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  • Suva
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  • Suva
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  • The Harbour Front-building in Suva / Fiji
    The Harbour Front-building in Suva /...
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Suva Things to Do

  • The Hindu Temple

    If you have already been in India, this temple will not impress you. But anyway it is interesting to visit it. It is not far from downtown Suva, but do not go directly, because the road is closed, better make a detour following the circunvalacion road.

  • a great clocktower

    You will find this great clocktower right in front of the Fiji-museum and inside the Botanical Garden / Thurston Gardens . This tower was built in 1913 in memory of O.J.Marks - the first Mayor of Suva, who lost his life in the sinking of a ship, the "SS.Empress of Ireland" in the St. Laucence River in Canada.

  • The 2nd hall of the Fiji-museum in Suva

    Dont miss to take a look into the 2nd hall of the Fiji-museum in Suva as well, because you will find a lot of exhibits there about the local history and wildlife of these islands.There are some more photos of this part of the Fiji-museum in my travelogues !

  • Fiji-Museum: some great traditional...

    These are the exhibits of the first hall of the Fiji museum: you will see some of the traditional Fijian doublehulled canoes, that are considdered to be the most seaworthy of the large voyaging canoes of Oceania.There is no entrancefee to this museum, but you will find a box for donations at the entrance.You will find more photos of this museum in...

  • The largest beetle I have ever seen

    This beetle is the 2nd largest beetle-species on earth and you will find it only in the Fijis. It is called Xixuthrus Heros, or Fijian giant long horned beetle with a length up to 15cm.You will hardly ever see it in its natural surrounding as a lot of them were hunted by bug-collectors and it is also considdered a totem animal for some local...

  • See a piece of the BOUNTY in Suva

    In the Fiji Museum you will be able to see the only remain of the Bounty: It is a part of the Rudder that was raised in Bounty Bay in the Pitcairn Islands in 1932. There is not much left of it now, as lots of souvenir-seakers have taken away a lot of bits of it, while it was stored at the post-office of the Pitcairn Islands,waiting to the shipped...

  • The Thurston Gardens & the Fiji Museum

    The Fiji Museum is hidden inside the large Thurston Gardens that are surrounded by a yellow fence. This garden is a botanical garden with lots of interesting plants and many very old trees. So you simply have to take the entrancegate at Victoria Parade and walk to the back of these gardens, where you will see the clocktower and the Fiji Museum.

  • The Government House of Fiji

    This large building is the Government House of Suva and all of the Fiji Islands,a large building with a small park in front of it. You cannot enter the building, but walk around of it if you like to.

  • The Suva Carnegie Library

    The Suva Carnegie Library is an interesting building that you will pass by on your way to the national museum. Take a look at the roof that is a strange construction with various collumns holding the roof.For tourists it might be interesting to know, that you will find also an internet-cafe inside that library: it is open Mondays till Fridays from...

  • Inside the cathedral of Suva

    Take a look inside the cathedral, its doors will be open all day for prayers and tourists and it is also a place to cool down a bit on a hot day.Under the cathedral, in the basement of the church you will find also some public toilets, the entrance to them is from the side, outside of the cathedral

  • The cathedral of the Sacred Heart

    This is the largest church that I saw in Suva: The cathedral of the Sacred Heart, a catholic church that is also worth to take a look inside - see my next tip !This church is open all day for visitors and prayers, and taking photos inside is also no problem. You can even ring the bell, if you want to : take a look at my 3rd picture, that string is...

  • Fiji Museum

    A great way to learn more about Fiji, its inhabitants and its history is to visit the Fiji Museum.Exhibitions probably aren't as slick as those you see in other countries, but they're still very informative.

  • The Presidential Palace/ Government...

    The original Government House was built in 1882, but was struck by lightning in 1921. In 1928 it was rebuilt. It is today, the home of the President and stands in the beautiful Thurston Gardens on the main promenade overlooking the ocean.The building is probably the most prominent attraction in all of Suva and not so much for the builing itself but...

  • Parliament House

    The new parliament House was opened in 1992 and is built in a form reminiscent of a Fijian family house. The fittings reflect the Fijian culture and style. The landscaping is really quite lovely.I believe that at the time of our visit, Parliament House was closed to tourists. We certainly were not allowed past the front gates which were securely...

  • Beaches

    Beaches are by far the best thing in Fiji, my suggestion if you are not staying on a beach resort and for some reason are staying in Suva, Is to get at least a couple of hours out of the city, and relax on the beach with a good book.


Suva Hotels

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Suva Restaurants

  • Cant go wrong with McDonalds

    Yes. I went to McDonalds. And thank God it was openned because I was starving! We went on a road trip through the Coral Coast on our way to Suva. It was a Sunday and we didnt know that everything closes down on Sundays. I thought we rent a car and go explore on our own. We left Nadi , went through Sigatoka, Navua and nothing was open to eat! By the...

  • Suva's Fine Dining Restaurant

    Tiko's is a floating restaurant. It is permanently moored on Suva Harbour. Have eaten here quite a few times and have always enjoyed the food. It is classed as Suva's Fine Dining Restaurant. The surroundings are nice, though it can take a moment or two to get your sea legs. Staff friendly and they often have live music which is pleasant and not...

  • Suva Hotels

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Suva Transportation

  • The ferry to Levuka

    The ferry sails not from Suva, but from a port at about half an hour distance by bus. The bus is provided (see the pciture) then you wait in the port, a place that is called NatoviJetty. While waiting there is a cafeteria, food and bathroom.

  • When you come to Suva by cruiseship

    Suva has one of the very few ports in the Fiji islands where even such giant ships like the Dawn Princess with around 2000 passangers and 800 crewmembers onboard will be able to dock right in the citycentre.That fact will save you a lot of time, when you want to explore the city. Once that you have left the ship there are no further controls by the...

  • You can walk to all places of interest

    From the cruiseport you can easily walk to all sights of interest that you will see and read about in this page. From the port you simply take the Thomson Street to the right - seen from the ship - and after some hundreds of meters that street will be called Victoria Parade, which is the main street of Suva with many of the most beautiful and many...


Suva Shopping

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  • Best buys in the South Pacific

    We found many local crafts at Jack's. They had jewelry, island shirts, local wooden items, e.g. cannibal forks and mats. Their prices were the lowest we found for the value. My husband bought two shirts for $19.00. The quality was good and they don't need ironing. Jack's provided transportation from the pier to their shop. Local wooden crafts and...

  • Cheap shopping

    There are alot of shops selling cheap surf clothing and accesories such as QuickSiver, Bullabong, and Oakey, but in case you didnt notice by my spelling, none of these items are the genuine article, which is all good due to the price, but be aware it will also not last as long as a genuine item. Whatever you like, there is plenty for...

  • The only department store in Suva

    Shopping is a bit light-on in Suva, however there is a brand new department store called Proud's. For Suva it is large but by world standards pretty small. On the day I visited there was the distinct smell of sewage which was somewhat unpleasant. However, they have all the standard things you would expect in a department store. Cosmetics section,...


Suva Local Customs

  • Local dresses, shown in the Fiji -...

    Masi / Barkcloth is a non-voven product, made by the beating of the inner-bark of the mulberry tree over an anvil to form a compacted web of fibre. The earliest such cloth dates back 3000 years BC and was found in Malaysia. This type of product was also found in South America and Middle America.

  • a local hat, très chique !

    Take a closer look at this hat, or maybe it is rather a helmet that was used as an armitage. I saw this strange and quite unique helmet in the Fiji-museum in Suva : It is the body of a fish that has hundreds of sharp thorns on it and that way it obviously seemed to be a perfect means of defence.Unfortunately there was no further explanation given...

  • Watch out for the Fiji kilts

    Some of the local men wear kilts and one of the possibilities to see such kilts is of course the guard in front of the presidents palace in Suva (see it in my last picture), but when you are lucky you might even see a local policeman in a kilt, like in my other photos.I took these photos of the policeman with a trick, but I am sure they would also...


Suva Warnings and Dangers


    Dear Travellers,Suva is no longer the once innocent island in paradise, the place is now "polluted" with too many mainland chinese prostitutes along Victoria Parade, in my last visit there just a couple of months ago all along Victoria Parade you have mainland chinese prostitutes coming into nightclubs run by the chinese there such Angel Club and...

  • Dont be too friendly

    Everyone will seem really friendly at first, they will be offering to shake your hand, they will ask you what your name is! Please be very carefull, as it is very common that people will grip onto your hand like it is the first piece of food they have had in months, then try to drag you into their shops saying things like "Today only, special's...

  • Grabby Fijian Men

    My husband and I were walking hand-in-hand one evening to the movie theatre in Suva (around 8pm). We walked past a group of Fijian men and one of them moved out and blocked my way, as I moved to get around him he grabbed all over me in a very violating way. And bear in mind my hand was still attached to my husband's!! It all happened so quickly, my...


Suva Tourist Traps

  • Hewer's Profile Photo

    Everybody has something for sale

    by Hewer Written Jul 20, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Suva is quite safe and easy to negotiate on foot. One slightly annoying aspect was that so many people seemed to have something for sale.

    You will be approached on street corners and waited for outside shops; typically people will ask you where you are from and where you are staying. I found this was a gauge for the price that came next!

    Unique Suggestions: It`s nothing major, just remember to be friendly but firm.

    Suva at noon

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Suva Off The Beaten Path

  • The Gokal building & other colonial...

    The so-called Gokal Building is a good example for a building in the typical Colonial style with arcades in the groundfloor and great balconies on top of them and along all of the building.You will see a lot of such buildings, when you walk through Suva and especially along the main boulevard of Suva, the Victoria Parade.

  • The Grand Pacific Hotel

    The former Grand Pacific Hotel was under total restauration in November 2011 and obviously it will be rebuilt as a luxury hotel again. At one side there will be the ocean and on the other side there is the Victoria Parade, the main boulevard through Suva and the Fiji Museum is just a few steps from there as well.Obviously this hotel was closed for...

  • The Harbour Front-building in Suva

    I found this great building in ArtNouveau-style close to the cruise-port. Take a look at the fine details in the facade, there are some really great ornaments left over, although unfortunately it would also need some repairs and restaurations as well.Opposite of this building you will find the largest market-hall of Suva, a great place to see and...


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