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  • Camping at Hopetoun, WA
    Camping at Hopetoun, WA
    by aussirose
  • Fishing at Hopetoun, WA
    Fishing at Hopetoun, WA
    by aussirose
  • Westen Australia National Parks
    Westen Australia National Parks
    by aussirose

Hopetoun Things to Do

  • Untouched beaches

    Hopetoun is down the bottom of Western Australia between Albany and Esperance.The beaches here have pure white sand and gorgeous aqua sea water and stretch for miles and miles. We had the whole beach to ourselves and felt much like Robinson Carouso :o)

  • Pretty Aqua water

    It's safe for swimming here because there's a reef that blocks off the surf so that there's a nice calm bit to swim in.It is also great for fishing, especially for whiting as you usually find that they come in close and hang around the deep bits close to shore.Dylan caught a stack of whiting....mmmm, my favourite!

  • Which rock?

    The thing I love about camping is quiet time :o) By this I mean taking time to walk along the beach at dawn or dusk, looking up at the clouds and making things out of them, sitting on the beach at sunset with a glass of wine and cheese & crackers. Camping holidays are certainly a great way to relax from the everyday stress of a hecktic family and...

  • We love shells

    We found a shell beach and had a wonderful time collecting shells. It's relaxing making shell chimes with fishing line at the end of each day. You have to collect ones with holes for this. Here are some of the shell chimes we made.

  • Washing

    Can't get away from it. When you're on holiday you've still gotta do the washing. We just washed our clothes in sea water. Another good way was to just wear them swimmimg when we went down to the beach. Well at least we didn't get sunburnt when we went swimming with our clothes on. Then we just hung them in the trees etc. Totally ferral hey, but...

  • National Park countryside

    Here's a classic pic of the red roads in the Australian outback. This was when we were driving in the National Park.Driving on these dirt roads can be dangerous so keep your witts about you. If you start to fish tale do not put the breaks on but ride it out. If a vehicle passes you, hold the windscreen to stop it from shattering should a big stone...

  • Don't forget the games

    Of course with kids you have to bring the games to play of a night. Our favoutie game is a tile game called Rummy King or Rummy-O.Here's Jesse pretending to know all about chess.

  • Don't forget night lights

    We bought these garden torches from Bunnings - there's heaps of these stores in Australia, they have building materials, garden stuff, household items etc. These torches only cost about $2 - and btw the mozzie coils were only about $4 each. Good hey :o) Anyway, these torches looked real nice, had a sort of tropical feeling.

  • Resident goanna

    This goanna kept us company. We saw him a few times. I think he liked all the food scraps we threw in the bushes.

  • Don't forget mozzie coils

    Check out our huge pink mozzie coils. The mozzies can be really bad in Australia so we came prepared. We also burnt huge citronella candles at night under the table so the mozzies didn't bite our feet.

  • Path to camp site

    Our camp site was in the scrub down the bottom of the left hand side of this path to the beach. We had a couple of really hot days and the sand got scortching hot so remember that when in Australia take your thongs (flipflops etc) with you so you don't burn your feet on the hot sand.

  • Crashing waves

    It was fun trying to capture pix of the waves breaking on the reef. One time a huge wave came in and after I told my friend to click, we had to run back before we were swamped in water :o)

  • National Park inlet

    This was really pretty, an half dry creek bed leading into the ocean. We spent quite a bit of time here looking for nice rocks, skipping stones and paddling in the water. It was a nice safe place to hang out :o)

  • Sand hills

    Everyone who has had kids knows that where there are big sand dunes, there is a ton of fun to be had! :o)This is a great thing to do when on a family holiday!

  • Glitter rocks

    We found all these gorgeous glittery rocks in the National Park.Rock hunting is fun with kids. They thought they had hit the silver jackpot! :o) Many of these rocks were good for skipping stones on the creek. Lots of fun! :o)


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