. Crystal blue ocean surrounds this small island. Scuba diving, surfing, snokeling and sailing are some of the things you can find yourself getting the urge to try at this magical little place. Great resturants and accommodation are...

  • King's Park

    Perth Favorites

    It's definitely worthwhile to check out Kings's a huge park that overlooks the city of Perth and isn't too far from the's an uphill walk though so take a bus or taxi if you don't like walking. :)

  • Caves of the Margaret river/Augusta...

    Perth Favorites

    A cave nearby margaret River Actually, this cave did not leave any impression during this trip. And I also did not understand guider's English. Only understand one sentense which is " Do not touch anything":)

  • Aboriginal Culture

    Perth Favorites

    BOOMERANG The boomerang is the long range weapon of the Australian Aborigine and was devised only in Australia. No other peoples anywhere else in the world use this unique weapon. Australian Aborigine has been making boomerangs for a very long time - for hunting, tribal warfare and also as musical instruments in secret ceremonies and...

  • Pilbarra

    Perth Favorites

    Water...Australias most precious commodity. In the goldrush era water was worth more than the gold that was mined.Of all the necessitys travellers need to take with them in Australia is adequate water. If you get stranded on The Nullabour Plains for example the fee for a 20 litre bottle of water to refill your radiator is aproximately 450...

  • Perths Sunset

    Perth Favorites

    At a certain time in the later afternoon, the light of the already low sun is reflected by the glass facades of Central Park tower and other skyscrapers in a way that is, well, almost magic. I have been lucky to catch it twice, both times on board an incoming Swan River ferry. Watch out if you return from Fremantle on an afternoon ferry. The...

  • Margaret River

    Perth Favorites

    Trees along the road to Margaret River Actually, this tree is dead or dying. It got some illness which can stop it from drinking water. On the way to Margaret River, there are so many such kind of trees:(

  • Northbridge

    Perth Favorites

    Northbridge is the scene in Perth… The area boasts a multitude of ethnic restaurants, bars/pubs, bottle shops, cafes, music venues and all those funky shops your looking for. Certainly there are enough restaurants in this area to keep one busy for several weeks (perhaps even months) without repeating. Italian and Asian eateries are well...

  • The Swan Bells

    Perth Favorites

    The Swan Bells are in Barrack Square. There are 18 bells in the bell tower... It's an interesting building and worth checking out. The tower is 8.25 metres high making it one of the world's largest musical instruments. Open 10 am to 5 pm daily (except Christmas Day and Good Friday) Phone: 08 9218 8183 Web:

  • How sweet it is, or maybe not

    If you like wines and, I have to admit I'm not a huge fan, unlike my eldest son, you may already have heard of Margaret River.Margaret River is a town about 15kms inland from the ocean and it has given its name to an area where you can find over 80 wineries. A lot of them are closer to Yallingup and other towns but the area is touted as Margaret...

  • big universities

    people treats people equally studying at Curtin University at the same time meeting new circle of friends

  • Maud Bay

    Most people haven't heard of Maud Bay, including VT, but it's adjacent to Coral Bay (and they haven't heard of that either) and now that the new wharf and boat launch facility have been put in place, a lot more people will become familiar with it.Nothing here in the way of housing but one suspects that if Coral Bay overcomes its chronic water...

  • Birds of W.A.

    I'd sort of been semi interested in birds before but, on my way around Australia, somewhere or other it all started to click in and I've now even bought a bird identification guide book. Sad really. So, when I got the shot of the white bellied sea eagle I thought I might try to get some more shots en route and I like to think that I succeeded but...

  • El Questro - Emma Gorge

    El Questro in the past decade has become synoymous with tourism in the Kimberley. This was, and still partly is, a working property but these days tourism brings in an awful lot of money in peak tourist season.The camp grounds and resorts are full and there's a continual flow of tourists in and out of the place. One of the main places they go to...

  • Esperance

    Think Esperance, think harbour and beaches. This harbour hasn't really been active for much more than 100 years but, with the advent of the nickel boom, where the price went from $4,800 per tonne in 2002 to over $60,000 per tonne in 2006 (it's now back to around $45,000 in 2008), then Esperance was well placed to take advantage due to its proximity...

  • A view to the past

    In Albany they have a life size replica of the brig, Amity. The original was one of the ships that transported people out to Australia. In these enlightened times it seems appalling to think of what cramped quarters 60 passengers and convicts had to put up with for months at a time.This one was built in 1975 and is now open for tourists down on the...

  • Perth: Accommodation

    I would recommend staying in Perth CBD, either Pier Street or Hay Street. There's a Comfort Hotel right at the other end - No. 200, Hay St which serves a great breakfast and the city cat is just across the road. But this is the very quiet part of the usually busy Hay Street. Go further up where the action is - look for Aarons Hotel on Pier Street....

  • Coral Bay

    Coral Bay is a small settlement that lies protected from the Indian ocean by the Ningaloo reef. It is Australia's only fringing reef. In contrast to other locations the coral starts right at the water's edge. The fish and the coral are very accessible to all including small children. Fish and coral can be experienced either snorkelling or on one of...

  • Broome

    Broome comes with much hype. Pictures of camels at sunset on Cable Beach are many and it all sounds enticing. After 643 kilometres of no water until we reached there we were fairly excited just to reach civilization again.The reality of Broome was not what I expected. For me it was a flat town put there because it was a convenient spot. On one side...

  • Bungle Bungle

    For years I had a dream to see the Bungle Bungle. I had a trip planned with my brother but unfortunately I got the sack from my job so that put and end to that.It was about 15 years later before I finally got there and my brother had passed away in the meantime.By the time I reached Turkey Creek it wasn't as important as it had been then; mainly...

  • Slip Slop Slap

    The sun down under can be fiercely hot and unrellenting causing one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. The Slip Slop Slap campaign started way back in the 80's encouraging Aussies to protect their skin by Slipping on a shirt, Slopping on some sunscreen and Slapping on a hat."I love this sunburnt country,But not a sunburnt face.So...

  • Maps around WA

    I have made liberal use of the ARTA website which has handy links to attractions, accommodation, maps and other information for all around Australia

  • Discover WA Our Way

    At a “Business After Hours” function for the Bunbury Chamber of Commerce and Industries, I met Barry Green who is the Managing Director for Western Tourist Radio.Western Tourist Radio operates radio stations in East Perth , Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Cowaramup (near Margaret River) and Karridale (near Augusta) . These stations provide...

  • wave to the bus driver

    Just because you are standing on the bus station and your bus is aproaching doesn't mean it will stop, unles you wave or raise your hand in some way.Some people have missed a few buses before they realised this.It makes sense actually, because there are so many buses and so many bus stations and it would be waste of time to stop the bus on every...

  • Flies

    Flies in Western Australia are total nightmare.They will try to get in your nose , mouth , ears, everywhere.You can't do much, insect repelant won't help, the only thing is the net over your head if you don't mind looking silly.Otherwise, chill out and pretend the are not there , just when you talk do not open your mouth too much to avoid...

  • I'm not a rat ...

    ...I'm a quokkaYou'll find me living on Rottnest Island, where the Dutch sailors who were the first Europeans to set foot on Australian soil here in the west in the 17th century (the English Captain Cook came to the east MUCH later) saw me and thought I was a rat, so they named my island home "Rottenest" . That name stuck to the island, but now...

  • ...and kangaroo paws

    These fantastic plants (genus Anigozanthus)are found only in the south-west corner of Western Australia. With twelve different species ranging in size from a few centimetres to plants over 2 metres tall, they really are an extraordinary group of plants. Their specially adapted flower formation is to allow pollination by birds. Whilst...

  • Kangaroos

    Kangaroos are without a doubt the one thing that everyone the world over associates with Australia. Seeing one in the wild is always a great thrill and something that all visitors hope they will experience. There are several different species of proper kangaroos as well as several dozen of their smaller cousins - wallabies, quokkas, tamars,...

  • The Nullarbor

    If you are interested in doing the Nullarbor - the humungas bit between WA and SA - please check out my Eucla pages.

  • The big South

    We have been to quite a few southern places in Western Australia. Mandurah, just 1hr south of Perth is a tourist spot with lots on and nice beaches. Bunbury has great beaches and everyone loves to get away here at holiday time, so it's best to go in the off season. Margaret river has surf carnivals and lots of wineries - I loved the place :o)...

  • The big North

    We have only been as far as Geraldton - 4 hours north of Perth (not even on this map). Carnarvon is half way. I've heard Exmouth is lovely - a place I can't wait to see is Ningaloo Reef - a world heratage nature reserve. Of course there's Monkey Mia - where you interact with dolphins. And everyone wants to go to Broome - home of the black pearl and...

  • Wines of Western Australia

    Winemaking in WA dates back to the 1840’s and while the state produces a relatively small amount for its size in relation to the rest of the country, Western Australian wines are well known both throughout Australia and internationally for its diversity. There are many wine producing regions such as the Margaret River, Pemberton, Perth Hills, Great...

  • A tour may be the best way to do WA

    I took an 18 day "Connections Adventures" tour from Perth, WA through Broome, and ending in Darwin, NT. I think it was the best decision I made in order to get the most out of my time there. I know that tours take away some "freedom" to explore on your own, but I found that the people gave us plenty of time to hike, explore, etc -- with the added...

  • The Beer Hunt Western...

    Wherever you go, whatever you do, sampling the local beer is definite must.What do the locals drink, what beer is most popular, which beer is hardest to find, does it come in a half pint glass just like grandma used to drink…or better still, a full pint glass like I drink??? These are all good questions that need to be answered...Although it was...

  • Transport

    Either get a car or join up with a backpacker with a car (look on the notice boards at backpacker hostels) to travel around WA as the organised tours are too structured & you miss out on the beauty of just wandering down dirt tracks just to see what is at the end.Public transport ends up being costly as after arriving in a town you'll have to pay...

  • Time out

    One of the things I enjoyed about W.A. was the splendid parks, obviously a legacy of the British predeliction for them, and although everyone rightly heads for Kings Park there are others. This is Queens Garden, at the eastern end of the CBD, and it provides wonderful relief from the traffic and other city distractions. Well, it certainly did for...

  • By all means, don’t treat WA...

    By all means, don’t treat WA as a Perth stopover en route to Australia. In fact, for most, WA is a trip in itself if you really want to see it. It’s huge and distances between attractions are far. Another logistical problem is the dry/wet season climate as the far north can only be properly explored during the dry months from around May to...

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