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Tahiti Things to Do

  • Waterfalls

    This is located on the opposite side of the road from the Araaoaho Blowhole, just before the tunnel or just after the tunnel depending on which direction you are going. There are 3 waterfalls. There was a wooden bridge that had a chain blocking your path but we stepped over it. Not sure why it was there, the path was fine and there was nothing...

  • Botanical Gardens & Gauguin Museum

    Even before we arrived in Tahiti, I was looking forward to seeing the museum. My boyfriend and I are big fans of artwork by Dali, Chagall, Picasso & many others. I hoped we would see paintings by Paul Gauguin here. It turned out, the museum was closed. It appeared that everything was gone. The property was in disarray. We spoke to a few people...

  • Papeete

    This is one of the first places you see when you come to Tahiti because this is where the airport is. Most people land here at night and leave Papeete in the morning to go on to another island. Its actually cheaper to stay in Papeete than on any other island. Its busy here, somewhat crowded but thats was ok with me. This is where you will find the...


Tahiti Hotels

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Tahiti Restaurants

  • Tropical Beach Experience, Great Food!

    We rented a car for two days. We basically drove around the entire island of Tahiti including driving as far as we could go on the west side and east side of Tahiti-iti. We stumbled upon this restaurant on the west side of Tahiti-iti. There is only 1 main road to travel on. We come to a beautiful natural lagoon with many of the locals sitting in...

  • 3 Michelin Star Restaurant in Tahiti!

    Our last night in Tahiti was dining at this restaurant. A great conclusion of our trip! The food was outstanding to say the least. The dining areas include two over the water bungalow type rooms. The water below is lit up and fish are attracted to the light making for a wonderful visual scene while dining. We saw 3 sharks, two were about 4 feet...

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at...

    The Intercontinental Hotel in Tahiti has two restaurants. The upscale 3 Michelin star restaurant, Le Lotus, and Tiare Restaurant that serves all the meals throughout the day at the hotel. Breakfast has 3 price points. Full access to breakfast buffet including hot foods costs about US$43.00 per person. Then the breakfast buffet with access to all...


Tahiti Nightlife

  • Nighlife Agenda

    If you want to find out about nightlife (concerts, Live Bands, Dancing, theatre, nightclub,...) in tahiti, there is a website that does just that : http://www.tahiti-agenda.comIt's in french but you can use Google translator.

  • Nightlife Beware

    So I ventured out one night with my buddy to the "locals bars". Though hitchiking to the bars was very pleasant where we were greeted by a friendly local named Ziggy the locals in the bars were not so welcoming. First the punks sitting outside the bar were saying things to us in Tahitian, probably something nasty while others laughed. Once inside...

  • Night Life Papeete - General

    The night life is very busy, and the majority of the revelers are locals. There are several bars along the Waterfront across from the ferry terminal on Boulevard Pomare, between Avenue Prince Hinoi and Rue Clapper. Our taxi driver advised us that these bars are the safest for tourists, and that we should not go to any bars off the...


Tahiti Transportation

  • Le Truck

    Le Truck was a fun and cheap way to get around Tahiti. When Le Truck pulls up, tell the driver where you want to go so he knows where to stop for you. Make sure to pay after you exit. When you get on make sure to duck down so you don't bang your head on the ceiling!

  • Plane

    I signed up for email promotions on Air Tahiti Nui's website. They don't bombard you with emails. I think I got one promotion about every 2 to 3 weeks. I saw an extremely great deal on a travel package at US$1,275.00 to US$1,375.00 per person to include round trip air fare from LAX, airport transfer to hotel and hotel stay for 6 nights. It was in...

  • Air Tahiti Nui

    I signed up for email promotions on Air Tahiti Nui's website. They don't bombard you with emails. I think I got one promotion about every 2 to 3 weeks. I saw an extremely great deal on a travel package at US$1,275.00 to US$1,375.00 per person to include round trip air fare from LAX, airport transfer to hotel and hotel stay for 6 nights. It was in...


Tahiti Shopping

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  • Black Pearls

    The Gaugin pearl shop on Rangiroa is one of many pearl shops, however it is the one to which you will be directed if you are staying at the Hotel Kia Ora. The shop comes to the hotel and picks you up in their air conditioned van. The Gaugin is special because they are local producers. They will explain the pearl-making process to you, and show you...

  • Groceries!

    Well, it was immediately apparent that dining or drinking at the Intercontinental Hotel was tremendously expensive. I mean at least 3 to 4 times mores than what we are used to in the United States. A friend of ours told us that Tahiti pays an import tax of 70% (whether that is true or not, I'm not sure). Anyhow, we were not about to pay US$30-$40...

  • Papeete Market

    Everything you can think of you can find here at the Papeete Market. We bought our souveniers here. Yes everything is still quite expensive but you can do all your shopping in one place. This market is huge, two floors and you can find food, fruits and vegetables, clothes, arts and crafts and tons of other stuff. They also accept credit cards if...


Tahiti Local Customs

  • Tahitian Phrases

    I, usually, like to immerse myself in the culture of where I am traveling to. However, I did not have the time to practice learning the language. On Tahiti, there is a mix of culture between the French and Tahitians. You will find most people do speak French. However, the greeting used most was Ia Orana. Here are some of those useful phrases:Hello...

  • Dammed Rivers!

    Since there are very few oil reserves on a South Pacific Island, Tahiti needs to rely on its own natural resources for many of the things it does. Over 30% of the electricity produced on the island comes from a single river that has multiple dams and supplies much needed hydro-electrical power. This river is the Pape No'o.

  • Sand and Gravel Factories

    Throughout some of the back roads, you will see factories that are producing large amounts of black sand and gravel. As you can imagine, being on an isolated island, you have to rely on the resources that you have on island. Most of the gravel that makes up the roads in Tahiti is actually volcanic rock pulled from the river (water, not lava) on the...


Tahiti Warnings and Dangers

  • Concerns for your Health

    There is always a concern that when you travel, you can contract an illness. This is meant to be informative and not to scare you from visiting Tahiti.Luckily, the CDC has minor warnings regarding Hepatitis A and Typhoid which is contracted from consuming contaminated water or food. You can prevent this by getting a vaccine.As of February 13, 2014,...

  • Be cautious

    While snorkeling be very cautious, always keep an eye out. Firstly sharks constantly swim in the channels near the shore and that is where most attacks happen! Secondly if you accidentally graze the coral it WILL get infected. Be sure to squeeze lime over the wound immediately, even if the abrasion doesn't bleed. And lastly always wear sunscreen,...

  • Pick Up your TRASH!!

    Another thing that makes me very irritated when I travel is the lack of respect some people have to pick up after themselves. Clearly this McDonald's fry container was 10 miles from the nearest McDonald's, which makes me believe it was a tourist!Just please remember to pick up your trash... if I see you littering, you may not have an arm :)


Tahiti Tourist Traps

  • Tahitian Hotel's Breakfast!

    In one of the amazing feats of ingenuity, Tahitians have figured out that Americans in particular love breakfast consisting of eggs, hash browned potatoes and bacon. They also know that Americans consume large quantities when given the opportunity.... what is the solution? Capitalize on it!Tahiti Hotels charge 2950 xpf (currently a little over 30...

  • The Whole Island!

    It is difficult to know where to start (or indeed finish) when it comes to Tourist Traps on Tahiti.As I laid out in the intro, France has closed her Nuclear Testing facility in the area, and the money that was pumped in to French Polynesia is starting to run out. This means that not only are prices artifically high as people cling on to a very...

  • Tahiti Hotels

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Tahiti What to Pack

  • Must Bring

    Plastic bags to put dirty or wet clothes in for the trip home Swim suit Sunscreen Of course, a camera. I also brought an underwater Camera that worked very well for 2 hours on the snorkeling tour Snorkel Gear - even though the snorkel tours have gear for you to use, the condition of it is quite poor. You are better off to bring your...

  • What to bring

    Bring only 1 suitcase and a small carry on, thats all you'll need! You could honestly live in a bathing suit, pareo, and flip flops, but of corse bring at least one dress for a night out. Also be sure to bring a cover up for the nights, they can be a little chilly. Sunscreen, Sunscreen , Sunscreen!!! Aloe for not wearing enough sunscreen. lip...

  • Have Fun!

    You won't need to pack much. I can tell you from experience you won't need pants or a sweat shirt at all! I basically lived in a bathing suit, a pareo, and flip flops for the entire 2 weeks. Honestly you'll only need a couple pairs of shoes for your entire trip: flip flops, water shoes, hiking shoes, and semi-dress shoes for a nice dinner. Bring...


Tahiti Off The Beaten Path

  • Arahurahu Marae temple

    This is a lesser known Tahitian attraction! We visited this sight to find it was free, and we were the only people there other than the gardeners. It wasn't easy to find however. You need to get on a bus going towards Paea. Keep a look out for the town hall (hotel De Ville) on your left. A minute or so later you will see a supermarket on the left...

  • 4x4 safari

    We took a day long 4x4 safari in to the Island's interior. As soon as you leave the main road you are travelling on rough track, which gets bumpier and muddier as you head inland. The scenery is wonderful, but be prepared for rain. At one point we had to get out of the jeep and walk as the road had been washed away and the vehicle wasn't going any...

  • Telephone at Scenic Outlook

    I figured this was just off the beaten path enough to require a tip. During our tour of the island we stopped at the One Tree Hill lookout point, and actually found a public telephone there! What a unique place for a phone... I guess back before cell phones, this was to call your friends and tell them how beautiful your view is!


Tahiti Sports & Outdoors

  • Snorkeling among the Reef!

    I think if you don't swim or snorkel in the ocean of Tahiti, you have missed out on the most visually beautiful experience you can have on your trip. The waters are warm, clear and calm. This makes snorkeling quite easy. The drawback is you do have to go out quite far from shore to see more fish and coral reef (not deep) and doing a snorkel tour...

  • Borrow a Kayak at the Intercontinental...

    The Intercontinental Hotel has a couple of kayaks you can use. Go to the Top Dive facility on the premises and they will give you the paddles. You can have an hour for free. More than an hour would be some cost but you won't need more than an hour. They limit you on the distance to just the waterfront of the hotel property. We thought we could...

  • Kite Surfing on the North Shore Tahiti...

    The wind and surf is quite different on the north side of the island compared to the west or south side of the island. We happened upon this beach where we witnessed some amazing kite surfing. We did ask, but I get the feeling this is probably the only place to do this on the island. If you wanted to try it or learn, I'm sure someone would be able...


Tahiti Favorites

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  • Electrical Outlets/Plugs

    In Tahiiti, the electrical outlets are 220V AC. That means for American travelers, our electrical devices we use at home will only work with an adapter. I've become a smarter traveler and have bought certain items with the 220V plugs such as a high watt hair dryer, curling iron and straight iron (I know that seems like an oxymoron - the curling...

  • Currency Exchange

    It's always a challenge to find the best exchange rate when traveling to a different country. I usually have pretty good luck with this and over the years have learned some tricks. So, it turns out I have confirmation from Trip Advisor that as soon as you arrive at the Fa'a'â International Airport that you should use the ATM to get Tahitian Francs...

  • Surfing, boating, rowing

    As we stopped at Teahupoo beach, we saw a lot of surfers who were training. Surfing is of course a national sport, along with rowing.We saw some at Taharuu Papara beach as well.


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