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  • cal6060's Profile Photo

    Singapore Airlines

    by cal6060 Updated Jun 27, 2011

    I bought an return air ticket from Kuala Lumpur (transit Singapore) to Sydney for A$615.50 (RM 2000) with Singapore Airlines.

    A380 flight is very comfortable, and the services are super nice.

    You have to check Singapore Airlines website regularly to get this kind of deal. I booked this ticket 2 months in advance.

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  • Secrets to Saving on Airfare

    by SammieClemmons Updated May 31, 2011

    Secrets To Saving On Airfare

    Frequent travelers know a variety of ways to get the best airfare. Some plan for months ahead of time, and others choose to risk buying at the last minute to get the special deals that come only to those who wait. No matter where you are going, and when you need to go, there are methods for finding discounted airline tickets. Of course, not everyone knows how to find the best airfare rates, and you need to know the questions to ask and the places to look for the best deals.

    Calling the airlines after midnight during the week, or checking out online fares with the airline you are interested in is a good way to find savings on airline tickets. Check with them after midnight because this is when the airlines update ticketing information and schedules, and project how full their flights will be. Chances are, some of the flights will have a significant amount of empty seats, and therefore, discounts will be offered.

    Often, larger cities have multiple airports for you to fly from, so you can check both to see which has a better deal on the flights you're looking for. You might also look into airports in neighboring cities to see what types of deals there are on flights from those cities. You would be surprised at the difference in fare for just a short drive sometimes. Keep your options open and be flexible to get the absolutely best fare. Of course, it isn't worth driving a long distance to save a few dollars, but airlines have specific hub cities where flights are cheaper, and it is definitely worth the drive when discounts are 20 to 50%.

    Advance booking offers exceptional discounts on airfare, however, those flights are typically nonrefundable, so keep that in mind when booking and only book when there are no glitches that can prevent your travel. Weigh the options between buying nonrefundable tickets ahead of time or taking your chances that the last-minute deals will be as good.

    Another important factor determining what savings you can get on your airline tickets is the days of the week that you'd like to travel. Weekday flights are less crowded, and therefore less expensive, than those on the weekends. Cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Monday and Friday are still less expensive than Saturday and Sunday.

    Whenever you are planning to travel, or if there are some plans for down the road, considering your options is important. Sign up to receive the newsletter from Cheap Domestic Flights Link . They will provide tips for saving money on your airline tickets and also keep you on top of discounted fares without even having to check it out on the web.

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    Indian-Pacific Train Sydney-Perth

    by MJL Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The Indian Pacific gives you two oceans on one of the world's longest and greatest train journeys. But most of your cruising will be across the vast continent of Australia. From the spectacular Blue Mountains to the treeless plains of The Nullarbor, where the train travels the world's longest straight stretch of railway track (478 kilometres), see unique landscapes unfold and spot a fascinating array of wildlife from the comfort of the lounge or your cabin.

    Over 4 300 km, but a journey feel much shorter.

    Indian Pacific - ready to go
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    Gold Coast from New Zealand

    by kiwi Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Freedom Air do cheap and efficient flights from New Zealand to Australia.
    They fly out of Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. You need to check the website to see which routes suit you best.
    Sometimes they do special rates of $NZD99 plus taxes, one way. But normally the cheap fare is $139 plus taxes etc. For an additional $100 per leg, you can have a "Suite Seat" which is more leg room and larger leather covered seat for greater comfort.
    Some advantages of booking Freedom:- You can book online; Smaller airports, smaller queues; Smaller airports, easier parking.
    On the Airbus A320 services it is possible to hire a DVD player for $NZD15 to watch a movie. You can also buy refreshments, or bring them along yourself. There are no complimentary refreshments on Freedom Air flights.

    Freedomair Airbus A320 Painted to Warner Bros colours, for Movieworld in
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    Austrail passes

    by Rusket Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Travelling around Australia with a rail pass is a cheap way of seeing the continent. Be aware: They only give you access to the economy / daynighter seats. Yoy can upgrade to sleepers, but it is VERY expensive; The cheapest is the triple share sleeper on The Sunlander where you pay an additional AUD 56.10. The most expensive is upgrading from a backpacker pass to Gold Kangaroo Sleeper Service from Sydney to Darwin, which would cost you AUD 1879! But look at it another way: The Gold Kangaroo Service is more or less like staying in a fine hotel while travelling, and all the meals are included.

    All national passes are available for non residents only, and must be purchased before you arrive in Australia. It is advisable to prebook the rides as early as possible, since the trains are often full!

    We chose the 15 day Austrail Flexi Pass, which gave us the possibility to travel 15 days within a 6 month period on all Australian rail lines. 8 days and 29 days passes are not any longer available, but you can still choose a 22 day pass.

    The East Coast Discovery Pass lets you travel from Melbourne to Cairns or reverse, or a part of the stretch, during a period of 6 months.

    The Backtracker Rail Pass is valid for unlimited travel with Countrylink trains and coaches in New South Wales and beyond, and comes in 4 variants: 14, 30, 90 or 180 consecutive days.

    The Great Southern Railway Pass gives you the possibility of unlimited travel within a period of 6 months on all their routes. This is the one that offers cheaper passes to students / backpackers. But there is no point in buying a backpackers pass if you intend to upgrade to sleepers more than one night; you will end up paying more than if you have a full price pass. Are you a student, however, the upgrades come cheaper than if you have a full price pass.

    More info:

    Austrail Flexi Pass Indian Pacific
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    The Overland

    by Rusket Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A daylight trip from Adelaide to Melbourne seemed like nothing compared to the two long journeys we had already taken. But it IS 828 km, longer than any of the norwegian lines. :-) It was great to be able to see the landscape, not feeling that we missed anything by falling asleep. The landscape was different from the outback that we had seen on the other journeys. We did see some streches of sand and sparse vegetation here, too, but there were green hills and more houses. The 9 1/2 hours went fast, all of a sudden we were there ;-)

    The train set was old fashioned, and it said "tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk", like trains are supposed too :-)

    The term Overlander was used about adventurers travelling across the country. This Overlander has done so since 1887, and now operates four times a week by day from Adelaide to Melbourne, by night the other way.

    All the GSR trains have reataurants and galleys, where you can sit down and enjoy your food, socializing with other people, instead of eating cramped in your own seat. AND they have a smokers compartment, where you can socialize even more :-) They also have some longer stops once in a while, so people can take a walk outside the train and stretch their legs.

    The Overland, Adelaide The Overland, Adelaide The Overland, Adelaide
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  • skatzcatz's Profile Photo

    Flying Around Australia

    by skatzcatz Updated Apr 4, 2011

    For flights within australia try 1 of the following airlines.

    virgin and jestar are the budget airlines while qantas has a reputation second to none.

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  • darthmilmo's Profile Photo

    Desert Venturer – Overland from Cairns to Darwin

    by darthmilmo Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many people will agree when I say that it’s twice as fun to cover a distance by land then by flying. The Outback is no exception. The sky is so clear, the air is so dry, and the days are too hot. Yet, there is something about traveling the 3,000+ kilometers from Cairns to Darwin. I did just this when I took the tour operated by Desert Venturers. In the course of the next four days I would journey from Queensland's Great Barrier Reef at Cairns through the outback all the way to the town of Darwin in the Northern Territory.

    The tour follows a fast pace itinerary. You start off leaving Cairns and heading past the Atherton Tablelands. The first stop is at the impressive Nandroya Waterfalls. Afterwards, you leave the dense tropical vegetation of the North East and enter the semi-desert of the Outback. It came as a surprise to find out that there is no mountain in Mt. Surprise. The first night was spent at the cozy pub stay in Croydon, a town so small I wouldn’t have seen it unless I had taken this tour.

    The second day starts off with a stop at Normanton, where we got to see a statue of the largest croc ever found in Australia. It was over 10 meters long! We then had lunch at Quamby, a lonely dilapidated pub that is currently being renovated by a family. The place looks like a scene out of Mad Max, where the land is all barren except a few bushes. Today we spent the night at the comfy Irish Club at Mt. Isa, which is a large mining town. They mine lead, zinc, copper, and silver in Mt. Isa.

    We crossed the Queensland and Northern Territory (NT) border on the third day. We then kept on driving until we reached the Heartbreak hotel in Cape Crawford. Once more, there was no cape nearby.

    The last day was full of fun stops. Our first one was at the infamous Daly Waters Pub. We then had lunch followed by a swim at Edith Falls. Lastly, we paid our respects to Charlie, the water buffalo that stared on Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2. It is found stuffed inside the bar at the Adelaide River Inn.

    Desert Venturer ��� Overland from Cairns to Darwin
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  • tennis1's Profile Photo

    Sydney Pass

    by tennis1 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    In Sydney get the Sydney pass. It is a great city to explore by Bus, train , ferry . The pass includes special on/off tourist buses such as the Red Sydney Explorer and Blue Bondi Explorer and several tourist ferries. It also includes transportion from and and to the airport and transportation on all regular buses and ferries. This is all you need to explore Sydney.

    River Cat Ferry

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  • emerald125's Profile Photo

    Check out Virgin Blue

    by emerald125 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are planning a trip to OZ sometime in the next year its probably worth signing up with virginblue to receive their email specials. In the last year I have managed to score a $680 ticket for a dollar and a couple of $70 trips to Melb and Brisbane which is about half the normal price. Special sale tickets are easy to get if you are a little bit flexible with your flight times.

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  • Gwynneth's Profile Photo

    Flying is the way to go...

    by Gwynneth Updated Apr 4, 2011

    If you're going around Australia... air travel is almost a must in this huge country of ours. Unless you are taking a steady driving holiday and have plenty of time... flying is your next best option.

    Our major airlines can help you plan your trip. There are discounts for booking over the internet that aren't available any where else. If you would rather phone your bookings in, there are plenty of package deals and holiday escapes if you book in advance.

    Qantas - arguably one of the best airlines in the world.

    Virgin Blue - the newest airline to rival Australias committed customers, they offer amazing online discounts and one way tickets.

    Both websites are shown below.

    Happy travelling!

    Australia's newest airline

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  • balhannah's Profile Photo


    by balhannah Written Sep 30, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Australia has quite a few different rail passes to choose from.

    One thing to remember, is the distance and times between the major cities.
    Train is good, because you can sit back and relax and enjoy the passing scenery. You can walk around, enjoy a meal or sleep on an overnighter.

    EG......the AUSRAIL PASS

    1ST of all, only the person named on the ticket can use it on the specified rail and coach services operated by the following Railway Systems – Great Southern Rail (Red Service seats), Traveltrain (economy seats) and Countrylink (economy seats).
    It is not valid on any Metropolitan services or North Queensland Tourist Train services.

    After buying the pass, it must be validated within six months of the date of purchase, and travel must be completed within six months of the date of validation.
    For an additional cost, you may upgrade to sleepers.

    The pass is only available for purchase by bona fide overseas visitors to Australia, and you must present your passport when purchasing. A reservation for each individual sector of travel is necessary to obtain a valid travel ticket.
    The pass is only available for full adult fares, no further concessions apply.

    Train journeys covered by this pass are the......
    The Ghan, Gulflander, Indian Pacific, The Inlander, Kuranda Scenic Railway, Overlander,
    Spirit of the Outback, The Sunlander, Tilt Train, The Westlander, Xplorer, and XPT

    Cost in 2010 to March 2011 is...............
    6 month pass (off shore purchase) $890.00
    6 month pass (on shore purchase) $990.00

    Other available passes are....Backtracker Pass .....
    East Coast Discovery Pass ........
    Rail Explorer Pass ...........
    Queensland Explorer Pass

    Check out the website for all the details on...........
    some of the Great Train Journey's of Australia.

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  • peachfront's Profile Photo

    Plane Travel Thought: They're Mileage Run Aware

    by peachfront Updated Aug 16, 2010

    At times there are some very cheap flights to Australia, esp. through LAX, which might tempt a person to take what's known as a "mileage run" to earn some extra frequent flyer miles. There are countries where flying in and then turning around in short order is considered suspicious. However, at SYD, they are aware of mileage runners. In fact, I heard them ask the lady ahead of me in line at immigration if she was doing "the mileage run," but she was actually here for a very short business trip. Don't get me wrong. Australians think you're a little kooky to fly so far for a short trip -- I get the idea that the average Australian has many weeks of vacation that they put together when they make an international trip -- but they understand that you're not a drug mule. They just figure Americans are weird and amusing. I would not be uncomfortable making another mileage run to Australia, even though I provoked a number of smiles along the way, from Australians who were highly amused by my short visit. As far as I'm concerned, a short trip is better than no trip if the price is right!

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  • whereami66's Profile Photo

    Driving in Australia, Sydney - Cairns

    by whereami66 Written May 25, 2010

    I suggest the same, your can hire a car oneway (best to arrange before you arrive). Fly back is best cause its basically the same road between Sydney,Brisbane and Cairns. And thats a lots of backtracking. 13 days would be better Oneway.To give you some idea, its 10hrs nonstop night driving to Brisbane from Sydney.

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  • hopang's Profile Photo

    Brisbane River Cruise

    by hopang Updated Apr 9, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kookaburra River Queens are popular sight-seeing tour paddle wheelers anchored at Eagle Street Pier along Brisbane River in the heart of the city of Brisbane. They offer among others buffet lunch and dinner cruises with entertainment to private persons, local and foreign tourists. The paddle wheelers were made entirely of Australian timbers between 1986 and 1988. Each of the two paddle wheelers is approximately 30 meter long and can each accommodate between 300 and 400 visitors.

    Kookaburra River Queen has been named after a popular Australian bird. The buffet lunch cruise is highly popular with local and foreign tourists. Lunch cruise costs approximately A$40.00 with spectacular view of the city skyline. It is available between 12.30 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. Evening dinner cruise is more romantic as the city along the river bank is beautifully illuminated at night.

    Kookaburra River Queens also cater for private functions including wedding receptions, parties, special functions, corporate meetings and conferences. You may e-mail to the following address for booking or more information regarding its cruises:-

    Kookaburra River Queens Eagle Street Pier
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