State of Western Australia Local Customs

  • Red Hat Town
    Red Hat Town
    by balhannah
  • Corella's near Racecourse
    Corella's near Racecourse
    by balhannah
  • Corella's near Racecourse
    Corella's near Racecourse
    by balhannah

State of Western Australia Local Customs

  • Aboriginal Culture

    Perth Local Customs

    Australian Aboriginal culture can claim to be the oldest continuous living culture on the planet. Recent dating of the earliest known archaeological sites on the Australian continent - using thermoluminescence and other modern dating techniques - have pushed back the date for Aboriginal presence in Australia to at least 40,000 years. The hallmark...

  • Festivals

    Fremantle Local Customs

    The Fremantle Heritage Festival is held from the end of May to the first week in June where the city celebrates its rich past and showcases some of their wonderfully restored buildings. Fremantle has taken great pains to restore the grandeur of many of these and it all adds to the atmosphere of this port town. There is live music, events and...

  • Fishing

    Fremantle Local Customs

    I love this sight - kids fishing down off the wharf in Fremantle Harbour, just as we did. This is is one of the great things about Fremantle - the town and its harbour really do belong to the people who live there. Fishing off the wharf is a good, safe option for kids - they can catch edible fish, great if you are self-catering and they can take...

  • Buskers

    Fremantle Local Customs

    Some countries see buskers as beggars. But I ascribe to a saying I read on the internet, "Sometimes the best musicians are those whom you find on the street". I gave $2 to a busker who was performing along the Fremantle Market. Was he playing good music? Nope. Was his singing good? Can't understand him one bit. So why give him any money at...


    If you can't grow your own fruit and vegetables, then the next best is to buy it direct from the producers.There are some places near Perth where you can do this.One is the PERTH HILLS, approx. 30 -45mins from Perth. Here you can follow the Bickley Valley wine trail, Heart of the Hills Wine Route and the Serpentine Valley Wine route to visit Cellar...


    As we travelled around WA with our caravan in tow, we saw a few towns that had RV friendly signs as we were about to enter town.RV Friendly towns are ones that have a 24-hour medical service or pharmacy# mechanic or service centre that can offer basic vehicle repairs# Access to a visitor information centre and a town map# Access to potable water...


    All over Western Australian are towns where Ladies are known as RED HATTERS, a group of ladies who all have in common is fun and friendship. The idea came from the poem ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph......“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn't go, and doesn't suit me” In a nutshell, Jenny talks about growing old...


    When we arrived at NORSEMAN, we had arrived at the Salt Lake Basin area stretching from Lake Dundas, south of Norseman, up to the edge of the Little Sandy Desert. This area is fairly flat with limited rainfall and does not have permanent watercourses, so when rain falls the water flows into depressions left by the blowing sand. Water in these...

  • To say "I was here"

    Miles and miles from anywhere (Kalgoorlie's the nearest town - and that's nearly 100 kilometres behind you), where once there was a town that boasted its own hospital, a hotel, stores, streets and houses, a roadside sign tells those who pass by that here there was a town called Siberia. This is one of the region's many ghost towns, born of men's...

  • Bring a plate

    Sometimes if you are invited to an Australian party, your host may ask you to bring a plate.They are not doing this because they don't have enough plates, so don't bring empty one and embarrass your self.The idea is to bring a plate of food and share it with others.Some of my European friens find this custom weird or even rude but I think it's ok...

  • Cape Lavender Pale Ale

    Can you imagine this... your neighbour (who grows lavender) is sharing a beer with you (which you happen to brew) after a long day of picking lavender flowers... and he is gloomy about being able to sell his crop due to falling prices... so after a few beers you both wonder if it is possible to make an ale using the lavender... then after some more...

  • farming

    farming in Western Australia has a long tradition and feeding a nation.the weathbelt for miles on end a common feature of the landscape north of Perth

  • Beez Neez

    Beez Neez is a honey and wheat beer made by the Matilda Bay Brewing Company in North Fremantle. This is a light and refreshing beer with a soft honey flavour and a crisp finish. But don't let the lightness fool you as is still has a 4.9% alcohol content. And if something is considered really special here it is referred to a being the "bees...

  • Red, red wine...

    "And lately, by the Tavern Door agape, Came shining through the Dusk an Angel Shape Bearing a Vessel on his Shoulder; and He bid me taste of it; and 'twas the Grape" ~Omar Khayyam~

  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull is made by the Bootleg Brewery in Margaret River. It starts with a strong malt flavour followed by coffee and roasted barley. At 7.1% alcohol it is a meal in itself. 5/5

  • Wills Pils

    Wills Pils is a very "hoppy" beer made by Bootleg Brewery at Margaret River. It has a floral bouquet and a dry bitter finish. Using rainwater also gives this beer a soft texture and is easy drinking at 4.9% alcohol. 4/5

  • Matilda Bay Pilsner Lager

    Matilda Bay Pilsner Lager is made by the Matilda Bay Brewing Company in North Fremantle. It is a very "hoppy" golden lager with a crisp bitter finish. The 4.6% alcohol content makes this an easy drinking brew. 4/5

  • Redback

    Redback beer is made by the Matilda Bay Brewing Company in North Fremantle. It is a wheat beer very similar to the German weizen (white) beers and has a creamy and bitter flavour.Some Redback drinkers will add a slice of lemon into the bottle for some extra zest . This has never appealed much to me but is popular nonetheless. It isn't one of my...

  • Dogbolter

    Dogbolter is a dark lager with a roasted caramel malt flavour made by the Matilda Bay Brewing Company in North Fremantle. At 5.2% alcohol this strong lager is not for the faint hearted. 4/5

  • Little Creatures Pale Ale

    So why have I included beer as a local custom? Beer has been a popular adult beverage down under ever since European settlement began here. There was a time in Europe when to drink a "small beer" was safer than drinking contaminated water. Drinking water from the tap is perfectly safe here but beer has become a part of the national culture. I...

  • Fish'n'chips

    Fish and chips is one of the most popular take away foods in Australia.It consist of one to two battered deep fried fish filets and a large serve of french fries on the side.Sometimes there is also a lemon wedge, tartar sauce or tomato sauce included but you also may have to pay extra for those.Fish and chips is traditionally served just wrapped in...

  • Scarlet Honey Myrtle

    The Scarlet Honey Myrtle is a native of West Australia and belongs to the Myrtaceae family. The grow as small rounded shrubs up to about 4ft in diameter and the flowers can be red or apricot in colour.

  • Wildflowers - Paper Daisies

    Australia has a lot of daisies. The Paper Daisy (or everlasting daisy) comes in white and pink and can be found throughout Western Australia in the spring. With plenty of rainfall, the display can carpet open areas. The flowers are small, star-like, deep pink fading to white. The flowers can be dried and last a long time in arrangements.

  • Mandurah Boat Show

    The Boat and Fishing Show is held in October at the Mandurah Ocean Marina and the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club. You will see one of the biggest collections of big boats, yachts and trailer boats ever amassed in WA and probably one of the best boat shows in the world. Admission is charged.

  • Shops closing at 6pm and no trading on...

    You may think its quaint or just plain stupid, but all the shops close at 6pm, including supermarkets, so if you need to buy food do so before then or you will go hungry. There are take away food stores and restaurants of course that open untill the late hour of 9pm, but after that....nada.Another quaint custom is to not serve lunch unless it is...

  • Quokkas

    Quokkas are a marsupials, a small wallaby in fact, which were originally taken for overgrown rats. They are about the size of hares. In the late 1920's they became a protected species and now continue to thrive on the island. "Quokka" comes from the Aboriginal language in the King George Sound and Augusta area of the southwest of Western Australia....

  • Australian Christmas tree

    A really beautiful native tree in Western Australia is the Australian Christmas Tree (or Nuytsia Floribunda). The tree belongs to the mistletoe family and can grow up to 33ft (10m) or more. Not the easiest trees to grow as it is a parasitic tree and partially relies on a host plant for nutrition. Just a beautiful bright yellow sight when you do...

  • Red Flowering Gum

    The Red Flowering Gum (Ecualyptus Ficifolia) is native to a small area down on the south coast of Western Australia around the Walpole and Denmark area. While you will mostly see the more common brilliant red variety around the Perth area, there are other colours such as light pink through to orange. The flower time is around December to January....

  • Go fishing!

    Go fishing or crabbing. It’s lots of fun and almost every dinky di Aussy does it :~))))I find crabbing more fun because it’s a bit more active. Pulling in the crab nets and measuring the crabby little critters. And the reward for al that hard work is fresh crab for tea!Fishing is also great though, a bit more laid back. You might even meet a...

  • BBQ

    Get yourself invited to a bbq…or actually get yourself invited for diner cause almost for certain you’ll get a bbq’ed tea, as they call it. It’s very typical of Australian culture. It’s really ‘great outdoors’ and the Australian steak is the best in the world. The cuts are big though. Half a kilo of meat per serving isn’t a strange thing. And don’t...

  • strict immigration

    avoid bringing in any food, plants or animal products if you can unless you want to wait in the long line to delacre it at the immigration. oh, you'll have to declare golf shoes and any muddy shoes too.

  • Useful Information

    Electricity : is 240/250 AC 50 cycles, with 3 flat-pin(top pins angled).Tipping : is not obligatory and there are no extra service charges at hotels and restaurants. For special service, a tip of 10% is acceptable for waiters. Exchange Rates : Banks in the City will exchange currencies and are open from 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and to 5pm...

  • Original explorers called it...

    Original explorers called it Rottnest Island to denote it's being overrun with rats. Turned out to be just cute quokkas, a small wallabie. Here's Special K feeding one here.

  • WA has it's own mass produced...

    WA has it's own mass produced lager and it was one of my favorites, or maybe it was just fine memories of my yabo buddies at Monkey Mia.

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