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French Polynesia Off The Beaten Path

  • Cargo / Cruise ship to the Marqueses...

    An amazing trip was taking the Cargo Cruise Ship - the Aranui 3 from Papeete Tahiti for two weeks to the Marqueses Islands. We visited the lesser seen villages of the Marquesas and saw real village life on these islands that until 15 years ago didn't even have cars or electricity.

  • Papaya Fruit

    It is not uncommon to see Papaya Fruit growing in the trees in Tahiti (well it does help if the tree it is growing in is a Papaya Tree).In Britain, Papaya is considered a bit of a delicacy, and you pay a lot for it as you can't gow it over here.In the Pacific reason, it seems to be about as common as apples are here, and it is often used to make...

  • Fruit sellers on the side of the road

    One of the nice things when you are driving around the island is to come across a local fruit seller on the side of the road. The produce is very very fresh, and is pretty cheap by Polynesian standards.We bought some small bananas, which tasted so much better than anything you can buy in the shops back in the UK. They had probably only ben picked a...

  • Coconuts growing in the wild

    Coconuts are well known throughout the world. In the west, we may think of coconut as being dessicated and cooked into biscuits or chocolate bars, or we may be familiar with them at a fair ground as hard brown objects that have milk inside.However when you see coconuts in Tahiti (and elsewhere), they are green (rioening to brown), softer and much...

  • Flowering Indian Figs

    In case it isn't obvious from the picture, Indian Figs are the common term for talking about fruits on a cactus.These fruits are very tasty, but also very full of pips. When picking them, they are also very spikey, so take care. I remember helping a friend of mine pick some once in Cyprus, and he had a special implement that was a long stick with a...

  • Coconut growing on the beach

    There isn't too much that can be said about this, but it is very nice to be strolling along the waters edge, and to see an old coconut sprouting up.I have no idea how old this was, I would guess about a year or so. Coconuts palms grow all over French Polynesia (although this picture was taken on Moorea), so this is a fairly common thing to see. The...

  • Breadfruit in Tahiti

    The Breadfruit in Tahiti is famous, and has been for centuries. It is a very starchy melon that can weigh up to 2.5 kilos (so they get pretty big!).The Mutiny on the Bounty is pretty well known around the world, and this took place in Tahiti. A large part of the reason for the mutiny were that the sailors had fallen for the asy charms and beauty of...

  • Polynesian Hangover

    Whilst I was wandering around the Ebenezer Church in Moorea, I heard a scurrying sound, and looked about and saw a huge crab disappearing down a hole in the ground. I suddenly saw loads of holes, and a few other crabs disappearing down them. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture, they were all too fast for me, but whilst I wandered around I bit...


    This trek starts from the Vaiare Ferry Point and heads up a slope to a ridge between Mt Tearai (770m) and Mt Mouaputa (830m). The start of the trek is actually rather difficult to spot. There is a rather obvious path that leads from the main road until you reach the forest. At one point, there appear to be a road heading downwards to the RIGHT....

  • BEST TIME TO GO: Although...

    BEST TIME TO GO: Although year round tropical weather makes this an ideal vacation spot many prefer to visit during June to October because it's drier and cooler. You might want to avoid the Holiday season (Christmas to early January) and the weeks of Spring Break to avoid rise in traffic,airfare and accommodations may be difficult. Although diving...

  • If u want a real polynesian...

    If u want a real polynesian tattoo, go and see Taniera. He has a tattoo shop in Haapiti (Moorea) and he's a real tattoo artist. Before doing ur tattoo, he'll explain u the meaning and representation of the 4 elements in polynesian tradition. Call him first cos u'll have to fix an appointment for ur tattoo. If u want a tattoo from his collection, it...

  • If u go to Moorea, go on the...

    If u go to Moorea, go on the 'motu' for a day. The 'motu' is a tiny island close to the local harbor. I'm sorry, I've got no phone number to give but the owner (Teiki Pambrun) is well-known. Go to the information office ask to go to the motu. There, u'll be given the chance to swim with lovely delta rays and u'll be able to feed the sea birds....

  • Get out of your hotel!You'll...

    Get out of your hotel!You'll have a laugh trying to communicate with the locals when trying the public transportation services.Sometimes it will feel like you're there but not there but if you're lucky you'll get to meet charming people.

  • Take a jeep tour in Moorea...

    Take a jeep tour in Moorea where they bring you up the mountains. Take the half hour hike to the waterfall. Although at times dangerous, especially when the ground is went, it is definately worth the hike. Plus, it's probably the most exercise you'll ever get during this purely relaxing vacation.

  • Rent a 'fun car' and drive...

    Rent a 'fun car' and drive around the island (Bora Bora). Once in awhile, stop and enjoy and experience village life. Stop at a local grocery store or local vendor and enjoy the local fare, different from what the hotel offers.

  • My roommate, on a short trip...

    My roommate, on a short trip back to the hotel, was invited to stop by a family celebration. Upon reaching the house, he discovered what Moorean men wear under their pareos. Just like the Scots and their kilts, they wear nothing. It shocked my roommate but provided us with a story to giggle about.

  • You can 'snorkel' with the...

    You can 'snorkel' with the sharks if you want. This picture was taken by an underwater camera.The area is known for beautiful, colorful fish. Notice the yellow and black ones in front of the shark.This shark is a black tip, about 4 1/2 feet long, I'd guess. It will swim within five feet of you.

  • The Atolls... Most people go...

    The Atolls... Most people go to the Society Islands. The Tuamotus are amazing. Rangiroa and Manihi are the two major islands with resort accomodations. Manihi is the smaller of the two with one resort and the island has under 500 full time inhabitants I believe. It also has working black pearl farms.Rangiroa is the second largest atoll in the...

  • There's a little island just...

    There's a little island just about 20 minutes' ferry ride from the mainland called Morea. It's absolutely beautiful! I have to say that they have one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. And the resort where I stayed (I think it's called Sofitel) was marvellous! They have small little chalets that are built on the sea (near the coast)...

  • Go to Rangiroa and SCUBA dive...

    Go to Rangiroa and SCUBA dive the passes coming into the lagoon--spectacular marine life, like diving in an aquarium, only there are lots of HUGE Manta Rays, lots of sharks, and a wide assortment of large fish. The dives are drift dives, as they take you outside the lagoon into the ocean, and you drift through the passes with the tide while they...

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