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  • Ndravuni Island
    by globetrott
  • Ndravuni Island
    by globetrott
  • Ndravuni Island
    by globetrott

Ndravuni Island Things to Do

  • a colorfull village on Dravuni Island

    I am not sure if these local people live here all year long or maybe they just come here, when tourists are arriving on one of the many large cruise-ships ?In any case it was a great experience for me to see these colorfull huts and meet these friendly people, who also were performing local singing and dancing.Dravuni Island is the local name of...

  • the best beach is next to the pier

    Next to the place, where the tenderboats of your cruiseship will land, you will also find the best beaches to spend the day, take a bath or enjoy some massages, offered by the local people. We had about 1700 passangers and a lot of crewmembers going ashore here, but somehow they disappeared on the island that never looked too crowded at any place,...

  • a sandy beach-scenery in the back of the...

    On the backside of the island there is a sandy beach and a nice area to walk along that beach, but obviously it is not advisable to take a bath there. At least I did not see a single person taking a bath there, while a lot of people were swimming on that side of the island, where our passangers were taken ashore.

  • a large assembly-hut

    This is one of the 2 large assembly-huts that you will find on Dravuni Island. These huts are open on the sides and the columns that hold the top are decorated in a great way by banana-leaves (my 4th picture). There is a rug made of voven bananaleaves as well and in case that you are invited to come into that hut by a local, please Take off your...

  • The cemetery of Dravuni Island

    There is a small cemetery on the island as well and what I found quite interesting there is the customs to bring some food to the graves, like you can see it in my main pictures here. And another customs seems to be to place stones on the tomb !

  • the viewpoint

    It will take you about 30 minutes to step up a hill that has an excellent panorama-view from its top. The path is not very steep but you will sweat a lot anyway in the open sun and there is hardly any place there to walk in the shade, so be prepared and maybe take some extra water with you !


Ndravuni Island Transportation

  • Ndravuni / Dravuni Island for...

    Ndravuni / Dravuni Island is not really a very bad place for handicapped people, because as long as you are able to get into and out of the tenderboats you will be able to go in your wheelchair from the pier to the beach and around the small local village next to the pier !By wheelchair you could also go to the cemetery, that path is quite flat and...

  • On the island you can only WALK !!!

    On Dravuni / Ndravuni Island you can only walk, there are no taxis, no rental cars, not even carriages etc. There are 2 main paths across the island: one from the pier to the other side of the island and another path going from the viewpoint to the cemetery of the island.There are some hills on that island, so you need to climb a bit here or there,...

  • by cruiseship to Dravuni Island /...

    I came by the cruiseship "Dawn Princess" to Dravuni island and the only way to go ashore was by tenderboat, that means you had to queue up for some time in order to find a seat on a tender taking you ashore.The island is quite small and easy walkable on your own, so there were no tours organized by the ship-company, but only a small map of the...


Ndravuni Island Shopping

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    Ndravuni Island: great shopping-facilities

    by globetrott Written Aug 11, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You will find some great shopping-facilities on this island, especially when you are looking for some colorfull shirts, scarfs and similar souvenirs. You will see that most of them where "made in China" , but did you really expect them to be voven and printed on such a small natural island in the Southern Seas ?

    What to buy: They have great and very colorfull bathing-towels, shirts etc., just take a look at my extra - pictures as well !

    What to pay: I saw shirts for 20 Dollars and think that is a good price. Just a pity they only had small sizes left when I got there after my sightseeing !

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Ndravuni Island Local Customs

  • Take off your shoes !!!

    It is a matter of politeness that you never enter any of the local huts - including the large assembly-huts - unless you are invited by a local ! Please take off your hat, scarf or cap as well and your shoes before you take a seat on the floor like the locals do !The local people are quite friendly, BUT be aware: in this area man-eating and...

  • search your clothings before you leave

    This is something special that happened to me or rather my trousers after intensive hikes on this island: Take a look at my picture, there were hundreds of sticky plants or rather seeds of plants that took me a lot of work to clean them from my pants. It is SUCH and similar plants that you should not take to any other island when taking a cruise in...

  • "Bula" is the local word for hello !

    Bula or Bula, Bula is the local word for "Hello" ! And so you will hear these words quite often, when you take a walk on any of the Fiji Islands. Bula is the local word for "hello, how are you?" and a lot of people will great tourists as well that way in the streets.It is always ment in a friendly way, and almost never it is just a way to get into...


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