Guam Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by machomikemd
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by machomikemd
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by machomikemd

Guam Warnings and Dangers

  • airport not safe

    I arrived at guam this week and I lost my cellphone,then when I go to the airport police and report my lost cellphone they are not helpfull,they found a celphone the day I lost my phone but they do not want to show me if its my cellphone or not,they ask information about the cellphone and then decided and ignore me and just plain said that the...

  • Guam has change for the worst

    I have been here on Guam all my life, and true what others say about Guam. The crime rate is high, every store is expensive, the beaches are trashed, not everyone is friendly, drugs are the in thing on Guam, etc. My plan is to take my family and leave this island because it ain't what it use to be before things were simple and everyone was at peace...

  • Massage Parlors

    Massage Parlors in Guam are little more than fronts for prostitution heheheh. Yes they offer massages and the staff are trained to do a foot massage or a shiatsu massage or a thai massage or a whole body massage that costs from $ 30 to $ 80 and lasts for 30 minutes to 1 hour but they also offer "extra service" for tourists, mostly the japanese and...

  • Warning bout Bad comments on Guam!

    Dont Believe these fool's that tell u guam's Bad! .... guam has so much to offer.....If U got an open mind and UR not an A$$ Guam will treat u right! Just dnt come here and think U da King! cause We Dnt Kiss A$$ here! If guam was so bad Y do so many Americans and Foreigners call guam Home???? it's Because they came here and truly appreciated the...

  • DANGER: Guam is a modern day third world...

    I have lived in guam for a little over three years, and i will be the first to tell you DO NOT GO TO THIS ISLAND! STDs, crime (assaults, burglary, and DUIs just to name a few), and price gouging on this island are ridiculous. Lady boys and men girls run rampant here. Japanese tourist come here mainly to get married and just to have a little get...

  • Thieves, price gouging, and corruption

    I've chosen to make my home on Guam for personal reasons, but this is the worst place I've ever lived. I've been to many islands, and most island people are welcoming, friendly, and charming. This place is almost hostile. No concept of hospitality, and the worst waiters and service people I've ever encountered in my life. Try taking care of...

  • Guam is GodAwful

    Hi After spending six months on Guam I learned a lot. First of all, behind the facades of the beautiful hotels hygiene is terrible. I saw the feast displayed on buffets for Sunday brunch from behind the scenes, cooked food was placed on the floors in the halls for servers to pick up to place on trays, dishes are wiped clean with dirty rags because...

  • Chamorro are pussies. Guam is ***. Avoid...

    DANGER!!! Guam is a place for cheap ass holes that think they are saving their family a little money for a bunch of Chamorro that do not appreciate ***, hell they smell like ***. They are rude and think they are better than “actual” Americans. I lived there for a couple of year and they would wine like little pussy babies about how they wanted...

  • Guam is a horrible place

    Guam is a third world ghetto. I have NOT found the locals to be the least bit nice to non-islanders. This island is about 15-20 years behind any modern country. There is graffiti, abandoned cars, abandoned buildings and trash almost everywhere you go. If you are coming here for two weeks to stay on the "strip"( where the hotels are) then you might...

  • Storm drain water

    I don't think this isn't a problem on almost any island that has a good sized population. Common sense say's that if there is a river or drainage area close to where you are swimming, be advised with stong rains, there is potential for polluted runoff from cars and the streets. Not a big problem, but something to be aware off.

  • Do not take nature home with you!

    The inner tidal zones and reefs of Guam are protected especially at Asan Beach. 1. Do not take any aquatic animals (To include FISH, shellfish, starfish or even coral) 2. Any type of fishing, shell collecting or even the romoval of sand and rock is prohibited.

  • beware sea life and geckos

    I have actually witnessed people jumping into the ocean in relatively shallow waters and landing on sea urchins... watch out for these also... sea cucumbers will spit there guts out and if it gets onto your "gear" or self... what a gooey mess to deal with!Gecko's are every where!!! Granted not in the ocean, they ARE everywhere else, it seems!They...

  • False Review about Guam!!!

    am a native of Manhattan and have found Guam to be one of the coolest places I've visited. I've gone to many places, but have not found a culture as hospitable. Please keep in mind that Guam has been inhabited by alot of outsiders. I know if you met the true Guamanians, you would love them. As for the person who wrote up the most negative and...

  • Avoid Guam ! GUAM SUCKS !

    DANGER ! Guam Sucks ! Guam is the worst place to visit. The pictures of Guam look pretty, but Guam is really a third world ghetto! The beaches are polluted with sewage ! The local sewage treatment plant is badly neglected. The raw sewage flows right into the water and down to the tourist beaches. Sometimes you can even smell it and see the toilet...

  • Myth of Guam's Brown Tree Snakes

    Though there are brown tree snakes on the island, they are afraid of you as much as we are afraid of them. Unless you are out and about boonie stomping at night and sticking your hand under logs, you probably won't run into one. They will leave their lair if it gets wet and cold looking for a warm dry spot. No, they are not crawling all over the...

  • Water Safety

    From the air, guam appears to be surrounded by large beautiful beaches. These are actually underwater coral. It is possible to walk out on these coral shelves a considerable distance and the water will only be two or three feet deep. Further in the distance at the edge of the shelf, you can see the surf. This is the danger spot called the "kill...

  • Boonie dogs are all over the...

    Boonie dogs are all over the island. If you're coming up Nimitz Hill from the Veterans Cemetary, there's one black dog that will jump out to chase your car.The speed limit is 35 mph, even on Marine Drive... those of you with lead feet, beware! And local drivers are not in a rush to get any where.

  • Don't go roaming through the...

    Don't go roaming through the jungles after dusk...for the superstitious, there are 'taotaomonas' (ancient Chamorro spirits) in there. For the tourist, there are wild boars still roaming around the island (as well as non-poisonous rat snakes). One morning, while waiting for the rest of my 'team,' I watched with glee as 3 wild boar ran down the...

  • If you come here between July...

    If you come here between July to November there is a good chance your vacation can be disrupted or ruined by a typhoon. If you are here and the news says one is heading to Guam, go to Kmart and buy lots of bottled water. DONT DRINK WATER FROM FOUNTAINS OR SINKS AFTER A TYPHOON AND LOSS OF POWER.

  • Guam is situated right in the...

    Guam is situated right in the middle of typhoon alley. Guam sees an average of four to five storm threats each year. Guam gets hit by a storm with 40+ MPH winds or higher many times a year. Typhoons can occur any time of the year, but the least likely months are February and March.

  • Break-ins are extremely...

    Break-ins are extremely common, especially of cars. If you frequent beaches or hiking trails, you can expect to have your car broken into from time to time. It doesn't help to leave the car unlocked, because the thieves don't stop to check if the door is open; they just smash the window immediately. The best defence is to drive an ugly, old 'Guam...

  • By far the biggest problem...

    By far the biggest problem with crime here, however, is that the judicial system is essentially non-functional. There aren't enough police officers or employees in the Guam Prosecutor's office. If you report a crime, police will come and write it up, but that's as far as it will go. (No one has been prosecuted for shoplifting for many years.) Most...

  • Most violent crime here is...

    Most violent crime here is either drug-related or is related to family violence. The violent crime rate seems to be about on par with other United States urban areas. Drug abuse, especially use of methamphetamine ('ice'), is a big problem, and results in a high level of theft, burglary, robbery etc. It is one of the most debilitating problems on...

  • Which do you want first,...

    Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? The good news? Well, the good news is that Guam has no malaria, no rabies, and no mysterious and horrible tropical diseases such as yellow fever, sleeping sickness and so on. The bad news? Occasionally a case of dengue fever turns up, but as I understand it, the afflicted people seem to have...

  • Brown tree snakes....their...

    Brown tree snakes....their fangs are in the back part of their mouth so they have to chew to be able inject the venom. The only time you really should watch out for them is at night.The snake below is trapped to help prevent it from hitching a ride on the aircraft that leaves Andersen AFB.

  • A lot of people specially...

    A lot of people specially tourist drawn in Guam, since the currents are so strong and the tie goes up and down very fast; so just be careful if you go pass the reef that surrounds the island, it can get very dangerous.

  • In case you are rather naive,...

    In case you are rather naive, anything in Guam called a 'Massage Parlor' is just a whore house. There's plenty of them there too. (It's another popular recreation for Japanese businessmen). In case you are wondering, no, I didn't go.

  • Wow, you will see, how the...

    Wow, you will see, how the weird weather they have!! Maybe it's SUNNY at this moment, then just rainning in few seconds later!!! But, don't worry, the rain there is always only a shower!! You will see CUTE SUN very soon!!! ha!

  • Check under the toilet seats...

    Check under the toilet seats for snakes before you sit down.The roads get slippery when wet, sometimes from the toads that get gooshed when they get run over, sometimes from algae growing on them. Go slow anyway, so you don't miss the scenery.

  • As with most places, you have...

    As with most places, you have your pic pockets, so you do need to be aware. Some of the military chaps have told me that at places like the mall, the locals have hasseled them, but not too much.My concern is the ocean. Guam is surrounded by a coral reef, which makes the ocean calm like a lake. So you combine this with the drink and you have a...

  • Read the local paper (Pacific...

    Read the local paper (Pacific Daily News) and read signs on the beach for beach closings. Often they occur near the big hotels and those hotels don't often want to report it and scare away business. Safest thing is to swim outside the reef, or where there isn't one.Tourist transportation is fairly reliable but local public transit is terrible.Tumon...

  • Hmmmm....where to start. The...

    Hmmmm....where to start. The locals are mostly really friendly but some of them use the drug ICE and can get a bit out of hand at times. Just be aware and try not to start any trouble with ANYONE! The local traffic is also a concern. Most people in Guam drive under the influence and road accidents are a large cause of death so be sensible when...

  • None. However, there are...

    None. However, there are strong currents off shore and be careful where you decide to play in the water. I would suggest playing and staying in the tourist area's for you water sports or use a local operation. I used MDA divers which while the boat was alittle large for my diving tastes they did a good job keeping track of the divers and getting...


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Comments (5)

  • Dec 24, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    I read this trashy book before moving to Guam, it's crude but after living here awhile I found out that its pretty accurate.

  • Sep 19, 2013 at 12:59 AM

    I'm amazed on how loathsome and disparaging are the comments on this site. I'm not disputing all negative comments made about Guam, just the ones that are seriously, down-right ***in' ridiculous. Even a simple-minded twit would at least do some research before traveling to a new place; and I would like to think that a simple-minded twit wouldn't bad mouth an entire group of people from a few bad experiences. A lot of these nasty comments can be said about places, or should say considered FACT about places all over the world including the "wonderful" United States. It's also so ***in' ironic how majority of the comments posted about Guam reference that the 'locals are uneducated'---vast majority of the statements on here are so completely ignorant, it's a clear display of the intelligence level of those that are spouting them. If you're accustomed to metropolitan areas, road-trips, high-end amusement parks, the changing of the seasons, shopping at mainstream department stores, driving over 50 mph, that yield-on-green-then-go-when-safe-to-do-so type ***----Guam is not for you. Every single negative, insulting comment I've read on here, I can state with a FACT that I have experienced at least numerous times in the different places I've traveled to in the states, from South Carolina to Georgia, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and California---YES, I visited these places. I spent most of my time stateside in Texas and traveled all over the state. However, I wasn't an idiot and decided that I didn't like Houston because I thought it to be more horrendous than San Antonio or Abilene. Speaking from my own experience, being born and raised on the island, Guam has the lowest crime rate for a tiny island that is so densely populated. Seeking employment is challenging because the job market is much more competitive in a place that is land locked (think about it). The Chamorro people have a lot of pride and know when they are being looked down upon or when some stupid 'state-sider' is making some nasty judgments about their island because it isn't up to par with their 'standards'. Just because Guam is a U.S territory and the locals speak English, don't treat it, view it or EXPECT it to be like any other suburb of the United States. The Chamorros are not the uneducated-idiots you think they are; they know an *** when they see one and will treat he or she accordingly.

  • Aug 15, 2013 at 6:11 PM

    Be smart. Anyone can write a comment. Don't believe everything you read online. Many of the warnings and negative comments here are things that apply anywhere in the world. Also, it is never accurate or fair to use blanket statements about any place or group of people. Anyone who has matured emotionally past adolescence knows this. I've lived in Texas, California, S. Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Guam and it's the same everywhere. There are jerks everywhere. There is crime everywhere. Do your research before you go anywhere and learn how to be safe.

  • Jul 22, 2013 at 4:01 PM

    Okay, because everyone is SO damn perfect that they get to talk *** about Guam. Guam is different from your "state side" life. That's why people go here. There are numerous, beautiful beaches you can go to that are only a few minutes away. Yes, everything is costly and the islanders suffer from that. But they manage just fine and work hard. People focus on the unemployed, but no one cares to mention the hard working people that break their backs daily to make a living. It's a small island. Everyone knows everyone and they're all family. The people of Guam are very hospitable if you give them a chance. If that wasn't your experience, then you probably had it coming. The Chamorro culture is based primarily on respect. They get very defensive when it comes to outsiders looking down on them, thinking they're better than everybody. And big deal, some douche bag Magellan guy who disturbed Guam's peace and named it "The Island of Thieves." That was almost 500 years ago. You will find thieves everywhere. People make it sound as if you can't walk out your door step without something getting stolen. Guam is such a small, tight-knit island that murders are rare and the crime rate is low. The point is, every place has pros and cons. If you focus on the negativity like an arrogant, pessimistic ***, then you obviously won't have a good time. But if you surround yourself with wonderful people in a great place, Guam will be a paradise.

  • May 10, 2013 at 12:44 AM

    The truth about Guam. I think that both the positive and negative really need to be explored when talking about Guam. First, come prepared and know what you're getting yourself into... that means either knowing someone here or finding a way to get the locals to like you, I did the second.

    So let's talk about the seedy side of Guam, yes, it's hugely corrupt and you're an outsider, so you'll get screwed just for that reason alone. I have had to pay double for stuff like towing (after getting run over by one of Guam's notoriously bad drivers). The locals do think that you owe them respect, that you should be deferential to them, and are extremely proud of their culture. That said, a little deference goes a LONG, LONG way. Once you have established yourself as not being the typical "Haole", the people here will go out of their way to help you avoid much of the non-sense that others are forced to deal with, and that others report below. Yes, there is a lot of things that are less than optimal about Guam, Dept of Taxation (aka DMV), the social security office, and the local police registration section are among some of the places that are a PITA to deal with. Yes, Guam is full of overweight, undereducated, and unproductive people and enjoys an unemployment rate of 14%. It sometimes seems like the whole population is on public assistance at times, but if you look a little harder you'll find that there are beautiful women (who are not strippers) that are educated, physically attractive, and employed.

    Sounds pretty horrible, and it would be, if it were not for the actual beauty of Guam and the way you get treated once you get past the bravo and BS. Guam is gorgeous, my back yard is a beautiful view of Pago Bay, I live in a gorgeous house (for $2200 per month), and my commute to work is a predictable 10 mins every day. This was by design, and I was quite deliberate in finding something off the beaten path. My power, internet, cell phone, and water have been generally reliable. It's a modern take on 3rd world living to be sure, but, I live in a great area near needed resources and away from most problems associated with living in more populated areas. It's 80F every single day. Swimming in the ocean at Gab Gab is like swimming in someone's aquarium, just unbelievable.

    I have no dog in the fight here about Guam, but I have found a way to make it fun. You can stay relatively safe, secure, comfortable, and not constantly taken advantage of in Guam. I have been in Guam now for 8 months, and it's been pretty good to me. Invest the time in making it work for you, and it can, if you expect it to be like your home town you'll be disappointed, if you expect it to be completely different and approach it as a foreign country you'll do far better.

Guam Warnings and Dangers

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