State of Western Australia Warnings and Dangers

  • From our window on the ship
    From our window on the ship
    by grandmaR
  • buildings around the dock
    buildings around the dock
    by grandmaR
  • Speeding away from Geraldton
    Speeding away from Geraldton
    by grandmaR

State of Western Australia Warnings and Dangers

  • Sharks

    Perth Warnings and Dangers

    Although the chances are very slim, while i was in Perth, a bloke was killed by a shark on Cottesloe beach, the main tourist beach! that was in 2001 in 2013, the siren went off as there were sharks in the bay and 4 helicopters circled keeping an eye on them. dont youre more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark!

  • Kanagaroo's and Emu's

    Perth Warnings and Dangers

    Kangeroos are everywhere along the roads if u drive away from perth city. It is very saddening every morning to see fresh carcasses of kangeroos lying by the roadside. As with all road trips, keep the driving to daylight hours only. Highways are not lit and kangeroos can jump out anytime. And i heard from my friend that kangeroos are actually...

  • Redbacks

    Redback spiders are found throughout Australia and they are very common in urban areas.RedbackS like living around humans and they build their webs in dry sheltered spots among rocks, in logs, shrubs, junk-piles, sheds and even toilets.Female Redbacks are black with an orange to red long stripe on the upper abdomen and they have a body about the...

  • Drop Bears

    Everybody knows that there are many dangerous creatures in Oz, everyone’s heard of the spiders, the crocodiles and the snakes. Very few, however have heard of the drop-bears. These ferocious nocturnal creatures which live high up in old eucalyptus trees are related to the koala. Koalas, however, live on leaves which are very low in nutrients and...

  • Snakes

    There are quite a few different snakes to be found in Western Australia and most of them are venemous.Being shy creature they usually stay away from people, but some of them can be found where you least expect them. I discovered a brown snake under the bench I was sitting on!DON'T try to kill them, they usually move away without bothering you.If...

  • Bluebottles

    Bluebottles have a very long sting and the pain is unbearable. Beaches usually have warning signs about dangers in the area so take the time to read them.

  • Snakes

    Make sure you wear shoes in the bush and on rocky beaches. Some snakes are deadly. We were fishing in Tiger Snake territory when we came across this beautiful little python. If you don't know how to handle snakes then keep well away from them and they will keep well away from you. Please never harm a snake because they are a very important part of...

  • Slow down, save lives...

    Speed contributes to about 25 per cent of all fatal crashes in WA so the state police are ever vigilant to catch offenders.Multanova cameras are used all over the state and you run the risk of hefty fines or demerit points if you're heavy on the pedal.And don't bother telling the office that you're just tryin' to blow-dry the car after a good wash!

  • Aborignies

    Now listen, i am not prejucice and me and my mate were the only ones that dared speak or socialise with the Abos, but trust me, they can be very dangerous. The year before we arrive in halls creek they locked the cops in their own cells, and halls Creek actually has the highest murder rate in the southern hemisphere, there was 12 murders in 2004,...


    Cyclists should be advised that the City of Perth dose not allow cycling over the bridge spanning Claisebrook Cove in East Perth due to the risk of injury to pedestrians. Cyclists are advised to dismount and walk their bikes across this bridge or face a $100.00 fine.

  • Don't buy from Australia the Gift!!!

    I was looking for Emu oil for my Grans and walked into "Australia the Gift" souvenier shop... And got rip off... I paid 38 AUD for a small bottle of Emu hot rub which I can get it for 22 AUD elsewhere... (From what I heard from my friends, it can even get lower than 22 AUD)Shop name: Australia the Gift

  • Sea sick!

    If you plan to go to Rottnest Island, do bring along some anti seasick tablets... just in case its a rough day at sea... It was a rainy and windy morning on the day I went to Rottnest and the sea was choppy! Many ppl on the boat got sick... So don't spoil your day... Take preventive measures if you are prone to seasick... ;)

  • Swim between flags

    Australian beaches are beautiful but to ensure your day at the beach stays in a great memory some safety rules are to be followed.Always swim between the red/yellow flags.These flags indicate part of the beach that is watched over by volunteers of Surf Life Saving.They keep Australia's beaches safe by providing beach patrols and they are also...

  • Bush fire

    Bush fires are natural part of WA's landscape.Many native trees need fire to germinate their seeds, but bush fires can often get out of control in extreme weather conditions, and they can spread to urban areas and cause serious threat to human lives and propery.During a summer months there is usually a fire ban, especially when a fire danger...

  • Blue ringed octopus- beautiful and...

    Now, before you decide never to come to Western Australia I have to say that blue ringed octopus is very rare and it is not commonly seen on Australian beaches.They live in shalow reefs and tide pools and usually hide during the day and feed at night.I just want to warn you , if you see one don't even think about touching it no matter how small and...

  • Redback spider

    Redback spiders are Australia's best known spiders , although not the most venomous ones.A few hundred bites are recorded in Australia each year.Redback spider's bite can be very painful and cause serious illness ,but antivenom has been available for some time so there were no deaths reported since.Redbacks like dark and warm places, and can be...

  • Creepy crawlies

    Despite a reputation for snakes and other nasties, the Australian bush is a very benign environment. Snakes will get out of your way long before you're even aware that they are there, lizards and skinks are gentle creatures and the nasty spiders that we do have here like to hide away in dark places. As children we played barefooted in the bush and...

  • Don't expect to get dinner after 8 p.m.!

    We made the experience that it is really difficult if not impossible to have dinner in a restaurant after 8 p.m. - outside Perth. Even in areas with some tourism like Exmouth where you find many divers and nature lovers, this is the norm. I don't know why and I have no idea what all the people do after 8 p.m. (watching TV?)...You also have to bear...

  • Cheeky thieves

    Watch out when enjoying a bush barbecue. That sausage you are about to put in your mouth could be snatched out right from under your nose, or a tasty steak that's just about ready may be swooped by a sharp eyed (and billed) kookaburra.

  • Bushfires

    Bushfires are common in Australia. Known also in other countries as wildfires and brushfires or forest fires, they are particularly severs as eucalyptus tree leaves contain large amounts of oil which act a lot like any other oil and burn very fast. When camping, make sure you extinguish your fires completely. Be careful of cigarette butts. If you...

  • Huge Road Trains take longer to...

    Huge Road Trains, with up to three trailers are nowadays the means of transport when getting freight to the remote areas of Australia. Cattle is also shipped to the coast for transport overseas. These road trains take longer for you to overtake and they take longer to stop if you stop suddenly in front of them!!! (road trains weigh up to 140 tonne...

  • Neither do the Cattle!

    Most roads in Outback Australia run through working cattle properties! We came across this "bloke" on the Hamersley Gorge "road" in the Karijini National Park. The Karijini National Park is situated in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

  • Tell somebody where you are going!

    The Australian climate can be deadly if you are not prepared!If you are traveling in your own vehicle and wish to take that road or track, research what is down there or where you are going by asking the Locals! Once you have chosen a destination, tell the local police where you are heading to, which way you are going and when you should return....

  • They appear from dusk until dawn

    Motorists should be very alert when driving on country roads in Australia between dusk and dawn. Kangaroos in prolific numbers graze by the side of the road and are often struck by oncoming traffic.

  • Unique animals do not give way to cars!

    Want to ruin your holiday?? Just speed on the open road, hit one of these and you will probably get a visit from the Royal Flying Doctor Service!

  • PADI Dive Certificate in Exmouth

    One of the most popular things to do in Exmouth is to dive and many people use the excellent Ningaloo Reef to get their PADI licence.A warning! I registered and completed the theory part of the course and the skills in a local pool, but I caught a cold and was unable to equalize the pressure in my ears - consequently I couldn't move on to the open...

  • Use your head.

    Be aware of the heat and the distances involved when travelling, as heat and fatigue can be a killer. Let people know where you are going, and when you expect to come back.Be careful and aware of your surroundings when in isolated areas, or urban areas late at night. If someone, or a group looks like they want your things or are aggressive then get...

  • Speeding tickets...

    Watch your speed in WA... Although you can drive for many kilometers without seeing a soul on the road, the cops are there and they're watching either from the air or on the road. So, if your luck is anything like mine, watch your speed. This bugger got me rounding a curve in the road and I was only 15 kilometers over the limit...

  • Kangaroos in the road

    Kangaroos and cars don't mix well, driving along the Great Northern Highway you can see lots of carcasses long the side of the road. Bottomline, these buggers are everywhere and quite frequently standing on the road. While driving along I had a six footer jump right out in front of me...luckily I wasn't traveling that fast and was able to avoid...

  • Australia is famous for their...

    Australia is famous for their poisonous snakes. Our Traveabout guide, Tom, was lightning quick and caught this black headed boa for Kristin to hold. It's not poisonous but not too many people wanted to hold it.


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