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  • Carabao Statue in Chamorro Village
    Carabao Statue in Chamorro Village
    by machomikemd
  • more carabao statues
    more carabao statues
    by machomikemd
  • the carabao
    the carabao
    by machomikemd

Guam Off The Beaten Path

  • Carabaos

    Carabaos are Philippine Water Buffaloes that were imported by the Spanish to Guam to be a beast of burden and now, the local chamorros love these Water Buffaloes since thy use them for just about anything like farming, carrying heavy loads of produce or equipment or as a mode of transport and they were up in arms when the US Navy tried to Cull many...

  • Filipino Community in Guam

    Filipinos form a big part of the population of Guam, Comprising about 30% of the island's population and hence you would see many filipino restaurants, food stalls, shops and even the largest Mall of Guam, the Micronesia Mall is owned by a filipino-chinese taipan, Lucio Tan who also owns Philippine Airlines. The Agana Shopping Center is owned by...

  • Jeff's Pirates Cove Shot Glass

    Hey, Jeff's Pirates Cove, located at Ipan Beach in Talafofo Guam is a must things to do when in guam hence since I'm at the Pirates Cove Gift Shop, I must buy my favorite Shot Glasses and they have many kinds of the Shot Glass and there a little bit stiff at $ 8 for one shot glass. They have many shot glass designs and all of them cost $ 7.99...

  • Jeff's Pirates Cove Refrigerator Magnets

    Hey, Jeff's Pirates Cove, located at Ipan Beach in Talafofo Guam is a must things to do when in guam hence since I'm at the Pirates Cove Gift Shop, I must buy my favorite Refrigerator Magnets and they have many kinds of the magnets but only one have theor logo written on the magnetized plastic hence that it the one that I bought. it costs $ 2 only...

  • Guam Shot Glasses

    Again, Shot glasses is one of my favorite collector items when I travel around and I make it a point to buy these shot glass goodies in my worldy travels and here is guam is no exception. Like the refrigerator magnets, shot glasses here are practically everywhere and you can buy them at convenience stores, ABC Stores (no 7-11's in Guam), souvenir...

  • Guam Refrigerator Magnets

    As Everyone Knows, I'm an avid collector of Refrigarator Magnets of my travels to different places and being in Guam, this is no exception and the best deal here is that buying them has no extra as there is no sales tax here hehehe. the refrigerator magnets here in guam have many shapes and sizes and are available as magnetized strips or plastic...

  • Guam Lighters

    This is just my second visit to guam and this is the first time I bought at Guam Lighter as a souvenir as I usually buy refrigerator magnets and assorted shot glasses on the place that I've visited. You can buy the guam lighters everywhere like in ABC Stores, in K-Mart, in the assorted convenience stores around the Island and these variously...

  • War in the Pacific Historical...

    As a tropical Island is a great Beach getaway. But anyone familiar with history knows WWII on the pacific front, was a long way from home. In 1941 Japan invaded Guam, a US territory. For 3 VERY LONG years the Chumorro's, local Guam residents, were under bitter control and abuse from the japanese. They were put into labor camps and forced to build...

  • Get Invited to A Native's Home

    If you get invited to someone's home you can see the greenery that Guam has to offer. They are all very hospitable. They will share with you the abundance from their garden. They will invite you to their parties -- barbque -- fiestas and the like. Each village has their own patron saint, and fiesta. Even if you are not invited personally, if you...

  • See the historical SANTA MARIAN CAMALIN

    Had to do a little research to find the history behind this statue. Found at Kamilin Park in Merizo. SANTA MARIAN statue was the blessing to Guam sailor from way back. At one time, the statue was placed in the persidio of Agana. While the persidio was under contruction and repairs, the statue was stored in a shed or a "CAMALIN". The sailor still...

  • Visit Sirena the mermaid!

    Located in Tolai Acho park. Downtown next to San Antonio Bridge. Guam's legendary mermaid, Sirena, lived in Agana during Spanish times near the Minondo River where fresh spring waters dividing the city of Agana met the ocean at the river's mouth (Bicana) not so far from the site of the statue above. She loved the water and was known to swim...

  • Checkout the cave of a WW II Japanese...

    Yokoi's Cave at TALOFOFO Waterfalls One of the most famous of holdouts, his story was widly reported in the world media, and he wrote a book translated to English about his wartime experiences and 28 years hiding on Guam as a Japanese holdout.He had been hiding at the area since the US invasion with two other japanese stragglers, but later they...

  • Talofofo Falls offers more than a...

    Talofofo Falls offers a jungle hike to see the cave of Sgt. Soshi Yakoi. A Japanese soldier who hid out in the cave for 28 years, not knowing that WWII was over, until some poachers found him. (Very fascinating tour-I did an article in my high school newspaper on this!)**The Falls is a great swiming spot, but BE CAREFUL OF YOUR CHOICE OF VEHICLES,...

  • Natural Swimming Hole

    Located on the east coast, south of Talafofo but just north of the Bear Rock is the Salaglula (Inaranjan) Pool Park. You'll find several salt water swimming pools created by nature. If you are afraid of the open ocean but still want to experience the natural water, this is it.

  • The Pier at Merizo

    Most tourists goes to the pier at Merizo to catch a boat to Cocos Island. However, there are plenty of picnic spots nearby the pier. If you come here early enough, say before 7 am, when the ocean is calm and clear like glass, you can see all kinds of sea creatures just from standing at the pier. It's like snorkeling without getting wet.

  • Asan Beach

    Located south of Agana, Asan Beach is not really off the beaten path. In fact, it's pretty lively during weekends since locals come here to have barbecue parties. However, it is a perfect place for a morning stroll with endless coconut trees, and very few people.

  • Ipan Beach

    Located on the east side of the island, not far from Talafofo Falls, is Ipan Beach. It's a very relaxed place to picnic, barbecue, or just to watch the local children play. Tourist bus stop by on route to and from Talafofo, but they do not hang around.

  • Site of the last Japanese surviving...

    There is a cave on the island where the last Japanese soldier held out until 1972. Reportedly he did not know that the war was over and lived in a small cave. He made his own clothes from coconut branches and lived by hunting, fishing, and raiding local villages of chickens, etc. When he was captured, he became something of a hero and is a legend...

  • Shark's Hole

    If you come to Guam, you gotta go on a few hikes. This picture is of Shark's Hole, which is the beach just inside of Lost Pond. You start at Tanguisson Beach, and walk north across about four or five little bays to get to it. It's not really a hike... it's more like a good walk, but it counts!

  • Merizo Bell Tower

    On the south side of the island is another remant of Spanish influence in Guam, the Kampanayun Malessu, or Merizo Bell Tower, which was constructed in 1910.Just across the street from the Merizo Convent. (close to the pier for boats launching to Cocos Island.)

  • Taleyfac Bridge

    Take a drive around the coastal road and you can find some remants of the old Spanish Colonial days. One such place is Taleyfac Bridge, which was built in the late 1700's.Located a couple of KM's south of Nimitz Beach Park.

  • Diving in the sky?

    After seeing the under water world, there are many thing waiting for you to explore. How about have a SKY DIVING after this?

  • Time limit.

    Time limit 30 minutes has gone so quickly per course. What you need to do is to pay for a little bit extra so that you can have a practice for the whole afternoon. It's all depents on your negociation skills.

  • Camera

    I am using E700 Olympus digital camera, this is not water proof camera, so I bought a water proof transperence case to protect my camera while diving into the water. Becareful, there is depth limit. do not dive deeper that 10M!

  • 5 Minutes

    5 minutes needed to kill the scare under the world of water. Later, you would start to enjoy yourself. Just follow the intruction from the diver instructor.

  • Intractor

    When I was age of 4, I watched a moves 'JAWS' and this scare me a lot while diving into the sea even it was only 3M depth.

  • Boonie stomping... the best...

    Boonie stomping... the best description of any number of local hikes into the jungles & mountains. Not for the faint-hearted or weak-kneed. If you're military, the local MWR office at Naval Station Orote Point has AWESOME tours available for all levels. The major hotels on Tumon Bay also have points of contact for tours... you'll probably be mostly...

  • Its way is gone. It is...

    Its way is gone. It is pleasant if it is the way personally decided even if even if it was a painful way. I think so.

  • Just drive baby!

    If you want to be sure not to miss a car and drive around the whole island. Guam is about 30 miles long and of variable width, about 8 miles maximum. To drive from the southern end by Cocos Island to Ritidian at the northern end takes about two hours. It can take a lot longer if you adhere to the speed limits (45 mph is the maximum...

  • FiestaS

    I think it is safe to say that the most popular Guam pastime is the fiesta. Fiestas are feasts, held outdoors, to which everyone on Guam is invited. It is impossible to crash a fiesta because you will be welcomed by the hosts even if they don't know who you are. However, if you do attend a fiesta, it is a courtesy to bring with you a contribution...

  • Be sure to visit our...

    Be sure to visit our beaches(TUMON, BAY)... Lot's of shopping & resturants in down town Tumon. Make sure to visit Cocos Island, southern Guam off the coast of the island in the village of Merizo.**(see pic)

  • Guam was heavily involved in...

    Guam was heavily involved in World War II. One Japanese soldier hid in this cave until 1972 because he thought the war was still going on.

  • The locals go south to get...

    The locals go south to get away. The southern part of the island has changed little over the years. You can go to Talafofo Falls, Two Lovers Point, or hide away on a secluded beach and swim in warm pools made by bombs from WWII.



  • One of the best ways to see...

    One of the best ways to see Guam is by seeing with the notorious Hash House Harriers. Find out where and when they meet, and bring your hiking shoes (and probably an extra set of clothes) Don't know about the Hash House Harriers? Look it up on the Web, because it's not for the faint hearted.

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