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State of Western Australia Transportation

  • Free City Cats

    Perth Transportation

    One of the things I loved about Perth was the free buses or CaT (Central Area Transit) that operates in the Central Business District of Perth. This is agreat way to get around and a bonus that it costs nothing to use. Each bus (CAT) is color coded to indicate the route: The Red Cat travels in an East-West loop from Queens Gardens in East Perth...

  • Train Service

    Perth Transportation

    A shuttle bus from the international airport, the only way to the city apart from taxi is $32 for two people one way. The other way is to get a free shuttle to terminal domestic and then a bus to town but thats long winded. The shuttle will drop at your hotel and depending on the route it takes to drop others off can be 30-60mins. The 6 CAT lines...

  • Renting a Car

    Perth Transportation

    Was recently in Perth again for about a week to see family and we decided we needed a rental car this time since our relatives had sold the spare car we usually used. We did the normal google search to see what rental car companies had to offer and decided to go with a smaller company called Cottesloe car and Ute hire based of the google reviews...

  • Transperth Bus Service

    Perth Transportation

    Both of Perth’s central bus stations, as well as the local train stations one stop on either side of the main train station, are within the Free Transit Zone, or FTZ. Most buses passing through the FTZ offer free travel within it, as do the snazzy “CAT” (Central Area Transit) buses serving the city centre. You can board the buses at special CAT...

  • Ferry

    Perth Transportation

    The green and white Transperth ferry across Swan River connects Barrack Street Jetty with South Perth and the zoo. The standard fare for adults is $ 1.60. Tickets can be obtained from the counter or ticket machine on the jetty, not on board.

  • By Air

    Perth Transportation

    The Quantas Lounge at the airport was a big dissapointment. The Lounge was only made available an hour before our boarding time which forced us to sit out by the gates with hordes of other passenegrs waiting for flights to Asia. When we got into the lounge I was alread ticked off and further so at the lack of service in this lounge. Food was...

  • Indian Pacific Rail

    Perth Transportation

    You can take the Indian Pacific train between Sydney and Perth, but it's also possible to get on at Broken Hill, Adelaide, Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie. You can also start at Melbourne. I started at Adelaide because you miss out on a lot of beautiful scenery when you get on earlier. The most amazing thing about the train ride, which takes 2 nights...

  • Rottnest bikes

    You will have to wear a helmet these days (this is an old photo) but bikes are still the number 1 means of transport around Rottnest. Bring your own or hire one when you get there and then you have the means to explore the whole island and meet some of the locals along the way.Helmets and locks are included in the price of hire and there is a bike...

  • The tortoise

    Many, actually, the majority of people travel W.A. either towing a caravan or in a campervan/motorhome. I did the latter.When you're in the north of the state there are a number of places where you can camp for free and bush toilets may be provided. I spent a couple nights at certain places and Mary Ponds and the Murchison River are two that I...

  • Easyrider Tours from Perth to Broome

    Taking the Easyrider Bus is a great alternative if you don't have your own vehicle and want to go up to Broome and beyond. You buy a pass which is valid for 6 months and you can jump off and on as often as you want during that time. The pass includes transportation and all Nationalpark fees, but you can choose where to stay and where to eat. Buses...

  • Driving across the Nullibor

    To drive from Western Australia to the Eastern States, you have to cross the Nullibor desert.Most choose to fly, as it then takes only a few hours. I haven't done this journey by car myself, but have many friends who have. Some have driven straight through, stopping only briefly for petrol, changing drivers and sleeping in the car. Some have camped...

  • Perth International Airport (PER)

    Perth, Western Australia is unique for many different reasons, but in particular, this city's airport is truly the most isolated international city on Earth. It is very difficult to reach Perth by Air, although it is constantly being made easier through multiple international carriers creating flights here. Western Australia's airports are actually...

  • Petrol Prices in Margaret River

    If you're travelling by car in the Margaret River region make sure you top up with fuel in Busselton or Dunsbourough. Petrol prices in Margaret River can be at least 10 cents per litre higher than in surrounding towns.

  • Cycle

    CyclingFor cycle enthusiasts detailed cycle maps can be obtained from most metropolitan bicycle retailers. Maps for:Ride around the rivers Ride along the Sunset coast Touring Perth and Kings Park by bicycle can be obtained from:Cycle Instead Ground floor441 Murray St, PerthTelephone (08) 9320 9301 lots of opportunity to cycle around Perth, the city...

  • Now open that door!

    I think the Perth subway are clean and pretty well organised...The only thing was the doors of the subway needs to be opened manually by pushing a inconspicuous button...I missed the stop when I tried to alight at a station where only I'm the only passenger alighting.. you should see how I panicked when the door didn't open by itself...So if you...

  • Big, big, big

    Western Australia is a big, big place and getting around this part of down under is no mean feat. Choose your destinations carefully and allow plenty of time to get there. It takes more than a full day to drive from the coast to the nearest state of South Australia and even then your still only on the Nullabor Plain with another full day's drive to...

  • Trans WA

    Trans WA is the company which covers the Southern Part of WA if you don't have your own mean of transport.I used their buses twice, once from Kalgoorlie to Esperance than from Esperance to Perth. Although the buses aren't the newest, the journeys were quite comfortable with frequent stops to stretch your legs.TransWA also has train services from...

  • Rent/buy a campervan!

    On my first trip to WA the friend I travelled with bought a campervan. This was definitely the best way to travel around, as many places are difficult to reach by public transport.There lots of caravan parks around and they are usually of hight standard. Nearly every roadhouse also has a few sites where you can rest for the night.If you're staying...

  • Free bus

    Perth has a fare free buses that operate within a central city zone.They are called CATS(Central Area Transport Service), and there are blue red and yellow cat, all three with different route and timetable.These buses are great way to get around the city, they run about every 5 to 10 minutes.Timetables can be found at

  • car is good

    to expirience W.A. to the fullest, car or camper is the way to go. but there are some rules everybody need to follow and taking the conditions into account. a sealed road can suddenly become a real trap, specially when coming from the sealed road onto the unsealed stuff. be careful, it can become a slippery journeyenlage the pic and you see what I...

  • Connecting the city to the country

    As well as operating train services to the major rural centres of Bunbury, Kalgoorlie and Northam, Transwa, the country transport service in Western Australia operates a comprehensive network of bus routes serving country towns north to Kalbarri and throughout the southern half of the state, as far east as Esperance and down to Albany and...

  • YORK

    York is around 97 km east of Perth in the Avon Valley and takes about 1 1/2 hours to drive from Perth. Take the Great Eastern Highway through Midland until you reach the Great Southern Hwy. This will lead you into York.

  • Indian Pacific train Sydney NSW to Perth...

    Wonderful relaxing 3 days, Gold Kangaroo delux class, gourmet food all the way and sleeper berths. Red Kangaroo economy class airline type seats and bring your own food or buy from the buffet. Fantastic way to see just how huge Australia is and how diverse the landscape.

  • Central Perth Rail Station

    Perths central Railway Station is just behind Forrest Chase on Wellington Street. There is a walk bridge that connect the two. The first station was opened in 1881 and ran between Fremantle and Guildford. The 2nd station was larger and built in 1894 but was found to be too small and additional wings to the east and west were added in 1897 which...

  • Jandakot Airport

    Jandakot Airport is just south of Perth. It opened in 1963 and is one of the busiest airfields and largest aviation training base in Australia. The are three major flying schools which operate at Jandakot, The Royal Aero Club, China Southern West Australian Flying College and Singapore Flying College along with a further nine training...

  • Hillarys Fast Ferries.

    At Sorrento, Hillarys Fast Ferries operates a 35metre high speed ferry – The Seaflyte to Rottnest Island. The air-conditioned ferry holds 300 passengers and also has a licensed kiosk onboard. the MV Seaflyte, a 35 metre twin engine high speed ferry. They operate several different tours (including Whale Watching and Twilight Cruises) and also have...


    The CAT : There is a special free bus service, the CAT (Central Area Transport) which runs approximately every 7.5 minutes until 6pm and every 10 minutes until 1am around the greater city area. The buses are identified being silver and having a panther on them. The colour depicts the route. Bus : Perth's primary bus service, Transperth, covers a...

  • Getting There

    Perth International Airport is 12 km North East of the city centre. Perth has two separate terminals one for International and one for Domestic flights. Airport-city shuttle buses are available to transfer between the international and domestic terminals.

  • Road trains

    When you are driving in WA, you should be prepared for huge trucks - road trains - on the road. These vehicles - a combination of a mover truck and up to three trailers - may be about 50m long, so it takes time to overtake them. Their maximum speed is 100 km/h, and may take more than a kilometer to stop!

  • Flexability.

    If you don't have your own car, hire one. It is easeier to get around and gives you the flexability to go wherever you want to!

  • Travelling up the West Coast alone? ...

    Travelling up the west coast was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Australia.Boarding the bus in Perth I didn't know anyone. Most people got off the bus in Cervantes and spent 1 night there to see the Pinnacles. I briefly spoke to a couple of people. We got back on the bus. Most people got off the bus inKalbarri and spent 2 nights...

  • EasyRider Backpacker Bus in Western...

    In Western Australia I loved the Jump On/Jump Off services of EasyRider Backpacker buses. They transport you to all the well known and some little known towns, stopping at tourist sights along the way. You can jump off at any town that you like and stay for as long as you like, jumping back on the next bus through town.


    Cervantes is located 257kms (three hours) north of Perth. You follow the Brand Hwy from Perth and take the turn to Cervantes. There are turn offs to Kangaroo Point and Hangover Bay on the way to the Pinnacles which is 3 kms from Cervantes.


    Augusta is on the South coast and about 3 and a half hours drive from Perth. Take the South-Western Highway (Route 1) from Perth and then Bussell Highway (Route 10) out of Busselton.


    By Air : Albany is serviced by Skywest Airlines on a daily basis. The airports is about 12 kms north of the city.By Coach : Westrail run a regular bus service to and from Perth.By Road : Distance from Perth is about 420kms down the Albany Highway.


    Margaret River is over 3 hours drive from Perth using South Western Highway (Route 20) and then Bussell Highway (Route 10) out of Busselton which runs directly to Margaret River.Driving around Margaret River is easy although the main street gets very busy during the holiday months.


    There are tram tours around Fremantle running on the hour with full commentary. Trams West will take you past many of the historic old buildings, a lot were built by convicts. You will also go to the Fremantle Museum and Arts Centre and out around the harbour area. There are a variety of tours and they depart from the Town Hall every hour and last...

  • The Fremantle excursion

    If you're in Perth for more than one day, chances are you'll go to Freo. My suggestion would be to take the train one way and a ferry the other.The urban trains are superb. Smooth, quiet, graffiti free, highly recommended.The ferry ride costs more but, if you pick Captain Cook Cruises, you might get a wine tasting, you will get a commentary and...

  • On the buses

    If there's one thing we loved about Perth it was the free buses. Every five minutes on two different set routes, one north/south, the other east/west, along would come a free bus. Fantastic! You could get around the city so easily though, it must be added, at peak time they can get a little crowded and occasionally the lovely view you are checking...

  • Rented a car to explore the...

    Rented a car to explore the southwest and up to Monkey Mia. It really gives you a lot more freedom to get where you want and at times buses might not run.

  • The massive four wheel drive...

    The massive four wheel drive bus for Travelabout managed to get us all around the tough to navigate Kimberly region.

  • A canoe was most useful for...

    A canoe was most useful for navigating our way through the Kalbarri gorge. Check out this link for more details.

  • We took the Indian Pacific...

    We took the Indian Pacific train from Adelaide to Perth which was fantastic and on our second trip, we flew from Cairns to Broome which was equally scenic, going over Kakadu.

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